College teacher demands Chunghwa cigarettes from students

From QQ:


To become student cadre must send gifts, receiving scholarships have to pay commission, and diploma is exchanged with Chunghwa cigarettes.   Recently, a college teacher was exposed of openly demanding bribes from students via text messages.  Reporter then learned from the school, “this staff hired from outside” was already dismissed yesterday.

November 28, afternoon, titled “The most awesome teacher at Anhui Broadcasting Movie and Television College sends text message demanding for Chunghwa Cigarettes.” a forum post appeared on provincial capital BBS and immediately attracted netizens’ attention.  The poster claimed to be a student in this college, exposing his head teacher Mr. Wang who used scholarship assessment, granting diplomas and other means to demand bribes from students, or to give hints for bribery.  The post also included a screen shot of the text message, sender Wang wrote, “A carton of Chunghwa should be no problem, right?”

“(I) Want to expose this scum bag and please do not let him harm more brother and sister classmates. Hope school leaders deal with this seriously and do not cover for someone like that, give students an answer.”  The poster listed Wang’s misconduct with intense words.

Among many replies, some claimed themselves to be students at Anhui Broadcasting Movie and Television College and expressed their attitude.  Some of them added more of Wang’s misconduct with their personal experiences, asking the school to dismiss him.

“I was still working at my internship job for the city when he suddenly called and asked me out for drinks.  After I hung up the phone, there was that text message.”  Xiaomi (not her real name) is a student of the news department of this college. she claimed to be the victim of Wang’s demanding text message.  She said on November 16, she received Wang’s phone call asking her to meet him in school and said to go for drinks. Xiaomi refused him by giving the reason that she had to work.  Wang said, “do you still want your diploma?” then hung up the phone.  Right after, Xiaomi’s cell phone received this message “A carton of Chunghwa should be no problem, right?”

After the text message was exposed on the Internet, Xiaomi was contacted by Wang who said he was drunk when he sent the text message and it was just a joke.  However more students came out and said, Wang “gets drunk” often, sent text messages to student cadres and students who was applying for party membership and scholarships.  Sometimes he would deduct thousands from scholarships, or asking students to buy him Chunghwa cigarettes.

Yesterday, reporter went to Anhui Broadcasting Movie and Television College.  Deputy secretary of the school, Zhao Dong told the reporter, Wang was hired as temporary school staff from outside and was already dismissed by school yesterday.  School has ended their contract.  “November 29, our network technician accidentally discovered this post then we immediately began investigation.  The situation described on the Internet was found to be true, so school dismissed Mr. Wang on November 30.”

Wang entered school in 2003, served as news department head teacher and information technology department manager.  After the news broke out, school talked with Mr. Wang to understand the situation.  Finally they confirmed the  news on the Internet were mostly true.  College party committee decided to dismiss Wang on November 30 and ended their work relation.  Dong Zhaohe told the reporter, the school will have a teachers ethic meeting, which announces Wang’s dismissal, at the same time warn the teachers to comply with ethical conducts.

Report went on the school website and found the headline being such announcement, statement said Wang is already terminated.

Reporter attempted to contact Wang but was not able to.

Document school released about Wang’s dismissal:


About the decision to dismiss comrade Wang Yingchun

All school departments:

Wang Yingchun, male, born in January 1980, entered our school in 2003,  with junior college, professional training degree, served as news department head teacher and information technology department manager.

On November 16 evening, Comrade Wang Yingchun sent text message demanding luxury cigarettes from a student in his class.  The incident was exposed on BBS websites, and caused huge repercussion in the society. School leaders communicated with comrade Wang Yingchun and found the text-messaging incident true.

Comrade Wang Yingchun used his position as the head teacher to gain personal benefits, strongly violated teacher’s ethics; not only damaging our school’s reputation, but also caused negative impact in the society.  According to “Labor Law”,  “Labor Contract Law” and our school’s regulations, his action demands for dismissal as punishment. School party meeting on November 30, 2011 decided that comrade Wang Yingchun is terminated from school starting on the same day, and ended his working relation with school.

Hope all school staff will see this as a warning, strictly keeping work ethics and carry out our work responsibilities

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      We have free speech.

      1. really, china have free speech…how about saying Ai Wei Wei should be commended for his actions OR Liu XiBao should be allowed to go get his prize… (let’s see how long before you landed in a black jail or mysteriously died while under police custody…

        if you have free speech, try mentioning a certain June date in a certain year….

        Baloney @ voiceofhomer

  1. China is rotten from its roots, disgusting society, disgusting people, disgusting culture.

    1. In general, yes those mainlanders are the Chinese scum of the earth.

      At least even the Honger morons and definitely the Taiwanese are way more civilized.

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  4. Chinese students routinely have their school transcripts manipulated (e.g. bad grades dropped) when applying to foreign institutions. Pathetic.

    1. @voiceofhomer, such threats are unnecessary and you wanted to be arrested? (not to mention very childish and immature.)

  5. Corruption and bribery still is, and was a Chinese tradition
    Things need to be changed from the top

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