Hong Kong full page ad against mainland pregnant women


Apple Daily as a renowned Hong Kong newspaper put up a full page print ad on Feb 1st protesting aggressively against the surge of mainland pregnant women in Hong Kong. On top of the background of a locust overlooking the Victoria Harbor, the ad rolled out with the headline “Hong Kong people have had enough” followed by angry content protesting against the invasion of mainland pregnant women into Hong Kong and urged the Hong Kong government to amend relevant law. Surprisingly, the print ad was paid by the collaborated crowd fundraising of 2 completely irrelevant Hong Kong forums, hkgolden.com (IT) and baby-kingdom.com (parenting).


Translation of the copy:

Do you want Hong Kong to pay 1 million HKD per 18 minute raising illegitimate child from mainland?

Hong Kong people have had enough of it!

We understand that you suffer from contaminated milk powder, so we tolerate your raid upon our milk powder; we understand that you don’t have freedom, so we receive you over here through “free pass”; we understand that your education is poor, so we share our educational resource with you; we understand that you don’t read traditional Chinese, so we use “cripple” Chinese character (simplified Chinese) in the following: “Please respect our local culture when you are here, without Hong Kong you are all doomed.”

Strongly demand the government to amend the 24th clause of Basic Laws!

Stop the massive invasion of double negative pregnant women from mainland. (double negative = none of the woman’s parents are from HK)

The ad made a huge stir on the Chinese Internet and gave rise to several mischievous distortion works for mainland cities done by netizens. Here we present the most popular versions on the Internet featuring Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. While Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou versions of the distortion followed the discrimination tone of the original Hong Kong ad, Shenzhen version went the opposite direction and showed hospitality.

Beijing version:


Do you want the migrant population of Beijing to continue to grow?

Beijing people have had enough of it!

Beijing has already inhabited 20 million migrant population and accepted 478,000 come-along children.

But! You still damage Beijing culture, mess up the order, push up the housing price, bring your children born in excess of plan here to intensify the college entrance examination; you benefit from Beijing but still defame Beijing like trash; please do us a favor, go back home build your own town before coming here.

Strongly demand the government to amend the law!

Stop the massive growth of migrant population in Beijing.

Shanghai version:


Do you want to pay 4 billion yuan per year subsidizing migrant population?

Shanghai people have had enough of it!

Because you come for gold digging, we end up hosting over 17 million migrant population; because you settle down here, we end up taking 380,000 come-along children; because you want to be good to your parents, we end up having almost 160,000 migrant senior people.

But! We also have to endure your damage to our culture, the finger pointing by your hometown fellows, and all those uncivilized behavior by you and your hometown fellows.

Strongly demand the government to amend the law!

Stop the massive growth of migrant population in Shanghai.


Guangzhou version:


Do you want Guangzhou to have 1/3 of its population to be migrant people?

Guangzhou people have had enough of it!

Because you want to work here, we end up having much more aimlessly drifting population; because of your rushing in for money, our traffic is out of order; because you settle down here, we don’t feel safe any more; we have to stand the fact that you take up 3 bus seat with one person, that you release yourself on the public transport and talking loud on phone, and that you only need to pay 600 yuan for a river view apartment (probably special package for migrant population).

Strongly demand the government to amend the law!

Stop the blind invasion of migrant population into Guangzhou.


Last but not least, friendly Shenzhen version:


You are one of us if you come to Shenzhen.

Welcome to Shenzhen!

Because we are all away from home, so welcome here; because this is a big circle Grandpa Deng drew for all of us (metaphor for making Shenzhen special economic region), so welcome here; because you are part of the momentum that keeps Shenzhen going, so welcome here; because of you are the reason behind our 30 years of prosperity, so welcome here; because we want the whole world to know this, so we use English the say the next: “welcome to hometown Shenzhen”.

Warmly welcome every hard worker to Shenzhen!

We wish all Shenzhen people a happy new year and may all your wishes come true!

