Son of official disfigured 16-year-old girl after being rejected


(From On Feb 24th, an weibo entry accusing son of an official set a girl on fire with lighter fluid after being turned down went viral in the Internet. According to  “安徽呱蛋合肥” who made the post, the accident happened on Sept 17th, 2011. 17-year-old boy Tao Rukun (陶汝坤), whose father is a government official in the Audit Office of Hefei City, forced into 16-year-old girl Zhou Yan’s(周岩) house, and poured lighter fluid over Zhou Yan’s head then lit it on fire, resulting in over 30% burned area and disfigured face, neck and chest. Almost 6 months later, the boy’s father apologized for the first time on his verified weibo, only to trigger more fierce condemnation from the netizens.

Tao Rukun’s father wrote on his weibo on Feb 25th –

I am an employee of the Audit Office of Hefei City. Due to my inadequate educational methods, my son Tao Rukun has resulted in an irreversible damage and tragedy to Zhou Yan and her family, I am deeply sorry about this and my apology to all netizens. I will try my best to support Zhou Yan’s recovery treatment. Tao Rukun has been under detention, the case is in law procedure, I will accept lawful judgment and never avoid my due responsibility.

According to the girl’s mother Ms Li, Zhou Yan has just passed her 16 birthday when it happened. She said: “Tao Rukun and my daughter are from the same middle school but in different class. He was chasing after my daughter. To avoid his harassment, I transferred my daughter to another school but he just wouldn’t leave her alone. At last my daughter had discontinue her study and stayed at home.” In September 2011, Zhou Yan returned to school, and the tragedy happened on Sept 17th.

“At that day, only my daughter and her aunt were at home. Tao Rukun ran into our house, poured lighter fluid onto my daughter’s head and set her on fire.”

The aunt recalled: “I came running after I heard a scream, only to find the kid in fire and Tao Rukun was yelling  ‘die die die’ on the side. I quickly use sheet to put out the fire and dialed 120. Tao stood there and did nothing during the whole time.

Zhou Yan was sent into the hospital and went through 7 days and nights of surgery to get out of danger. However, her head, face, neck and chest were severely burned, one of the ears was destroyed and the overall burnt area up to 30%. She was disfigured.

In October last year when Zhou Yan was still in ICU, Tao Rukun’s parent presented a document to Ms Li and threatened to cut the payment for Zhou’s recovery unless they signed the paper. The document stated that Tao Rukun was actively helping to rescue Zhou Yan and he turned himself in to the police. “We refused to sign, and they stopped paying for the treatment.”


Ms Li said: “The medical cost and treatment for my daughter has amounted to over 400,000 yuan, they paid 330,000 of it, we still owed the hospital over 100,000 yuan. And there is more than 300 yuan medicine cost everyday.” Without choice, Ms Li has to discharge her daughter from the hospital.

“We are from working class. I work in the supermarket, earning 1000 yuan each month. I don’t know how to continue her treatment. We don’t have money for a plastic surgery for her, nor can we pay for lawsuit. The whole family is in despair.” Ms Li hoped that relative department can speed up the procedure and do her daughter justice.

As to why the case was taking so long, Ms Li’s lawyer said: “the wound evaluation department explained that the girl’s neck is severely damage, they have to wait until after skin grafting to do the evaluation. In that case, it won’t happen until 3 months later, which is unacceptable for our victim. While in the procedure point of view, the court won’t step in without a wound evaluation.”

According to the police department of Hefei City, the victim was receiving treatment for a long time and her condition is not stable enough to conduct a wound evaluation. Pressured by the public outcry over the Internet, the police has carried out the wound evaluation and promised to publicize it when it finishes.

“Before the accident, we have contacted Tao’s family many times, asking them to keep an eye on their son and stop harassing my daughter. I even kneeled to Tao Rukun to beg him leave my daughter alone, but nothing worked.” Ms Li said the half year long draw of the case has given her daughter more pressure both physically and psychologically. "Now my daughter is suffering from mental disorder too.”

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Zhou Yan, before the accident.



  1. Let me guess… his dad is also Li Gang? You know, it’s shit like this that will bring about the end of the communist party. Sooner or later, the people will have enough of this garbage.

