Peking University professor says some Hong Kong people are dogs


The incident of Mainland visitors eating on Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway caused much extensive discussions on the Internet.  On January 19, 2012, claiming to be the 73rd generation descendant of Confucius, Peking University professor Kong Qingdong commented on the matter on a Internet TV show called “Kong Monk Has Something to Say” (《孔和尚有话说》), saying “some Hong Kong people are dogs”, and “A place needs the law to maintain order reflects the (low) quality of people at such place”

The 7-minute long video clip spread on the Internet like wild fire since the night of January 19.  Neizens both in Hong Kong and Mainland were greatly dissatisfied with his extreme views.

Hong Kong netizens criticized that Mainland visitors violated the law first, but “Mr. Monk Kong” mislead the public with false concepts. Some netizens are upset that Kong as a university professor even used profanity on TV.  Mainland netizens also generally opposed Kong. Some of them criticized his comments are too subjective; he loose face for Beijing people, and also advised him to go home to become a farmer instead.

Translation of what he said in the program:

Two different languages, this detail is very important. Two different languages, one of them is Mandarin, the other is local dialect.  The party that speaks Mandarin does not have the responsibility to learn to speak any other local dialect. Chinese people have the responsibility to speak Mandarin, and do not have the responsibility to speak Dongbei dialect, Sichuan dialect, Beijing dialect and Tianjin dialect etc. Maybe you only know the local dialect where you grew up, the mother tongue of your hometown. You are not responsible to speak another other local dialect.  However, anyone is responsible to (know how to) speak Mandarin.   You meet someone who speaks a different dialect, what do you do?  The two parties should both speak Mandarin.    Does not speak Mandarin on purpose, what kind of person is that? Wangbaadan (bastard, son of a bitch)! (He) must have a dark heart or have other motives.  For example, Hong Kong people, are you Chinese too?  As I know, many Hong Kong people do not think they are Chinese.  When they open their mouth, “Us Hong Kongers, you Chinese” That is Wangbadan.  These are people who are too used to being running dogs of the British colonist.  Until now they are still dogs, not human.  I know there are many good people in Hong Kong, however some of the Hong Kong people are still dogs up till now.  If the same thing happened on Hong Kong people, would the result be the same?  The result wouldn’t be the same.  This is what Mr. Lu Xun already criticized before - Xizai 西崽 (western pups). There were many Xizai on the street of Shanghai before, always bullying the villagers.  Country folks came to the city and did not know the rules, for example not knowing the traffic lights, throwing trash on the ground… they would go over there and fine them.  These people are dogs in front of the imperialism and wolves in front of the Chinese people.  These people have the remaining colony syndrome.  I talked about Hong Kong many times.  It has its good, for example, the law.  Speaking of the law, which was left by the Britain, back then how did the Britain deal with these Hong Kong dogs? They whipped them when out of line.     They were whipped into shape. As in Beijing dialect, they tamade (fucking) need to be whipped.  Now that Hong Kong returned to China, but people’s heart did not fully return. There are still many pups, they are dogs in front of the colonialists but in front of Mainland brothers and sisters they suddenly think they are wolves.  This kind of thinking was exactly the same as those Taiwanese and Korean soldiers in the Japanese army during World War II.  We have a name for the, they are “second class ghouls”. Look at the man (in the video) does he look like a man?  Even thought you don’t understand what he was saying.  It was all because a child was eating something on the subway, he could have said nicely, ‘there are rules that you can not eat here.’  The mother also said, ‘we didn’t know, we stopped, isn’t that enough?’  But the incident did not end there, not only so, it became group fight.  Do you treat Hong Kong people like this? How about Americans or Japanese? I have never seen you treat them like that. Do Hong Kong people have high quality?  I think that the Hong Kong people have relatively lower quality compared to people anywhere else in China.  I have been to Hong Kong many times.  I have seen many Hong Kong people act without moral.  They steal, they cheat, they swindle, they defraud.  There was nothing they wouldn’t do.  Not many Hong Kong tourist guides or salespersons have morals.  What right do Hong Kong people have to be so proud of themselves?

Let me say again, many Hong Kong people are dogs!


Read more about this from ESWN

Professor Kong suddenly became the national enemy for his speech. 



For this, on January 21, Kong Qingdong responded in an interview with the media to explain .  He said, he never said such thing “Hong Kong people are dogs”.  It was not his original words.  “Have I said, Hong King people are dogs? No!” the reason for the large number of reports was because some media “took it out of context and maliciously distorted my view”.

