Mainland visitors eating on Hong Kong train causes huge fight


Recently, a dispute between Mainland visitors and Hong Kong residents caused by Mainland visitors eating on a Hong Kong MTR train was captured on video.  Video was then viewed extensively on the Internet and caused heated discussions amongst Hong Kong and Mainland netizens.

This video captured the incident happened on January 15, 2012, on a Hong Kong MTR (Mass Transit Railway) East Rail line train departing from Hung Hom, Hong Kong to Luohu, Shenzhen, Guangdong.  Carrying their luggage, eight Mainland visitors including children were departing from Hong Kong.  30-year-old Hong Kong resident Mr. Wei and his girlfriend were on the same train.

A Mainland mother poured some dried instant noddle onto her daughter’s hands, the little girl started to eat the noodle from her hands, during which some noodle spilled onto the floor.  Because eating and drinking are not allowed on the MTR, Mr. Wei spoke to them in not so standard Mandarin, “I am sorry, you can not eat here.”

Due to the video only captured when after the shouting had started; also when one MTR staff was brought to the scene, no one knew what had happened before.  Mr. Wei stated on the Internet on January 17, “After I told them, the kid stopped eating, however the mother accused me of making trouble.  Her companions also laughed at my bad Mandarin, said they couldn’t even understand.”

Mr. Wei when interviewed by Xinhua News Agency reporter on January 18 admitted his Mandarin was not good, but at the time he could not stand how the other party made fun of it. “I suddenly was so furious, that was looking down on me, disrespecting me.”  Mr. Wei yelled back in Cantonese, his girlfriend also joined the fight.

Some Hong Kong passengers tried to stop them, saying the Mainland visitors did something wrong and also started yelling and asked the MTR staff to resolve the dispute.  Then, the MTR staff came to learn about the situation.  The little girl said, “Mother should be at fault.” “It’s all my fault.”  Finally the MTR staff asked both parties to get off the train at the third stop to resolve the disputes.


Mainland woman: Just tell us clearly, right? Not a big deal.
Hong Kong woman: It is not a big deal, but even it is a small thing, it is still not good.
Mainland woman: Not good, we know now, isn’t it enough? What else do you want?
??: Don’t fight, no use arguing with them.
Hong Kong woman: Tell them all to get off the train.
Hong Kong man: We are not afraid of wasting time.
Hong Kong man to staff: They are eating noddle here, spilling all over the place.  I told them you can not eat on the train.
Mainland woman to staff: Because children just got on the train and the children don’t know.
Hong Kong man to staff: Then they started yelling.  This is Hong Kong.
Little girl:  Mom should be at fault, sister.
Hong Kong man to staff: We told them can not eat here.  Then they started yelling at us.  You should ticket them.
Staff: Which of you will apologize.
Mainland woman: sorry (in English)
Staff:  Don’t say sorry to me.
Hong Kong Man: Speaking English sorry, so smart!.
Mainland woman: I don’t understand Cantonese.
Staff to Mainland woman:  Are these yours? Get off the train in a moment.
Hong Kong man:  Ok I don’t have a problem.
Staff: Are you all together?
Mainland woman:  I don’t understand.
Staff: (in Mandarin) How many of you?  Get off next stop.
Mainland woman: Ok, get off.
Staff:  We do not allowing eating here.
Mainland woman A: let me explain.
Mainland woman B: please let her explain.
Mainland woman A: we just got on the train, the children do not know, I stopped her right the way.
Staff: OK get off next stop.
Little girl: Not my fault.
Mainland woman to little girl: not your fault, not your fault.
Hong Kong man: I saw adults were also eating, you should be punished.
Mainland woman B: I didn’t know.
Mainland woman: Please stop.
Hong Kong man: Get off together, do not need to talk to them, all Mainland people are like this.  Get off.
Mainland woman: Curse you to death after we get off!

Apple Daily’s version:

Here is Hong Kong’s version:

Hongkonger’s resentment towards Mainlander continue to escalate and now it reaches an uncontrollable level…

Stay tuned for more controversy developed because of this incident. A Beijing University professors said “Hongkongnese are dogs” on a TV program in a discussion of the above incident.  This video clip went viral again and created even more stirs…

  1. I feel so sorry for Hong Kong. Except for the smog it’s such a nice city. The residents are civilized people. Now they are being overrun by mainland barbarians.

      1. people in agreement!?
        ownership and perceived value are two different things
        if i own a ferrari, im entitled to decorate it in a hello kitty motif
        if i respected the value of a ferrari would i do that?
        is hongkong much different to a mainlander?

        1. From your name I know you’re a mainlander.
          Sorry to say so but most of the mainlanders are disgusted, uncivilised human beings.
          It’s ok to feel bad if the Hongkongers do not synergise accordingly to with you people.
          But it’s just the way it is, believe or not.

          1. define uncivilized.. i’m from hong kong myself, so i know how they think and act.. Calling them from mainland/”Big 6″ is hardly civilized.. Agreed that the merging from Hk and China is far from perfect, but you are like saying hong kong is perfect and china is some dump… that’s just stereotyping man.