    It’s not just the communist party that’s at fault: it’s the majority of Chinese people. The utter disdain for human life in China is SHOCKING. Don’t get me wrong, I love the country and all but the people scare me sometimes.

    Human life isn’t very valuable in China. It’s too unfortunate. I hope for better days in China.

    1. Thats exactly what i feel about chinese ppl,fear! they do not respect human life, its probably because of the enormous population, or the lack of belief in a Greater Power….

      1. Shut up with your monotheistic bs lying garbage you egoistical retard.

    2. As for honour killings, Ontario Superior Court Judge Robert Maranger called the crimes “despicable” and “heinous” and said:

      “The apparent reason behind these cold-blooded, shameful murders was that the four completely innocent victims offended your completely twisted concept of honour … that has absolutely no place in any civilized society.”

      Though often linked to sexual issues such as adultery and premarital sex, the perceived “offences” that have prompted honour killings have come to include a woman’s push for independence.


      NO where in the world is as bad and evil as China.

      1. In a “less developed” society, they would have cut off the boys hands.

        …which makes one wonder if such a society should actually be considered “less developed”.

      2. Sorry, homer. But your sarcasm fails.

        Have you ever been to China? I’ve spent a lot of time there, and have seen half of the country. The horrific disregard for human life permeates every aspect of society, from the rural areas to the urban, and rears its ugly head in a multitude of ways.

        With my own eyes, I’ve seen the darkest side of China: several people killing their own family members to save face; mothers willing to kill their children to make their lives more convenient; and grandmothers encouraging the deaths of their grandchildren so nobody looks down on them. To make matters worse, their whole family agrees with these actions. Don’t get me started on scams and food safety. China is the Nigeria of the East.

        When I saw people get hurt in China, the first thing I noticed was that every Chinese person ran away from, rather than helping them.

        Too many people would rather have a boy, and if someone becomes pregnant with a girl she’s lucky to be alive long enough to be born. The majority of people in China are extremely selfish, and wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.

        It’s heartbreaking. I look forward to a day when China is changed for the better.

        1. This is why I am starting to hate China more and more, they let scumbags like 老外 stay in China and don’t allow me or good Chinese to live there.

          God damn China’s old shithead rulers are running the country in to the shit-hole with their foreign worshipping.

          1. I’m a bigger friend to China than you could ever hope to be. But don’t think for a minute that I’ll roll over and accept the horrific disregard for human life.

    3. China is starting to look a lot like its “eternal friend” Pakistan!!! Talk about a country you never want to be friends with!

      1. Chinese targets

        The Chinese woman, 40, was killed by gunmen on motorbikes while walking in the Kohati bazaar area in the historic centre of Peshawar, police said.

        It was the fifth shooting or bomb attack in north-western Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province since Thursday, raising concerns that violence is worsening following a relative lull in recent months.

        The BBC’s M Ilyas Khan in Islamabad says that while a motive for the attack is unclear, it is not unusual for Chinese people to be targeted in Pakistan.

        In 2009 a Chinese engineer was kidnapped in the Dir region of north-west Pakistan. He was released after five months
        A Chinese beautician kidnapped during the Red Mosque siege of 2007 was released several months after being abducted
        One of two Chinese engineers kidnapped by militants loyal to Taliban commander Abdullah Mehsud in 2004 was killed during a rescue bid by Pakistani forces.

        The Pakies loves the Chinese so much that they would kill one as soon as they see them.

        You should stay away from China, they don’t like people like you or Obamakong.

  2. Is there anything that I haven’t seen here in china? I do not think so, it seems that anything can happen in this country, i will stop visiting this site coz i do not want to think any worse of chinese people that i already do.

    1. I feel so sorry that the Chinese society has brought such horrible expression to all of the world. As a Chinese, I myself have been shocked by the cruel facts that human life is always so cheap, especially if you are poor and weak in the country. The rules are “rules” made by the governors and obeyed not by themselves but the people. The saddest fact is most of the people themselves have a strong admiration towards the power the governors have. Once they get the chance, they will never consider what they should do to make a better society and live a decent life. They think about how to gain more and more for themselves and the children. This has been deeply rooted in the lies the government sold in their education, in their talks and behaviors. No one has belief in anything ruled by government and announced. As we have been taught to be “nice” persons, who should devote selves to the whole society and neglect our personal losses, however, when we face the society, we wanted to live decently, but the truths and the cruel facts like this had torn us apart. We found who has taught us to be nice were horrible human beings. Rude, greedy, in fact, they are devils. Every person who has a sense in China, I believe, will feel really sad to see all of these and painful to go through with all of these.