Obviously they do not comply with professional ethics, the news media completely lost the value of reporting objectively which they should have.  I did not say ‘people who do not speak Mandarin are dogs’.  I think I should protest against these media spreading rumors, then I demand these media and individuals who attacked me disregarding the facts to apologize to me.


Kong Qingdong said.

  1. another crazy Mainlander just wants attention
    now isn’t dog usually loves attention?
    he is more like professor from Fist Fuking university majors in Master debating

      1. he is right on?!
        but look at China’s environmental issue right now
        at least Hong Kong have standards just like another developed Cities
        plus if Hong Kong is that bad why would he and rest of Mainlander still visits?
        for the language, if people doesn’t speak Mandarin is a dog? how does that make sense?
        the Canton district always has been speaking Chinese since forever

          1. of course you wouldn’t of the environment
            because no one shitting on where you live & eat


        1. If Hong Kong people comes to China
          They won’t be break your rules and laws
          Is there anything wrong with that?

    1. Everyone else attacking white dude is just as ignorant as the professor who makes a statement like that, then denies on what he said and putting the blame back to the media saying they have put him out of context. Any professor making remarks like that in the west would of been sacked from their university.

      White dude is the only person here making a logical comment based on true economic facts together with his opinion on the professor. I don’t understand and condemn racist comments of any kind.

  2. white dude ur white , you dont know shit, go back to where you belong, shit hole america

    1. @i object.

      I am white, and American. I speak 3 languages better than you probably speak your native language. You’re an ignorant moron, and you cause more damage to the world than “white dude” did. Not to mention his comments were entirely correct, if strongly worded.

      You’re trash, you’re nothing but trash, and you belong on the internet like a scared piece of shit.

      Yes, that’s my real name. I have nothing to fear from you. Go play in traffic you bigoted narrow minded piece of horse manure.

      1. lol your cool,, oh im white i speak 3 languages , really , wow i admire you , what are you tryna prove stating dat haha , i can only laugh at yo dumbass,, your pretty tough behind that computer , big words my friend , those are the one that usually the pussiest ones , its ok though you can pretend to be tough , not like im gonna come look for u , why would i want to go america , its a shithole

        1. I have been to the USA several times and let me assure you that I find most parts of the USA excellent. Lots of fun things to do & the people are just amazingly helpful, generous and kind.

    1. well his speech represents himself
      doesn’t matter what race made the speech
      as long as it involves with racism
      it creates conflict

      i am sure there are more diligent way to express himself
      specially he is not from a village, he has a PhD!

    1. you are right
      but rest of the world think
      he is racist
      plus if you could stand by his statements
      would you share his point of view with non-Mainlander without losing face?

      1. rest of the world AKA westerner Aka white trash …. Aka Loud mouth debts loaded white trash……

        Excluding everybody else

        1. right…
          only Chinese lives in China
          They don’t exist else where
          rest of the world are all Caucasian only
          All Caucasian are only defind as American
          Did you also graduated from Peking University?

  3. This video popped up on my google reader.
    Typical example of mainland China’s shame-based culture.
    1. To have a mistake pointed is an indicator of shame. (“Don’t eat on the subway!”)
    2. . If you admit a mistake, you’re shameful. (I didn’t do it!)
    3. . Avoid shame at all costs by never admitting a mistake in the face of another person (It’s not my fault!)
    4. . Start talking about mandarin vs. cantonese instead of rules on the subway. (Your mandarin is poor! Western puppet! Etcetc)

    1. On the dot, N. You have nailed it 🙂 Chinese Singaporeans and Hong Kong people are quite different. They learn from mistakes.

  4. Mainlanders are just unable to follow rules. What does British have to do with the recent incident? they were out of the picture for a decade and Hong Kong had been running its own show since then. Mainlanders cannot say Hong Kongers are dogs just because Hong Kong people are able to follow rules. Mainlanders should learn how to follow these rules. Another would be mandarin, lets just say mandarin is the official language, im sure the mainlanders were able to understand that eating or drinking inside the train is prohibited, which by the way KCR/MTR both have announcements in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin plus they have signs too inside. Lecturing them in mandarin is sufficient enough for them to understand. Lastly, if Hong Kongers are dogs with discipline, the mainlanders are dirty pigs. Beijingers can chew on their pig sty.

    1. Yes, Singapore has been ruled by the British Empire for more than seven decades and they still follow some British Laws. But this dog did not mention Singapore (with a 85% of the population of with chinese ancestry)
      The problem is that Hong Kong is not fully controlled by the party and their rules, so they attack Hong Kong.. it’s stupid but it’s mainland chinese. We can’t blame them for what they are but for who is leading them to death.