            1. one question, how is that being NOT civilised?
              the name ‘mainlanders’ came from the geographical characteristic that these people actually are from china mainland
              and big6 is just a slang replacing the world 大陸 which shares the same concept above?

    1. I feel so more sorry for Hong Kong. The HK fuckers have all the western and Indian rejects there now.

      What a shit hole that place has become.

      And the mainlanders should do something about them rude foreign worshipers before they make that fishing port HK a big whore house full of Susie Wongs.

      1. please explain to me why your mainland comrades want to live in a s–thole.

        another explaination why HK becoming a s–thole is because it was handed over to CCP.

        Mainlanders should do ssomething about them by NOT entering any Chinese SARs, STOP bidding up real estate, STOP bidding up milk powder.

        remember the quote, “When in Rome, do what the Romans do.”

        1. Chinese SARs HK’s ass is owned by China and it is China’s backyard, that’s why.

          Chinese from mainland goes to HK to get some ass just like what the Brits use to do when they own the HKers’ ass.

          The west made it this way, we here know that the west still has a blockade on China, no goods go and out of China without going in or out from HK, don’t you know.

          And you guys think the west loves y’all for your good looks.

          The west wants to screw China from the backdoor, that’s from you behind.

      2. HK used to be a lot worse and i would hate to think what it would be like if it weren’t for the British…maybe another filthy mainland city. I don’t know where you live but HK is still one of the greatest cities in the world despite all the pollution that washes up on it’s shores from the mainland.

        1. You must have had a real good western edumacation in the west?

          Or you had never been to HK before the Red Chinese took the shithole back.

          Go ask an HK old timer and learn the truth and not from me.

          “all the pollution that washes up on it’s shores from the mainland”

          You know how it was before 1998 when the Brits use to shit in the waters there in HK?

          And the smell, worst than anything China can match.

      3. RE: voiceofhomer

        STFU you idiot. And don’t even touch a single sand in HK if it irritates you that much. How are HK people “worshipers” when every single shit, including the lettuce in my fridge, is made in PRC? Use your brain.

        1. Nobody “touch a single sand in HK”, not even the mainlanders.

          Only white people are allowed to do that in HK, the big sign on the beach says NO you can not.

          You know where HK people came from long ago to build HK for the white masters, not the UK or the US or Canada.

          From Japan, you think, but they were there for the ass only.

          1. You haven’t seen much of the world, I suggest you travel more.
            In fact, HK people were originally mainlanders, they fled from Canton during the Taiping Rebellion and soon from the communistic party. So they werent intending for any white asses.

      4. you should first check Indians contribution to HK society.
        my company here an Indian company has over 50 HK chinese staff.

    2. I think the real problem here is that the Hong Kong people are just prejudiced against people from the so called “mainland”. Just having such a term is a derogatory form of categorizing them into some negative aspect.

      To tell you the truth, the first time I arrived in Hong Kong, I thought Hong Kong people were rude and without manners. And then I stepped into Shenzhen. And then I went even further to stay in a place called Shantou where the unexpected culture shock made me absolutely miserable.

      Yes, the people who live on the “mainland” side of the border have some odd medieval like habits and customs which I was not accustomed to at first but after I had spent several weeks there in Shantou (which makes Shenzhen look like a modern paradise), I got used to their behaviour, lifestyles and general way of daily living.

      The people are just as kind and nice and are human beings in the end. They’re just as funny and hospitable as anyone else I know. I didn’t see them as some sort of barbarians. Changed the world view for me. They’re different in their culture and lifestyle but when it comes down to it, we’re all the same deep down inside no what our behaviours are like on the outside. I could never stomach their food though, Thank God for the lone genuine Italian restaurant in town.

      1. in the end the main issue was and still is
        if you visit other country, you should respect their law
        some people say “it is just a petty crime what is the big deal?”
        yes it is petty but petty in a common everyday & everywhere level
        imagine if that happens at where you live & race your kids?

    3. I am afraid I cannot agree with you completely here. Yes, Hong Kong is a nice city with a unique environment of its own. If you compare it with most places in Asia, it is more advanced and modern. But, please define civilised for me. To my understanding, the term involves being polite and well-mannered. During my visits to HK, I have sadly met numerous rude people, from fruit stall vendors to random Hong-Kongers on the streets. I am not saying ALL Hong Kong people are like this (ofc not!), I am sure there are many exceptions, however I have met a substantial number of them over a relatively short period of time. There is also clearly a racism issue in HK against mainlanders. To some extent I can much understand why in some cases HK people are anygry about mainlanders. But, it is important to remember not every mainlander is the same & it is unfair to those of whom are innocent and have done nothing to receive racist remarks or treatment by them.

      1. dude… what do you have with dicks… it seriously sounds like some strange fetish u have..

  2. I wasn’t in HK for more than 15 minutes before I could tell who was a Hong Konger and who was a mainlander.

    I guess this woman above probably thought she was being respectful because she didn’t throw her trash on the ground, like people do all the time on the train in the mainland.

