Robber returns stolen property back to poor college student

From Netease:


In the morning on March 9, Xiao Liu, accompanied by a friend got ready to participate in a job fair interview in Zhanjiang city.  When they got off the bus, suddenly a man riding a motorcycle snatched her handbag.  She tried to catch up to him, but only to see the robber riding an unlicensed motorcycle and disappearing in the rain.

Frightened, Liu had tears in her eyes.  After graduated from college, she traveled alone to Zhanjiang looking a job.  Her cell phone and wallet were in her handbag, but more importantly, her and several other students’ diplomas were in there too.

Xiao Liu borrowed a cell phone from a friend and called her own phone over and over again, but always heard the message, “your call can not be completed.”  In despair, she unexpectedly received a text message from her own cell phone, “I placed your diploma over here, come and get it, I do not want to affect your future.”  She replied in a hurry, “Thank you! I am a student came out to look for a job, diploma is really important to me.”  Soon she received another message, “Do not report to the police, I will message you when I place it.  Please forgive a person without a home.”

The robber communicated with her via text message and agreed to place the handbag in a trash can in front of Zhanjiang Eighteen middle school and let Xiao Liu to take back her and her classmates’ diplomas.  With doubts, Xiao Liu went to the address accordingly and found her handbag behind a transformer box near the middle school.  Robber had taken her cellphone and cash in the wallet, the rest of things were returned back to her.

After Xiao Liu got her bag back the robber even called her and ask, “Do you want your cell phone back?”  Xiao Liu was surprised to see all diplomas back and intact and felt fortunate even though the whole thing was unfortunate, so she told the robber generously, “forget about the cell phone, its yours now.”

After Liu hang up the phone, the persistent robber called again and asked her location, “I feel bad for you, college student looking for a job, I will give the phone back to you!”  Not long after Xiao Liu and her friend gave away their location, she heard a “Hello” from behind; a man riding a motorcycle dropped her phone on the floor.  Before they could even react, the man stepped on gas and quickly drove away.

In the vicinity, a company manager Wang said the local police had arrested a group of gang called “flying motorcycle party”, but did not know they are back again.

Xiao Liu hopes that “man without a home” can turn over a new leaf, find a job and live a normal life.

  1. korean guy:

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  2. korean guy:

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  3. korean guy:

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  4. korean guy:

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    1. From what I gather, many of the editors are Chinese themselves. They’re subjected to extreme censorship in their home country (I can’t access this website in China without a proxy), and they don’t really know what it’s like to taste freedom.

      I think freedom of speech is one of their greatest loves, and they allow people here to speak their mind — regardless of whether or not it’s offensive.

  5. Hahaha the comment on banquet speciality by Korean_guy made me laugh except I don’t know if it’s real or not?
    Also the main point of this comment is about how nice the ‘thief is and not ranting about korea vs china’. You guys have way too much free time.

    1. It’s pretty intresting you know. Dispite the fact that we dont know wether its real or not. You cannot deny that he is doing a good job of being ignorant? the perfect example for the kids of how not to be:P

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