Patriotic waitress attacked by Taiwanese mother and son


In a mainland China restaurant, a waitress is taking order from the customers, a Taiwanese mother and her son. The son said, “Restaurant of China has really poor environment, really makes me lose my appetite!” The waitress then muttered, “Isn’t Taiwan part of China?” Thus, the following scene in the video…

From Youtube:

Mom: “I (Taiwan) am part of your China? What are you talking about?!? Son of bitch!”

Son: “No no, can you go to Taiwan? Take out your passport, does it say Taiwan? Can you go to Taiwan now?”

Mom: “What are you talking about?”

Son: “Take out your passport, does it say Taiwan? Our passport says Taiwan, can you go to Taiwan?”

Mom: “(We) eat here, (you) talk politics? Just eating, why are you talking politics?”

Son: “Yeah, can you go to Taiwan?”

Waitress: “Did I say something wrong?”

Son: “Say it one more time. Say it one more time!”

Mom: “What are you talking about?

Son: “Say it one more time. We are eating here, she dares to say something China is Taiwan’s whatever…”

  1. Damn Taiwanese DPP f-ers. The KMT (who are Chinese) ran away to (then formosa) Taiwan when the communists uprised and unless your a Taiwanese aboriginal, you are Chinese. Taiwan’s economy depends on China and these two fools need to thank China and not yell at its citizens

      1. Am afraid B-real it absolutely true, with solid evidence that Taiwanese unless, ancestral pass, that Chinese people migrated to Taiwan (the biggest island in the pacific). The country always been claimed by china, until it was surrounded to Japan by the Qing dynasty, end of ww2 it was given back to china. China does not control any of it’s territory, that’s probaly why this Taiwanese bitch and his bastard had a power trip. Credit where due to the waitress for pointing out Republic Of China AKA Taiwan is still part of china. It may be disputed, but under the circumstances … It’s 100% true.

        1. 1) If Taiwan is part of China, why are they self governing, have an olympic team, a different currency, and buy weapons from the USA?

          2) If Taiwan is the biggest Island in the Pacific, does that make the islands of New Zealand, New Guinea or Japan continents?

          1. The Chinese argument is so funny. That would mean that Canada and America are not countries. We should still be a part of England (the U.K.).

            Just because people migrated from China to Taiwan does not make it China.

            Anyway, everyone knows Taiwan belongs to the Dutch.

            1. What is Taiwan’s official name? The Republic of CHINA. Hence, their nationality is Chinese.

            2. Ditto! The Roman Empire ruled Europe in the 1000’s. No one would dare to call England or Germany as a part of Italy today.

        2. What exactly do you mean by “The country has always been claimed by China”?. I believe you are being extremely liberal with the term “always”. Yes, the Chinese may have been aware of the existance of Taiwan for a long time if succesive dynasties had claimed Taiwan why didn’t they develop Taiwan over a prolonged period of time? Instead of leaving it to the Japanese.

    1. Well if Taiwan’s economy does ever depend on China it will be as a result of the Chinese Communist Party blocking Taiwan’s ability to trade freely and develop a more high tech economy. So if anything Taiwanese should be condemning the Chinese for preventing Taiwan from reaching its true potential.

    2. have you been to Taiwan?
      you do know that they are sustainable without China
      the world do business with them
      because they have tougher regulatory system
      and the people are able to takes pride of the products that they produce

      it is shame that even Mainlanders are scare of using their own products

  2. Where can I find this waitress? I would her to by my girl friend. She’s right, Taiwan is part of China. Truth hurts till the mum and son have to resort with classless retort.

    1. Simply restating banal slogans parrot fashion does not prove anything. If Taiwan really is a part of China this whole dialogue would not be taking place in the first place. ‘There wouldn’t be over one thousand and growing ballistic and cruise missiles in Fujian aimed at Taiwan as why would it be necessary to have all those missiles pointed at terrority which you exercise sovereignty over. If anything all those missiles pointed at Taiwan prove that China has no sovereignty over Taiwan at all. Hang on a moment why did the Olympic Torch never pass through Taiwan?

  3. Taiwan is a f#@king slave dog of Obamakong and the Amerikans.

    They will rather kill Chinese and make war on China so they can suck Obamakong’s big black cock than to admit that they are part of China, just like Hong Kong is.

  4. Why would Taiwan want to be a part of China? China is a still a third world country which still has trouble producing milk for its citizens. I laugh when people bring up China’s economy because the average citizen there is still living in a hovel. I guess the communist government does not allow videos of the numerous revolts that go on in China so people mistakenly believe that China is a modern country. And no Taiwan is not part of China the same way Singapore is not a part of China. When was the last time China elected its leaders in a free election?

    1. Fuckstick Frank your comment indicates that you may not have completed pre-school.

      You may want to stop laughing and take a glance at what is happening. Our jobs in production and manufacturing in a capitalistic western society are all relocating to China while our middle class is quickly eroding away.

      People all across the West are attempting to revolt against the actions of thier own government so I guess we are going back to the middle ages when we were unmodernised.