      1. there are written signage all over the train, the train station about NOT eating on the train in Both written chinese and english…I guess the mainlanders above are illiterate in written chinese.

        actually I can tell those from mainland china by their poor manners and their dress alone and by their bad breath and bad body odor…

        1. This is all just a misunderstanding. In our eyes, the Hong Kongers are more civilized because they were under British rule, so they are more “democratic”. You don’t realize that most of the people in Mainland China are poor. Also, what the Hong Kongers said were very rude and were not helping the situation. If you were pulled over for a ticket because you were speeding, but didn’t know, you’d probably beg the officer to let you off with a warning. That is what the woman meant. I also bet most people don’t notice signs when they get on subways. The women noticed, stopped her wrong doing, and apologized, so she should be let off with a warning.

          Your comments about bad breath and bad body odor are also very prejudice. You should stop putting down other races.

                1. So civilized.. ur going to pee on their body, spit on it and cut their dicks… such civil manners…

                2. Lol, Red Dragon and voiceofhomer is totally trolling here, but people are taking them serious. Nobody can be that stupid ;p

            1. YOU red dragon. That’s what shows the quality of real mainlanders.
              U must have felt insulted when Nulle lists all the facts about you dirty mainlanders.
              Go on, “cut my head” yeah? You’re very lucky that you get to study abroad and pls act like a white person, be civilised.

              1. YOU idiot, you think white race is better and civilized? OMG… the worst is that you dont even realize that you’re soooooo idiot!!!

                1. haha, ‘sooooo idiot’

                  If you are going to call someone an idiot in English, speak properly! Learn some basic grammer, especially if it’s related to the word ‘idiot’ because from reading your posts it is clear you are the biggest most idiotic person of all (or as you should of said – “you’re suuuuuch an idiot”).

                  Hong Kongers are right but should not be so rude towards the mainlanders. Mainlanders do not yet know how to conduct themselves, but they will not want to learn the Hong Konger ways if Hong Kongers are always so mean, rude and refuse to include. Why would mainlanders want to behave like mean & rude people who dont treat them with respect?

                  Mainlanders also need to realise that although they now have great power and wealth, (and a lot of very good personal characteristics – intelligence, kindness, humour, hard working nature) they are on average less civilised that the rest of the modern world when it comes to hygiene and public behaviour.

                  I can understand it must be very upsetting for a country that has been as free as Hong Kong has been to now be ruled by a country that has no freedom of the press, a censored internet and a dangerous history of brain washing nationalisation. What mainlanders think they know about history, the way the world works and ‘the greatness of china’ cannot be taken seriously because they do not know the reality of the real world. Get some freedom of the press and human rights in the mainland (and some lessons in hygiene and personal conduct) and your asian neighbours (and the whole world) will happily welcome you!

  3. All mainlander should consider is freedom isn’t completely free
    each individuals still has to have self discipline to obey the law

    eating on the train is not the only incident
    there are many reason that made HK people angry
    if you search on Youtube
    they also do many disturbing behaviour in the public
    – like parents let their kids take a dump in the mall
    – spit in the public
    – piss in the garbage can
    – feet massage on public transits

    1. picking their nose in public, crouching every where in the streets, pissing in the mall center plants. gross stuff everywhere !

      1. Do the Chinese play with their cocks in public like the blacks and Michael Jackson do, do they stick gum on the seats, do they pee in the door at the rear, do they pee in the broken toilet entrance, do they shit everywhere that has a dark corner, do they have sex all over the place and leave their scum bags all over the place for you to see and do they do all they same stuff the Chinese do as well.

        Come on down to NYC and see some amazing non Chinese ugly shits like these there.

        1. @voiceofhome(r)

          what is your decision regarding giving you 100 kuai to crawl back the hole you came from?

          I guess you haven’t (and probably can’t afford to) travel outside of your rural farming village, eh?

  4. Piss in the garbage can is not so bad after all. I have seen some that piss in the supermarket, in restaurants and even in the lifts. Cheers!

  5. Oh, wow, they laughed at him when he asked them nicely to stop eating on the subway. :S

    1. What if that person was a big black fat Amerikan asshole?

      Would that dumb ass Hong Konger shout so rudely at him, to keep the train clean and tidy.

      1. the guy would be fined, just like your illiterate mainland comrade.

        reason food is disallowed for the keep the train clean and tidy (no rats, no roaches, no disease) unlike the middle kingdom.


          1. nulle’s mom was most likely that whore Hong Kongese, Suzie Wong.

            She was big in the USA, many whiteys had her.

        2. as you could see
          educating those animals are pointless
          their brain are just not design to absorb knowledge
          that’s why their homeland have so much restrictions
          but yet they still can’t correct them

          1. Amerikan edumacation is worth a pound of shit, just look at Obamakong for the truth.

            And he is Amerika’s smartest man.

