What is inside Spring Festival passengers’ bags?


From our last post about going home for the Spring Festival, it seems that a lot of our readers are curious as for why these long distance home-goers are carrying so many bags despite all the difficulties during the journey. A reporter asked 4 passengers to open their bags to reveal the treasure inside.

(Photo from Sohu.com)

Jan 8th, the first day of 2012 spring transport, a few passengers in Fuzhou Railway Station revealed their luggage.






Basically inside the luggage are:

1) Foods and water for the long journey ahead

2) Clothes and necessities for the holiday at home, including cotton quilt.

3) Gifts and special goods for the Spring Festival

4) Daily necessities that can be used by families

5) Anything they don’t want to throw away.

For many Chinese especially those from rural areas, everything they possess in the cities are paid by their hard-earned money, they have been saving up throughout the year so as to provide as much as possible for their families at hometown. They don’t buy stuff easily unless they absolutely need it, and for what’s already bought, they won’t throw them away easily either. Therefore, the gigantic luggage.

Another reason why many are carrying quilts is, according to an article on Southern Weekend, that home doesn’t have extra quilt for them, and buying new ones just for the few days of stay is not worth the money, so they carry things back and forth with them like a snail.

It’s all about making the most out of their little but hard-earned money. The trouble of carrying heavy and huge bags is minor compared to a lot other hardship in their life.

  1. Thanks Annie Lee for a great post! I’ve often wondered what they could be taking! Good luck to all making journeys home, and 新年快乐!

    To Korean guy and Russian dude, I’m amazed. These comments do not belong here.

  2. Korean guy and Russian dude:

    I’d rather be up in North Korea eating Twinkies with Kim Jong “Fatty” Un

  3. There is a famous Latin saying – “Omnia mea mecum porto” which means “Everything of mine with me I carry”.

    Originally, it meant that the most important things are carried in heart and can’t be taken away from a person.

    But these guys took it literally 🙂

  4. Apple has said it will halt the sale of all iPhone models from its stores in China, after large crowds disrupted the launch of the iPhone 4S.

    The crowd became unruly, throwing eggs. Scuffles broke out with police.

    China don’t have enough junk to sell, so keep whatever you have and take it home with you.

  5. I came from Global Voices site and this is great. I’ve always been so curious as to what is inside. Thanks for the photos and thanks for the article. LOVE IT!!!

  6. korean_guy…

    if you want to see “brainwashed peasants,” look no further than the throngs of proletariats clammering over the upcoming election… regardless of democrat or republican leanings, if these folks think anything will change in this country, they truly are brainwashed…

    i had the distinct pleasure of living in china for a year, and have traveled throughout the country for years, as my wife is a chinese citizen. america is not perfect, china is not perfect, but in my time spent in china, i had never in my life seen a more hard-working, humble and grateful population. i also never felt safer in my life…

    life is not easy for most folks in china, but you’ll never hear people complain in china, like they do in america… my god, what would the average american do without an unending supply of handouts from the taxpayers…

    when america finally collapses and we’re “thrown back,” to peasant-esque living, we’ll see how well our populace handles it…

    1. You get a pat on the back bud for your shoe leather diplomacy. Trust me none of the Chinese that you have such warm feelings about give a rats ass about you, particularly if you dare to disagree with them or question the motives or wisdom of their leaders.

  7. Like the Titanic all over again there were scenes of panic as the Costa Concordia cruise ship carrying more than 4,000 people was listed and sinking.

    Italians, Germans, French and British were among the 3,200 passengers. There were also 1,000 crew on board.One thousand passengers were Italian, with 500 Germans and 160 French. But they don’t know how many Chinese or Asians was on board, they didn’t count.

    No mention of Chinese, only in China will they talk about them.

    And what about the high speed trains in China, are they still scared to go on them?

    1. Stupid things happen in the West. Few can actually be blamed on governments.

      A little civic lesson for you VocHome if the Chinese government controls everything down to village cadre the Chinese nation shall take the heat for every stupid lame thing that happens in China.

      1. So smarty pants, people who voted for Obamakong that took the US to the left side of hell and cannot fine it’s way back, is not to blame but the voters are. Right?

        The Amerikans cannot expect a regime change at all, not even if their pres is a war criminal.. Got it.

        1. Another civics lesson for you…Obama has control over foreign policy and the executive branch of govt, and has some other abilities like to appoint judges and veto power.

          1. also commander in chief of armed forces, and yes voters can throw him out after four years.

  8. This is great post! Thank you, China Hush!!! It seems that people never will leave their ventilator at home be it summer or be it winter!

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