Chinese man becomes popular for imitating English accents

| April 18th, 2012


“Brother English”, by the name of Zhang Xu or Nick (weibo: @nickinthehouse) recently became popular on the Chinese Internet for his funny videos of imitating people of nine countries including India, South Korea, Japan etc. speaking English.  The video went viral and people are especially impressed by his foreign language skills and his ability to mimic accents.

Now Brother English has a new release, this time he speaks English with 10 different dialects in various parts of China, using different flavors of Chinglish to introduce characteristics of different regions of China.

Here is his earlier viral video of imitating 9 English Accents.

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  1. juniorboydoe says:

    Pretty funny stuff. Harmless fun with a slight underlying messaga. 🙂

  2. Cultural Imperialist says:

    This kid’s better, but then he is a native speaker:

  3. dongshizhang says:

    month break followed by a story thats 6 months old? wtf chinahush…

  4. Mario says:

    after fake accent, whats china gonna fake next?

    • voiceofhomer says:

      Hoping China will NOT be letting in foreign white and black fake Chinese to live there next.

  5. cindy says:

    hahaha…he is really funny. So funny. I love that Japanese accent. I am laughing so hard.

  6. jinna says:

    Korea accents not like
    but u r so funny …i laught so much ….^^

  7. Spiv says:

    Sounds like a Chinese guy imitating a English accent imitating a Chinese accent.

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