Man without money is garbage, marriage is a large transaction


Recently a viral video broke out on the Internet: In a crowded subway, a woman was angrily cursing at a man, apparently her boyfriend, sitting next to her. The woman speaking in a typical Beijing accent continuously scolded her boyfriend, said “man without money is garbage” and do not dream to marry her without money. Though being verbally abused in public, wearing a hat, boyfriend kept his head down quietly. Girlfriend did not stop cursing, and called the man “useless” for not responding. Finally, the woman said they are through and stormed off the subway. This video stirred up heated discussions, most people criticized the woman’s behavior, but some speculated it to be a publicity stunt. Fake or not, what it touches is definitely real issues in the society.

Look at you, you are useless, why am I going to marry you? You don’t have money. Man without money is garbage.


Look at you, you are useless, why am I going to marry you? You don’t have money. Man without money is garbage. And I am telling you, this morning when we are shopping, what’s the problem of spending some money? Being next to you feel like a joke, you know. You said you are going to take care of your parents, what about my parents? … I am telling you, no money… when I think of it I feel so scared, you know. Say something… You don’t even say anything, you are useless, you will have nothing in the future. You want to marry me? Forget it. Always like this… Say something… Ok, that’s it, we are through. Forget it. It is impossible now, I am moving out tonight. You are still like this? Forget it. Bye bye.

The following is the movie trailer for 巨额交配 “A Big Deal” direct translation is “mating of enormous amount (of money)”   mating(交配) is a pun of transaction (交易)which will start showing on December 2, 2011 in China.


Question 1

How much money does a man need to have in order for you to marry him?

Woman 1: “Monthly income at least 5000 – 6000”

Woman 2: “Monthly income over 10,000”

Woman 3: “Monthly income over 10,000, I think this is the most basic in a big city.”

Man 1: “I think for most women they have to think about if they are good enough for asking so much. If she is like sister Furong, or sister Feng, why is she asking so much? Sister Feng even wants Edison Chen.”

Woman 4: “New house… car… then ok.”

Man 2: “No house, no car, no saving, then don’t even consider, it makes me angry, because I am like that.”

Woman 2: “I feel no house means not secure, therefore house is required.”

Man 3: “Do you know how much it cost to buy a house now around Sanhuan and Sihuan (districts in Beijing). Cheap ones cost 1-2 million, better ones for 3-4 million. What does that mean? If I have that much money I can find a Xiaojie (sex worker) everyday. Continue for 20-30 years and no repeats each day. For example when a girl is dating you and ask, ‘Do you have a house a car?’ you say no, and she says, “Then why are we still dating?” Then you can say, what do you have that I have to have a house and a car? Do you look like Ling Chi-ling, or Marilyn Monroe?”

Woman 5: “For sure have to look at the financials. My living standard is here, if I find someone who is here (lower) so when we get together I have to be here too, so for sure it does not work.”

Man 4: “I have confidence, what do I care to have house and car.”

Man 5: “Marriages not based on love are as if behaving like a hooligan.”

Woman 5: “Love not based on marriage are as if behaving like a hooligan.”

Man 3: “If You don’t have money, don’t have a house, I wont marry you. This kind of woman, If I meet this kind of woman, just one word. ‘Get Lost!’”

Question 2

How much money does a man have to have for you to have a kid?

Woman 3: “Saving more than 300,000, then I consider having kids.”

Woman 2: “Under the condition of having a house, must have 400,000 – 500,000.”

Woman 6: “If you want me to give birth, my conditions are: 1. minimum of 100,000 in savings. 2. we must have a house that my husband and I live in by ourselves.”

Man 3: “Get married and having a kid really cost that much money?”

Woman 4: “I feel that if you have a kid, you have to take care of him/her. If you can’t guarantee him a good living environment at least similar environment as kids of the same age around him. (if not) I feel the kid’s mind will easily be twisted.”

Woman 2: “If the conditions are not met then I will not choose to have a kid.”

Man 5: “Therefore money is second. ‘Having 1-2 million then I have a kid’, the problem is you don’t need 1-2 million to have a kid, this kind of money is enough to raise him even.”

Woman 7: “First we need to be able to afford to give birth to him, just to give birth will cost 100,000 – 200,000. Then he has to go to school, he has to go aboard after schooling. Then it will coast 1-2 million. Then he has to get married, another 1-2 million. So to me, minimum is 5 million.”

Man 4: “I think what she loves is the 5 million not me. I will not marry her, very simple.”

Question 3

If a man doesn’t have this money, is he garbage?

Woman 5: “I feel in deed salary is a standard to measure man’s ability.”

Woman 3: “If I make more money than my husband, I will care.”

Woman 8: “Wanting a better life but hoping wife to make more money, that is for sure not acceptable.”

Woman 7: “The society today, money is the more realistic standard to measure a person’s ability.”

Man 4: “Then she should marry money instead. What she wants is not a man, she wants money. Her brain is rotten, full of glue. Her outlook on life is totally collapsed. She has no meaning living in this world, in my opinion.”

Woman 6: “In my mind, I can afford whatever I want to buy and I can afford whatever I want to eat , I think that’s enough.”

Man 4: “Typical rotten mind, talking nonsense. If my other half says all she wants is to eat anything she wants and to buy anything she wants, then I thinks she doesn’t love me at all she only wants is to have a contract to sell her body.”

Woman 1: “Why don’t you ask men directly rather asking women – do you think you should have money?”

Man 1: “I think men and women should be equal in this society. Why do men have to have so much money? Why don’t women make money and asking men to take care of them?”

Man 2: “I think this should be looked at from a future prospective.”

Woman 9: “He is saying that he will work hard, but I feel anybody can just talk and don’t act on it. There is no point, don’t just say it, do it and let me see the result.”

