UK Luxury items sale flooded with Chinese faces

From IFeng:


December 26, the famous British department store Selfridges on Oxford Street in London had a after Christmas sale. Even though, there was the subway workers strike, it still could not stop waves of shoppers rushing in. Worrying about the deep debt crisis, Europeans are tightening their belts, not spending as much as the previous years. But to some Chinese people, this is not a problem.


Standing in line outside of Louis Vuitton, Mss. Wang said, “What are we here to buy? One word – luxury. Everything will be more expensive in China, these designer brands were never discounted, therefore buying them in the UK is much cheaper.” “My mom asked me to bring her some Lancome cosmetics, a Gucci or Louis Vutton handbag and a belt. I got myself some Estee Lauder produces (cosmetics). Doreen bought a Prada hand bag for her mother. Chinese people made a special trip to the UK for the sales.”


Dan Li, 22 years old, and his mother Zhang Ya Guan who is 47 years old came to shop here from Beijing. Miss. Li said, “We came especially just for the sale. I already bought a Prada bag, cost 644 pounds, original price was 999, much cheaper than in Beijing.” “Prada bag is for my mother, I want to buy a Gucci bag. Probably going to spend around 800 pounds, that is as expensive as double of the Chinese customs duty.”









  1. how can you tell if all these chinks/gooks are Chinese? Either way, I support these dog-eating animals buying expensive European goods – more money for us! Just don’t expect any respect from us.

    As long as those slit eyes don’t kill anymore Tibetans and try to stand up to the West.

    1. They all have money to buy unlike the whites and blacks of London, the Indians and muslims don’t buy these kinds of luxury, they buy castles, hotels and mosques.

      The Chinese will have to kill more Tibetans or steal their land when they need more money to buy up the UK, and eat shark fin and bear paws for lunch. They should make them work in dollar stores or corner stores for a living, some Koreans do that in my city.



      when you start earning your own money and can actually afford things, then, open your fat mouth. until then, stop whining.

      1. It is just idiotic students with peasant parents and social climbing via a branded item, as if!

  2. Even in another country, Chinese people are still pushing and shoving, and buying expensive shit they know nothing about just because it’s expensive.

    1. Sorry man, but that’s just a lame ass comment. Yeah, I hate the fact that lining up is unknown in China too but these kinds of big sales ALWAYS open like that no matter where you are and who the customers are.

  3. If you live in China there is nothing strange about that… do you know the price of this kind of goods in China?
    Every chinese girls dream about do shopping in Europe/USA (even if they are not rich).

    I go to the Apple store in HK i become the same kind of people ^_^

    it’s all a matter of context.

    1. Why do people (from China) care so much about owning brandname stuff? I don’t understand..
      I mean, ok, buy brand name things. But why do people have to line up and buy things in bulk? Isn’t one enough?
      A bag is a bag. A phone is a phone. Etc. Use everything until it’s broken.

      HK is so crowded and noisy nowadays…espcially during the summer. It’s so sad.

      1. So they can resell it? Also shop for folks that cannot travel etc. They are messing up shopping eith queues! I used to stroll into Selfridges at a certsin hour during sales but thanks to these eegits! Visa regime has gone to dogs due to students recruitment:(

  4. In the USA they shoot shoppers that are rude and for cutting in line.

    Nike kills and to die for in the USA.

    1. Not really: all races are the same. it’s just a cycle change that’s going on right now. the time will come when the Europeans are shopping while the chinese folks are broke. But, it may not be within our life time………….

      1. Of course that’s when conveniently forgetting that for every Chinese person who can afford those shitty, ugly bags there are 1000 who can’t. Wonder what happened to communism,,

    2. Stereotype: “Chinese people are materialistic”
      It’s sad that people like the ones in the article are reinforcing the stereotype, although there are lots of materialistic people that aren’t Chinese.

  5. If you get this excited of Prada-bags, you’re shallow and pretty boring.
    Sad case of consumerism.
    Move these shops to China, so that people can rot there instead of here.

    1. I really don’t understand why people get so worked up over things like this…
      They would probably still want to fly abroad so they can say they got their stuff from a foreign country.

  6. I can’t tell the difference between a Gucci bag and like a $10 bag from Walmart or something, seriously.

    In fact does anyone actually look at a woman’s handbag? Like, ever?

    1. Know a couple of businessmen near Shenzhen and when I went there last year I went to a storage area with thousands and thousands of these expensive bags. Anyway, I was told that the production price was around 500 yuan -yes, the best materials ARE used- but they were sold for 10.000 to 40.000 around China. Funniest thing is that there are factories in GD that produce exact replicas, using the same materials and sell them for 800 and NO ONE CAN SERIOUSLY TELL THE DIFFERENCE. So, what kind of retard wants to spend 20.000 on a bag she can get for 800? People who have too much money that’s who, and people with that kind of money who just doesn’t care don’t deserve it either. It’s also rumoured that some of the same factories making those 20K bags at day fire up the place at night to make their own batch that they sell around China for extra profit. I KNOW it’s true for golf clubs for instance.

      1. Those who really have that money will not line up that early with the crowds to get that little price difference on a cold winter day.

