Not pretty enough, winners of Miss International pageant Chongqing division questioned by netizens


From Netease:

Miss International beauty pageant China competition in Chongqing division was held last week. The photo of the top three winners was re-posted on the Internet over 6,000 times just within one day. Netizens’s discussion topic was that the three winners of Chongqing Miss International  were not pretty enough. They could not represent Chongqing beauties to compete in the Miss International competition.


Chongqing is a birthplace for beautiful women, that is recognized by both locals and outsiders. However, not sure if it’s because Netizens have high standards, as soon as the photo of the winners were posted on Weibo, netizens criticized in unison, saying they don’t even reach the average level of Chongqing girls’ looks. . Some of them even speculated and said the competition might have been rigged. . All of sudden, words like “dark secret” and “hidden rules” filled the Internet. At the same time, netizens started human flesh search on the three Chongqing Miss Internationals’ personal information such as the name, height, personal identity were exposed to different degree.

Chongqing event organizing committee staff Mr. Liu said he is aware of the feedback and questioning of the contest results on the internet but he claimed that “everyone has different definition of beautiful or ugly and we could not standardize it. The judges respected the voice of the Netizens but they emphasized they did not cheat and there were no hidden rules. The three winners will represent Chongqing for the national beauty pageant.”

But when reporter wanted to interview the three Chongqing Miss Internationals, Mr. Liu said the company prohibits disclosing any information of the contestants.

However, the reporter contacted one of the anonymous judges last night and he told the reporter the "truth". ‘’In fact, we got some pressure when choosing the top three, so the winners were not what we selected.” He said, “As a judge, I felt shameful and disappointed with the result as well, I also thought the winners were not qualified to represent the image of Chongqing beauties.”

The following is the Weibo entry that have ben re-twitted:

It is well-known that Chongqing women are beautiful, but there has been a controversy recently… why? The top three were selected in the 52th Miss International China competition in Chongqing division, but they were questioned by netizens. Some people commented, ‘’they are so ugly. If you tell me this is the standard of the women’s beauty of Chongqing, I will be embarrassed to say that I am from Chongqing.’’ What do you think about that?



Netizens human fleshed searched out photos of there winners of the Miss International Beauty Pageant Chongqing Division": Yang Meng(left), Yang Anqi(middle), Tao Yujie(right) 

From Tiexue:

Miss Chongqing! Do you dare to put their picture as your desktop background?







  1. The left one and the tall one (in the photo underneath) are fine. Chinese have infamously weird beauty standards. Don’t even try to figure it out.

    1. But in the article, netizens unanimously agreed that these girls do not represent their beauty standard.

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    And she is the most beautiful woman the Chinese netizens ever saw.

  3. One in the middle looks ok when not in pageant gear. The other two…I see the Hallyu Wave trend influenced them a bit too much – don’t darken eyebrows that much!!!

    Sad thing is, non-East Asians prolly think these girls are hot. =__= I’m sorry but even an average Chinese girl can beat them out

  4. They should have beauty pageants where the contestants have the same hairstyle, and wearing NO MAKEUP.

    Then people will know the true look of the contestants. Real beauty is one that appears naturally without any makeovers.

    I feel sorry for people who are born ugly though. If I was born ugly, I would wish that I would die immediately.

  5. I believe that the standard of beauty should be what most people perceive as beautiful.

    For example, if a picture of a female is posted online for everyone to see, comment, and vote. If the majority of the people agree that she is beautiful, then that should be the standard of beauty.

    Let the masses be the judge.

  6. Search the following in Google and determine whether or not these women are beautiful or sexy, or both:

    1) 0000040138_20070525132210 (Miss Korea, Lee Ha Nui, 이하늬)

    2) 0000040136_20070525132206 (Miss Japan, Mori Riyo, 森理世)

    3) htm_20090811093416c000c010-002 (Miss Korea, Na Ri, 나리)

    4) Miss Thailand, Farung Yuthithum, ฟ้ารุ่ง ยุติธรรม

    5) Anri Suzuki ( The sex for apology for Japanese atrocities on Chinese during WWII is a hoax.)

  7. I am from UK, lived all over the world, CQ has some of the prettiest girls in the whole of Asia… These are not them!

  8. They are all ugly . Did they all see something shocking ? Why always the same eye open big as u can pose. They all ugly trying too hard to have big eyes . One of em has crooked teeth. They all look too worried. I’m sure there are much better looking Chinese out there. Outrageous! Rigged!!!!

  9. No use for China to have good looking Chinese women, in the end they will run to the foreign devils.

    They will become foreign worshippers like Julie Chen and all her sisters.

    And all the Suzy Wong wannabees will make babies with whiteys and move to the US.

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