      As for economics soon the “Communist’s” will completely dictate distribution of goods throughout the global market. Due to our own corporations need for profits and our working class’s continual need to secure better wages the cost of living is now increasing to a new threshold that will see the ranks of lower class swell even more dependant on assistance from Western governments that is ill equipped to deal with the current level of poverity within our own countries.

      Can you please assist me in understanding what “free elections” have to do when determining if a place is an independant country?

      1. Keep on towing the party line you little aparatchik minion. It’s obvious your mind has already been corrupted by the communist manifesto as your inane ramblings from above indicate. Capitalism is much better than communism but I guess you wouldn’t know any better since you only have limited access to outside information. I actually feel a bit sorry for you. Tell me how nice it is living in a cardboard box.

        1. And where have you been?

          In one of those fun resorts called Amerikan jails with all your boy friends.

          1. At least in America you don’t have to worry about being executed for a crime you didn’t commit for the sole purpose of having your organs harvested.

            1. At least in America you don’t have to worry about being executed for a crime you didn’t commit for the sole purpose of having your organs harvested.!!??

              that is such a ignorant comment

              The incest yanks do a good job killing each other with their own guns and random shooting. seriously no one likes white folks, black ppl hate you, asians hate you, muslim hate you, hell even the European hates you. DOES IT SAY something? when every single nationality hate a nation of yanks?

    2. A 3rd world country China may be but it owns 57% of American treasury notes. In other words, if China wanted their money back right now, you “superior” Americans would have to sell your trailers, pimp out your wives and daughters, and walk around in a trash bag over your morbidly obese bodies. Sour, insecure, and delusional…

      1. hahahahhahhahahh china is still a shit hole and more half its population still lives beneath the poverty line. China is depending on America to survive. Only the Chinese government is truly the ones making the money.
        In essence China still is a 3rd world nation but the party is top class.

      2. I doubt they’ll ever get to the point where they “sell your trailers, pimp out your wives and daughters, and walk around in a trash bag over your morbidly obese bodies.”,

        they’ll either print more paper money to pay their debts or simply default.

        just look at the way their average citizens behave. no money? still owe large sums of money? let’s declare bankruptcy then. or better yet if I can borrow more nevermind tomorrow.

        besides, wanting the money back would hurt China more.

    3. Amerika had many elections since the sick poor old man of the east, China was working hard, starved and making money, and now you have a black muslim master.

      So where are you now? In the black hole of shit.

      Does that make it better for ya fucked up country?

      Got the shitty end of the democratic stick, I would say.

        1. You mean like the US pres Obamakong?

          He has an Amerikan edumacation just like you, stupid.

    1. So is Korea, Vietnam and Mongolia. There is this misconception out in Mainland that these places were once part of China and should be reinstated as so.

    2. Don’t forget the northern part of Cape York, Australia; most of Indonesia; Borneo and Malaysia/Thailand/Singapore.

  5. Since in China you’re not really allowed to have a different opinion, I’m not surprised that the waitress thinks Taiwan is part of China. Years of brainwashing at different levels of education (and by media) seems to be working just fine. From a foreigners perspective however, Taiwan is NOT part of China. Different government, different foreign policy, different citizenship, etc. Economical relations don’t matter and saying Taiwan is dependant on China is a huge exaggeration, if not plain stupidity. Mother and son’s reaction went a little bit too far though, there are better ways to express what they felt. Though I support them, even though I’m neither Chinese nor Taiwanese.

    1. From a foreigners perspective you seem to have shit for brains.

      I travel to both mainland China and Taiwan and have discussed this topic with many people from both geographical areas.

      The majority Taiwanese that I have asked consider themselves Taiwanese but still part of China.

      Yes I would have to agree that “years of brainwashing at different levels of education and the media seems to be working” not only in China but also in the West. Currently US policy does not recognized the PRC’s sovereignty over Taiwan, however this does not make Taiwan a country.

      1. “shit for brains”? Man, this his how a discussion should look like according to you? That’s all you can say? Pretty low, if you ask me…

        I happened to live in Taiwan for a while. I deal with Taiwanese at an academical level on a regular basis. Would never agree they call themselves part of China.

        But then again, you don’t seem like a person it’s worth discussing with.

        1. Korean_gay Taiwanese are Chinese but politicly not apart of China. Status quo Taiwan is a de-facto state for a piece of land that was not really part of mainland for a substantial amount of time thus handing it over to the next powerful Government to occupy and protect it’sborder to opposing hostiles IE KMT V.S PRC the result of that forming a new ruling party and developing the ROC as we see it today.

          In all reality if China wants it back they will have to take it back by force or Taiwan gives it them. The way I see it happening just like in mainland there are going to be more mainlanders in Taiwan covertly influencing policies in favor of Mainland as we see it today all in the interest of the bottom line.