Woman 4: “If he has no desire to do better, depressed all the time and plays all day long. I think that is not far from garbage.”

Woman 2: “Satisfied with current condition, no special big goals and feels happy about the current living situation; I think this kind of man is garbage.”

Woman 6: “No desire to do better, no foundation and looks ugly, I think man like this is same as garbage.”

Man 3: “To woman that says ‘man without money is garbage’, I think this kind of woman is most suitable to work at a night club or become someone’s mistress so her chance of meeting garbage will decrease.”

Question 4

If you think man without money is garbage then is what between a man and woman a large transaction?

Woman 7: “(Marriage) is actually like negotiating a business transaction, must keep clear and rational. First thing is to protect oneself.”

Man 5: “If woman must sell themselves like objects, then ok, no problem. But I don’t care to buy it.”

Woman 4: “All the animals in the world, their mating are all based on materials. I think this kind of so-called ‘large money mating’ is needed. I think no matter human or animals, this kind of matting always require one to have something which attracts the other.”

Woman 5: “This is just like you are responsible for making money and support the family, I am responsible for looking pretty like the flowers. For example, I am going to demand you with my ability of making money. If you make 2000 a month, don’t expect her to have size 36 c cup chest, or 168cm-170cm tall, that is not realistic.”

Man 1: “Actually those woman who only look at money, those women who use their youth between 20-35 for a business trade, they are so sad. Her youth only lasts 5 years, she wants to trade her best thing as an object for a better value, actually very sad, they are very sad.”

Woman 5: “It’s not that if I find someone rich, for sure I will not have love. If given that I have true love and I find someone with money, why not?”

Man 2: “I think if women are so realistic, why should we give our true love? right?”



  1. Absolutely none of those girls (with the possible exception of Woman 5) are remotely OK了吧 in the looks department.

    They’re asking for millions of renminbi? I wouldn’t pay more than 130 yuan for any of their services at a brothel.

    1. The sense of entitlement exhibited by these women is overwhelmingly bizarre.

      These women talk about their “standard”. Where and how was this “standard” established? By whom? They are unattractive, and more importantly: Not charming.

      What gives them the impression they deserve anything at all?

      Of course — ultimately it doesn’t matter. They will all end up disappointed and miserable — but then again, they already are. If they can’t be happy with what they have — no emasculated slave-husband is going to help (even if they can find one).

      The man who talks about hookers has the right idea.

      If these women are going to commercialize the situation, then so should men. Rent. Don’t buy a depreciating asset. That honey, really is “garbage”.

      1. “If these women are going to commercialize the situation, then so should men. Rent. Don’t buy a depreciating asset. That honey, really is “garbage”.”

        Dude nailed it dead on. Worth repeating

    2. This is why Chinese/Asian Women Love us White Guys. Because we got it in the Looks, and Financial Departments. : D

      1. They marry the white guy and then have sex with the black guy. It all works out in the end.

  2. 社会主义好,社会主义好

    poor girls, I don’t feel sad for us guys, because you shouldn’t want to have a hi-so whore as a wife.

    I don’t know, perhaps that’s not fair, they just want to have enough money for a stable life, for their children. But that’s crazily egoist – they seem to have their plan, which for sure, they didn’t think of themselves, they just copy existing ways, and than they wait for a guy, that can afford them and their »dreams« (don’t even want to call it like that, that’s a way to nice word to use for someone like that). If you want money, make it!
    And if maternity leave isn’t good enough in China, petition it with your government… but just asking for money is cheap.
    But than again – perhaps that’s what the girl means by her high standard, she wants someone at the same level as herself. But don’t you see that won’t work? Guys of the high standard don’t seem to care, to find a girl they love no matter how much she earns. Or am I wrong about that?

  3. This is embarrassing….why are Chinese women such leechers….It might be because of the sudden switch of communism to capitalism and rise in consumerism, everyone’s so focused on stuff, that love has taken a backseat.

    1. Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold-digga, but she ain’t messin’ with no broke nigga.

      1. Right remember back in the day women used to choose men who could work and men the same thing. Looks and money or love were not a factor because everybody looked and had the same shit. But as the environment changed and society left these bitches behind and men had prospects to choose the quality of woman and vise versa love stayed out of the equation. Nothing really changed in the process of marrying in China just the amount of shit the women can get out of the man and his family and the option to opt out via divorce.

        The reality for most of these women in China that they are full of shit and would take anything short of what they want when they realize the man of their desire is not interested in them when they reach a certain age and their value has plummeted or was never there to begin with. Regardless of women and their status in China a marriage should be an equal union but ultimately has proven to be legal prostitution and human trafficking once a child is born along with extortion in the event a boy is born or divorce is evident.

        Like chinese holidays marriage in china has proven to be highly profitable. Houses get bought cars get bought, cars get rent, flowers get bought, wine, liquor, beer, cigarettes, food and money changes hands over and over in the sake of saving face is a perpetuated scam and a faux in their society.

    2. Leechers? It’s called having standards. These women will not attach themselves to someone who cannot care for them the way the want it, and in the meantime, they take care of themselves. What’s wrong with that? Who cares if the guys are upset? They can find themselves girls with lower standards–like one of the women said, it would be probably an uglier girl. Or just not marry! If these women don’t want to fall in love with a guy who can’t support her, it’s their choice to refrain.

      1. Well, they might as well not get married, because a hooker only cost around 100 yuan a day. Over 10,000 a year and you can fuck three times a week and lots of hookers are probably better looking then these girls. Its economically efficient. I suggest all guys do that.

      2. this is exactly the problem. you marry someone in sickness or health for rich or poor, because you cant live without that person. it says nothing about it being conditional.