  1. Very nice ad
    but does Mainlanders have any consideration?
    Would they give a shit?
    i am betting they would fire back at Hong Kong
    claiming China sell them water & eletricity therefore Hong Kong shall suck their dick

    1. He is going to claim that Beijing and all parts of China have not been defeated and controlled by Japan.

      To publish in a newspaper is fine but it might be just as easy to file a Defamation and Libel suit. The suit can be easily in New York. Since the US can and has the incentive to freeze the bank accounts of UJ. UJ is the employer and is responsible for the action of its employees.

      Since this is a broad statement. The victims group is large. It includes all businesses such as HK style restaurants, individuals that suffered mental pain, import/exports from HK. Companies that are headquartered in HK.

      The entire thing look similar to the way TVCC and their reporters treated the furniture company .

    2. Do these Hong Kongers have *any* idea how many Cantonese there are flooding into Beijing and Shanghai?

      Do the Hong Kongers who claim China would be “nothing” without Hong Kong have any idea how ironic it is to claim cultural superiority when their own culture is only superior because it was a colony of England? Who exactly would be “nothing” without “whom” again?

      1. Does Hong Kong people shit and piss in the public?
        Does Hong Kong people hold up hospital space in Beijing?
        Does Hong Kong people inflate the milk powder price?
        Does Hong Kong people want to get a Chinese citizenship just to get welfare?

        How hard is it to recognize that it has nothing to do with race?

        1. Hong Kong people are black now. No they white. No they are Injuns.

          No they are scum of the China’s foreign worshipers.

          So Hong Kongers don’t do those things, but they do in the USA.

          1. man… did you sniff too Chinese milk powder?
            stop making up non-sense
            if you are so proud of China
            leave the US
            and move back to China

            1. I happen to like Amerikan milk powder, it’s good like coke.

              You gotta order some and you too will love the USA forever and bannot get off it.

        2. Here’s a very simple question you need to ask your self HONKERS what are you gonna do about it? AND what CAN you do about it?

          NOTHING…. absolutely nothing….. sad sad sad truth…… so keep barking cause maybe and maybe someone will throw you a bone…. MAYBE remember… maybe… or you can leave Hong kong? just saying…

          China PRIDE peace!

      2. You are crazy. Cantonese and Canton are part of Maoists China. They are part of your same regime.

        People in Hong Kong are authentic Chinese because most knew Mao was a moron and either fled or were never exposed to Communists Maoists propaganda. Mao killed more of his own people than Japanese army. He is a traitor yet there is no effort to refute his regime.

        Hong Kong and other Chinese countries are, if you think superior, only because it has thousands of years of history. Real Chinese culture. Chinese culture continued because of places like Hong Kong, Taiwan and southeast Asia. Communists China destroyed all Chinese history. Mao had active campaign wiping out thousands of years of Confucion principles.

        Stop using straw man arguments. Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Chinese countries uses Chinese language. Communists China uses are new Soviet inspired script. People’s Republic of China is a Soviet state. It continues to behave as such. Not Chinese.


    In Berichten ist von fast 400 Verletzten die Rede: In Kairo haben teils bewaffnete Demonstranten und Fußballfans gegen das Stadion-Blutbad von Port AMERICAN SWINE PLEASE SHUT UP

    1. you mainlanders just can’t behave yourself
      your action has proven my point
      you keep on doing it, would just make me look good

    2. Shh! Germans don’t have time to post on websites. You need to work harder so Greeks can retire early. Get back to work, Jackass! The Greeks in those beautiful villas need more cocktails. Get back to the factory and work, slave!

    3. oh man it looks like globalism is fucking china just as bad I wonder how many jews live in china

  3. The parodies actually make a good point, that is people all over China look down on poor migrants moving into their big city. They only pick on Hong Kong because inside they harbor resentment towards us. When Shanghai does it, it’s just because they’re “elitist”. When Hong Kong does the same thing, it’s because they “worship the West”. Typical of hypocritical nationalists to forego reasoning.

    1. isn’t the argument here about social benefits? Having a baby in HK affords a few more benefits than having one in Shanghai. When the people who are entitled to those benefits are displaced by undeserving, self interested, uncivilized, simpletons who have no problem exploiting someone elses system because they are too weak and afraid to do something about their own.