      2. One question, if you love China that much, and you hate white and black people… (or basically everyone that don’t agree with the chinese state or you) Why are you living in NYC as you stated above? 😉

  6. Hm.

    People do eat snacks and bread and stuff on HK trains, so it’s not that huge a deal. But still, it’s a train lady. Not the best place to eat noodles and spill them.

  7. Why the fuck is this shit? I’m Chinese and I’m really starting to hate the bullshit that goes around china and hk, we all fucking Chinese what the fuck happen? Ever once that war it was never the same. Fuck mainland China and Fuck Hong Kong China. Don’t matter what y’all think your still part of china get yall shit rite, maybe that’s why the outsider pick on us Chinese cause we’re One.

    1. difference: called formal education and manners

      Chinese lack it and most HK citizens have it.

      1. The campaign, dubbed the “Right to Pee” campaign, to ensure that Indian women can pee for free in India’s big cities.

        A female student who signed the petition in the middle-class Dadar suburb said it was a question of dignity for women.

        “We face a lot of problems because there are inadequate facilities in the city’s public toilets,” she said.

        That white ass worshipping Hong Kong should learn something from Indians, they have so many living in HK anyways.

    2. ChineseGuy,

      the relationship is more complex than ‘Fuck mainland China and Fuck Hong Kong China…’ for obvious reasons. I think the primary issue you’re missing is that Hong Konger isn’t necessarily an ethnic Chinese person… A better grip on the historical realities of the city might temper your view.

  8. First word a westerner sees in Hong Kong is the big well known word NO.

    And all the notices and signs start with NO and No and no and no no.

    Too commie for even the mainlanders and for me too.

    1. thank you admitting that you are blind and possibly illiterate in both written chinese and english.

      very manly of you.

      If the 100 kuai is NOT enough for you to permanently crawl back into your hole you came from, I could raise it to make it worth your while.

  9. My husband went to HK last month, his definition of mainlanders and Hongkongers is: when you roll your suitcase over somebody’s foot in China, you don’t have to say sorry and you won’t get a dirty look. Also, a bum will look pretty decent in mainland.

  10. China is so much more friendly than Hong Kong. How do I know? Been to China 18 times and HK 7 The Hong Kong people always seem so angry towards the mainlanders!

    1. We live in a city full of hatred, can’t deny that.
      Whereas Chinese people have been living under a blanket for the whole time, no access to the media world, and most importantly, no access to the right knowing truths. Nevertheless, they do live peacefully but without a single manner…

  11. Hahaha.. mainlanders. Flatliners.

    I visited Macau for the first time last year. I was paying for a coffee at the Macau Airport when these mainlander chinese dude just flashed infront of me in the queue. farkkkk. he can’t even see me as though i am transparent. WTF.

  12. rules are rules, they are made to be followed. the mainlanders were guilty of the crime, there were many chances for them to eat and drink before boarding the train, lots of stores and 7-11’s inside the stations. the fact that they were guilty, they should have just accepted the lesson and pull down their pride for a moment until they return to shenzhen. a good way would be for the woman to stand down, she could have just said sorry and say she didnt know and that would have been fine. instead she raised her voice and barked back to defend her pride, thats a big no-no when it comes to rules, you dont shout back at the people who lecture you. people who abide by the rules, hong kong people follow their rules knowing its what keeps the crowded community functioning correctly. mainlanders and foreigners alike should adapt to the new rules of their surroundings, this is a simple way to show you respect their place and culture.

  13. I see Korean they come here and have bad habits. Korean I know shit everywhere in street in train everywhere. It is bad they have no sense of decency.. Korean all the time I see they shit everywhere it so much shit.

  14. My experience in HK was terrible. I freaking hated it. The people that we met there were incredibly rude and offered us little to no service at all. I don’t see how they are any better than these so-called “mainlanders” everyone here is so biased against.

    I’m Canadian born Chinese and I recently went to HK for vacation with my family. My grandmother doesn’t speak English and my Mandarin isn’t that great but I spoke Mandarin with her anyway. When we went to eat the people treated us like shit just because of that.

    It’s fucking ridiculous. People should not generalize an entire nation of people because of the actions of a few. -____- I like how HK always shit on people from China when really they are no better.

      1. We know why, don’t we.

        The Hong Kongers are the Asian rejects that were left behind by the one British ruler and master.

        And now these bastard Hong Kongers cannot even get a passport to go and see their motherland, Great Britain.

        Many HK people act so high and proper sometimes they think they are white or something.

        No you ain’t Hong Konger, only whiteys, Indians, blacks and muslims are the real Brits in the UK.

        Chinese are still Chinese no matter where they are from.

        1. if a visitor came to your place
          empties your fridge
          pisses everywhere at your home
          would you say you did it?
          would you still welcome them back?

          in the end isn’t the visitors will be gone after the mess and the citizen still had to pay for it?

        2. I wonder where this racist fucktard is from? Probs some shitland where mothers never teach their kids to be respectful?

          1. hmm… freedom of speach i guess. His “hatred” towards certain things might not be hatred at all to him u know. SO wether it’s respectfull or not, subjective.

