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Hello everyone, it has been already over 3 years since ChinaHush was first launched. First, many thanks to whoever supported this website. I have finally just finished another round of the redesign. For those of you who followed me since the beginning, this is the 3.0 version. As web technology advances, I am also learning a lot along the way of evolving ChinaHush.

The biggest challenges of maintain ChinaHush is perhaps creating more fresh content constantly. I enjoy reading interesting Chinese articles and translating them into English, but my time is limited I can only produce limited amount of content. We also had contributors joining us in the past years which helped the site a lot. But we need more of you, I realize in order to create more content and have more interesting martial for us to enjoy, we need the help of our community. The new design begins the aim of creating this community. To start, for those of you who want to help out, for example, if you want to post something on ChinaHush or if you have an interesting link to share or want something translated and posted on the site, you can contact us by Submitting Something here. Submit photos, videos, and writings, anything… as long as it is interesting. Also do contact me if you like to become a translator, writer or editor for the site.

In the past, my policy of post comments has always been giving as much freedom as possible to you. Because I believe in freedom of speech and everyone should be able to voice their opinion freely. However, one of the biggest complains from many of you is the quality of the comments. Many of you find the comments racist and offensive. I also see this problem… First I am going to share an email I received from one of the readers.


In writing to you, I want to first express something that I really like about Chinahush and then something that I really don’t like. I hope you will be able to appreciate that I am taking the time to write an email about this topic because I believe it is important enough to discuss.

First, I really enjoy the nature of the website. Having studied in China, constantly speaking and studying Chinese and also expecting to go back next year, I’m always interested in hearing about news stories from China and understanding more about China’s internet and youth culture. I find that Chinahush and Chinasmack usually write about different topics also, which is a good way to get more perspectives of hot topics in China. For this, I really appreciate what you do with this website.

With that being said, I think you or some moderator needs to start paying more attention to the comments that are happening on the site. Many people celebrate the United States for having freedom of speech, but there are still some forms of speech in the US that are illegal and not allowed, despite the 1st Amendment.

One of these is hate speech, and I think the comments of more than a few users have crossed the line into hate speech. On your "About Us" page you state that "We hope we present another perspective, so that friends who have this common interest will learn more about Chinese cultures, lifestyles, trends, what Chinese people are talking about, and the latest memes in China…"

I don’t think allowing hate speech on the comment boards is going to help further your cause. If you want a community of people who are going to be like you say in your About us page:  "ChinaHush is also intended to create a community with a common interest in China. We want to connect friends, whether you speak English and would like to learn Chinese or about China, or if you speak Chinese and would like to learn English, or are simply looking for a good read", then you have to be willing to recognize when a person or people are not contributing to your cause and are simply tearing it down.

If someone is engaging in hate speech against a person or group of people, they do not deserve to have their voice heard. As human beings, we are granted the right to express our opinion, but as human beings we are also granted the right to be free from vicious personal attacks from others based on ethnicity. Furthermore, someone who engages in hate speech inspires other people to become angry and attack them, perhaps with more hate speech, certainly with more vicious replies. This does not help to create the kind of community where people can study Chinese, English, connect with friends, or find a good read. It turns people away from the website.

I can tell you honestly that multiple people that I have recommended the website to have told me "it has interesting articles..but..I don’t want to participate because I feel that the people who comment are just racist trolls". If this is what you want to sacrifice in the name of perfect free speech, I guess that is your option, but you should be aware of the damage that allowing these people to continue does to your community.

I guess you would probably know who I’m talking about by this point, if you read the comments at all. It’s ******* of course. There are other people who make racist hate speeches, but his are the worst, because they are generally not only full of hate speech, but lies as well about Chinese, Korean and American people. He does nothing to help the website’s cause and is instead creating only antagonism and turning people away from the site. His responses provoke angry responses in return which are also full of hate speech. He makes the website unenjoyable, because it’s impossible to discuss a news story without having to read his stupidity. I’ve encouraged everyone to ignore him for several weeks, but it’s apparent that he will never shut up by just being ignored.