    2. China is a mostly poor country. What do these ivory-tower urbanites not understand about their own nation?

  4. Fuck Hong Kong racists. They have been and always have been the lowest level of all Chinese. I am 100% Chinese although I was not born in China. Respect your countryman and be more nationalistic you lucky Hong Kong cunts. You have 100 years of British colonial rule and 90% of you cannot even say a proper English sentence. However, you insist on speaking your dying language called Cuntonese. Hong Kong people – that is not even a proper Chinese dialect. It’s a bastardised ghetto language evolved over time for the lazy people who do not want to speak properly. I as a Chinese would rather have the British in power in Hong Kong than the Hong Kong puppet government. The next Tiananmen will be soon in fucking Kowloon. Let the PLA impose martial law in the whole of HK. I feel sorry for the educated and knowledgeable Hong Kong people who have to put up with 90% of social housing Hong Kong degenerates. Hong Kong was a beautiful place before. Now it is blighted by the low to upper middle class local Hong Kong population who did not understand what birth control or English was. They still don’t. BTW, HK people have the highest digestive tract cancer in east asia because they are too uneducated to eat healthy food. MSG is staple for the Cuntonese cuisine. But off course, it’s because a Japanese invented it. HK people have forgotten who their forefathers were – they think it is Walt Disney or the Japnese emperor. The HK low class scum would automatically visit Japan before even considering to visit any Chinese city. Shame on them.

    1. You sound like a fool
      Canton district has been speaking Cantonese since forever
      Should they kill their language just for the communist party?
      Perhaps you should find out why mainland Chinese are simplified

      1. Hong Kong Cuntonese always thought they were superior even before 1997. The are the loudest foul mouthed cunts in Asia. 90% of them cannot string an English sentence together after 100 years of British colonial rule. However, when you ask any HK cunt (BTW, cunt = 1 HK human) which country they owe their allegiance to, they would respond by saying they don’t know. Let the Chinese government enforce compulsory PLA conscription for those spiney skinny weak characterless gay BASTARD excuses of men in HK. Maybe then can Tiananmen Massacre II be avoided. Accept it, HK is the tiniest provence in the PRC now.

        1. “However, when you ask any HK cunt (BTW, cunt = 1 HK human) which country they owe their allegiance to, they would respond by saying they don’t know.”
          did you just pull out of your ass?
          you sound ignorant

          1. So 童子蛋, do you regard yourself as Chinese and do you regard Beijing as your capital city?

              1. I am Chinese and the reason for my question is demonstrate that there are NO Chinese people in HK, only self-righteous chinks. I do not regard degenerates as Chinese anyway.

              2. You mother raping white niggas are taking over HK like the black plague and HK should get you white ass Brits and those Injuns out of Hong Kong and give the mainlanders their land back.

                  1. God damn pinko China would not have me but they let white and black assholes like you stay there.

                    Does that sound logical?

                    1. They Chinese native where black your ancestors are black and they where brought into slaver by ships to America they took some of them from Asia do your history Buddha ,Genghis khan you idiot where black. The Afro Asiatic ruled Europe for a thousand year’s Black a moor’s they taught them how to read and write and built Europe just like now we invented the refrigerator,freezer,air conditioner,the toilet and the helicopter the train and we get no respect shame on you. we invented science and surgery as well

        2. Stop contradicting
          You lives in democrat country
          You have as much freedom ,rights, & benefits as Hong Kong citizens have
          but yet you can’t recognized China is killing their social system in Hong Kong
          Even if China & Hong Kong is the same country
          China is not contributing anything to sustain the system
          Eventually when mainlanders leeched all out
          China will start jumping to make themselves look like the hero

          1. The US has now blocked all trade with Cuba for 50 years. The policy began at the height of the Cold War.

            The confiscation of US property by Cuba’s revolutionary government was a key trigger for the embargo.