    3. There leeches from years of the sickening so-called harmonious society. The older ones are just as materialistic.
      No. They are the full-on capitalists. Allways having their own business and not paying taxes.
      The country may have a communist party but the Chinese are more Capitalist then any other nation. Hence the worship of money.

    4. Almost 60% of Chinese business women working for western companies in China are married to westerners and they all think they are better than the rest of China.

      That’s why these Chinese gals are leeches.

    1. i thought she’s a man saying girl opinion. Damn… i think if she’s a real women and talking like that, should be executed

  4. First video I’d already seen, but the second video was really interesting. Problem is that over the last twenty years Chinese people are becoming either really rich or staying really poor, with not much in the middle. It’s a fight to the top and these women want to ensure their place in the new rich.

  5. Poor women, when they go outside of their small regions to look how other women hold the attitudes towards romances, they will feel how sleazy they are, I guess they will conceal in a small corner. What a shame on them!

    1. Is it sleezy, or is it realistic? Romance is really not the most practical thing if you end up attached to a guy who expects you to stay home taking care of children on his low salary–a romance like that might not last very long, and would be worthless. They know what they want and are out to find that–there’s nothing wrong with that. If you have different goals, look for someone who agrees with you.

      1. There’s nothing wrong in knowing what you want in itself, but the wrong thing is, these girls will simply never find what they are looking for, because if they could, they would be already engaged to their Mr Right and not fantasizing about him anymore, they’re just so vain. The one they claim dreaming of doesn’t exist, and if they find a rich man somewhere, he’ll be rich enough to have several concubines waiting in a row for his favors and replacing each of them once he gets bored with. As soon as you constantly “dream” of having shitloads of money being thrown at you for no good reason, you’re gone off to a bad start in life.

  6. They must all be big city girls. I know a lot of beautiful girls from Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan etc. who aren’t like that at all. And yeah, those girls are uglier than most of the street walkers trolling around Shenzhen.

    1. Indeed these Chinese women are so ugly, yet they think that they are worth that money.

  7. The children raised by these Chinese women will be even worse than them, and that’s how one can tell why the Chinese are getting worse generation after generation.

    1. truel…chinese nation need keep up the national culture and tradition ower western modernism

  8. an ugly girl making unreasonable demands is an exciting prospect for insult.

    when these rubes get what they want, they can look forward to endless misconduct from their rich counterpart, and a nice long life of unhappiness. So, step out of the way, let them fall, enjoy the show.

  9. I wonder how many of those women’s parents would have qualified?

    Sounds like “true love” isn’t even in the top 10 for those gold digging women.

    With attitudes like that, how do they even get a date, let alone a real relationship.

    1. :< I really don't get what's the big deal here. They have standards for who they want to date, who they want to give their heart to. If they don't find anyone like that, it's their problem, but it's likely many of them will and be happy. What's wrong with knowing what you want? What is "true love" anyway? It can come in a lot of different situations. I'm sure a woman happy with her man will find it a lot easier to fall in love with him.

      1. If in a “relationship” all is a matter of money and pragmatism, then there can’t be any love or affection involved, it’s only a business partnership or a matter of face towards the world outside, little else. Leave it to the coldest hearted people unless you are one of them. I can hardly imagine living a life long “relationship” with somebody who admire me only for what I have but maybe it’s a cultural phenomenon which could explain why so many Chinese men have mistresses and women as many one night stands.

  10. My fiancee is hotter than all of them put together

    >you are responsible for making money and support the family, I am responsible for looking pretty like the flowers.
    >let’s be realistic

    None of you look pretty like flowers, and therefore aren’t worth shit.


  11. This is reality when there are 30 million surplus men in China and it will get worse. S.Korea and Japan isn’t different infact they have dealt with this many decades ago, but learned to attract women from third world countries, so there’s no problem for them. If Korean women says crew you poor buggers then Korean men can find nice homey Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese women, if Japanese women says screw you Japanese small dick, then Japanese men can get Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Brazilian women etc.. Chinese men should look for Mongolian, Tibetan, Uighur, Zhung, Miao, Hui, Cambodian, Vietnamese women.. they’re plenty of them willing to get out of their rural hometown. These shameful Chinese women can find some Western losers and screw themselves.

    1. Haha. They’re not shameful–they just have standards. Your examples are just precious, though. Japanese men looking at Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Brazilian exc? What do you think those women look at Japanese men for? It’s highly likely the Japanese men have much higher salaries than the women would have found in men from their own countries. So the women want to improve their lot, and the men are sore. Too bad for the men. And maybe the Chinese women with this mindset will find a richer Western man and be perfectly happy with that. What is it to you?

      1. Good culture in the east, kill all the girls and women before they mate with whiteys and blacks.

  12. I actually agree with the women. I think it’s wise to make sure you’ll be able to have a comfortable life. If great if there’s love but you need some technical thinking as well, especially as so many couples struggle with finances and everyone seems to get divorced in the end. In fact I just think marraige is a neccesairy setup in life- no more no less. Or maybe not all that neccesairy because I’ll never get married.

    1. remind the woman to pray that their husband will not hook up with sugar babe or mistress

    1. Quite true, STFU and get a job AND A LIFE.

      Achieving yourself trough other people and their money is the ultimate sore loser stigma.

    2. What if the guys are looking for stay-at-home moms? Of course the women will look at income.

  13. Why don’t the women get rich themselves?
    Then it is an one step process that they can control instead of a 2 step process fraught with many uncertainties.
    They would have a secure financial future instead of risking a divorce when they lose their looks or if they become widowed.
    Once they are riched themselves, they can choose to look for love instead if that floats their boat.

    1. Don’t you think if they’re rich themselves they might have even higher standards and want someone up to their level? There’s nothing wrong with having standards.

