Calculate how much your wife is worth


How much is your wife (girlfriend) worth? Recently many Chinese websites and forums had the following viral post, calculating the worth of a woman as a marriage partner base on a series of questions. Some netizens posted scores as high as 9500, but some as low as negative scores, thus crated fights between husbands and wives. Most men found it entertaining and just for fun, but women think marriage is not a product, cannot put a price on it. The survey used the Chinese currency (yuan) as the measuring units which angered women who got negative scores even more. “Are you buying vegetables in the market? How can you calculate how much I am worth?”

Of course, love certainly is not to be measured by any data. The so-called calculation is just for entertainment.


Taller than 160 cm, for every 1cm +100

Shorter than 160 cm, for every 1 cm -100

Long hair +150

Can dance +100

Can sing +100

Weights over 110 Jin, for every 10 Jin -100

Weights under 100 Jin, for every 10 Jin -100

Near sighted, if more than 300 degrees, for each 100 degrees over –100

If had relationship before, for each time being dumped –100, each time dumped other +100

Never had a boyfriend before +100

Older than 23, for each year -100

Has medical history, for each one -100

Doesn’t know how to play Majiang +100

Doesn’t know how to drink +100

Heavy drinker -200


Has pet(s) +100… Like pets +50

Can cook +300

Gentle and lovely +100

Childish and Stubborn -200

Always tells you she misses you +100

Likes to bring you to her classmate get-togethers +100

Knows how to care for you… don’t let you smoke and drink +100

Does not disturb your personal life +100

Always bugs you to go shopping -100

Puts up makeup the way you like it +100

Doesn’t know how to do laundry -200

Fights with you everyday -200

No matter whose fault it is, always contact you first after a fight +100

You talk her into asleep every night +100

Well-behaved +100… only well-behaved to you… and not good to other people +200

Will cry for you +100

Always makes you cry -100

Independent; does not always want you to buy things for her +200

Not being difficult in front of your friends +100

Knows how to put on make up +100

Does laundry for you +100

Mature +100

Does not like to laugh when being with you -200

Wants you to ditch school (work) to be with her -200

Fails exams, for each -100

Gives you things made by her +100

Always says you are ugly -200

Never took sticker pictures –200

1500 – 2500: normal

2500 – 3500: excellent

Over 3500: Your life is set… hurry up and marry her… before it’s too late.

Source: Sina Weibo

  1. White and black westerners, Canadians and Amerikans would put that at around $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 1 or more million bucks worth of easy living.

    And the China women gets a free visa and passport to the west.

    Damn those China gals and some China guys that are foreign western worshippers, they make the rest of the Chinese looking cheap and poor.

    1. That will be over 4400, plus lotta loving and sex longtime.

      Hand holding for all to view in public, and kissing in the streets for all the Chinese in China to see and notice that they are a couple.

      Hold that foreigner real tight or the other China girl will steal him from you, little China woman.

      1. Meh. They’re all depreciating assets. Put a ring on their finger and they immediately restrict freedom and create massive financial and legal liabilities. That’s -100000 right there.

        Marriage is for suckers.

  2. “Most men found it entertaining and just for fun, but women think marriage is not a product, cannot put a price on it.” yeah, right. the first thing these spoiled little rats ask you is how much money have u got. btw, my girlfriend is -200. need to find new one haha.

  3. Like Olympia Dukakis says in Moonstruck, if you love ’em, they’ll drive you crazy because they know you can. Otherwise, you can be coolheaded and pragmatic like this hilarious article. OMG. Knowing how Chinese people analyze and try to get the BEST DEAL out of a big ticket purchase like a car or a house or a tv set, does this mean you are screwed if you are too attractive because you will be hunted and exploited and receive distracting attention from too many Chinese sweet talkers?


  4. “Most men found it entertaining and just for fun, but women think marriage is not a product, cannot put a price on it.”

    Women who view men as nothing but a product with a good/bad value are the ones that complain loudly when the table gets turned.

  5. Here is a crazy foreign worshipper that died from shame of being a westerner’s bitch and putting down China for a few US $$$$$$$$$$$$$$dollars.

    “A leading Chinese dissident imprisoned after the 1989 Tiananmen pro-democracy protests has been found dead under strange circumstances, his relatives and rights groups said.

    Officials said Li Wangyang, who was freed from jail a year ago, hanged himself in hospital, where he was being treated for heart disease and diabetes.”

    1. This western pig finds it truly remarkable that the Chinese can hang themselves with their feet firmly planted on the ground! I am truly jealous of your strength.

      Of course there’s nothing suspicious in all of this…or the authorities entreaties to the family for a speedy cremation…we westerners still have much to learn about “suicide with Chinese characteristics.”

  6. His girl friend is worth this much, a lotta small pieces sent all over the country by Canada post.


    Montreal police Cmdr. Ian Lafrenière says DNA test results confirm that body parts delivered to Vancouver schools last week belong to Jun Lin, the Chinese student killed and dismembered last month.

    “The two body parts found in Vancouver, the two body parts found in Ottawa, as well as the torso, are all from the same body. And DNA samples from the victim’s father and mother confirm it is the victim,” Lafrenière told Radio-Canada in Montreal on Wednesday.

    “For us, this resolves the first part of our investigation.”

    Authorities are still looking for the victim’s head, and “we have no leads on that,” Lafrenière said.

    Police said last week that remains sent by mail to two Vancouver schools came from Montreal, but at the time they weren’t sure if the hand and foot belonged to the slain student.

    Lin was killed and dismembered last month in Montreal.

    One of his feet and a hand were sent respectively to False Creek Elementary School and St. George’s School, where they were discovered last week.

    The gruesome findings came after his other foot and hand were shipped to federal political parties in Ottawa.

    Lin’s torso was found in a suitcase left in a Montreal trash pile.

    Canadian Luka Rocco Magnotta is suspected of killing Lin last month, recording video of the attack, and mailing Lin’s severed body parts to Ottawa and B.C.

  7. Calculate how much your BLOG is worth.

    Write about Country with 1.7 billion people – check
    Write one article every 5-6 weeks – check


  8. All yellow monkeys should be exterminated except for some hot Chinese women who will be sex slaves for White men.

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