Sister Feng hands out flyers to seek a husband in New York

From MOP and others:


Recently, Chinese Internet popular figure Sister Feng was spotted in front of Columbia University in New York, handing out flyers to seek a husband. She stood in front of the school, said “Hi” and then handed out the flyers to any man who doesn’t look Asian. The flyer was written in such poor English that netizens called it a “grammar mistake hunt”.  This news quickly spread through micro-blog and varies websites, once again Sister Feng entertained the world with her shocking actions and false sense of confidence.



The following is the word for word transcript:

I am looking for a Husband now, I am the hottest star from China. My name is Luoyufeng (罗玉凤), Chinese call me fengjie (凤姐), born 1985, I want my Husband very Interested in political and Economic, he would like to Dominate the world.

I want my Husband like this:

1. He must between 25 to 31 years old.

2. He will between 5.74 feet to 6.11 feet height.

3. He must never get married, no children.

4. He will graduated from a prestigious world, like Harvard, Yale, MIT, west point, Stanford, Oxon, and so so.

5. He must had a master’s degree.

6. He can’t been an Asian.

7. He would better have a house and a car.

I’m born in a poor family in Chongqing. When 16, I come to a Inexpensive Normal school which I never liked. I read a lot of books Between 9 to 20. I’m expert in Poetry and prose. In 2006 when I’m 21, I became a Language teacher. In 2008 when I’m 23, I resigned and come to shanghai for a better future. But I can’t get a good job there. There was no way to get more income except publicize myself, so I became the hottest star in china in 2010 when I’m 25. I came to the USA in the same year. Since there is over 3000.000 chinese man asked marry me, but none of them suitable.


1. I am only 4.82 feet height, but I used to wear a High-heeled shoes. So I always looked like 5.08 feet.

2. I’m from china which Country control Family planning as their basal policy. I will follow it. So I only want 2 children if get married.


Mobile phone: 646-220-8171





    1. What is Oxon?

      And of she’s looking for a husband, why not: a) look pretty and dress up. b) go out to somewhere where people are being social like a bar or a restaurant. A street corner only accentuates the fact that this girl is mentally deranged.

  1. She’s so fuckin ugly. Though I would still fuck her with a paper bag over her hideous face.

  2. More BS, that looks more like NYU area.

    She is good for big whitey rejects with little big dick but blacks will like her more, she can be pimped for loads of money down south.

      1. Well, China girls know that that is what Chinese and Asia girls are good for in western movies, being a whore, a hooker, an old whiteman’s bitch, and a loser slut looking for a whitey on the streets with no real job and no money to get ahead without a whiteman.

        What you see on TV and in the movies is what the real Chinese women are all about.

        Cheap whore for a reject rich white man.

    1. That’s Columbia, not NYU.

      Funny thing is, there are thousands of beautiful Chinese students there. This ugly troll has no idea how far from success she is.

      1. She needs to go to Saudi Arabia and become a Muslim, where it’s mandatory for Muslim women to cover their faces.

    2. She’s standing at the 116th St entrance of Columbia University. In one picture you can see the Hudson and the Palisades and in the other you can see the entrance to the 116th St No 1 Train subway station.

  3. Aw, damn!

    Although I’d love to take over the world, I’m afraid I’m far beyond her height range, have yet to receive my master’s degree, and I haven’t gone to a prestigious University.

    And I was hoping I’d finally have a chance with her. 🙁

  4. this is such a disgrace, that is why mainlanders will never be accepted into HK society.

  5. HAHAHAH I probably walked right by her and ignored her. That’s the campus gate I used the most. >.>;;;

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