      1. But if your standards are too far out it’s rather unlikely you’ll find any that suits you.

      2. why no live alone?…many single womans live alone.many black woman say if living alone is nice.just few % of woman fit for family-role,the rest arguing for ‘standards” (double-standards)

  14. From BBC news “lax adoption laws, which they say have created a thriving underground market for buying children.”

    Buy and sell, the Chinese way to riches.

  15. Well men are now a dime a dozen in china. There’s a severe gender disparity in China where there are vastly more men than women (thanks to the One Child Policy) and according to studies over 20 million men will not be able to get a mate. This gives women more choice over who they want to marry. Of course they will select the best mates (men who has the wealth and power). This is sad to hear but it’s only natural selection at work. The best (smartest, strongest, richest) survives while the poor and destitute die out of the gene pool.

  16. I’m 168cm, have a 36C chest, and my Chinese boyfriend only makes 4000 a month. I’m happy enough. I get angry when Chinese women are so materialistic. I think it’s such a horrible and coldhearted mindset to arm yourself with. The more beautiful they are, the more they demand. I’ve even seen some really ugly Chinese women with terrible personalities who demand thousands from potential suitors, even though I wouldn’t give you 2d for any of them. But, on the other hand, I can’t blame these women. Most Chinese men cheat on their wives. If they are poor, they go to KTV bars and pick up cheap whores. If they are rich, they keep second, 3rd, even 4th wives. I really don’t think many Chinese men think of women as equals in almost any way. Either way, it’s a horrible way to treat your wife, putting her health at risk from all sorts of nasty STDs while you gallivant off and screw whoever you can. So, a lot of women don’t have sex with their husbands. They allow them to find whores, as long as the man compensates them with lots of STUFF e.g. LV handbags, an iPhone etc. It’s an awful way to treat each other and equally repulsive. But it’s a fair deal, right? No wonder they have become so coldhearted. I think if a you choose a man based on salary, you become nothing but a commodity. So he can treat you however he likes! How unfortunate.

    1. Hi, Holly! I like your attitude. 🙂

      I can relate. I’ve met countless Chinese women who behave this way; putting money before love every single time. Out of all the women I’ve met, only one of them said she would marry someone if she loved them. The rest of them? They wanted money or compensation in some way or form.

      “I want someone who can take care of me, and give me the life my mother/father/parents/family/etc gave me. It’s okay if he doesn’t love me, as long as he can take care of me and be kind to me. I’ll never marry for love.” I hear this EVERY SINGLE TIME from my friends, and the girls I’ve dated. They basically want daddy. Their parents taught them to behave this way, and they’re only doing what they’ve learned.

      It doesn’t help that a lot of Chinese women have really bad daddy issues. I’ve only met one Chinese lady without daddy issues, and she’s the one who didn’t care about money. Many fathers wanted a boy, and this desire becomes increasingly obvious as the daughter gets older.

      But you know what? I’ve met even more American women who are just like this, or even worse — especially women from my generation. The difference is, Chinese women will tell you the truth up front about what they want from a relationship. Most American women know it’s wrong, and they won’t tell you about their true intentions until it’s too late.

      1. The only Chinese women you said would marry for love and not money is “lying.” Lying is the next best national trait after money.

    2. in my culture the women has coacting force in must woman being casualties of western society-“culture” (subculture),in long term this process affect the society.look forward ,and check the future problems.

  17. Chinese women are disgusting. At least a hooker would give you good sex for money…

    And shame on the people who bitch about appearance, would it be justified if they all were hot?

    1. Why is this disgusting? If the man is looking for a wife to birth his child, look after it, and stay with him, and he expects her to not have a job in order to do these things, she should rightfully work to get a man that would give her a standard of living similar to that which she grew up in or that which she wants.

      1. Paola — If I may dissect your comment:

        1) Because a woman grows up with a level of wealth, she therefore has the right to pursue it in a mate.
        2) Because a women “wants” a standard of living she has a right to pursue it in a mate.

        Never mind the grotesque cast system that the first comment legitimizes — it is the second comment that is at issue:

        If we are to accept that marriage is a means of attaining something that one “wants” other than love — then one must accept that this dynamic applies equally to men and women.

        And if we are to accept that what men frequently want is a young beautiful woman — then one we must accept that men will become increasingly dissatisfied as their women grow older and less attractive.

        So by your own justification of getting what one “wants” from marriage (other than love) there is a perfectly valid justification for men to toss out women when they have served their purpose to the man — which is to be pretty.

        Unfortunately — most women want an absurd contradiction: They want to marry up (ie: marry money), but they want the man to express devotion and love. In other words, they want (and you want) to be the winner in the equation.

        That is disgusting — as it is a disingenuous rationale for marriage.

        Ergo — you, Paloma — are disgusting too.

  18. Chineses don’t really have souls. It’s not correct to blame this on communistic deprivation or state capitalism or the humiliation at the hands of 19th century imperialists or whatever the apologists are saying this week. Just think: these are people, if you can call them that, who burn monopoly money (and sometimes little mock-ups of flat-screen televisions) TO SEND TO THEIR DEAD FAMILY MEMBERS. This is the closest they get to any appreciation of the sublime. And in life, no ideal amounts to anything higher than a perfect pragmatism, the eternal mediocrity of the median kingdom.

    1. For the record, the Chinese people I’ve known are all upstanding citizens and good friends. There is no one without a soul. I am suspicious that this attitude springs from jealousy over Chinese success.