            1. America is slave of Taiwan? I don’t think so. As for China coming to take back Taiwan, forget it. We will go to war for Taiwan, our friend. We the United States, the majority don’t like China government. Chinese are the slaves. Yes we will defend our allies at all cost for liberty and freedom. See you in hell dummy.

            2. you are crazy
              Taiwan would never want to get taken out by China
              i am sure they happy without China

      2. Ya right. Most Taiwanese do not consider themselves to be a part of China. Stop telling lies. Clearly you have never set foot out of the 3 meter by 3 meter cardboard box which you call your home let alone traveled to Taiwan. I’m sure If you ever set foot in Taiwan with your imperialist attitude you would be quickly beaten up.

      3. Ya right. Most Taiwanese do not consider themselves to be a part of China. Stop telling lies. Clearly you have never set foot out of the 3 meter by 3 meter cardboard box which you call your home, let alone traveled to Taiwan. I’m sure If you ever set foot in Taiwan with your imperialist attitude you would be quickly beaten up.

        1. Don’t need to go to Taiwan to get beaten up by Taiwanese, just go to LA’s Chinatown.

          They hate the Chinese there more than in Taiwan.

      4. You have no idea what it’s like to live in China or understand the people. Why do you even try to communicate?

    2. Certainly Taiwan is an independent country. It has its own embassies, foreign policy and governmental structure. Moreover, no more than 15% of the population is “mainlander”-that is people who invaded Taiwan after WWII. The fact is that Taiwan was invaded by the Chinese Nationalists after WWII who raped and brutalized the country for decades (“White Terror.”) The Taiwanese people (which now includes those “mainlanders” who came later) has worked heroically to throw off those shackles and to become a democratic rights-respecting country. This country has nothing in common with the Chinese system. And barely no one there desires to unify with China. (Note I did not say “re-unify.” Taiwan was never part of China.)

      1. And that’s a very important thing you mentioned.
        Out of respect for Taiwanese who worked hard to create their new country and new nation, I would never say it’s part of China. If in the future, for some reasons, they decide to unify with China in a democratic way, well, that’s their decision. At the moment Taiwan’s not part of China and it’s high time the Chinese learn to deal with it.

  6. The waitress was definitely picking a fight. She’s not as innocent as she looked. Obviously, the heat in the kitchen got a little too hot for her and she backed off. Harsh as he may sound, the son does have a point.

  7. I agree the Chinese Restaurant in Mainland are fucking nasty environment it does kind of make me lose my appetite. Thats why I take my shit back instead of dining in.

  8. The most sensible way of solving the question of wether or not Taiwan is a country, is for the people living in Taiwan to decide. It’s pretty clear that their votes say that Taiwan is an independent country.

    It’s a an imperialistic attitude on part of mainland China, to not listen to what the Taiwanese say.

  9. In a lot of ways this waitress should be extremely grateful as she unlike the vast majority of P.R.C Chinese is having a direct interaction with a couple of Taiwanese nationals especially as she is a waitress probably from a poor rural family and only earning 500 or so R.M.B a month for working 60 hours a week. So for her Taiwan might as well be another planet for as sure as hell she will never set foot there. You can tell from the stunned look on her face that actually directly interacting with Taiwanese nationals is a completely unprecidented experience for her. Prior to that her concept of Taiwan would have been built by some chump of a school teacher with no experience of Taiwan with a text book “about” Taiwan lecturing her about “Taiwan” or more accurately the Chinese Communist Party’s farcical narrative of “Taiwan Province”. I have to admit my own experience is limited to living there for six months as a token English teacher but it is funny when you have P.R.C nationals who will go completely feral about “Taiwan being a part of China” but seem to have no knowledge about Taiwan’s international airports, currency or range of incomes earnt by Taiwanese. So it makes you wonder for all the zealist dogma dumped on P.R.C nationals how much real information regarding Taiwan is imparted.

  10. Amerika and the black muslim master Obamakong owns all of the South China Seas and Taiwan and Japan and both Koreas and Philippines and Indonesia and India and Veitnam and Singapore and soon Burma and Oz.

    1. You betcha’ , voice with no brain… get used to it. In time we will own the PRC also….

      So get used to that also.

      1. But Afrika owns the Amerikans, so why would Afrika want pinko China for?

        There are NO white women in China that wants to black babies, just the slut China women.

  11. Hey voiceofhome! Are you for real? You are a disgrace. I can’t believe you say things like that. Our country is a great country. I am poor but, being poor in the U.S. isn’t as bad as being poor in other countries. One thing is for certain,; Americans will always defend itself. Are you from another country or a unhappy American?

    1. When you Amerikans voted for a black muslim godking, that is it for me there.

      No more white trash father muggers and black mother rapers for me, I want to live in a world with a real culture, bad as it is, China is still better than a fucked up black shithole Amerika.

  12. To all Mainlander
    Taiwanese never want to be part of China
    Now with common sense
    Why would you want someone that doesn’t like you?