        3. I’m a hong konger with a birith passport… and i dont know where ur from.. but… acting high and mighty equals acting white..? there is no logic in that. And real brits? i seriously doubt u know of english values.. Cuz if u live here.. u would know that everything that aint white has a diffrent name. “Asian” doesn’t mean everyone from asia… If they see a person from india, they wouldnt call him a REAL BRIT, they would simply say an asian dude.. if they see a chinese/japanse/korean dude they would say it’s an oriental person… just where are you getting your information from man..

    1. @J

      That’s why people need to do some research before going to another country/place. Of course it’s bad when people generalize, but they do that all over the world. If you were a gay man you probably won’t travel to Utah and dance around yelling that you are proud of being gay would you?

      There have been a lot of issues between the “mainlanders” and the HK locals for a long time now. I went there and got lousy service as well, but not because I was speaking mandarin. They didn’t want to offer me any help because I didn’t speak mandarin, which meant that I wouldn’t shop that much.


    1. actually eating & drinking is prohibited in the stations and the subway since 1979 when they 1st open
      the law was never enforce because people never red flag it, plus it was never a big issue, the subway & station was always clean
      until recent years the increasing number of Mainland visitors were crapping in the city
      back in the day Hong Kong people was crapping in their own city
      nut something like this happen finally made Hong Kong people starting to appreciate their space

      1. Those god damn whitey masters from the small island of evil doers made the Hong Kongers behaved like good dogs even back in the 1970’s, didn’t know that.

        Let the Hong Kongers be free to eat wherever they want to like in the USA, true freedom means you can eat like a whitey and not worry about the cops.

  16. I apologies for my last post, I should have said what the story is about as the text is in Nederlands. Parents are denied giving their son a last hug before execution.

  17. Australia Day marks the arrival of the first fleet of British colonists in Sydney on Jan. 26, 1788. Many Aborigines call it Invasion Day because the land was settled without a treaty with traditional owners.

    Hong Kong should learn from the Aussie injuns and chase the whites out of Asia.

    1. Yes Hong Kong should learn from the Aussie injuns
      and chase the Mainlanders out of Hong Kong

  18. THe guy made a little thing into a big problem. Deep down inside he had a basis against mainlanders.

  19. You f***ing Hongkong dirty assholes are not human! Son of a bitch you should let children eating and you asshole better wipe the floor than complaining!! HK shit!!

  20. The ”locusts” advertisement follows recent controversial remarks made by Peking University professor Kong Qingdong.

    He called Hong Kongers “bastards” and “running dogs of the British government” when commenting on an earlier incident in which a mainland Chinese girl was reportedly told off by locals for eating on a Hong Kong train.

    It’s war, send them Hong Kong banana scums to their UK masters.

  21. From another site.

    “Yes, many mainlanders have come from peasant families, they are not decendents of the feudal ruling class that still holds power in Taiwan and HK. To claim HK is not corrupt is ridiculous, though. It’s full of gangs and secret societies who hold on to their power. Difference is just that they bow to Westerners, because they were colonized for so long.”

    Not just me saying it.

    1. would you want your country to run by Communist?
      if you are, you wouldn’t be commenting in English

  22. “More than 1,000 people protested outside a Dolce & Gabbana shop in January when the fashion store banned locals from taking pictures outside, telling them only mainland Chinese visitors could do so.”

    Even westerners don’t give a shit about the Hong Kongers.

    1. funny how many Europe brand like D&G don’t setup shops in China
      They can’t even trust Mainlanders to run their retail stores

  23. I don’t know what you’re talking about. People in HK are just as rude and uncivilized as people in the mainland.

    You’re one and the same and you both suck; get over it.

    1. OMG, the blacks and latinos do that in New York all the time.

      But you can go to jail for racist free speech there, you know.

      Showing blacks doing bad things is a no no.

    2. OMG, the blacks do that thing all the time in New York.

      But showing blacks can get you in jail, it’s a no no, showing Chinese doing it is ok in the USA.

    1. No big thing, in New York they will pull out the big guns and shoot you by mistake.

        1. You mean for the Amerikans, they are the ones living in that shit pit and getting shoot at like if they were in Iraq or Canada.

  24. Hong kong people are so different from Mainlanders, first of all they act like they just came out from a cave, barbarians, shout, talk to each other like animals, push you with their elbows when you get into any public transport, this list could go on for ever, I am a Laowai living in Shanghai, often travel to HK and can tell the difference, MAINLANDERS, don’t try to hide what is so obvious! except real Shanghainese people, the rest are still in the dark times.

    1. Come to the west like NYC, we will treat you for what you are. A chink.

      And matter where you come, HK, Korea or China.

      1. And what does that show? Whiteys lacking cultural knowledge? Cant even differenciate hk-ers, chinese and koreans

  25. Mainlander Chinese are like filthy pigs and what is worse they are not educated enough to know what eithics and morality mean. I swear to god some animals have more admirable traits than mainland Chinese!

