20-year-old porter pleads for death penalty in smile after murdering two

(From Jinghua.cn) 20 years old porter Ma Jingku chopped his boss’s daughter-in-law and her 2-year-old son to death with an axe after being asked by the woman to help look after the kid. Ma’s case open for trial on Mar 1st. When confronted by his victims’ devastated family, Ma shrugged his shoulders and even worn a smile on his face. He bowed to the court and pleaded for immediate death penalty.


Born 1991 in Heilongjiang Province, Ma is a porter for a trading company in Beijing. Ms Yun is the accountant as well as daughter-in-law for the head of company. According to Ma, they don’t any hold grudge against each whatsoever. It was May 22nd last year, a Sunday when he planned to sleep yet was woken up to unload goods at 6am.

“I am not an angry person usually, but that day out of nowhere I was a little grumpy.” Ma said. 2 hours later he finished unloading and went into the kitchen of the company, dropped 20-some sleeping pills into the porridge pot, thinking there would be no more work if everybody wants to sleep. An hour later, the boss and a few other employees showed symptoms of dizziness and nausea and went to the hospital.


When the night fell, Ma wanted to go to bed when Ms Yun who was busy doing her laundry asked Ma to fix the light bulb and look after her son. “I was pissed at that time and refused it. She then commanded that as an employee I should do whatever she said.” Ma recalled. The two then got into a fight during which Ma picked up an axe in the corner and smashed it into Ms Yun’s head. “I just wanted to give her a lesson, but she screamed ‘help, somebody’s killing’ when holding her crying son. I panicked, and finished them.”

According to Ma, it was dark inside the room. He smashed the two for about 20 times with his eyes closed until there was no more sound and the axe was broken. Scared of getting caught by colleagues, he dragged Ms Yun to another yard during which he heard the woman repeating “why”. Ma said on the court: “How should I know why? My legs are trembling, my life is over.”

Ma put Ms Yun under a truck and planned to start the truck to run over her body. He gave up since he didn’t know how to drive a truck. On his way back to the dorm, he noticed that Ms Yun’s son was still there. He picked it up and threw the body into a warehouse. Afterwards, Ma got changed and went to the office as well as his boss and Ms Yun’s room to steal 3000 yuan, mobile and some bank cards before fleeing the scene driving his boss’s car.

“I don’t know how to drive, but I figured it out right there.” Ma drove in the direction of his hometown and tried to race other cars on the highway. “I didn’t know how to do it, so the car hit the guardrail.” Ma abandoned the car and spent 2000 yuan to hire an illegal car back to Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province. He planned to visit some friends and relatives before committing suicide, never expected to be arrested by the police  next day.900x600_7RJ7AH4200AP0001

In the  courtroom, the victims’ husband and her parents filed for civil claims of 1.39 m yuan and 870,000 yuan respectively. Ms Yun’s husband kneeled at the judge and requested an immediate death penalty on Ma.

Ma’s defense lawyer explained that Ma’s parents divorced when he was still young, he lived with his father who was sentenced to death for murder when he was 4 years old, after which he was abused by step mother. It was all these difficult experience in his childhood that resulted in Ma’s extreme and defective personality as well as twisted view of life. Ma’s lawyer pleaded for light sentence for the young man. However, Ma gave up self defense and was reluctant to talk more about his childhood other than the fact that his early experience had resulted in frequent insomnia. He said that he has the thought of committing suicide since little.


Throughout the trial, Ma didn’t show any sign of regret or apology towards the victims and their family. At his closing statement, he bowed to the judge and said: “I hope the judge can grant me death penalty as soon as possible, and execute it immediately, thanks.”

The trial closed without judgment announcement in court.

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  2. This is the one efficient thing about China – he probably will be executed fairly soon. In the US his lawyers would file appeal after appeal and he’d be in jail for decades.

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    1. Nope, China amended their death penalty law with automatic appeal and mandatory review by the high courts.

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  4. that smile is defense mechanism not some psycho evil BS they insinuate.
    don’t like antisocial sociopath flying off the handle?
    rehab them, don’t stay dehumanizing them in the 1st place.
    then light the fuse (“She then commanded that as an employee I should do whatever she said”) & wonder why he snapped.

    this kid had some hope before being treated like scum & sealing his fate.

    the only truly innocent is the 2yo son – perchance he’d grow up to abuse workers too?

  5. To be honest, I kind of feel bad for this guy. Just about everything that could go wrong has gone wrong in his life until one day he just snapped. In his situation, he is going to be given the death penalty for sure so there is really no point to show remorse in hopes that the judge or the family of the deceased will grant clemency so he figured he might as well smile in court to spite the family one last time.

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  8. This is a devastating story. What he did is the worst thing anyone can do. But he also knows that and wants to die. I’m afraid there can’t be a happy ending to this story.

    Despite his evil actions, I do empathize to an extent. I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to be him. But we simply can’t have people doing what he did.

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  10. I would condemn him, but given his shitty life he’s already been condemned. I empathize how shitty he must’ve felt being on the lower spectrum being commanded by his boss’ daughter.

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