            “It’s the people who are suffering from this blockade,” Jesus says, voicing a common Cuban refrain. “We have no access to decent things and what there is, is more expensive. The people are not to blame for the politics.”

            The Cuban government says the US embargo has cost it $104bn (£65bn) so far. The policy – over the decades – bans trade, tourism, investment and even loans from organisations like the World Bank and IMF.

            The Cuban government uses the embargo as proof of a policy of US aggression against the island – a national threat – and so justifies all kinds of restrictions.

            “I’ve always wanted to come, and it’s fabulous,” says American tourist Barry Wolfe, who is on a guided tour of Old Havana. His trip was arranged legally, but the process was complex.

            “It’s a shame. I wish it would open up for free passing back and forth,” says Mr Wolfe, who is from the state of Virginia, “but the politics are complicated.”

            He believes fellow Americans would “come flooding to Cuba” if restrictions were lifted.

            China to Hong Kong same shit in so many ways.

        3. No self respecting Chinese should have to speak English. Good for the HK’ers for sticking up for their own culture, unlike Mainland whores eager to adopt white skin, white manners and white language. The Mainland elites aren’t even real Chinese – you write with a Western alphabet (pinyin) and can’t even read real Chinese hanzi, use English all the time, destroy beautiful Chinese hutongs to build crappy copies of Western apartment buildings, etc. Sad and pathetic.

          1. Exactly. All the mainlanders are trying hard to act ‘white’.
            Hong Kongers actually values authentic Chinese culture.
            You see it all over the US, mainlander women tries really hard to marry a white man. Mainlanders, because of lack of culture under Mao, are much more willing to and wants to become ‘white’.

  5. The UK has disproved the “old assumption” that “as immigration adds to GDP it is economically a good thing, and that therefore logically the more immigration the better, whatever the social consequences”.

    “That was the view of the previous government in its early years, and it is still the view of Tony Blair and some of his former advisers.”

    Chief executive Habib Rahman said: “They’ve already been hit with an age minimum (although we defeated that), language requirements and ever increasing visa fees. Now they face what is likely to be an unreasonably high income threshold.

    “One might argue that this government has it in for poor people who fall in love with anyone who’s not resident in the UK.”

    Hong Kongers taking a page from their old white masters in the Great white hope UK.

  6. Huo Xian, you are one piece of garbage…keep in mind the most/all southern chinese provinces speak Cantonese.

    without HK, China wouldn’t be as rich today because there is no market for mainland companies to defraud. There is no market for manadrin speaking idiots to buy luxury goods. milk powder, cosmetics, etc.

    this site now has degenerated into CCP nationalist propaganda site…

    1. well said!!!
      Mainlanders doesn’t think why they can’t even trust their own produced products?
      If they are so proud of themselves, why are they still visiting Hong Kong?

      1. BTW, I’m not a mainlander at all. I am proud to be 100% Chinese. Sounds like the two of you were educated in a standard HK goverment school without any tertiary education. You are so naive to believe that the problem boils down to mainlanders wanting to shop. FUCK you HK BASTARDS – you are so patriotic that you buy your shark fin from Indonesia and your milk powder from Japan. Thank god for Fukushima as now you realise that you only live in a small overpopulated stench-ridden cesspool city. HK people, take you holidays in China instead of Japan.

        1. it is not about shopping
          it is about the mainlanders complaints about Hong Kong’s law & order
          but yet they are benefiting from it
          Why do they prefer do buy baby formula in Hong Kong instead of their homeland?
          Why do they had to deliver their babies in Hong Kong? What so bad about China?
          Answer me since you said you are proud Chinese

          1. I’m fully aware of the wider issues at hand. Some of the mainlanders are rude, lack social skills and not great tourists, but who are you to judge the rest of the Chinese population based on just a few materialistic tourists who can only think of luxury items. Hong Kong has and will always be a part of China, just like Tibet. I have a new term for ignorant HK people – Nigger Chinks. They too strive to elevate themselves in society by brand name purchases, yet when they go back home they have nothing at all to show for themselves except cramped little cages fit only for livestock. Even the Filipino maid has to sleep on the lounge sofa. HK people – no substance, just think about themselves and money all the time. It’s a known fact that self-pity is one of HK peoples’ most notorius traits.