      1. “I am suspicious that this attitude springs from jealousy over Chinese success.”

        whoaa seriously? we jealous? ahahaha, ok fine I hv my standard too, Im willing to meet their standard but the question is, did they meet my standard? naaaaah…

  19. The video only interviewed 9 women and you don’t even know their backgrounds. i’m sure you can find ppl like them in every single country in the world and there’re no way the interviewees could represent the whole China. the problem is the materialism not the nationality. so stop commenting about China or anything that you don’t know.

    1. I agree with you that both the sample quality and quantity does not warrant the interview as “statically significant”, but from my personal Chinese experience (as an American-educated 1.5 generation Chinese) the points made in the video is very close to the truth for females of the Chinese society. I refer the show “非诚勿扰” to you if you want to see large amounts of anecdotal evidence. Materialism is prevalent in other nations, but not to a degree of social institutionalization as it is in China. Sure, many chicks in the States are materialistic as hell, but there those girls are generally looked down upon by the general population. In China, ALMOST all girls who did not have an upper class up-bring will be materialistic to a great degree and girls who have achieved their goals through marriage will be the pride of her family and the envy of her friends and colleagues. Sketch.

      1. In a society where women are valued less as men or at least expected to some extent to stay home, take care of children, and not work, these are the tools available to women to improve their lot. Men use their tools to improve their lot; there’s nothing wrong with women doing the same.

        1. the woman in oriental civilization,in family,teaching tradition and culture for their children.What about onemum womans and their black mans almost imprisoned in today’s western “culture”?
          Paola….you are snake-scam here

  20. lets face it….women’s are materialistic no matter how they look….well, those ladie’s above are all fuglies lol.

    1. And men aren’t materialistic? *People* are materialistic, Lee, not just women. The majority of us want to improve our lot and work to do this, like these women in the video.

      1. ok paola,let say i agree with you…now if i spend that much money,i make sure its worth,but…are they worth? naaaah, their standard is money,my standard is beauty (so no more love/feelings/inner/attitude involved here..?) i need my money worth eh..

      2. what means for you “men is materialistic”? men if have money,then make the family. But western woman? woman if have money,say they now no “need” man. Of course,after become older and uglier and beeping shes biological clock she start looking for needs: older rich man for marriage,or just “good times” with a young toy-boy. Paola,you are a feminist snake,get away from asian people,go away in your country,play with your sex-toys,don’t scam here

      3. maybe yes,, but men is more realistic paula… as we know men use their logic more than woman

  21. One thing I’ve been wondering- If marriages are based on cash/ materials, why do they bother to get married at all?

    Make your own money, you don’t have to sell yourself and you’d definitely get your pride.

  22. I totally agree that women that use a man’s income as a standard are all just whores. If she won’t love you when you are poor then she won’t love you when you are wealthy. A guy that works hard at his chosen profession should be enough. Assuming a guy with a small income is some kind of slacker is just stupid. What about the talented but struggling actor or writer. It might take years for them to get their big break? What about the Aid worker who by fallowing his passion he does great things but makes very little money.

    Also if a woman stands by and gives her man the support and love a husband should have fro ma wife than as a team they can do just about anything. When it is all about what he can do for her there is no wonder why some men leave their wives for younger women.

    To the point now. The main reasons I can guess that the unattractive women in the video think they are worth millions are Most women overvalue themselves and there are far more men than women in china so the ugly greedy ones in china do have more value just because there are not enough women to go around. Move them to a country that doesn’t kill baby girls than the story is different.

    1. agree to that….. i feel that they overvalue themselves??? with 5mil rmb i will not marry them i will hire hooker(always able to change girl with younger one) or order a mail bride

  23. Mainlanders should follow the 3F rule that goes :
    “Anything that 1) flies
    2) floats
    3) fucks
    Don’t buy, just RENT” !

    1. These women what do they do for a living? Do they have high income? Are they highly educated? If they are not and they are not that pretty then how do they have such high expectation from men?

      I think women from all over the world want the same thing. They want someone their equal or higher in terms of education and income. If a woman has high income and is highly educated, she doesn’t want to marry to a cashier in BurgerKing.

      It’s really sad that in today’s world most men want women to be financially independent or be the main provider for the whole family. The men don’t want to provide for his family wife and children anymore. It’s impossible for her in be a stay home mom to mother her own children. Men expect their wives to work as many hours as them to bring home the money to support the mortgage and food. So I do agree marriage like that they should not have kids because no one is taking care of the kids.

      1. It’s not (only) men that wants women making money but the society as a whole since the cost of living is soaring up everywhere in the West. So couples have less and less choice (well it’s also a matter of being materialistic I agree).
        BTW Kudos to one of my female colleagues whose boyfriend is on the dole. If it’s not love and support, tell me what it is.

        1. Z 5300,

          If my future husband ask me to have kid, I will tell him the day I will have a child is when I don’t need to work full time in order to provide financially for me and my child.

          I refused to be like most women in the city who deliver the baby in the hospital then throw the baby to an institution daycare for strangers to raise them because I am busy working all the time and never have time to mother my child. Many of these children grew up “unattached and never knew what’s parental love” very sad. It’s not healthy psychologically for the child.

          Very sad in most city today, men are not men anymore. They don’t want to be the main financial provider for his wife and kids like the old days.

          1. But you know it’s not easy these days to keep being the “main provider”… No matter male or female.

          2. what if the provider suddely died/ get layoff/ got into accident and became disable???

