Man caught stealing over 500 women’s underwear


From Sina:

At around 2:00 pm on July 4, Xugou police station received a call about a theft case of women’s underwear in a small district of Dong Yuan Lu. Policemen were asked and sent there immediately for investigation.

As the police arrived, they caught the thief and arrested him in time. The woman calling the police reported she heard some footsteps outside. As she looked out, she found a stranger stealing women’s underwear which was supposed to be air- dried. She told the police that she kept quiet, hid in a room and called the police secretly. She continued, after the man stealing in one house, he did not leave immediately. Instead, he was calm and stole the underwear in the second and third house.

The thief confessed that he stole women’s underwear. When the police conducted a search, they found some women’s underwear in his car.

The police from the Xugou police station suspected that it was not the first time the thief stole women’s underwear, so they tracked him down, and he admitted that there were some in his home.

The police then went to his house for a search, they could not find any. After further investigation, the man finally admitted he hid the underwear in the garage.
When the police opened the garage, they discovered a piece of sailcloth and then they uncovered it. Amazingly, there was a wide variety of women’s underwear which was packed neatly in plastic bags separately. It was estimated that there were more than 500 pieces of underwear.

It was reported that the man was a senior worker. He was not young and had fair education. He had a car, a house, a family and a life as if normal people would have. He even had a better quality of life than the average.

The defendant claimed he did not know what drove him to have such a ridiculous behavior. He continued that he could not control his desire when he saw women’s underwear even though deep down he did not want to do so. He had been suffering from this and was being tortured for a long time, so he said it was a relief to him when he was caught. It had been 5 years since his first theft of women’s underwear. Year after year, he could not remember how many underwear he stole throughout the years. In order to hide his foible from his family, he put the stolen objects in the garage and covered them with sailcloth. A few days ago, the man was sent to jail for 15 days as a result of his theft.

  1. You know.. why is everone here so obsessed about being single minded and not looking at things at a broader perspective? it’s all about hate comming from here. the comments like: everything from China sucks or etc etc. Is just based on one person’s perspective. But know that such a person havent really thought it thru, because if no one were to use Chinese product nowadays, the world economy will collapse and we would be thrown back to the stone age. Forget Iphone, laptops, Consoles or anything. It’s just pen and paper for everyone then.

  2. My point is: it’s absolute senseless for u 2 to be raging and throwing words about each other.. the one is saying im going to rule the world! and the other says: we used to rule the world! and so forth.. and in all fairness.. ill rather be a 8 year old that sounds insecure (if having a broad perspective is called that) than a 8 year old that is raging and cursing everything. Blaming anyone for anything is just childish. Goes for both countries tbh..

    1. Hey I respect your solution and passive comment and if i know you in real life i’ll treat you dinner and drinks, cause I really think the world should have more ppl like you . BUT sometime you need to fight fire with fire with these tossers!

      China pride

  3. Put these Chinese women’s undies on EBay in the US and I betcha you can make tons of dirty US $$$$$$$$$$$$money on it.

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