He ***… and doesn’t deserve to be heard because his purpose is the exact opposite of yours. he doesn’t want people to understand each other, learn from each other, connect and be friends. He wants people to hate each other in the same ignorant way that he does. I know you like to leave the garbage on the website to "show what kind of people there are in the world" but you need to understand that people like that make others want to NOT use the website…it’s tearing down your purpose.

If you have not been following his comments, I suggest you take a look at some of them for yourself. They have definitely crossed a line between healthy debate and hate speech. I think the comments section of your website needs some moderation. Obviously, it’s your website and you should decide how best to deal with a problem like this, but it is definitely a problem, and I hope you will take this message seriously. What you want to do about it up to you, but I hope you have the wisdom to know the difference between hate speech and free speech and where to draw the line.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for a really interesting website. Sorry for the long email, I’m bored at work and have nothing better to do.



Here are some of my responses

When I started the site I wanted to let people to comment freely, my intention was to let anything go and even some of the racist comments.  My thinking was to show everyone’s opinion and let people know what others truly are.  I thought if I moderate some comments but not others, it is not fair and not really showing the whole picture of the world.  And I also thought that “more people are GOOD” so if someone posted some really BAD comments, more reasonable people would reply to it, and more voices that against the BAD comments would appear.  I though the comments arguing against the racist hate messages would eventually be dominating. But I guess I was wrong, some trolls seem to have nothing better to do in life than spread hate message ALL DAY LONG on my website… and I guess even more people are good and reasonable but most of them keep quite and they just read…

I really appreciate your input and hope you can continue to enjoy the site… I am aware of this issue and will think of ways to address that.


So, the time has come to address this issue, in the effort of creating a better experience for the community, I have made these community comment rules. Please read the rules carefully before posting anything. I will be STRICLY enforcing them and moderate comments from now on! Anything deemed illegal, offensive or otherwise inappropriate by us will be removed, and continue offenders will be banned! So for those of you that like to make comments and do make good points but occasionally get carried away and cross the lines, please think before you post and change the way you present yourself, we do value your valuable inputs! But will no longer tolerate any offensive material in our community. I am working hard to keep ChinaHush a clean and fun place to have informative conversations. I would also like to ask the community to help me, to notify me when these comments are found, and don’t feed the trolls!

You might have noticed I have made the register and login links public in this version, even thought you don’t have to register and log in to post comments, we encourage you to register for the site, it will only take couple seconds. I think this will help us for building a better community in the future.

Finally, I hope you will like this new design and please feel free to give me feedback and suggestions. 

More to come… new features coming soon…

  1. Love the new website and really pleased with the new moderation rules (the comments before really bothered me).

  2. Well done. My wife is teaching courses in Chinese Language and Culture in a local high school and now maybe she can recommend this site without having to worry about her job.

  3. That’s great news! I’ve always enjoyed your articles but am afraid to scroll any further because of the comments.
    Great stuff.

  4. Finally Chinahush is a troll free paradise! I love to read the comments after read the article, but what your trolls offered me is just crap. That’s most of the times I read Chinasmack instead. Now I have one more hope to read and recommend Chinahush. Thumbs up!
    Even though I think comment moderation was one of the Chinahush most weak points, Chinahush has to improve others. I think the weakest point of Chinahush is the post ratio which is 2.3 post per week in comparison with your direct competence that has 10 post.
    One of the reasons why I’m still reading your articles is because the full and well done translations. This is something Chinasmack can’t offer me. I also love the inexistent popup with the original text which makes me more easy to read in english. If I want to read de original source I can click on the source and read it in chinese! So I hope you will not “improve” on this field.

    I would like to ask: does the comment field support html?

    Keep on!

  5. All comments from either Korea_guy or Vietnamese_guy are racist. Don’t hesitate to block them. BTW, I think they’re the same troll.

  6. Thank goodness….I fully support moderation. It causes nothing but frustration to read an interesting or thought provoking article on Chinahush and want to start a discussion only to find the comments dominated by human gutter speech.