    1. Seriously, Mainlanders are poor, smelly and have no manners. Stay in your own country please. You guys may have a bigger army than us but your people are stupid, uneducated and like to steal technology form other countries. Basically, you guys are a lower socially than Taiwan. Look at the stupid ugly mainlander in this video. She looks like Mao’s retarded daughter or son. Go invade Tibet or something.

      1. Just because mainlanders are poor, smelly and have no manners that don’t mean that they are not as good as your black Amerikans.

        If you find the slut China girls ugly, don’t fuck them.

        Only those dumb ass Chinese criminals and those Chinese whore foreign worshippers go west to Canada and the US, the rest of the good people are locked out of the west by your govts, and anyhow you got too many black killer Afrikans there already fucking up the shitty country.

    2. some do want unification. just not all.
      logically speaking unification is a fate taiwan cannot avoid, unless something happens to china’s economy.

  13. I won’t take part in the political discussion, but I am quite certain that if someone would leisurely insult the place where I work, the country where I live, and then push a smart phone in my face to film me while throwing more insults at me… I would certainly elbow the person in the face.

    For starters.

  14. Omgosh, korean_gay or whatever your name is, Taiwan is NOT a part of China and most Taiwanese consider themselves Taiwanese. So shut the fuck up.

  15. I still don’t get the logic on why Mainlanders alway claim Taiwan want to be part of China
    Where the hell does this crap comes from?
    Every Taiwanese that i know doesn’t want Taiwan to be part of China

    1. You don’t know jack, white dude.

      Here is a clue, KMT sold China to the US for a war and a nation.

      1. what’s wrong with that?
        and now Taiwanese are glad they were separated
        did you even know that lots of Taiwanese died fighting for Taiwan to preventing China from taken back?
        now does that sound like they want to be part of China?

          1. google “Chinese Civil War”
            it was pretty much Communists vs Nationalist
            that’s how Taiwan became independent

            1. It would be a misleading statement to say Taiwan became independant due to the Chinese Civil War. The reality is that Taiwan was outside of Chinese rule until the Qing Dynasty and even then is was only token and limited to the West Coast. It wasn’t until the Japanese and the French showed an interest in Taiwan that the Qing attempted to establish effective rule over Taiwan and that was only for a few decasdes before Taiwan feill under effective Japanese sovereignty. So historically Taiwan has for the vast majority of its history being on its own. In the early 20th century and for much of the civil war Chinese leaders did not regard Taiwan as a piece of territory that “must be bought back to the motherland”.

              After the Second World War Taiwan entered into a state of political ambiguity which combined with a complicated post war situation lead to the Americans supporting the Nationalists in relocating there Republic of Chna regieme onto Taiwan.

              So in a way the Chinese Civil war may have bound Taiwan into this mess with Beijing. And the pan-sino faction within the K.M.T that fled to Taiwan may be just as responsible for the whole “Taiwan in inalieable part of China since ancient times” dogma as any Chinese Communist lackey.

          2. the Chinese Civil War was also a shame from China that
            most Mainlanders don’t know too much about

            1. FYI, the KMT had the murdering USA killed tens of millions of Chinese in China when the civil war was almost over and the KMT left for Taiwan with tail btw their legs.

              1. that’s not true
                all US did was helping KMT defending Taiwan
                while the Soviet was supporting China to take back Taiwan
                US eventually step a side after China confronted them
                Mao Ze Dong started the war to distract mainlanders from knowing about up raise, which the Red Guard mass murder a shit load of people to make sure Mao stays in power.

  16. These Taiwanese mother and son are idiots. They have probably not been to a well-appointed high class Chinese restaurants. Of course if you visit a mid level Chinese restaurant, it is no difference from a Taipei eatery. What snobbish clowns?

    1. Exactly. If you decide to be cheap and eat at a substandard restaurant then don’t complain. Have some diginity and keep your shrieking in Taiwan. Obnoxious people.

      1. I guess Mainlanders are accustomed to rude food servers. More reason why you guys are not fit for civilization. Seriously, we Taiwanese see you as barbarians. The original people of Hong Kong do too. My advice to the Mainland is to worry about feeding and educating your own people and then worry about taking over the rest of Asia. It pretty clear that the woman shown in this video has an IQ south of 75.

        1. Just like a Chinese to look down on others that have less or are poor.

          You think you are a whitey or something?

        2. actually its not just there, I’ve received the same kind of behaviour in restaurants from mainlanders in other parts of Asia.
          for some reason they just have to bring nationalism everywhere,

      2. Maybe the Taiwanese people were just living up to the whole “when in Rome do as the Romans do” as shrieking and berating people is part of the norm in China.

    2. LOL, middle class eatery. This place looked more like an outhouse than a restaurant. Pretty sure if you went outside you could see wild chickens running around on the road outside like they do in all third world countries. As for upper class restaurants, it is pretty evident that you have never been to one because they are the same whether in Taiwan or China. The only thing is in China, the general population is so poor that they can only dream about ever setting foot inside of a 5 star restaurant while in Taiwan the middle class family can enjoy fine cuisine from time to time. And WTF is a “well-appointed high class” restaurant? Obviously, the English taught in the Mainland is sorely lacking.