  26. Hong Kong is not the entrepreneurial paradise that many might imagine.

    Since Hong Kong was established as a British colony in 1842, commerce has been its lifeblood and its fortunes were built by a number of high-profile entrepreneurs, such as Asia richest man Li Ka-shing.

    In many cases, they arrived from warn-torn China with nothing and created billion-dollar businesses from scratch.

    Today the territory is part of China and acts as a gateway to its low-cost factories and increasingly rich consumers.

    With its low taxes and light regulation, Hong Kong ranks second in the World Bank’s “ease of doing business survey”, and has been deemed the world’s freest economy for the past 18 years by the Heritage Foundation.

    Despite all these strengths, the government’s hands-off approach can mean that established big businesses dominate and new start-ups struggle to be taken seriously.

    The Hong Kong govt has to change, businesses needs to attract Chinese tourists who want to see international brands and not make it hard to do business in Hong Kong.

    When the Chinese mainlanders stop going to Hong Kong, the Hong Kongers will be go back to the Chinese low life ways. As we know them in the west for as long as we know Susie Wong.

  27. Canada and the U.S. are the only nations in the developed world that grant automatic citizenship to babies born on their soil. In most other countries people must have permanent legal status prior to obtaining citizenship or require at least one parent to be a citizen.

    Hong Kong only lets whites to get automatic citizenship not Chinese mainlanders.

  28. the problem between china and hong kong only born because of the Chinese mod, their arrogance when they come to hong kong, have money and think they are god, the same problem when you cross a road in china! even if you have the green light every car owner feels the power to kill you just because he have a car and is rich, I lived 3 years in China and I still have to figure out ’cause people so much dirt on the street as if it were a normal thing, come to hong kong a civilized country and you think you do because you have money? hong kong in recent months has become unlivable thanks to you! kids peeing on the subway, and the parents who lash out against those who protest, dirt, noises, etc. etc. your fake richness will end soon, and you will realize what true richness! education, love of neighbor and respect for other life forms …

  29. Majority of the koreans behave like this dude “korean guy” He is your general description of “korean people and their inferior complex behavior” They have low self esteem and inferior complex so they feel the need to constantly put the Japanese and Chinese down. In the past it was the Japanese when Japan economy was doing very well, the koreans curse out japanese and blame them for everything. Now it’s the Chinese, because now China and America are world major power on economy and power. They love to twist…or pin point certain things or even fabricate stories and blow it out of proportion spreading it on their national tv now the internet..
    My japanese girlfriend told me how the Koreans are constantly emphasizing and pointing out on every possible chance they got about how the Japanese are all short and the koreans are the tallest East Asians. It was even on the Korean news big headlines everywhere for 2 whole weeks when the koreans did a study and claimed how the overall average Korean teenagers height has finally surpass the Japanese. Me and my japanese girlfriend were cracking up we couldn’t believe something like that is a national headline in South korea. Then my Japanese girlfriend told me that the japanese all knows that the tallest east Asian are Chinese not korean. The basketball players are all Chinese on TV. It’s almost impossible to find a korean that is 6ft 4in , but you can find plenty Chinese over that height. She went to China and on the street you can easily bump into chinese even just a teenager 6ft and over. So the koreans keep insisting that they are the tallest and the japs and chinese are laughing.
    They also have inferior complex and keep insisting that they are actually related to caucasians(the countries border China) That china is not consider north east asians they are actually south east asians like the thai.(China is very big and spread across. China is situated at the most northern part of east asia but not south korea. South korean is further out south.)
    Today the south koreans majority had plastic surgery done during teenage years to get rid of their korean faces. Even a non asian Opray winfrey point out this culture inferior complex and common practice of plastic surgery to get rid of korean face of the south koreans.
    Unlike Hong kong where the whole city is skyscrappers and buildings with 80 floors elevators and higher and you will rarely see a house, still a good large population of south koreans live in those poor old house. They don’t have hot running water so in the morning they go outside the street and boil hot water to wash their face and brush their teeth. They use the same water to wash their body(gross!) and they do this all in outdoor. They eat on the table sitting on the floor and that same spot is where they sleep putting down their blackets. Their toilets are outdoor. They don’t live very sanitary. Now tell me who lives like dogs? hong kong people or south koreans?

  30. Hi people, I just randomly ran across this article when I was searching the web to answer a question I had about Asian foreign exchange students in America; this is off topic, but since I’m here I guess I will ask anyway. Why is it that Asian exchange students in America always group together and isolate themselves from all other students? I understand it is natural to a point with all exchange students “birds of a feather flock together”. But I notice that Asians especially seem to really keep to themselves.

    1. I grew up in a foreign country as a kid, so there weren’t any other Asians I could flock with back in those days.
      But I think as you said, people flock together with their own kind.
      They feel more comfortable speaking their own language, and hanging out with people with the same culture.
      Most students go over seas because their parents sent them, and not as personal choice. So they probably wouldn’t try very hard to learn about this new country.
      In Japan, western teachers also flock together, I guess it also gives them a feeling closer to home?

