Man cuts his penis off on Valentine’s Day in China’s top university

From Jinghua News:


A 26-year-old man cut his penis at a fruit stand in Tsinghua University on Valentine’s Day. He then committed suicide by jumping off a hotel.

The incident started at a dental clinic of the Tsinghua University. According to Dr. Li, a stranger came in before noon with his hands holding his private part. He was asking for anesthetics, but the only anesthetic they had was for teeth. Then the man left, with his jeans soaked in blood. Dr. Li said he then ran towards the fruit shop.

“That man used the fruit knife, just cut the thing off!” said Miss Hua, the owner of the fruit stand. As she recalled, the man came into the shop, saying he wanted to buy some fruits, but he walked back and forth, seemed like he had no intension to buy anything. Suddenly he took a knife on the table and took off his jeans.

Miss Hua was scared and ran out for help. About one minute later, she saw the man stepping out of her shop and running to the dental clinic. He also threw a bloody thing in the street. Miss Hua went back into her shop, only to find blood and the knife on the ground. “I was nearly throwing up! And I called police immediately!” she said.

Dr. Li saw the man was back again after 10 minutes. “I was totally shocked and told him that we could not fix that wound.” The man then ran to the university hospital. According to the surgery physician, he was badly wounded by cutting off his penis. They bandaged him and prepared to send him to another bigger hospital. However, the man suddenly fled while doctors were away.

Doctors were searching for him and they heard someone jumped off the nearby hotel building, and later found out it was the same person. The hotel reception staff recalled that the man came in and directly walked to the 3rd floor, then jumped off the balcony. No one had ever talked to him.

First-aider came and sent him to a nearby hospital. Police picked up his penis and sent it to the hospital as well. According to one of the witnesses, the man ate a meal at the university cafeteria and hid in a dormitory. He came out with blood on his jeans and a knife in his hand. “He probably cut himself in the dormitory,” said the witness. Others guessed that he was trying to change his gender because of his tiny body and girlish dress. But all of them are not confirmed by the police.

The man is named Zhu. The doctors said that they failed to rescue him because his head and lungs were severely damaged and he’s losing too much blood. No evidence showed he had metal illness.

Some patients saw the police was talking to a man familiar with Zhu, who said he had just graduated and had no illness before. Tsinghua University said the deceased man was not a student from Tsinghua and this incident had nothing to do with the university.



Some netizens reaction to this incident:


I think he did this because he failed to go to Tsinghua


he must be possessed by the Devil for the sake of practicing the Sunflower Book(from a Chinese martial arts fiction, teach man superior Kong Fu by cutting man’s penis)


So the famous Sunflower Book is hidden in Tsinghua for years! What a pity that he just read the first page since the second page says he can also achieve the Kong Fu without cutting.


The young people nowadays are so energetic! They have some personalities and eager to show off!


The man is so brave! He is indeed a model in this era! I recommend Tsinghua to collect the penis!

    1. Nah, you women have too many go buttons. A guy basically has one and even this guy didn’t seem to really want to learn the Sunflower technique.

    2. Women are not “castrated by nature.” Castration is defined as ‘neutering a male animal by removing the testicles.’ Only males can be castrated, as women do not begin with having male reproductive organs that become later removed. Nature creates females to have a vagina (which includes a clitoris, also homologous to a male’s penis). The vagina is not a castrated penis or testicles. It is pretty ignorant for anyone to make such a foolish comparison.

  1. The standard for being “crazy” must be very interesting around there. Makes Van Gogh look like a genius compared to this guy. At least, Van Gogh knew that cutting off an ear didn’t ruin the rest of your life.

  2. Tibetan crazies set fire to themselves and sick Chinese man cut off own penis without anesthetics.

    And terrorists are going around the world killing everybody in their path.

    What the hell is wrong with monkey peoples.

    Whites want black men to take over and rule them.

    China women mating with whites and blacks to create a new Chinese bastard class, and White women want to make black babies to rule the all whiteys.

    Nuke them all and let me change the world.

  3. Trying to cut off his penis…. twice….. if that is not a sign of mental illness, what is???

  4. That’s impossible- a chinaman’s dick is too small to be slashed off by a knife.. you’ll need a microscope + nano scalpel..

  5. I am not surprised something like this happened. The complexities of relationships, followed by cultural pressures, followed by the trash the media spills out. Its no wonder people are going to these kinds of extremes.

  6. Ohhh modern men are just sperm donors and eunuchs.
    The women in the west today want all of the rights but not the responsibilities !
    There’s an acute shortage of women in China and this guy knew, unless (a) you live in the West, where’s there’s a surplus of women (but with high expectations, guy must be a good money earner or have a big cock), but then having to put up with being 2nd class citizen, as men have no rights in the west
    (b) stay in China and never get married..meanwhile go insane anyway
    Let’s face it poor guy, had little choice!
    An original way to go,making the ultimate statement!

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