    1. There are whole lotta white worshipers in China, they have their asses up and ready for the whites to screw them hard.

  5. It is a common problem that people do not respect existing laws and rules and act like what they want. As matter of fact Chinese Professor Kong Qingdong is not alone but many new comers from mainland China behaviours the similar mentality. New comers from China do not respect that Hong Kong people line up for services like taxis, buses and many daily lives as a basic value and habit. They practice their own way as in mainland China. They believe whoever has more powerful and standard level in the society should have priority to do what they want. Hong Kong returned from British to China at 1997, Hong Kong has belonged to China since. Mainland China owns Hong Kong; and mainland people believe they are the owner of their country. At least it is what they have been educated. Although, it has never being this way in mainland China because of communalist party members have the priority only; the new comers want to practice the priority above Hong Kong people. For they believe they are more revolutionist than Hong Kongers. They speak very loud and act imperially. Men urine on streets, their children shits in public area, cigarette butts and garbage throwing whenever they like. The new comers knew it is against law; but it is British law. They are above British Law. These unhealthy society value has been on and on for 15 years. Hong Kongers as the people being conquered should not be angry. Because Hong Kongers are inferior and mainlanders are superior in new order of society value in mainlanders’ believing. This incident of Hong Kong subway, a mainlander’s child having food in subway car is not a new thing at all. However, a Hong Kong gentleman told the mainlander about her against subway’s law is completely improper; especially, he use Cantonese and English to speak to a Mandarin speaking mainlander is another improper. After awhile the Hong Kong gentleman has given regret to the mainlander. But the Chinese Professor Kong Qingdong calls Hong Kongers are dogs made a big noise to the world. It is very unusual and unwise. This triggered more Chinese blooded people in the world notify this incident. Many non mandarin speaker s Chinese blooded individual become unhappy on Kong Qingdong’s statement about “those Chinese blooded who do not speak in mandarin are dogs and not human.” Now, Kong Qingdong owes an apology to the world Chinese blooded individual including Hong Kongers. Furthermore, a lot of Chinese blooded people around the world believe this unfair mentality of Chinese mainlander should be changed. A strong voice from other countries require Kong Qingdong have an official apology for his improper statement to non mandarin speakers.

    1. “the Chinese Professor Kong Qingdong calls Hong Kongers are dogs”

      NO, the westerners and whites Brits 200 years ago called the Hong Kong people dogs, they say NO Dogs or Chinaman allowed in this whiteman’s place in China.

    2. @ China Man

      Well said China Man, thank you for putting this in the correct perspective. It is sad to see a descendent of Confucius promoting hate, division and segregation when his great ancestor is immortalised for creating unity and fairness.

      I’m happy to see some people from mainland China does not have a one sided view and is able to analysis this and maybe learn from this so everyone can come to a mutual understanding.

    1. those Mainland breed just likes to mark territory everywhere
      who let that dog think off leash?

  6. >Mainlander thinks he’s not the lowliest of all Chinese populations
    >my fucking face

  7. Many Hong Kongers also dislike the shadowy role that Beijing plays in local politics, along with the flashy displays of wealth by mainland Chinese tourists who are coming to the city in increasing numbers to splurge on luxury goods.

    Last month Italian clothing chain Dolce & Gabbana apologised to the people of Hong Kong for allegedly discriminating against them in favour of wealthy mainland shoppers.

    The “Anti-Locusts” campaign follows remarks by a Chinese professor calling locals of the former British colony “bastards”, “dogs” and “cheats”.

    Kong Qingdong said Hong Kong people were “used to being the dogs of British colonialists — they are dogs, not humans”.

    White ass kissing Hong Kongers have no guts to stand up for their own race.

    1. trust me they are standing up for themselves
      it is war zone in Hong Kong right now
      if i were a Mainlander, i would stay the fuck away for a while
      or pretend to be a Taiwanese

      1. PARIS: President Nicolas Sarkozy declared on Tuesday that there are too many immigrants in France, it is home to western Europe’s largest Muslim minority, officially estimated at least four million, and its largest Jewish community, estimated at up to 700,000.
        You think Hong Kong hates Chinese more?

        Try to go to the EU or the UK, they will screw your ass and kick you and mom out.

  8. He’s a Communist Party member and a firm believer in it’s system so what the hell did you expect him to say? Do you honestly believe that the PRC would ever allow both sides of the argument on TV?