    2. It’s because Asian societies are highly collectivist nations, as to individualistic. It’s all about culture! If you would like to know more, perhaps do some reading on the studies conducted by Hofstede and other famous researchers in this field.

      1. I wish there was a ‘like’ button. 😀
        Good to see some serious and useful feedback.
        I shall look into it.

    3. Perhaps it’s because they feel uncomfortable or lost with other people that they are not used to seeing, speaking a different language, and having very different social customs, so they form a community of their own people for their own convenience.

  31. The story is quite desruptive! I don’t where you know Hong Kong is a civilized and great city, but I hate it. People are rude and impolite and it is stinking around. China is more friendly than Hong Kong!

    1. James Harper:

      Don’t forget many people in HK are actually foreigners from other countries. Just like NYC. They say NYC people are rude and mean also. A lot of garbages everywhere on the street very dirty and rats and roaches everywhere in the NYC.
      They say HK 7 millions population but reality it’s really just 5millions native HK. So probably just 1 million or less young single hk women in the world. I am sure those so called “left over” women have no trouble if they are really so desperate to be married. But many of them wait for the right man. They want good quality men.

  32. James Harper:

    Wrong post. I had two windows opened and mixed up the two posts in one.
    Anyway..Don’t forget many people in HK are actually foreigners from other countries. Just like NYC. They say NYC people are rude and mean also. A lot of garbages everywhere on the street very dirty and rats and roaches everywhere in the NYC. Hk people are just trying to keep the city clean. So don’t laugh when they ask you to not litter. Just follow rules and regulations.

  33. Stupid Mainland woman. Even your daughter has more sense than you. I pity the little kid, it’s not her fault, she just got sucked into the situation by a bad role model mother. The mother, as an adult should know better. If she is so stupid, she should not be opening her legs to make babies. Thank goodness her kid somehow knows how to behave like a decent human being. When you know you did something wrong, don’t try to cover up by shouting. It’s obvious the Mainland woman is selfish, inconsiderate and very stupid, to insist on eating in the train. Rules are rules, if you can’t follow the rules, don’t ride the train. Maybe walking will clear her head of all the cobwebs preventing her from thinking like a normal human being. Eating noodles on a train, indeed!!

  34. In my opinion…
    It is true that some Mainlanders are not as civilized.
    How ever, I do think the Hong Kong couple over reacted.
    Do you really think the Hong Kong couple cared about the hygiene of the train?
    I don’t think so.
    What I do think is that, they were targeted mainly because they were Chinese.
    The tension between Hong Kong and China has only become worse as the day passes.
    If it was a Japanese or American eating on the train, I doubt the Hong Kong couple would of said anything at all, and no way in that tone of voice.

    I personally get discriminated when I go to China.
    People will find any chance to attack the nationality they dislike.

      1. Well, I think it’s more sad in this case.
        Chinese racist to Taiwanese, Taiwanese racist to Chinese,
        Chinese racist to Hong Kong, Hong Kong Racist to Chinese…
        But the truth is… They are all the same race…
        All there ancestors were Chinese.

    1. The thing is…I think the real level of racism is still relatively high compared to the level of racism people believe is around in the world. It’s just than more people hide it , their racist views than in the past. But they use the internet to let out and release their racist nature, especially as they are able to disguise their identity. =L For instance, I bet a high majority of these racists don’t dare to express their racist views face-to-face, in public.

  35. In the video, I believe one of the kids said “mummy, I think it’s your fault?”
    & the mum replied “hush, hush.” Haha~

    I find it quite amusing tbh. At least something good has come out of all this, it’s made me snigger.

  36. China authorities have launched a 100-day crackdown on foreigners who stay or work in the country illegally.

    Local police said those who entered China illegally, overstayed their visas or worked without proper permits would be punished.

    Officers would conduct visa checks in places across the country and in cities that were popular for foreigners, police said.

    China has become increasingly attractive to foreigners as the Chinese economy has boomed.

    Kick them Hong Kongers out of China and then all the whites and blacks.

    No, throw them blacks and whites out first, they are always in the bars and chicken houses.

    Cops can easily find them in the clubs, they are the ones showing off their long wet noodle organs to the local dumbass China sluts.

      1. You shitty foreign white ass worshipper, they should sent you to live in the USA.

        The Amerikans will teach you the meaning of being a Chinese banana.

  37. The Beijing Symphony Orchestra has fired a Russian cellist for insulting a train passenger who asked him to take his feet off a seat.

    Oleg Vedernikov later apologised, but has now been sacked.

    The incident was filmed by another passenger and posted online, prompting an angry response from the public.

    It comes during an official campaign to stop foreigners illegally entering, living and working in China.

    Hong Kongers better watch out when in China.

    They don’t like rude people in China.

        1. cos u’ll say that in front of the chinese gov and get shot in the head for saying CHINA IS PART OF JAPAN?
          seriously go do an IQ test, doubt if it’d be higher than my turtle’s

    1. Every country has murder and every country have people killing their own people.
      Don’t see the difference there.