    2. A number of domestic cases have recently made the headlines in Canada.

      The issue has become so pressing that the study guide for the Canadian citizenship test refers to it explicitly, saying that “Canada’s openness and generosity do not extend to barbaric cultural practices that tolerate spousal abuse, ‘honour killings,’ female genital mutilation, forced marriage or other gender-based violence.”

      Believed to have originated as a patriarchal tribal custom, honour killings are a global phenomenon. A 2000 report by the UN Population Fund estimated that as many as 5,000 women and girls are killed each year by relatives for allegedly dishonouring their family.

      Those China men have to be the scum of the earth to earn all the honors for the worst of the worst in the world. They say thanks, we don’t deserve it but we will take it.

    3. Don, you’re a moron. Do you want me to list all the violent crap that has happened in the USA just this past week alone? Don’t get mad at China because you’re a fat hairy old bald loser who has to go to third world countries to get a woman.

        1. “Norway’s Breivik admits killing 77 but pleads not guilty. Anders Behring Breivik shed tears during anti-Muslim video.”

          Good news for the western worshipping Chinese and asshole westerners.

    1. “Anders Behring Breivik shed tears as he went on trial today for killing 77 people — but not for his victims. The emotional display came when prosecutors showed his anti-Muslim video.”

      He should be good for China, a real white guy.

  3. Yes this boy needs a beating but his parents need a worse one. The biggest travesty is the huge loss of great young people who live under the Chinese yoke perpetuated by their government, backward patriarchal culture and the ignorance of their parents and families that dump this crap on their children. What a shameful waste of potentially great young people if they were free to think for themselves. Don’t they know that they are not protecting shit with their attitude, they are destroying the most valuable thing, their children, that they don’t deserve to have. You need another revolution, one of common sense!

  4. The fucker China boy must be really an Indian or an Arab, they do that all the time.

  5. Honour crimes, the scourge of South Asia

    A ‘feudal practice’ and ‘a slur on our nation,’ India says.

    Is China not number one again? Always no. 2.

  6. Three teenagers have been arrested over an attack on a man in Devon who had a liquid chemical thrown in his face for refusing to give youths a cigarette.
    Aspiring model Katie Piper suffered third degree burns after her former boyfriend arranged for someone to throw acid in her face in 2008.
    Arrest over Liverpool doorstep acid attackA man has suffered serious facial burns in a suspected acid attack in Liverpool.
    Acid attack on school-run mother in NewhamPolice have appealed for information to catch a man who threw acid at a mother as she walked her two children home from school in London.
    Ameneh Bahrami was the victim of a horrific acid attack that left her blind and badly disfigured. Under Sharia law, the Iranian courts ordered her attacker blinded, but the punishment has not been carried out. Here is the story of her relentless quest for justice.

    In 2004, Ameneh Bahrami was an independent and attractive 24-year-old engineering student, already working at a lab in Tehran.

    “A lot of boys used to come to my house – even university teachers would come – and ask for my hand in marriage,” she told BBC.

    So China is still the worst country with the most evil people on earth.

    Yes, China has it all and you all can be so proud to point finger at China, she won’t hurt you she is a little chickenshit.

  7. But I don’t like these kinds of shitheads that go around doing these things to people, so take him somewhere deep in the woods and whack him.

    End their family DNA line with him.

  8. An 11-year-old girl died following an after school fight at a Long Beach elementary school, but authorities say they have no immediate plans for arrests.

    Police said Saturday night that the girl died at a hospital hours after the fight with another 11-year-old girl outside the school, which sits about 40 kilometers south of Los Angeles in one of the region’s largest cities.

    It’s legal in the US and no arrest is needed.

  9. A teenager described as a bullied outcast at his suburban Cleveland high school opened fire in the cafeteria Monday morning, killing and wounding many others.

    What a fucked up country.

  10. Terrible and I hope this SOB rots in all eternity.
    He has no respect of law and disregards human lives. Sickening.