  17. Honestly though, shit is obviously controversial
    Anyone on the mainland or TW should know this
    So why make provocative statements?
    Those Taiwanese were acting like dicks, but they do have a point, they’re there to eat not debate politics

  18. China and Taiwan will inevitably unify peacefully one day.

    Probably way before north and south corea will.

  19. 1. About the video, the place looks fine, so to start the story by saying the Taiwanese customers had made such comment about the restaurant is not valid because there were no evidence.

    2. The video also did not have proof that the waitress muttered anything about China being part of Taiwan, although the sequence of the conversation can be linked.

    3. The waitress is somewhat less knowledgeable, she replied by saying “did I said anything wrong?” which probably is true for her, but in this case the argument for “being part” or “owned by” is flawed because Mainland has its own teachings, and so does Taiwan. For most Mainlanders, their history books say Taiwan is part of China. But for Taiwan, their history books say Taiwan is an island, not part of China (the aboriginals are their proof, can’t say the same for Mainland).

    4. Exactly what the mother and son were saying, Mainlanders cannot go to Taiwan without visa and or without a sponsored tour organization (meaning they can’t just freely go to Taiwan as they wish), which makes the argument worse. The Hong Kong – Mainland relations is about the same except Mainlanders can apply for visa crossing over to Hong Kong much easier without the need of joining tour groups. Unfortunately, even majority of Hong Kong locals are cold towards Mainlanders.

    5. Taiwan had long been independent on its own, the majority of products that they have aren’t made in China, the moment you step out the airport says it all. The cars aren’t made in China, their scooters aren’t made in China, most of their appliances are from Japan as their electric current is 110volts same with Japan, very different from China. Their culture are slightly different too, their food market are very clean that its actually a tourist hot spot. People eating in small eateries and cafeteria will clean up their table and throw the leftovers by themselves and place their trays back, very much like Japanese.

    6. There are very few bootlegs or pirated or shanzai products in Taiwan. Many of their tourists are Japanese. They have magazines and print outs in Traditional Hanzi, English, and Japanese, not much Simplified Hanzi.

    1. that was exact impression when i 1st visited Taiwan
      people are polite
      they take pride & don’t cut corners on their work
      everywhere are clean
      it is a great place to visit

      1. Bullshit is soooooooooo cheap, you can get it for free if you kiss a dirty Taiwanese ass.

        It’s no difference in China, just the color of your money.

  20. While I agree that Taiwan is politically not the same country as China, what shocked me in this video is not the so-called patriotism of this young woman, but the disdain and I would say disrespect that this mother and son showed her. They tried to belittle her because she was a mainland Chinese and because she was a waitress. How would you like it if while you served people, they said awful things about your country? I am not patriotic at all, but I would be annoyed. They were acting like assholes. And Taiwan only became part of China during the Qing who took over the island trying to eradicate the last Ming loyalist. Indigenous Taiwanese speak languages that are closer to Tagalog, than they are to Chinese.

  21. Typical Taiwanese ultra-nationalism. The waitress seemed genuinely ignorant of what she had done wrong, and ROC passports only say “Taiwan” in Latin script anyway, not in Chinese (where it only says “中華民國”). Also I prefer Mainland restaurants to Taiwanese ones in general, although Taiwan has some nice places too.

  22. Taiwanese working in PRC should pay the new tax imposed on expats working in PRC to show they are a separate country. Get rid of the tai bao zhen too, Taiwanese need not special differentiation from other countries.

  23. Well it looks like many many more mainland Chinese are going to Taiwan to teach their non western Chinese history to the westernized Taiwan Chinese some real facts about China, like it or not.

    The wait staff in Taiwan better get ready for some new Chinese/Taiwan history lessons.

  24. Taiwan official name is ROC……Republic of CHINA…….yet, they are not part of China? The last time I check, the ROC was the original china and the communists of the PROC were the rebels. So Taiwan is VERY MUCH CHINA. Some folks here are talking out of their asses. Besides, I wish Taiwanese are not Chinese b/c their bland food gives Chinese food a bad name. Those Taiwanese mother and son are nothing but prejudice elitists. But in reality, with nothing to brag about.

    1. The last time you checked “the ROC was the original China and the communists of the PROC were the rebels”. WHEN THE HELL WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CHECKED??? Even the U.S.A recognised the the legitamacy of the Communists over China over thirty years ago so what sources have you been checking? Yes, Taiwan’s official title is the Repubic of China but that is because Beijing resorts to threats of mass murder and brutality every time someone suggests changing Taiwan’s official title to something that resembles the reality on the ground. Guess what the archaic R.O.C constitution also claims the Republic of Mongolia as part of their territory along with parts of Russia, Kazakhstan etc. That is how out of touch Taiwan’s official title and constitution are. Lets put it simply the single party R.O.C regieme fled to Taiwan and set up their regieme in exile and now the Chinese Communist Party resorts to threats every time someone wants to change or modify the official title to something that reflects reality.