            1. buddy Tibet was not part of China
              China just took it over themselves
              When shit loads of people without weapons were being gunned down
              It was called an invasion

              Yes there are some Hong Kong people are selfish pricks
              but if China really want to make Hong Kong to believe they are part of them
              In now a day, people are more educated
              they need to give reasons & pride for others to accept them
              So far they haven’t been showing Hong Kong why they are better then UK

              1. 童子蛋, you are whitey who is a banana wannabe.

                You are not edumacated but a western brainwashed fool.

                HX is right, he knows to truth and we in New York know the truth, HK people are the scums of China’s people.

              2. Tibetans playing with fire in China, get themselves burned to death.

                Many of them will get box of matches for X-mas this year.

            2. some are rude? only some?

              despite what mainlanders in china want to think, reality is, no one had any idea what the mainlanders are like before PRC opened up, but once the flood gates were opened, dislike of chinese nationals increased everywhere.

              HK’s just more open about it. Taiwan’s not that happy about the mainlanders either.
              neither are the chinese in singapore and malaysia.
              just check out yahoo for their comments on chinese nationals.

              none of her neighbours trust her either, vietnamese don’t like chinese people from china,
              when I was in Laos, a local lady I spoke to, make it clear she’s definitely not happy with the increased amounts of mainlanders in Laos.

              back in the 90s when I was still in school, whenever you say “that kid’s from china”
              you’ll immediately have an image of a nice polite shy kid with great manners, fails english but passes everything else with flying colours.

              nowadays in 2012? Ha…….rude, brings corruption in, creates crime, no respect for host country. And thinks no matter what they did it’s fine but they’re from china.
              “we’re big so no one can offend us and you’d better be grateful we even care to be here.”

              1. the problem with most mainlanders are
                they think money could buy them class
                the more they spend means they more they could be tolerate on those bad behavior
                money = good person
                what they really need to know is
                freedom requires individual to have self discipline in order to sustain

  7. If you want to know why Hong Kong people refer mainlander pregnant women as locusts, look up the term “anchor baby”.

    This anger does not come just because they are a mainlander, it comes from the fact that these pregnant women are taking advantage of the good nature of Hong Kongers. Hong Kong hospitals don’t toss you out if you don’t have money and are in labour. As such, these mainlander pregnant women rush down to Hong Kong near term, and take away hospital beds for Hong Kong mothers. Even hospital staff are being frustrated at this situation. And like a locust that consumes everything, mainlanders buy up all the baby powder in Hong Kong, driving up the price for new mothers. How do Hong Kong mothers expect their child to be safe if the current facilities have no room for them? If the child is not a boy, the mainlander mother abandons them, and Hong Kong has to raise her in an orphanage.

    Mark my words, if this continues, Hong Kong may implement a Hukou system to maintain the system. But the real question is why are medical facilities in Shenzhen and Guangzhou not an option for giving birth? Is there still a lack of trust in medical facilities in China?

    P.S. Huo Xian, you’re the racist around here. It is ignorant peasant like you that give Chinese people a bad name. If you don’t know the issues, Fuck off.

    1. Go look up how many Filipinos, Indians and Whiteys or mixed Brits lives in HK and then complain about the China mainlanders.

      You are a black whitey wannabe.

  8. (double negative = none of the woman’s parents are from HK

    none of the BABIES’ parents are from HK??

  9. 香港不是在1997年都回归大陆了么?为什么还要说“你们是中国人,我们是香港人”… Oh pls.,我知道这不轮我来说,但这是事实。况且,做中国人有什么不好?不可否认,香港已有了自己的独特的文化,但大家也该为自己是中国人感到骄傲,或至少,考虑到自己也是正宗华人,愿和平记住:落叶归根So; don’t make it like Mainland owe you something! Even if you can’t accept it, too bad,cus it’s a fact.