  7. Congratulations on three years and thank you for all of your hard work. I do hope that you find more people to help out, to bring more interesting facets of contemporary Chinese life to light and to continue translating articles. Having participated in or running my own blogs over the years (not to mention writing articles for places) I’ve come to really appreciate how much work goes into a site like China Hush.

    Looking forward to what lies ahead. And as for trolls, it’s your house. You can kick them out and who cares what they have to say about it.

  8. like the new design, although only problem with Chinahush is, it’s blocked in China unlike other websites like Chinasmack, Ministry…, can’t do something about it, some workaround?

    1. WTF, this site Chinahush proves that China has more freedom than the so called democrzies.

      Do you see Indiahush, Brazilhush, Canadahush or Korehush anywhere?

      No, that’s because they are not allowed, it is illegal in those countries.

      They can show the stories but you cannot talk about them like here.

      It is illegal to have your say on these countries shits.

      Lucky you can bash China and the Chinese all you want illegally here.

      1. o’really? please, read your comment 3 times and then count how many stupid things did you write in the comment.
        Thank you Homer.

        1. Prove it.

          You cannot.

          We are not allowed to say many of the things that’s in here.

        2. Contributors to this site starts with “Standard” status, meaning they are subject to pre-moderation.

          1.Keep Your Content relevant to the topic and avoid repetitive posting.
          2.Be respectful and courteous.
          3.If you are writing about legal issues, remember that people are innocent until proven guilty (that may mean using words such as “allegedly”).

          6.Use English or French for all of your exchanges and comment. Other languages cannot be used.

          8.Any of Your Content that is offensive and likely to expose an individual or a group of individuals to hatred or contempt on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion.
          9.The following kind of Your Content is also prohibited:
          a.Pornography, vulgarity, obscenity
          b.Anything illegal
          c.Hate speech
          d.Threats, harassment
          e.Personal attacks, insults and defamatory statements
          f.Threats or suggesting committing a criminal act
          g.Attempts to mobilise people for any purpose outside

          Chinese is a race and China is a nation.

          Just like the blacks, the Chinese are an ethnic origin and of colour.

          Protected by the laws of Canada and the USA.

      2. You know…. the fact that there are no Indiahush, canadahush etc. Haven’t u even remotely thought that they would be called something else besides *somethingsomething*hush… Our moderator of this website.. i dont think he will make a hush website for every country in the world…

        1. There are none.

          They are not allowed if there were any at all.

          Even with a different name but same content is illegal in those countries, even in the USA.

          1. erm.. look i can’t speak for every nation in the world.. but down here in Europe.. there are quite a few websites that can bash away on her majesty or the family.. look at prince Harry and the nudity stuff.. plenty of it.

            1. Hey I don’t mind, I like it fine.

              This site is ok by me.

              Just saying that China is free and as free as India.

              1. China is as free as any other country if ur talking about freedom of speech=p Others just hide it better or sugarcoat it..

                1. Aye I only say China is as free is that these stuffs or stories coming out of China.

                  Not too many countries would allow for it or they won’t want to let us see them.

                  But many whiteys on here still think China is a closed society. WTF?

            1. Been there it sucks.

              Don’t the whites give more face to them than they give to the Chinese

              What they call that in the UK?

              Racism or bias or……?

              1. Never said it was good. It’s a new website, so the content isn’t that good yet i guess. But the point is that people even in korean CAN bash on korea there. So it’s not that it doesn’t exist. And i wouldnt say “whites” because there are a lot of countries that have “whites” That Americans or anybody else give more face to koreans doesnt mean that all “whites’ do that. And here they just call it discrimination. pretty much the general word for it?

                1. It’s another Chinasmack site trying to evade Chinese greatwall.

                  Some whiteys with the same white BS on China and China women.

                  Every whitey on that site has a China wife and is a teacher in China.

                  Like all the bankers in Canada have Indian banking experience and all the blacks have a doctors degree.

                  Only Chinese make good cooks and fine wait staff or servants.

  9. Hurray! And not before time. People who want to make nasty, hateful, rascist, sexist comments and so on are free to create their own websites. Deleting their comments here doesn’t in anyway impinge upon their freedom to do that if they so wish.

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