    2. You are saying part of China, the country. We are saying not part of China, the political system. And by the way, the CCP = China. Nothing else.

  25. Reading through the comments on this and other posts on this site…
    It really makes me scared, not because of Taiwanese Nationalism, or Mainland Nationalism. It’s like everybody has their own blindfolds, be they mainland, taiwanese, american or other.

    Why the hell do you find the need to so loudly proclaim your own nations superiority, whilst spouting garbage and negative propaganda about other people’s? I will NEVER understand this indulging in hatred that is so popular. Why the FUCK do you not try to understand each others point of views – all are valid in some area – instead?

    Is it too hard? It messes with the neat, clean idea of an orderly world governed by ‘this race here, always, this race there, always’.

    This nationalistic spouting garbage talk seasoned with immature attacks on personal levels are worthy of kindergarten, and all of you should take a good long look in the mirror. I sincerely hope you would not behave like this offline.


    1. It is not as you think, it is posters that are, whiteys as fake Chinese that hate Chinese with Chinese made up names with China girlfriends vs Chinese foreign worshipers vs China for Chinese on this site.

    2. Very late comment, but reading through here, yeah, I gotta say, with the exception of I think Mario, it’s a pretty scary blog. Seems like the attack of the clans.

  26. The Taiwanese mother and son lose face for lacking civility. It may be true that Taiwan and the PRC are separate countries, but from the waitress’ perspective, she has no doubt been told all her life that they are part of the same country, hence her confusion at the outburst.

    Furthermore, if there is one universal rule of travel, it is that you do not insult a nation to one of the locals while you are traveling in that nation. If you do, then it just makes you look like the arrogant fool.

    Someone mentioned that her salary was 500RMB. It would help if you knew what you were talking about before writing. Waitresses in small rural towns make more than 1000RMB per month and work about 60 hours per week. At decent restaurants in larger cities, especially tourist cities like Zhuhai or Xiamen, waitresses typically make at least 2000RMB per month.

    1. Exactly which small rural towns are you talking about. I was just talking to a student at Hefei Number One Middle School where I used to work and she said your figures are unrealistic and that her maths teacher was only on 960 RMB a month when he started so how could a waitress get more than a qualified teacher at the best middle school in the province and attracts students from neighbouring provinces. I have also worked at schools in Shaanxi where some technical school graduates get jobs paying well under 1000 RMB a month. I remember working in Yuncheng in 2006 where our teachning assistants with university degrees started on less than one thousand a month. It was a similiar situation in Qinghuangdao and Dong Ying in Shangdong province. In addition to that I am reading a book China Shakes the World by James Kynge who has spent over a decade reporting from China, speaks Mandarin and served as China Burea Chief from 1998 to 2005 for the Financial Times. On the bottom of page 30 he writes “Even in the booming factory towns in Guangdong province near Hong Kong and in the Yangze basin 1300 RMB a month is still an attractive salary”.

      1. Your student in Heifei doesn’t know what waitresses actually make. It is not uncommon for a privileged child to know nothing about a waitress’ salary. For that sort of information, you’ll have to talk to a waitress. As it so happens, I know quite a few dagongmei, many of whom are waitresses and among the waitresses that I know, all make more than 1000RMB per month. Before posting my original comment, I asked three waitresses from Xianning, Hubei. If you apply traditional western thinking to China, it often doesn’t work, and in the case of teacher salaries, it really doesn’t work. Teachers in China are some of the lowest paid people, and they often do make less than a waitress, including teachers at elite private schools and even some university professors. As for the information in China Shakes the World, as you may notice, it was published in 2007 (and the researched data was probably collected in 2005 or earlier), which means that virtually all financial statistics are outdated. Currently, a typical factory worker in Dongguan earns upward of 2000RMB per month. Most migrant workers there consider 3000RMB to be an attractive salary. My data is from 2010, so even it may be slightly below the current going rate.

  27. Poor waitress. My guess is, she’s a migrant worker who truly doesn’t know about the details of the relationship between China and Taiwan. After living in China for almost 4 years, I have run into truly ignorant mainland Chinese — not because of any individual fault, but because the people simply don’t know any better and the government controls the information they receive about Taiwan.

  28. Still I’m appalled by the Taiwanese customers’ crass behavior. Leave that waitress alone! Taiwan needs to be taken over by mainland China and teach those people some human decency and manners.

    1. What you mean manners like spitting in the streets? Or human decency like exhibited in the Cultural Revolution?

    2. you wouldn’t be saying that if you had visited China
      the spitting, pissing, & shitting in the public just too common
      their public washrooms would give you nightmares
      people always has to budge in line
      the sad part is they use kids & elders to pretend there are someone up in the front

      VS Taiwan
      People are polite
      Everywhere are clean(including smaller towns)
      It is NOT common for people to litter
      In Taipei 101, they actually have security guards to prevent people to budge in line(guess who this is for? Mainlanders)

  29. Wow, what a bitch.

    I hate people who think they’re superior over another nation. That’s so fucking ignorant. Taiwanese lady, please go get yourself an education before you open your fat mouth and say something stupid. Your passport doesn’t mean shit. Calm the fuck down. I feel bad for her son, you can tell he’s getting influenced by her crazy nationalistic crap.