  10. It takes a special kind of stupid to live overseas and still be fenqing scum. Get mad, faggots.

  11. Those hurling insults in online rants should also consider that the “locusts” they find so unwelcome accounted for nearly 40% of Hong Kong’s retail sales last year, while also helping to keep occupancy rates sky-high in the city’s hotels and business booming in its restaurants.

    Mainland tourists generated more than 200,000 jobs for a local population whose most uninformed and belligerent members are now trashing them.

    As for the supposed multitude of expectant mainland mothers currently sneaking across the border with the aim of crashing the emergency wards of Hong Kong’s public hospitals, the facts tell a different story. There were only 1,656 emergency deliveries by non-residents in 2011 – less than 1% of all emergency cases.

    Most pregnant mainlanders actually booked deliveries at pricey private hospitals.

    As Hong Kong has one of the lowest fertility rates in the world and faces a future in which a rapidly aging population threatens its prosperity and development, these moms – and their children – should be welcomed rather than scorned.

    Bigotry, on the other hand, should be scorned rather than welcomed.

    1. It’s so hard to get this thru to the Hong Kongers.

      It’s money in the bank for Hong Kongers, these locusts are.

    2. Unfortunately, crime has rise over 35% given the mainlanders presence. Plus shortages in milk powder and other hygiene items caused by mainlanders. Thanks to the locusts. real estates prices close to double from 10-15 years ago.

      I think it is time to use the red 5-star flag to wipe my behind and another red 5-star flag as doormats…

      1. Milk Powder…HK worships Japan so they should goto live in Japan. However, Japanese don’t like HK lapdogs. They stink like garlic and fish (just ride in the MTR to confirm this). HK people are the sick men of Asia

        1. would you explain why mainlanders has buy milk powder from Hong Kong?
          what’s wrong with the milk powder from China?
          their people made it, shouldn’t it be good?

          1. Canadians buy USA made milk powder and it has plenty of poisons in it.

            But they don’t care because they cannot buy Japanese made milk powder in Canada, not that much in the country.

            And Hong Kong does NOT make milk powder.

            1. since when US milk powder are poison?
              and you still haven’t answer my question

              would you explain why mainlanders has buy milk powder from Hong Kong?
              what’s wrong with the milk powder from China?
              their people made it, shouldn’t it be good?

              1. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India conducted a survey in 33 states and found that 68.4% of 1,791 milk samples was contaminated.

                In urban India, nearly 70% of samples were found to be contaminated, compared with 31% of samples in rural areas.

                China is not the only Asian country to have been hit by contaminated milk scandals.
                Japanese milk powder maker Meiji has recalled its baby formula after discovering radioactive caesium in the product.

                Shares in the firm fell 10% in early trading in Tokyo after it said it would recall 400,000 cans of the formula.

                Milk powder is the latest foodstuff to be affected by radioactivity in Japan after shipments of beef were banned in August and rice in September, also for caesium contamination.
                Wholesale traders at Delhi’s Azadpur Mandi, a sprawling, chaotic market where hawkers ply tea and cigarettes.

                Bhim has his own trade is in rosy red apples, laced with calcium carbide.

                Bhim says he’s been adding chemicals to his apples for years to artificially ripen them after a long journey from the Himalayan foothills, despite being told that it causes cancer.

                As far as he knows, no-one has ever died from eating his produce. So he can’t understand why the authorities are pestering him now, and why he has to pay so many bribes to keep his business afloat.

                “This is an age-old practice, trust me, I know. But suddenly doctors are claiming that it causes cancer. Come now, how is that possible?” he said, wrapped up in a woolen grey cap and anorak on a chilly Saturday morning at the Azadpur Mandi market.

                “Everyone still does it. The only difference is that it’s done very surreptitiously now. And let me tell you, it will never stop. Why would anyone want to harm their sales?”

                I don’t know why?

                Fool, find out yourself and do tell us when you do.

                1. WTF does it got to do with US?
                  i know the answer
                  but you seems not understand there are regulatory issue in China
                  even Mainlanders have no confident on Chinese government

                  1. You lazy fuck, here take a look, this story didn’t make the China news………….

                    Three-year-old Michael Feliciano was raised on baby formula.