  24. Being in the 21st century in 2012, I think in about 50 years in the future, with the world being a smaller place, me being in New York, I have given up looking for love. I have decided that if I cannot make it work in the Philippines, I am not going to marry at all. I think whats happening is that with technology becoming more prominent and many industrialized societies starting with the U.S. telling women they should get an education first over getting married, and teaching women their entitled to everything and not give back not a dime to the men, I feel has made women in some ways more selfish of the two sexes. I see Japan is having a shortage of babies now as a result of our cultural ways being spinned off to other countries, and their saying that within the next 10-20 years with the population aging fast, if more newborns are not born, the country’s economy will collapse. I heard China’s government is encouraging more families to abort female fetuses in exchange for males to be born. Another policy failure that is doomed because when you have a shortage of one sex for another sex, its a recipe for disaster. I think that what every country needs to do is go back to basics. I think it starts with mom and dad sitting down and defining the roles and working together to raise the kids up properly. Teach the daughters love and respect, but tell them there is nuttin wrong with being a woman, and that there is nuttin wrong with working, and should marry a guy not for money, but a man have respect for that woman. I think there is too much garbage on tv in my country that is being broadcasted in other countries. I think whats corrupting other cultures its the crap being broadcasted to other countries. I got rid of the cable box, because I think American prime time tv sucks and is total garbage and why so many women and guys in my culture can’t find the right feelings to connect. What we see on tv is about purely power, money, things, not about each other as human beings. I think its not just USA, but also China and other countries are going thru this. I still think you guys have it good with the women, because at least the ladies there still want a trip down the aisle and have the children, but sad to say I see a day that will be thing of the past for the average person and only for the ones who are extremely wealthy and have priviledge. Little by little its becoming a thing of the past in my country, as more and more people are opting out of it and just living together and having kids out of wedlock. Its truly a sad world were living in more and more as each year passes by.

  25. I seriously don’t understand why people are giving these women so much crap. Do you guys even know how expensive living in the cities of China is these days? They have a right to be concerned about their future as well as the future of their child. Man 3 asked if getting married and having kids really cost that much money… the answer is obviously yes. Does he even realize how much money primary, secondary and university education is going to cost the family at the very least? And that’s not including money for other expenses. Do the math.

    I think it’s such a double standard and that there’s so much hypocrisy when people are criticizing these women. Gold diggers? Hookers? Let’s face it, these women have to be realistic for the sake of their future families. Chinese men want women to rely on them but of course the buck stops there when these women actually want something tangible to ensure stability. I’m not defending all of these women but I just think it’s unfair to criticize all of them giving the current situation in China.

    1. As most of us now know, India has become something of an over population explosion in the past decade.

      In fact, its growth rate this year is expected to be nearly triple that of Canada and other Western nations.

      Many are getting rich in India but many more people are left behind, one-third of the population or nearly 400 million people, lives on less than $2 a day.

      Less than half of households have toilets. In even fewer can residents drink water from their own taps. One in four is illiterate.

      Indian women have no say in their future.

      Chinese women want a good future and they always get shit from white people for that.

      1. Chinese women are what men call ‘ball busters’ the complain and try to get men to climb the social ladder, so, like all women, they can share the ‘prestige’ that comes with increased status without doing any work.

        In the western countrys, kids are used to force money out of a man, or dependancy thus ensuring his continues financial support, the state enforces this with courts favoring the woman, and hand over half of everything to her regardless of what she has done, some women are even so brazen as to call this ‘cashing in’

        This ‘good future’ these women want, is always achieved on the backs of men.

        1. Ugh,

          If you truly believe what you stated that it’s not fair for the men to provide for his children and his wife who is babysitting around the clock to take care of the child needs….do the world a favor. Do not get marry or father any poor child. Get yourself sterilized. The planet needs less trash.

          1. Cindy most women do NOT babysit around the clock or take care of the child needs. most of them want alot of money and to be able to shop, shop, shop till they drop. The want a nanny for the child and not to be bothered when they are having their manicures. It is YOU Cindy that needs to get sterilized. And if the planet needs less trash then do us all a favor Cindy and put a bullet in your selfish head.

            Men are treated like dogs by most modern women even IF they work themselves to death. That is the reality Cindy you tool.

            Please Cindy, I repeat, go shoot yourself in the head. You are truly trash Cindy.

            1. Are you for real Julia? How disgusting that you reply to something 2 years later with such a hateful comment. Are you even a mother? Are you even a woman? (You sound like a man who hates women). How did your own mother treat to give you such a distorted view of family life? Thankfully ignorant attitudes like yours are no longer taken seriously by educated society. No one needs a bullet in the head (what a disgusting thing to say), all we need to do is to let people like you die out (already happening, do you have children?), so your hateful opinions can leave this world with you.

              1. I came on here again to see if there was any reply. I would just like to say that I have changed and matured from when I wrote my above reply. The truth was I hated men and hated women like Julia. I am sorry Julia. Actually Julia what you said really hurt because it was how I acted towards my husband and he eventually left me. I just did not want to admit it to you. sorry

                1. oh and I was really mean Julia telling you about replying to something 2 years later when I did the same thing! What I accused you of doing I did the same to you. My older sister agrees with you when I showed her this post. She called me a hypocrite. It is really hard to admit I was wrong. But I am divorced and my sister is still married and with kids. I was a hypocrite. sorry

                  1. p.s. Cindy saying ” Get yourself sterilized. The planet needs less trash.” to that guy is as my sister pointed out, just as disgusting as what you said about bullet in the head and as my statement about you dying but I realized that you were responding to Cindy’s disgusting statement in the first place.I still think what you said is wrong (and what I said too) but she did the same thing, first. She started it not you.

                    1. CleverAmbition you sound like a real weirdo. Julia was only responding to Cindy’s vile statements. Telling her die out’ and calling her womanhood in question is really unfair. Your weepy non-apology shows what kind of person you truly are. I feel bad for your poor husband.

                      CleverAmbition it’s bigots like you that need to ‘die out’.