  38. Voiceofhomer, as a guest I’ve reviewed this forum and I see two possibilities – either you are PRC-sponsored heckler or so called useful idiot. I hope that first is true and at least you get paid for what you write, otherwise I feel terribly sorry for you man. And no offense taken. People like you are incapable of that.

    1. “so called useful idiot” is Obama, not me.

      You insult all Chinese with your bullshit and you say, “And no offense taken”.

      Asshole whitey, you are the moron of the western culture.

      1. This guy above me is some depressed guy who can only attack people using his whimpy keyboard. He was probably bullied in his early years and got so angry at the world that he is soon gonna murder someone. Sad story bro.

  39. Wow hong konger, because you were British dogs, you guys think you’re so much better than mainlanders?
    Lets review history shall we?
    China GAVE UP HONG KONG to Britain over 100 years ago. Hong Kong people are still Chinese.
    It’s just a kid eating, why making such a big deal. And WTF is with that Hong Kong reporter. Are you trying to start something? “this is why Hong Kong people don’t like mainlander” Well too bad cuz British people gave your sorry ass back to China.

    1. Hong Kongers are white worshipping dogs.

      The Hong Kongers will never talk back to whiteys, even if their wives were getting raped in front of them by the whiteys.

      I saw this in a Hong Kong movie.

      1. “I saw this in a Hong Kong movie” – this is quite a ridiculously irrelevant statement. You may not have realised this but not everything from movies and dramas are real. Star Wars? War of the Worlds? Spiderman? You seem to be brainwashed dude. Time to wake up…and be careful what you say. Show some intelligence.

    2. Ellie ur the biggest bullshit creation in the entire universe. Dont even start with us brits dogs cos they might bite ur fu*king vag off slut.

  40. Hi, I am from India. I have visited HK twice already. My first visit actually spurred my second visit. I love the city and its people. They are full of energy and are quite friendly considering that the place is so crowded. I have met friendly people in all the places I visited. If one did not speak english, one would just wave at me and walk off, while people who knew english would help me, two of them even personally walked me to the station. In one case, when i was lost, one couple themselves approached me and showed me the way. Hence, I have a good memory of my visits there and would like to visit again for vacation.
    All this talk of racism and rivalry between mainlanders and Hong Kongers is disturbing. Given my experience in HK, I feel that the mainlanders must also be equally friendly.

  41. Customs officials in Hong Kong have seized cocaine weighing close to 650kg (1,433lbs) in what they say is their biggest drug haul ever.

    John Lee, Customs Drug Investigation Bureau head, said that they seized drugs with a street value of HK$760m ($98m, £63.11m) on Wednesday based on a tip from US officials.

    The drugs arrived in a container from Ecuador, officials say.

    The authorities have arrested three local men.

    “This is the biggest-ever cocaine seizure made in Hong Kong,” Mr Lee said, adding that he believed the cocaine was to be sent to countries in south-east Asia.

    But a China man cannot eat on a subway train in Hong Kong.

  42. Hong Kong took years of public education and messaging to reach its level of “cleanliness.” I remember visiting in the 80’s when people would push and shove their way onto the subway. Today the Hong Kongers, they complain of the mainlanders doing the exact same thing. People don’t forget you were once a mainlainder if not you then your family. Sounds like the educational messaging needs to be increased. There is definitely a cultural difference but it happens when you merge cultures you can’t expect to do things as you’ve always known and you can’t expect people to simply do what you have been doing for years.
    Immigration is inevitable for many don’t forget what you fought for a better life is the reason most people are there too, don’t hate them for wanting something better just like your family did. The conduct of both parties is not ok.

  43. This is hilarious. Hong Kong is one of the most civilized cities in the world, with or without mainland chinese. If any of you people have been to New York or American cities, Hong Kong is far cleaner, nicer and more civilized. How can you complain about being civilized when Hong Kong is almost on top of the world in terms of low crime, cleanliness, and friendly people? Come to America, you will see what uncivilized is.

  44. visitors are fine if they don’t go over there to piss others off.
    mainlanders need to remember that and not piss off Cantonese folk.

  45. Mainlander of China are very rude and always try to cheat money to foreigner. But Hong Konger never cheat foreigner’s money and very polite. Therefore, Hong Konger are much better than Mainlander of China…
    Hong Konger is angel but Chink are fucking cunt…Chink are fucking wanker…I hope that big earthquake happen in China. if it happen everyone is very happy in ther world except fucking Chink..

  46. So funny these ugly and stupid little Hong Kong cockroaches.. the Hong Kong people are a disgrace to China… spoiled, useless, ignorant trash.. The time is fast approaching where all you Hong Kong rubbish will be called to task by China… you think you are so strong and right… we will all see exactly what type of vermin the Hong Kong people are when China goes to WAR… Count your days Hong Kong trash, they are numbered..

  47. All Hong Kongers can go straight to hell. Those smug self righteous pieces of s***. You are good enough to smell dog s***.

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