                    “Throughout the first year he had Infamil LIPILwith Iron,” says Jasmine Feliciano, Michael’s mom. “I never breast-fed or anything.”

                    Michael’s formula is one of two best-selling brands that the Food and Drug Administration said tested positive for trace amounts of either the industrial chemical, melamine or a similar one called cyanuric acid.

                    They are Mead Johnson’s Enfamil LIPIL with Iron and Nestle’s Good Start Supreme Infant Formula with Iron. Abbott Laboratories, whose brands include Similac, independently reported that it had detected trace levels of melamine in its formula.

                    “Those three are like the number one formulas that they tell you to give to your kids if you are not going to breast feed,” says mom Barbara Newsome.

                    The FDA came under fire recently for failing to set safety standards after large doses of melamine, as much as 10,000 parts per million, caused the deaths of three infants in China.

                  2. American milk powder contaminated with melamine2008-11-27 18:00:22.0
                    U.S. Food and Drug Administration revealed yesterday that some famous brands of milk powder contained melamine.

                    Reported by assocaited press,77 samples of baby milk powder produced in America were inspected by FDA. Partial products of Nestle and meadjohnson contained contamination.

                    It also said that Abbott- the third largest milk powder manufactureres in the USA,some of milk powder for infants contained little melamine.

                    Please let me buy your babies some of our good milk powder.

                    And they will love you for it, 童子蛋, you want a years worth.

                    1. so??? that explains mainlanders has to buy milk powder from Hong Kong?
                      why don’t they just import good product into China and sell it there?
                      oh right, they also have counterfeit problems over there…

        2. Huoxian, are you trolling? Have you lived in China before? There’s obviously a deeper personal issue you have with Hong Kong citizens. I encourage you to spend some time between any city in Mainland China and Hong Kong, before you make your incredibly subjective statements. I don’t take sides. I’m American born, but I live in China now, and regularly travel across the border to HK, and I can assure you life just feels ‘cleaner’ in every aspect when you’re in HK.
          Not that I have anything against Chinese. I love my experience here, and appreciate many of it’s aspects. However, it doesn’t seem to me that you have a clear grasp of what it really is like to be ‘Chinese’, and live in China.

  12. Know that the Chinese mainlanders are NOT the bad guys. Look at this and see what others say about the Hong kongers.

    Hong Kong residents that wealthy mainlanders were getting special treatment.

    Gordon Mathews, an anthropologist at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, says envy definitely plays a role.

    “Thirty years ago, mainland people were ‘achan’ – they were thought to be country bumpkins. And now the richest people in Hong Kong are tourists from the mainland, or investors from the mainland,” he said.

    “That’s rather shocking and upsetting to many people in Hong Kong, and I think that is an underlying reason for these kinds of protests that we see.”

  13. And…………

    Mainlanders accused locals of bullying, while Hong Kong residents insisted the visitors were rude and paid no heed to hygiene in a densely populated city.

    Anthropologist Gordon Mathews says that as a white American he would have been forgiven for not knowing the rules.

    Shithead Hong Kongers.

    1. i bet he doesn’t realized that Mainlanders has been doing those disturbing shit for many years
      the fact that it took so many YEARS for Hong Kong people start red flagging the wrong doing
      in the end, some people could still criticize the right doing is wrong
      Should people just shut their eyes and let it drag on even longer???

      1. Hong Kong was a Crown colony for 150 years until 1997, when it was returned to China.

        The city is governed under the “one country, two systems” policy. It is largely free to run its own internal affairs, whilst Beijing sets foreign and defence policy.

        Since the handover, the number of mainland visitors to Hong Kong has surged.

        Last year, the city hosted 28 million tourists from mainland China. That is four times the entire population of Hong Kong.

        Many come primarily to shop.

        i bet he doesn’t realized that motherrapingwhiteyassholes has been doing those disturbing shit to Hong Koners and Chinese for many years
        the fact that it took so many YEARS for Hong Kong people start red flagging the wrong doing
        in the end, some people could still criticize the right doing is wrong.