  9. I live in China. I then visited Hong Kong. What can I say? Everything in Hong Kong is a million times better than China will ever be, thanks to the British.

    I LOVE HONG KONG! And Hong Kong people are actually civilised, which is refreshing. And the place is clean, people actually respect the environment, and each other. People actually line up. wow… and there is toilet paper in the bathroom, old ladies do not steal it, amazing.

    I actually cried when I had to return to China. A baby almost peed on me in the train station. A man spit on the floor beside me. And people were dirty, stinky and uncivilized. Furthermore, there are no rules, and Guangxi kills it all. Greedy people want money to help criminals.

    I think the British need to invade China.

    1. So you think Hong Kongers are from the UK, they are English?

      Hong Kongers were once English sheep dogs that slaved for the British Empire.

      Of course the Hong kongers are more civilised, the laws don’t allow them to be Chinese.

      “I think the British need to invade China.” You say,

      Stay where you are for a few days, we will come for you. I mean to see you.

      We may send BBC guy to see you and have you go for a trip. Free like in freedom.

  10. Oh and in Hong Kong, (only two hours from here…) they encourage free speech. There is nothing to hide there.

    China blocks Facebook, Google, Twitter, and most .com websites. I have to use a VPN to access this website.

    Although it is so close from me, there is a world of difference between China and Hong Kong.

    And although HK is supposedly a part of China now, it is difficult for most mainlanders to get there, they have to jump through a lot of hoops. And so it should be, because otherwise the place would be ruined unless they learn to be civilised. No spitting, littering, eating on buses/ trains, smoking in public places… it is just a much better place to live in. And they have everything there, like beautiful islands, beaches, entertainment… China has… a big wall? The rest of the country the people treat is like a massive rubbish tip. They like to pee and poo and spit and litter everywhere. You know it’s true, everybody has seen it, and quite frankly, it’s disgusting and they need to learn to live in the 21st century. We are not cavemen anymore.

    *Not all Chinese mainlanders are like this 🙂

    1. •”Time for our country to rid itself of “citizens of convenience.” They live in their native country and only return to Canada when faced with a serious medical problem or a breakout of war,” said Mark
      “When I lived in Australia I met an American couple who were there on work visas and they had a baby born in Australia. That baby was not considered “Australian” because her parents were not permanent residents
      “Which direction do we want to go as a nation? What kind of signal are we sending? The world is a global place today. Our population is getting older and smaller, so instead of keeping immigrants out we have to open the floodgates because we’re going to desperately need more and more workers to support our economy.”

      “No need overhauling the Citizenship Act,” he added.

      Instead the government should focus on fixing the immigration system, which Niren said is “broken” with long backlogs. “We’re losing the best and brightest applicants to other countries because of it.”


      We get these dirty Indians and blacks, so big deal you get some China pigs.

      Want to trade asshole Hong Kongers?

  11. Notice the contribution to China GDP from places like Beijing and Shanghai were negative.
    BJ and SH consider themselves as the ruling classes and do not need to contribute to GDP and yet they criticize other parts of China where people trying hard to make a living.

    Remember the Great wall of China was built centuries ago to keep these people from entering China.
    The modern day Mongols of China includes the North-East and Shanghai.
    By being the ruling class, it is easier to steal than to earn their own GDP.

    Some of them try to pretend they do not realize that a weak China was the very reason why HK was controlled by foreigners.
    I think they forget Beijing lost to the Japanese and was controlled and run by Japan for some time.
    They also forget there is a finite probability that some of the ruling classes have ancestry that worked as sex slaves during Japanese occupation.

  12. I don’t understand why mainland people likes to become a HK resident when they say Hong Kong people are dogs? Professor, giving those comments on TV is totally ruining your career. As if the fire isn’t strong enough and you just added more fuel on top. How smart can you be for saying such vile things. Plus, I don’t think you are able to get an HK girl to like you for your inner beauty that’s why you are commenting so negatively on HK ppl. It will be pretty funny if you somehow end up having your own kids in Hk.

  13. Believe it or not, this professor is actually a descendant of Confucius.

    Peter. Why surprised? It is because teachings of Confucius Chinamen are what they are. Think about it.

  14. “On May 21, 2012, at approximately 10 a.m., Po Lin Wan, 80, and Alice Mei See Leung, 47, a mother and daughter from Scarborough, Ontario, were fatally stabbed multiple times …,” said a news release from Atlantic County prosecutor’s office.