  11. Given the dormant status of food safety oversight in China, the family’s best bet for recouping medical expenses is selling the burned part of her body as pepperoni.

    BTW, voiceofhomer, this was not an attempted honor killing, or the killing of a defiled female relative for the sake of preserving family honor, regardless of her willingness in being defiled. Rather, it was an experiment in forcing a girl to sell herself, not as a prostitute, but as a pizza topping.

    Learn the difference. Rape victim != 30 minute guaranteed delivery. And thanks for tangential news items from the Great Satan whose only connection to this article can be seen through an empty bottle of alcohol.

    But I do agree that this kid should be put through a meat grinder and forcibly fed raw to his parents. The only way for them to understand their mistake is to taste it.

    1. President Barack Obama warned that he is not bluffing about attacking Iran ……..

      Monkey man Obamakong says you are nothing, so you are nothing to me.

  12. Chinese scum. This story is more than often the case in the land of Maoist whack jobs!

  13. Only one remedy for this boy. Give him a traditional Chinese send off. Put him onstage at the birds nest, have it televised on cctv to entertain the masses and administer the death of a thousand cuts. Make money from admission charge, obviously a sell out and tv ads. Give the money to the girl for reconstructive surgery and a vacation on the French Riviera. Scare the shit out of all the other little emperors. Grand slam!

    1. the practice of acid violence — the deliberate use of acid to harm and disfigure another human being, in most cases, women. It depicts stories of the many women in Pakistan who have become victims of this kind of abuse,
      Stay out of China.


    If this girl is south korean living in South korea, she will be without payments or help for her medical bills. It is very common the people in south korea died of diabetes and other common treatable illnesses simply because they don’t have money. The south koreans won’t pay for nobody, if they have any money extra they use it on plastic surgery because all of them are trying to get rid of their mongoloid down syndrome korean facial features. They are a group of sick despicable, filthy, dirty cockroaches. China should just leave South and north korea alone and not stand in the middle. They are the same DNA, the same types of people. Let the North korean nuk the south koreans off the map. Why must China get involved? Why waste billions of dollars helping the north korea refugees every year? That should be the south korea job.

  15. The asshole should be executed. Doesn’t China love executing heinous criminals ? Oh right.. the daddy is the political officer… poor little girl.

    1. Trayvon Martin’s parents expressed relief Wednesday over a special prosecutor’s decision to charge George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed their unarmed 17-year-old son.

      The Florida neighbourhood watch volunteer, who is now in police custody, has been charged with second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of the black teenager.

      “We wanted nothing more, nothing less, we just wanted an arrest,” said Martin’s mother.

      But the US law says the killer is allowed to shoot in defence of his shitty white life.

      Amerika kills all and you too, China only kills scumbags like you.

  16. I am Chinese, but I am not live in china, my grandfather and grandmother from my both parents moved from china to Indonesia long time ago maybe in 1920’s.
    I am thankful to God, I am not live in there, it is so cruel in there.
    When I was little I wish my family in china, oh horrible idea, thank God I am not in there.
    I can not live, because in china only allowed 1 child only, I am number 6 lol.
    I am thankful to God I lived in Indonesia.

    nothing country is perfect you know, Indonesia is sometimes unbearable.
    the government is suck because of lot of corrupt ism, one religion dominate in here and they is suck too, too long if i explain all along 😀
    too much hypocrite, say don’t do this don’t do that, but them self do that 😀

    China is getting worst and worst, isn’t religion in there not allowed to do cruel things because we can be punished by God? people in there not in religion again. 🙁

    yup I am chinese family, yes it is right the lesson in family is though. x(
    I am so tired in here.. I can not be free 🙁

    1. How many maids do you or your family have?

      In China, they have too many maids at half the prices as in Indonesia.

      In China, you cannot treat them like shit or like you treat them and you have to paid them too unlike in Indonesia.

      Many Indonesian maids live and sleep in the the space between the garage and the house, is that right?

      Yeah, life in China is bad that’s why Chinese like to move to other countries, less free but you can talk all you want and no jail time.

      But look out somebody can sue you and your family, then you will have to go on welfare.

  17. Fuck this Chinese official and his son. I hope that son of a bitch goes to prison for a long, LONG time. His father should be there with him for trying to bribe the victims mother. Scum bags.

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