        But the bastard Hong Kongers sure love taste of the black and mixed whitey shit of them Brits, didn’t they.

        1. i am sure there are other visitors that did distrubing behaviours
          but not as extreme as Mainlanders
          the fact that people were able to capture it on video
          and post it on youtube
          doesn’t that mean it is pretty common?

  14. Bruce Lee, a 21-year-old university student, has roots in eastern China.

    Still he considers himself a Hong Kong person first and foremost, and was one of the many donors who funded the “locust” advert.

    “Some of these people come to Hong Kong in order to enjoy the benefits that this city offers without giving anything back,” he said in between classes at the Hong Kong Baptist University.

    “They are basically stealing from us, taking advantage of what locals have.”

    What a scumbag of a Chinaman in a Hong Kong western way.

    1. what’s wrong with that?
      would you like outsiders start draining the tax dollars that you paid?
      how about me and my friend withdraws money from your bank account?

      1. Well, it’s not new here, it’s just business.

        Come to the USA and see all the illegal immigrant latinos and blacks, they don’t pay taxes or do they buy $ billions of dollars of stuffs making our country rich and giving many people jobs, plus they come here to steal all the jobs.

        When the whites and Injuns come to Hong Kong for the hookers, you will beg for the Chinese to come back with the $$$$$$$$$$$money and buy from the stores.

    1. In NYC they, the blacks and Injuns do it at the door to the pay toilet, they don’t have the money to get in. It’s very good excuse and we don’t take pics of it, it is illegal to take pics or vids of people shitting in public. You can go to jail here, in the USA for that kind of XXX rated vids

      1. it is from the security cam
        i am sure if something like this was caught in the US
        it would end up on the news too

          1. Black people are the new untouchables, don’t mess with them, it’s a race crime just to speak about them the wrong way and forget about speaking their color.

            You will get 5 long years with your new black boy friend in a military type jail if you do make a vid about the blacks.

            And remember, I was the one in the USA to tell you so, but try it any ways.

          2. what if none of us have self discipline?
            would you think we all would still have the freedom?
            do you think about how to sustain freedom without micro policing?

            this is something you people should think about before your actions

  15. A Scottish woman married to a Canadian wound up having their baby in a hotel room — across the street from a Vancouver hospital — after she couldn’t get provincial health-care coverage.

    And the Chinese are complaining about what?

    Even in Canada you cannot get in a hospital without papers.

  16. Brandic2020
    The world does hate low life like you who is rude, racist, and dishonest spreading lies around. Low life like you should be legally ban from procreation due to your defective low quality DNAs. The world don’t need more pollution by garbage low life like you and your defective DNAs offsprings and that’s the truth. Please do humankind a favor and don’t prcreate. Good lord.

  17. Hong Kong shouldn’t have returned to China. It should join Singapore and become it’s own democratic country.

    1. Singapore, Burma and India belongs to the Great White Kingdom of Victoria.

      Hong Kong was a white slave state for rent and is part of China, like Tibet and Taiwan.

  18. Thousands of people in Hong Kong have taken to the streets on the first day of the new year to call for the city’s chief executive to resign.

    They say CY Leung is not to be trusted following claims he lied about illegal structures at his home, a politically sensitive issue in the city.

    The protesters carried banners and posters depicting Mr Leung as Pinocchio or a wolf.

    Some waved the British colonial-era flag.

    But the New Year’s Day protests were not just directed at Mr Leung.

    The demonstrators also called for more democracy and the freedom to choose their next leader.

    These whitey loving pigs AKA the British colonial-era China men coolie peasants in Hong Kong will have to go, leave China and go live in the British Empire or black Amerika.

    Fugget about Australia and New Zealand, they hate mother raping and father mugging China men there and won’t let them in the country, but black Indians and muslims OK.

    Last time I was in HK, there were more whiteys and Indians there than white cock loving China men.

    What the hell is going on there?

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