      1. The name was caused by the Chinese civil war
        China never wanna claim the war has ended
        Do your home pal before making a shallow statement like that

      2. Well as soon as the P.R.C puts away its 1000 plus missiles and allows the Taiwanese the freedom to decide their own freedom.

  30. TW, if you don’t like it here. Fuck off back to your shitty little asswipe island. If you enjoy the privilege of travelling to your motherland than shut your mouth and appreciate that you still have the right to enjoy coming here.

    1. you sound like:
      you sniff too much Chinese milk powder
      you had stay in Chinese public washroom for too long and poo flies got into your brain

      whatever the cause was
      you just sound igonrant

  31. Excellent dignity by the waitress. Makes the Taiwanese look like screaming uncouth idiots.

  32. I wish to commend the waitress for her honesty. She should be awarded a medal for patriotism. How could I contact her?

    1. Can you speak Chinese??cant you hear their conversation in the video??well i have to be honest,I’m taiwanese and I have lived in China few years.Things bothered me a lot was people love to talk about ‘you are chinesse and taiwan is part of China to me’ I was just eating or doing something not relate to politics somehow they just could bring to subject and wanted to know how I react.I remember I didn’t get alone with a chinese girl and she told everyone I wanted taiwan became a independent country and people who dont know or know me started hating me (my amercian teacher told me).Anyway,I just want to express that there must have some details we dont know behind the video.whether taiwan belongs to china or not is not a thing we can sort it out through the argument here isn’t it?

  33. If you support the Communist government then mainland China is the real China. If you do not support the Communist government than you are left with only Taiwan as being what remains of the China that existed for centuries prior to 1949. That is a simplified version of it but nonetheless true.

    95% of the culture of the Chinese people is derived from those prior centuries and not from the PRC. To say the current mainland China is the real China only means you have no knowledge of your own history.

    Chinese nationalists (Taiwanese) fled the mainland because the Communists were going to kill them, it’s that simple.

    The Chinese, more than any other people I have met, have the hardest time separating nationality from race. The Taiwanese are Chinese race, yes, but they are not Chinese in nationality.

    The reason they embrace the west, and the reason they buy U.S. made weapons, is because they do not want to become part of Communist China; not because they are somehow refusing to be part of the Chinese race.

    I find the above mentioned mainland Chinese peoples’ lack of historical knowledge about their own country a sign that a lot of mainlanders only espouse the PRC’s point of view and never bother to see if it’s true. I am not pro-Taiwan in any real sense but I do understand their desire to never become part of the PRC which is probably the most corrupt government on Earth. This is not to say that other governments do not have corruption or elements of corruption, but that the PRC is nearly wholly corrupt.

  34. guys, the reason I know this is because I was assfucked while in a PRC prison. my anus is so loose from the daily assfucking that I had to get corrective surgery done (anorectal anastamosis).

    1. This is exactly why coherent conversation is impossible on the internet. This person is obviously part of wu jiao club…

  35. Exactly… that waitress is not able to separate Chinese race from Chinese nationality. She is probably not aware, or has not thought long enough about it, to know that there is a huge difference between the two,

    Her statement was ignorant, yes, but that Taiwanese guy shouldn’t have scorned her like that any more than you scorn a child for making a mistake of ignorance.

    Also, Chinese history lessons in their schools is a total joke – another great product of the PRC.

    Personal freedom (which the Taiwanese enjoy) is not part of the mainland Chinese vernacular and the concept is totally foreign. I have had plenty of mainlanders ask me what it means to be free, and what the differences are between freedom in China and freedom in America. They have no idea they are slaves and therefore do not understand what Taiwan is trying so hard to avoid.

    Also, before someone says something about the slaves statement, let me preempt your argument with one word: Hukou.
    That word should translate into English as: “System of slavey of the PRC by disallowing people to live where they want by denying them access to schools and medical services”.

  36. Taiwan is not part of china. Taiwanese are chinese from Taiwan. China chinese are chinese from China. They are separate. Not the same. But the taiwanese mother and son are too rude and nasty. The China waitress in the video didn’t response and was on the verge of crying. These two taiwanese chinese should shut their holes and learn some manners. Only low lives behave like these two yelling and cursing. Go back to Taiwan and yell and scream all they want. Stop embarrassing the taiwanese in China.

  37. I’m from mainland China…and I would die rather join the communists. The ROC is the true Chinese government…the communists just stole China from them, hiding to attack Japan while the Republic of China fought them head-on. If I could, I would much rather join Taiwan’s army…

  38. Ha, the girl looks proper innocent.

    Nonsense, no need to over-react like the mother and son did. They filmed it themselves as well. Blatantly seeking attention here.

