“Worshiping cats” found in 100 RMB bills

From Beijing News:


The interesting discovery was made by Chinese netizens, who posted on forum recently showing that there are three cats’ images on the 100 RMB bill, right besides the image of Mao Zedong. What’s really interesting is that two small cats are worshiping the big one.
Zooming in the 100 RMB bill, they found that the big cat is standing with mouth open. Its eyes are like Chinese old time coins, staring at front. The two small cats besides it are kneeling down, rising up their front legs, and worshipping to the big one just like people do.

“An imagination” according to coin experts

Yuan Yinlong, a coin expert pointed out that the image popular on Internet is a little different from the original image on the bill and is all but an imagination of the netizens. The most significant difference is that the original image does not have the big cat’s whiskers.
He also emphasis that the design of RMB bill should be examined very carefully and could not used the worshiping cats as images. The so called “worshiping cats” images should be the anti-forgery technology design that is the state secret, which can only be explained by People’s Bank of China – the issuing bank.

Could be the “patriotic mark”

Yuan introduced that this kind of mark is not rare in history. For instance, the 200 RMB bills, which were issued by central bank of Wang Jingwei puppet government in 1944 had the tiny mark of “US-AC”, meaning the US are coming. At that time, China and United States formed an alliance to fight Japan. The Chinese designer at that time made this to show his patriotism.

  1. Homer is an excellent writer of travel literature, but a bad economist. The Chinese central bank keeps buying US debt in huge quantities even though its rating has gone done, which says the Chinese central bank still holds the US dollar as a better investment than home; Chinese private and corporate money is leaving China to buy dollars too at alarmingly fast rates . When the Chinese housing market bursts by the end of this year (it is already falling in some locations), the flow of capital to the US will only accelerate as the dollar IRONICALLY becomes the home of safety, much like the 1997 crisis. What happens thereafter is hard to say.

    1. European officials may have flown to Beijing with their begging bowl underarm, but for developing countries, China’s cheque book comes to you.

      Over the past few years, delegations from China’s big banks have been criss-crossing the globe signing a plethora of billion dollar deals with some of the world’s poorest nations.

      “Last year China provided more loans to the developing world than even the World Bank,” says Jamie Metzl from the US-based Asia Society. “The role of China is large, it’s growing and it’s critically important.”

      As the lender to go to for credit-poor governments, China’s yuan is replacing World Bank dollars as the cash behind new roads, power stations, hospitals and other infrastructure.

      If you doubt what I say, that means the west is also wrong to say it too.

      Hating China is one thing but fighting it will kill you.

      1. I am glad that Homer continues to enjoy his travels. But, maybe he can stay in one place and read what is written and respond to that. No one ia arguing against the importance of China’s economy or otherwise. What Xenophon simply saying is that the claim the RMB becomes the world currency rests on assumptions that–aside from not being made clear by Homer–are not rooted in fundamentals of the world situation. The crisis is not going away and whether China can remove itself from its currents is unlikely. As I wrote: what happens afterwards is far from clear.

        I will cite a length: “On the other hand, the rate of self-expansion of the total capital, or the rate of profit, being the goad of capitalist production (just as self-expansion of capital is its only purpose), its fall checks the formation of new independent capitals and thus appears as a threat to the development of the capitalist production process. It breeds over-production, speculation, crises, and surplus-capital alongside surplus-population. Those economists, therefore, who, like Ricardo, regard the capitalist mode of production as absolute, feel at this point that it creates a barrier itself, and for this reason attribute the barrier to Nature (in the theory of rent), not to production. But the main thing about their horror of the falling rate of profit is the feeling that capitalist production meets in the development of its productive forces a barrier which has nothing to do with the production of wealth as such; and this peculiar barrier testifies to the limitations and to the merely historical, transitory character of the capitalist mode of production; testifies that for the production of wealth, it is not an absolute mode, moreover, that at a certain stage it rather conflicts with its further development.”

        Baseless accusations of hate are simply a way to distract.

    2. And it’s clear China is reducing the influence of the World Bank, says Mr Metzl, who cites an example from a few years ago.

      “Cambodia was considering a $600m loan from the World Bank that had conditions about transparency and anti-corruption and accountability. The Cambodians basically told the World Bank to go to hell and the next day they received a $601m loan from the Chinese with no conditions.”

      Dr Zhao is not going to apologise for China’s growing influence in the economies of the developing world.

      “The mind set has been influenced too much in one direction – the Western conception, the Western ideas, the Western way of doing business,” he argues. The world should not close its ears to China’s philosophy and wisdom he suggests.

      “So long as an economy is growing steadily, healthily, and the people can eventually benefit in a much better well-being, then these sort of models should at least be welcomed.”


      But why is Chinese govt NOT doing these things in China first, like most western people would say about their own govts spending money in other countries.

      I want China to get all of the money first and worry less about where Afrika is going.

      1. The answer is simple…China wishes to become an imperial power too. Welcome to the club.

  2. It’s gotta be something to do with the illuminati!! See the big cat’s nose is a triangle and that’s always an illuminati symbol. Worshiping money has to do with the upcoming one world currency and new world order.

  3. China’s state media says the body of a Chinese worker who went missing after rebels attacked a work camp in Sudan has been found.

    The worker went missing when rebels from the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) seized 29 Chinese nationals in South Kordofan.

    China needs to grow some big balls and NUKE these Afrikan shit hole countries, the USA would have done it in as long as it takes to do a horny HK girl.

  4. voiceofhomer,
    I agree China should start ‘nuke these Afrikan countries.” maybe Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao and especially Xi Jinping should grow a pair and do what you stated. What’s stopping those wuss?

    Show your strength, take over the South China Sea. Go reunify with your brothers on Taiwan isalnd….why wait for year when the PLA can do it today..

    1. “What’s stopping those wuss?”

      The Tibetan terrorists are keeping the PLA busy killing them shits in China.

      And besides, the USA is there already murdering them dirty animals.


      “take over the South China Sea”

      Cannot. The South China Seas belongs to the USA.

  5. Why don’t you faggots explain if cats are of any significance to the Chinese and what this could actually mean instead of jerking each other off on every thread?

  6. A New Zealand court has blocked a move by the government to allow Chinese investors to buy farms in the country.

    China should nuke new zealand and let them eat shit.

  7. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has ended a hectic week which saw his company valued at £106bn after a stock market flotation by getting married.

    He wed his long-time girlfriend Priscilla Chan, 27, in a ceremony at his home in Palo Alto, California.

    So cool for China girl.

  8. The Bank of Canada purged the image of an Chinese-looking woman from its new $100 banknotes after focus groups raised questions about her ethnicity.

    The original image intended for the reverse of the plastic polymer banknotes, which began circulating last November, showed a Chinese-looking woman scientist peering into a microscope.

    Chinese do not look like Canadians, but blacks and Indians look more Canadian to whites.

    All the TV ads and movies show black as doctors, judges, PhD holders, IT computer guys, ballers, rappers, UN officials and millionaires and VIPs like Oprah and Obama presidents.

    What a joke, we know better.

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