  7. the anxious chinese shoppers proceeded to walk around the store for hours buying nothing…

  8. 为什么中国买家从英国购买的商品,如果英国上瘾的中国人民的鸦片的吗?

  9. Its ok for England that Chinese people spent some money there I wonder why when Japanese were doing the same(15 years ago) nobody criticized them …Maybe because they are civilized and respected lines , they are not rude and Noisy.

    1. Yes, because they are civilized and respected, they are not rude and Noisy. And also that there are many Japanese brand names that the Japanee people offer to the world. What can the Chinse offer? Nothing, except for heap labor.

  10. This alone tells why the west is always winning…Who is making money here? US and European companies. If one day people line up to buy Chinese brand names, then it will be something Chinese can be proud of, but that will never ever happen.

    1. Erm not necessarily, it shows that the current fortunes of both the west and China. These people are spending on luxury goods indictive of the relative positive economy of China, wheras the likes of the US and Europe are in dire economic health and are making cuts everywhere in jobs, etc. Therefore the West is actually not really ‘winning’.

  11. If you want to see the American equivalent search on Walmart+Riot. BTW, a Prada bag will be fashionable for a lifetime, in 20 years it will be considered ‘retro’, by the time she is an old lady it will be considered classic.

    So what does it say about Chinese that they fly to London and don’t go to see the stuff the British Empire looted at the British museum, or do the Jack the Ripper walking tour?

    I wonder if it is easier for ordinary Chinese to go to London than Hong Kong?

    I think the correct music to accompany this article about London is Electric Avenue by Eddie Grant. Working hard like a soldier, I can’t afford a thing on TV, you said it Eddie.

  12. Obama screwed up Amerika so much that the Amerikan people shop at pet shops for cheap bags.

    It was on TV.

    And many Brits shop in 0.99 pound stores, $dollar stores to you Amerikans and Canadians.

  13. People go crazy for good deals. It’s no different anywhere on earth (except for Japan maybe). For Christ’s sake look at the post Christmas sales in the US. A waffle iron for $2 is a pretty good deal and makes people go ballistic.

    1. $2 for a waffle iron IS a pretty good deal

      $1000 for a bag… I dunno man. How many guys can tell a Prada bag from a Wal-mart bag? I’m convinced like the guy said above, only other materialistic women can.

  14. Obamarama has no money for wars, he can not shop for anymore shit weapons in the future.

    Oprah gave away her dirty money to her fucking dogs.

  15. Being Asian, this kind rabid consumerism and brand worshipping disgust this heck out me. There are poor ass Chinese children who can’t afford books and clothes and these vapid shallow ugly Chinese think some bag with a name of a white man is going to make them looks cooler. Jokes on them. I have to give it to Western luxury brand, they do know how to fool ugly Chinese girls into buying their expensive shi.t

  16. How disgraceful.

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but most designer goods are ugly anyway. There are so many other things to spend money on.

    1. Honestly, if a well-mannered, tidily-dressed person was wearing cheap clothing, they would still look fashionable and be respected.

      Some people cover themselves in designer goods, but talk loudly and are generally rude. What’s the point? Nobody’s going to like you.

      1. When I see loud Chinese girls walking in groups, all holding brandname bags, I just assume they’re using fakes. Their behaviour just doesn’t measure up to their possessions.

        1. Yeah, especially in schools. A handbag won’t hold all of your books and things. Backpacks are the way to go!

  17. Let me go and kill some more of those Tibetan slaves I have caged up in my backyard. I have run out of pet food for my dog. I have stopped feeding them Japanese imperialists since the earthquake for fear of radiation levels.

    One less Tibetan to moan about.

  18. Victoria you are so jealous and petty. And so are most of you people who wrote about Chinese buying designer brands. If you can’t afford it then buy cheap staff and try to be happy for God’s sake, shame on you all!!!!!

    1. I don’t need to spend money on clothes to boost my confidence. I’d rather eat good food.
      I donate and do charity work when I have time because it’s good to help less fortunate people.

  19. The value of luxury brand Gucci is losing value after its reputation was tarnished by several scandals in China, greatly lowering the brand’s image among Chinese consumers, an analyst said.

    Last year, Gucci China was the target of several claims that it treated its employees poorly, and was said to brag arrogantly about its sale figures.

    Soon the Chinese in China will walk away from this evil western luxury worshipping.

  20. i will not who is right who is wrong here but about Tibetan.
    Tibetan is wrong . are you saying if Texas want to be independent from USA . where the USA do not or let them be independent. China never says you may not have a other believes(god).

  21. Police and bailiffs have moved in to remove protesters from the Occupy London camp at St Paul’s Cathedral.

    Bailiffs have started to remove tents and other equipment from the site.

    Why the west want China to have more protests than in the UK, if there is no protest allowed in London or in England?


  23. Noveau riche, so easy to spot, more money than sense – hopefully their kids will grow out of it.

    SOME Brand named products are worth the higher price because of greater /quality control/, usually in such cases, the fact that it is a brand name would NOT be obvious, there will be no giant letters across the product, just a teeny tiny clothing label tag.

    I have a brand name cashmere coat, my mother made me cut out the label on the sleeve that identify it as such – I’ve seen people walking around with the label still on, but my mother says “it’s tacky”.

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