  39. Japan is to deport a group of Hong Kong Chinese activists who sailed to disputed islands, the government has confirmed.

    The group sailed from Hong Kong to islands known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China on Wednesday.


    So all kinds of Chinese hates Japanese.

  40. the argument “Taiwan is part of China because the majority of population speak Chinese and are ethnic Chinese”
    then Singapore is part of China, so is Chinatown of San Francisco and New York City.

    the argument “Taiwan is part of China because majority of population is ethnic Chinese” is actually somewhat distorted. A recent genetic study reveals that 80+% population in Taiwan have traces of aboriginal genes, closer to Filipinos, Polynesians than Han Chinese.

    1. Well then 99.9999999% of North American natives or aboriginals have Asian genes from North China.

      So that makes Amerika or Chimerika is part of China.

  41. Ppl needs to get their terms straight before posting comments that doesn’t make any sense. First of all, there’s only one China of which the sovereign territory includes Taiwan, HK, Macau, etc… So, the answer to the question is YES Taiwan is part of China. But, I think the real question that ppl are trying to ask is ‘is Taiwan part of Mainland China?’ Then, the answer in NO. The ‘Mainland’ is also part of the sovereign territory of the whole China which, happens to be run by a communist government.

    Whether, it is Mainland China or Taiwan they both are part of China. It’s the political parties that don’t get along with each other (the CCP vs the KMT). It is not China claiming that Taiwan is part of its territory. But, rather the Communist government of Mainland claiming the Taiwan is part of its territory.

    The way I see it is that the Communist rebels are trying to claim an island part of China that they had never taken over since the uprising. The Communist government should NOT be the representative government of China in the UN. The Communists are rebels that haven’t fully taken control of the country China.

    The KMT is the righteous representative government of China. As long as KMT is alive the CCP of Mainland is just a rebel. The CCP even threatened to use military force to take back Taiwan of which they had never conquer so, where does ‘take back’ comes in. In Chinese family tradition it is a very easy analogy. Sort of like your grandfather (KMT), you can kick his AS* any day, but as long as he is alive he is still the head of the family. And, there’s nothing you do about it.

    In my opinion, the KMT in Taiwan should grow some balls and counter the CCP of Mainland that KMT is the righteous government of China. KMT Taiwan should claim that Mainland is part of China and that the current central capital of China is in Taipei.

  42. need to get this thread going again… yes taiwan is still called roc, and most people are ethnic chinese. but taiwan is most definitely not part of the prc.

    these days, no taiwanese will call themselves chinese anymore because they don’t want to be associated with classless mainlanders who spit, cut in line, clip their toenails in publc, talk super loud, etc. come on, look at hong kong, they are under your control, yet they probably would die many deaths before being labeled “chinese”. this is the reality, deal with it. get your country in shape, and maybe taiwan will think about it

    as for the mom and kid, they were out of line, they were visiting china and should’ve respected the locals.

    1. “classless mainlanders who spit, cut in line, clip their toenails in publc, talk super loud,”

      Is that all you care about?

      How poor people live?

      Well may be you would love to live in India or Afrika.

      And stay away from the Chinese and China, it’s not for you.

      I am so glad China is not your cup of tea.

  43. In his first year in Taiwan, Chinese student “Paul” spent much of his spare time in bookstores and libraries – not pouring over books for his field of study, but publications banned in China.

    “I read more than 12 banned books in half a year… books about the Communist Party’s history… and a lot of history books.

    “I learned that before 4 June [date of the 1989 Tiananmen crackdown], there were a lot of struggles. Chinese people’s courage was not just limited to that one incident,” said the student.

    When China agreed last year to begin allowing Chinese students like Paul to study for academic degrees in Taiwan – as part of an unprecedented warming of relations between the two former rivals – it looked forward to both sides’ young people getting to know each other.

    That is seen as an important step toward overcoming mutual prejudices and improving ties further.

    But by allowing impressionable minds to come here, Beijing may be getting more than it bargained for.

    For the first time, its citizens can stay here for an extended period of time – up to four years – and experience for themselves how a democracy in a foreign society functions.

    However, not everyone is impressed with everything in Taiwan. Many see the local media as politically biased and being manipulated by political or business interests. Others worry it could practice self-censorship if pro-China businesses increasingly take control.

    And the students do not necessarily believe the same style of democracy will work in China.

    Taiwan scums don’t allow Taiwan students to study in China, it’s an one-way street.

    There are over 35 mainland Chinese uni students in my building here in Canada and we are not red or commie, so what is BBC and Taiwan saying in this story?

  44. All a bunch of ego bullshit. Taiwan is not a part of China. Taiwan does not pay taxes to China. Does not have the same government. Does not have the same constitution. Although not many countries in the wrold regocnize Taiwan due to the fear of China. it puts Taiwan in a unique position of limbo. If China wants Taiwan. Then come and take it. Start WW3. Is it really worth the time and trouble?! It hasn’t belong to China since 1895. Why lose millions of lives over ego?! Bunch of idiots.

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