          2. Cindy If the planet needs less trash then you should be the one to get yourself sterilized you cock guzzling whore.

          3. Cindy If the planet needs less trash then you should be the one to get yourself sterilized you cum guzzling whore.

      2. This world is over populated. Our planet is dying and so polluted. The one child policy in China is the best law ever created for a overpopulated country. They should even make it a policy that not only the married couple can have only one child,but the female must be at least 34 years old in order to give birth. Any younger and the family will be fined heavily.

        China needs to shrink its population from 1.4 billion to 400 millions. Starting with the rural area. The rural area people should not be having kids when they can’t even provide them with the basic. The kids are starving and sick without education.
        They need to figure out a plan to control the population in the rural.

        A strong nation don’t need a huge population of uneducated unskilled people. They should be replaced by a smaller population of highly skilled and educated better quality people.

        1. This guy Chen wants Chinese women to have as many kids as Amerikans.

          Chen is a fool and a tool.

          Imaging 3 BILLION Chinese all over the world.

          The Chinese running Chimerika like it belongs to China, sounds good.

    2. simple it is overpriced….. we also know the living cost and expense for raisin kif…
      lets just say we can give it?? what will they offer??????

      here is what we guys thinks(quoted from craiglist)
      This post appeared on Craigslist as a classic that hit the frontpage of thousands of websites worldwide. Apparently, a supposedly beautiful 25-year-old woman was trying her luck on Craigslist…

      What am I doing wrong?

      Okay, I’m tired of beating around the bush. I’m a beautiful (spectacularly beautiful) 25 year old girl. I’m articulate and classy.
      I’m not from New York . I’m looking to get married to a guy who makes at least half a million a year. I know how that sounds, but keep in mind that a million a year is middle class in New York City, so I don’t think I’m overreaching at all.

      Are there any guys who make 500K or more on this board? Any wives? Could you send me some tips? I dated a business man who makes average around 200 – 250. But that’s where I seem to hit a roadblock. 250,000 won’t get me to central park west. I know a woman in my yoga class who was married to an investment banker and lives in Tribeca, and she’s not as pretty as I am, nor is she a great genius. So what is she doing right? How do I get to her level?

      Here are my questions specifically:

      – Where do you single rich men hang out? Give me specifics- bars, restaurants, gyms

      -What are you looking for in a mate? Be honest guys, you won’t hurt my feelings

      -Is there an age range I should be targeting (I’m 25)?

      – Why are some of the women living lavish lifestyles on the upper east side so plain? I’ve seen really ‘plain jane’ boring types who have nothing to offer married to incredibly wealthy guys. I’ve seen drop dead gorgeous girls in singles bars in the east village. What’s the story there?

      – Jobs I should look out for? Everyone knows – lawyer, investment banker, doctor. How much do those guys really make? And where do they hang out? Where do the hedge fund guys hang out?

      – How you decide marriage vs. just a girlfriend? I am looking for MARRIAGE ONLY

      Please hold your insults – I’m putting myself out there in an honest way. Most beautiful women are superficial; at least I’m being up front about it. I wouldn’t be searching for these kind of guys if I wasn’t able to match them – in looks, culture, sophistication, and keeping a nice home and hearth.

      Wall Street banker Rob Campbell (Employed by JP Morgan) gave our girl a shake that she’ll never forget. =)

      I read your posting with great interest and have thought meaningfully about your dilemma. I offer the following analysis of your predicament.
      Firstly, I’m not wasting your time, I qualify as a guy who fits your bill; that is I make more than $500K per year. That said here’s how I see it.

      Your offer, from the prospective of a guy like me, is plain and simple a crappy business deal. Here’s why. Cutting through all the B.S., what you suggest is a simple trade: you bring your looks to the party and I bring my money. Fine, simple. But here’s the rub, your looks will fade and my money will likely continue into perpetuity!in fact, it is very likely that my income increases but it is an absolute certainty that you won’t be getting any more beautiful!

      So, in economic terms you are a depreciating asset and I am an earning asset. Not only are you a depreciating asset, your depreciation accelerates! Let me explain, you’re 25 now and will likely stay pretty hot for the next 5 years, but less so each year. Then the fade begins in earnest. By 35 stick a fork in you!

      So in Wall Street terms, we would call you a trading position, not a buy and hold “hence the rub”marriage. It doesn’t make good business sense to “buy you” (which is what you’re asking) so I’d rather lease. In case you think I’m being cruel, I would say the following. If my money were to go away, so would you, so when your beauty fades I need an out. It’s as simple as that. So a deal that makes sense is dating, not marriage.

      Separately, I was taught early in my career about efficient markets. So, I wonder why a girl as “articulate, classy and spectacularly beautiful”
      as you has been unable to find your sugar daddy. I find it hard to believe that if you are as gorgeous as you say you are that the $500K hasn’t found you, if not only for a tryout.

      By the way, you could always find a way to make your own money and then we wouldn’t need to have this difficult conversation.

      With all that said, I must say you’re going about it the right way.
      Classic “pump and dump.”
      I hope this is helpful, and if you want to enter into some sort of lease, let me know.

    3. Colleen you are an idiot. They care about the money for the sake of money. If you can’t see that then you are as much a whore as them. If life is so expensive then they should get a job and stop waiting for a man to rescue them.

    1. John:

      Long story short, don’t marry to racist KKK and these low quality humans should not be procreating to create more human trash causing further damage to the environment.

      1. Hah, get real. Look at these filthy looking trash who ask for money only to pollute the world with more of their inferior children. Ever met anyone who would want to waste money or time on an inferior gene pool when there are so many better (and less money-grubbing) blondes and redheads.

      2. cindy: if you and a few million of your race would do the human race a favor, exercise some population control, and wipe your chinkiness off the face of the planet, there’d be more food to share for children who actually deserve it.