    The prosecutor’s office said next of kin were located in Hong Kong and that as far as they know there is no family in Canada. Authorities were unsure whether the pair were on a bus tour or traveling on their own.

    Antoinette Pelzer, 44, of Philadelphia, has been arrested and charged with “two counts of murder, unlawful possession of a weapon, and possession of a weapon for unlawful purpose and robbery.”

    The prosecutors say Pelzer attacked Leung outside Bally’s Atlantic City casino with a 30-centimetre butcher knife. Leung was stabbed multiple times in the upper body and died. Her elderly mother came to the aid of her daughter and was also killed.

    “Ms. Wan was stabbed in her lower body, hand and shoulder while coming to the assistance of Ms. Leung,” the prosecutor’s office said in a news release.

    In Amerika, they treat Chinese and Hong Kongers in the same way, they kill them like dogs.

    Damn Amerikan cunts.

  15. Thousands of protesters, some carrying Hong Kong colonial flags marched through the streets of Hong Kong to protest Chinese rule on the 15th anniversary of the Asian city’s return to Beijing’s control and on the same day the territory’s new leader was sworn in.

    Organizers pegged the number of protesters at 400,000 while police estimated there were 63,000 at the procession’s peak.

    The outpouring of discontent underscored rising tensions between the Communist mainland and the vibrant city of 7 million that was returned to China in 1997 after more than a century of British colonial rule.

    Well apartheid in HK did not bother them Hong Kongers for over 100 years of white ruled.

    Did it?

  16. hi,i am burmese chinese muslim,the cases of hong kongese look down mainland-villager just like taiwanese look down those former cormingdon followers who live in burma,northern thailand,taiwanise speak fujinese language and anti-all new comer who isn’t fulin language user,please don’t believe what i say,please make some research,or exit-poll research and you will found the truth,thanks for reading

  17. Hong Kong people are actually very rude and very cunning. I could imagine the mainland being much worse, but I have never been there.

    If you are in the public and ask for directions, help, or instructions in HK, people are going to be irritated at you or just ignore you. If they are irritated at you, they will start scolding you or speaking to you in a very impolite manner. It could be store owners, taxi/bus drivers, and people on the streets that will behave this way.

    If you work in any workplace, such as an office, HK colleagues will set you up, exploit you, and back-stab you. They will pretend to be your friend, and once they’ve used you up, they will treat you very poorly.

    If you are in the lower-class areas, people will try to rip you off, or scam you. Actually, this can happen even if you are in the higher-class areas as well.

    Hong Kong people are motivated by money. They will do anything that will earn them more money, even if it means disregarding etiquette, ethics, and laws. Do not even think about Hong Kong people sharing anything with you.

    Hong Kong people only care about themselves. They do not even care about their fellow people. Everything mentioned here does not only happen to foreigners, but to Hong Kong people as well. It is a very selfish, hostile, and immoral society. Many people in Hong Kong commit suicide by charcoal-burning or jumping off buildings. No one is your friend in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a battleground where people exploit each other and compete against each other. Anyone that wants to be your friend in Hong Kong is a liar that is waiting to use you to get what they want.

    If you are unhealthy, crippled, unintelligent, or physically unattractive/ugly in Hong Kong, you will suffer the greatest.

    But despite this hell-like environment, Hong Kong people are still proud to be Hong Kong people. There is a very strong nationalist sentiment inside every one of them.

  18. Was this written in a different language and run through google translate or a similar engine? It makes no sense.
    Every news source who publishes in English as a second language should have a well educated, English speaking proof reader.

  19. Dogs are a noble animal that is good and loyal: There are dogs in the West that have earned the same kinds of medals as their partners for their military service in World War II.

    In Harry Potter, the fact that Sirius Black’s animagus form was a dog, was a huge foreshadowing that he was actually one of the good guys: a loyal friend. The bestfriend of the hero, Ron Weasley, also had a dog as his patronus form. Rita Skeeter on the other hand, was a slanderer and her form was a BUG, a pest bug.

    That Qingdong has such little appreciation for the noble dog, is more revealing of his own inhumanity, than anything damning the Hong Kongers he was TRYING to insult. In the interest of a harmonious society, I can only hope that I could be as good and loyal as a dog – living and dying for the benefit of my pack.

    China is bigger, stronger, and richer – Hong Kong is obviously the /underdog/, but compared to Rome, /Britain/ was the underdog too, and that little island came up alright.

  20. This guy is very stupid, but sadly for this case he is right on. “Perfect white’s perfect dogs” this is what hongkongers think themselves are.

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