Shanghai Metro warns female passengers to dress in appropriate clothing to avoid perverts, Feminists protest


From Sina:

Shanghai Metro Operation line 2. wrote on its official microblog @上海地铁二运 “Going onto subway, dressed like this, will be impossible not to get sexually harassed. More perverts on the subway, impossible to defend, women vs. perverts (wolves: direct translation of 色狼 is sexual wolf) Girl, please respect yourself!” The attached image is a young woman dressed in black silk skirt, from the back, due to the very thin layer of fabric, her bra and underwear can be seen easily, it is indeed very sexy.

However this microblog entry drew criticisms from many netizens. Some netizens believe that dress in revealing clothes is individual’s choice; no one should use that as a pretext for engaging in sexual harassment. “If the law or subway regulation did not forbid her to dress like this then we have no rights to criticize.” netizens voiced their opinions after this post,” according to your theory, all men would do something to women in the swimming pool?” “You are to maintain passengers’ safety, not to avoid taking responsibility, more so not to make excuses for criminals!”

However the other side of the opinion agrees with Shanghai Metro Operation line 2. “In public places, we should pay attention to dress code and occasions. This is basic common sense and ethics, should this even be questioned?” This netizen thought Shanghai Metro’s official weibo is coming from good intention of making the passengers to be more aware, which need not to apologize. “Young people now days wear low cut shirts, mini-skirts, see-through dresses, which make some people to imagine, some even take action of sexual harassment. Therefore when we ridicule the criminals, at the same time should we all think about our body languages?”

This debate continues, two young girls on Shanghai Metro line 2 dressed in black robes and clothes. They covered up their faces and holding some signs, “We can be ‘flirty’, but you cannot harass.” “We want to be cool, but don’t want wolves (perverts)” to protest against Shanghai Metro line 2. These two female volunteers using performance art immediately attracted many attentions. “Women’s Voice” newspaper also supported their acts on Weibo @女权之声 and calls for women to take ownership of their bodies to fight against sexual harassment.






One netizen give recognition after viewing the performance art, he felt if we allowing the view of “women wear less clothes causes men to commit sex crimes”, then in the end every woman must wear layers of thick clothing before being allowed in the street. In a normal society, even if a person walks out in nude, you can call the police, but you can not harass her, this is basic common sense.

Two volunteers attracted a lot of talks, both sides’ debate is still continuing. Many netizens pointed out that the motivation of Shanghai Metro line 2’s microblog entry was to reduce sexual harassment crimes, however words it used were indeed inappropriate. While netizen’s argue, please appreciate the intention of Shanghai Metro line 2, “I hope both sides have a good attitude to properly deal with this dispute.”

  1. The sexy clothes really make me think of something, I wonder what these girls` intention is, Maybe they just want to be sexually harrassed.

  2. I’d like to see the usual feminist double standard swing into action if some men “took ownership of their bodies” and started showing up at the subway wearing skimpy, tight and see-through clothing, similar to the woman in the picture.

  3. It’s hard to find cheap, classy, modest and functional women’s clothes nowadays. It’s rare for me to find things in all four categories. Add professional and decent-fitting and it’s almost impossible.

  4. I think Shangai Metro made that warning because they’re afraid to be sued if some rape occurs in their properties. Feminists make me laugh because they’re the last on Earth to dress like this, I mean, come on !

  5. So when did China, with it’s 1.7 billion inhabitants become such prudes?

    Or has it always been that way thru history?

    Can be a communism thing, Russians certainly aren’t prudish.

    In most of Europe and the States, the first picture of the girl with the see thru dress wouldn’t even be considered risqué. Even if she wore that dress without ANY underwear, it’d barely rate a second look.

    Hard to believe any non-muslim countries still have a nudity issue in the 21st century.

    You guys must be duller then Oma at the pool/beach.

  6. If she was in Las Vegas she can get $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$50.00 bucks from a pimp for showing off her nice looking dress in public.

    Will this slut looking girl let her own daughter go out dress like that one day?

    1. What armpit part of the world are you from VoiceofHomer?

      Obviously you’ve never been to Vegas in person, That girl wouldn’t get a second glance in Vegas.

      As to her style of dress, only a throwback to the 14th century desert dwellers would call her a “slut”. OOOoooo you can kind of see her underwear, how naughty – NOT.

      Hopefully her daughter can dress whatever way she wants. That would mean the world of the future will finally be freed from all the moronic religious asshats of the world.

  7. Vonskippy,

    you are completely missing the point. The point isn’t whether the Chinese are prudes or not, The point is that Chinese feminists are repeating the US feminist playbook from 50 years ago, in their attempt to CRIMINALIZE MEN. It has been very successful in the US, and they are now trying it in China.

    I repeat: This whole exercise of showing off on the Shanghai is not about fighting prudery, but about criminalizing men.

    1. The BBC’s Juliana Liu in Hong Kong says Mr Hu’s visit has been carefully choreographed.

      But on Saturday police had to shield the president from demonstrators, and they used pepper spray to disperse crowds who were demanding an investigation into the death of an activist, Li Wangyang, earlier this year.

      And one local journalist confronted Mr Hu over the 1989 Tiananmen massacre of protesters.

      It is a far cry from Mr Hu’s last visit five years ago, when he toured Hong Kong in a blaze of pre-Olympic glory, says our correspondent.

      His arrival comes as public confidence in the Beijing government has fallen to new lows.

      The people are unhappy with record property prices, an increasing wealth gap, a lack of democracy and a string of political scandals.

      Hong Kong, a British colony until 1997, has a comparatively high degree of autonomy from Beijing.

      Under white man rule Hong Konger had nothing to say.

      It was just work all day and kiss the whitey’s ass.

  8. Shanghai Metro got it wrong again because campaign should be focused at men since it is males who are the ones continuing to commit sexual violence against women and girls whilst they are travelling on public transport.

    Men are the ones responsible not women but of course men continue to deny accountability and make pathetic attempts to place blame on the women and girls who have been subjected to male sexual violence.

    If men don’t want to be prosecuted for sexually assaulting females then men should refrain from subjecting women and girls to sexual violence or any other form of violence.

    1. That is where your WRONG! the metro is trying to avoid having to deal with case by case issues where women report being harassed in the subway where people are cramped into each other. Its actually a good way to save money and cut costs rather than to have all men be forced to look the other way instead of a few women to dress properly. Since when was it a right to dress like a slut and EXPECT everyone to treat that person with respect? There are always perverts in the world and NOBODY, not even YOU can stop them from popping up in the world. The best bet is to dress conservatively and CHANCES are that women won’t be molested lest raped in public. In 1st world countries, Men cant even take off their shirt and go into public transportation in the cities without being looked upon as a hobo or low classed bimbo! Having men be forced to behave and threaten them with violence doesn’t solve the problem because it takes two to tango understand? If men would understand the consequences of sexual violence and WOMEN would understand the unwanted attention from certain dress codes, the world would be a better place for fucks sake!

  9. These girls are so retarded. So bold, uncover your faces. They can flirt, but no one can talk back to them? Not that I want to, I think they are ignorant. jeez

  10. No matter where a woman is, or lives – she should have the same rights as men. Truth be told it is not even about the clothes, as it is about being able to express herself without being harassed sexual or otherwise.

    Quit imposing your views on others …

    Maybe that’s the point as well.

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