        White’s have beauty and variation, we got people with different eye and hair color. That’s enough diversity for anyone. So no need to lash out at others just because you were born as inferior genetic scum that all look alike, and mass produce like animals.

  26. Before being racist, people need to understand Chinese culture or any kind of culture. You need to understand the positive and negative aspects of the culture and the mentality of the culture. However, Chinese people believe money is god. God is the almighty Supreme Being in Malay culture, which is not money. God hate us to worship money as a god, glorified money culture such as capitalism and being materialistic. Our god also warns us about mixing people who defy him as a true god. Anybody will suffer for mixing with people who believe in money is god or believing money is god. Money is a devil’s game in deceiving people. Money is root of all evil. Malay and Chinese can never mixed very well unless they believe the real god, which is not money. God is more important than any mentality or culture.
    I don’t hate Chinese people in the past. I make friends with them a lot and treat very kindly like they were my brother and sister. I agree that every race has its problematic people but Chinese are the worst among them after Zionists who pretended to be Jews. Real Jews are god-fearing people who didn’t a state because God already promise them something special for them in the times of Moses. After I was taken advantage of and exploited by Chinese people many times not one time. I had enough of them. Many other people make problem with me but Chinese are downright evil not all of them but most. Be very careful with them. It is my best suggestion to ignore them and not making any sort of deal with them.
    My advice for people in marrying Chinese is you can marry a Chinese if you want but don’t tell me that I didn’t warn about these gold diggers or should I say Gold miners from Love For Money Corporation who only care about their desires for money and material gains instead of the heart. They make fool out of you and waste you because they ‘love’ you. Moreover, they have defied the true God and worship money, which is the devil’s game in deceiving humanity as God instead. You can insult me and get away with it but you never get away from insulting the real God and the almighty supreme being will sent you in hell for your dark heartedness and the evils you have committed. Patience is what God taught me in facing my enemies, which are the devil and his worshippers of false god called money.

    1. Americans denouncing their citizenship in record numbers

      If you think residing in America is great, just talk to one of the many expatriates who is contributing to a shocking statistic recently discovered: across the globe, people are renouncing their US citizenship in record numbers.

      At least 1,788 Americans officially threw away their US citizenship in 2011, exceeding the totals from 2007, 2008 and 2009 combined. The Internal Revenue Service has been keeping a tally of US citizens driven to renouncing that title since only 1998, but last year’s number has officially raised the bar when it comes to calling America quits. What’s more, experts say, is that more and more Americans will soon be saying ‘sayonara’ to Uncle Sam.

      Wow, Chimerika will be taking over.

        1. Hey old mon you are too old to think, like the old news from China, get up to date or die stupid.

          1. Your figures are just a joke frankly. Get real. But you’ll die stupid anyway, it’s just too late for a troll like you.

    2. Malay Asian Men are the worse in every department, come on who are you kidding? That’s why Asian women love us White Guys. Because everything you do, we do it better. It’s just that simple.

  27. If he can not support you to the life style you are accustomed to, or better,; do NOT marry him. Just as simple as that! If you truly love him, and are in Love with him,; give him a couple of years to come around with the money issue,; after that, if marriage is not that important to you, just keep the relationship,; but, do not ever marry him.

  28. To compare the lesser of two evils, I think despite the fact that most American males are homo/ bisexual they are more human in thinking compared to Chinese males who value money and material wealth over human life so much that bribery is as natural as breathing for them. The best way to judge a race/nationality of people is to see how their government treats their people. If your people have no rights and are living in the slums while the government is living a lavishly luxurious life then there’s a big problem. Isn’t it amazing that in America, even if you’re homeless or disabled you can get money from the government from tax payers on a monthly basis? Where else in the world can this absurdity flourish and be allowed to exist. Lastly whores are whores regardless of nationality and skin color. Use good judgement when you’re in a relationship and value yourself in relation to your partner, speak up and out when you see wrong and communicate to maintain some sort of balance. Where there’s yin there should be yang, not ka-ching! jackpot! I’m rich b*tch!

    1. “Isn’t it amazing that in America, even if you’re homeless or disabled you can get money from the government from tax payers on a monthly basis? Where else in the world can this absurdity flourish and be allowed to exist.”
      You must be the worst heartless bitch ever to be that unfair, as if people were homeless or disabled willingly, just for fun. Do us a favour, go die in the nearest capitalist inferno that you want so badly to take over the word and turn it into the shittiest place of the universe.

  29. Stupid filthy subhuman chink cunt. Go die in the third world shit hole where you were conceived and always will belong.

  30. Wow, you Chinese women are harsh. I recently lived and taught at a big university in south China, and found my Chinese graduate students (almost all women) very beautiful and very smart and very hard working. But I could not understand why they expect so much of men. When my wife and I met we were both poor, she owned a car but I did not. Today we are both professionals with good incomes and all that goes with it. We married for love, and have had a long happy marriage. We bought a house together and built a life together. Please, women, give your men a break.

    1. Yeah. Both my wife and I married when we both had nothing. Not even second degrees and good jobs. No house, no car, no money, had to live with parents, and now we both have 2 degrees each, both have stable jobs, have a car each and can afford 2 houses together and not forgetting a beautiful daughter. And guess what, we are both Chinese and married in China! It’s still possible. It’s just that alot of people are brainwashed. Not everyone though.

    2. The women of China are a big, big problem and seemingly small minded.
      How do i know? I married one, and see it in her, her family and her friends.
      Money is their God. I feel sorry for their men. The women are souless.

  31. In the West most men and women will marry for love , and they will work TOGETHER to build a life with a house with two cars and anything else they want. That is respectful and builds a strong relationship with children to follow.

    I have met and dated some Chinese girls here in Australia and yes too many of them are only interested in being a PARASITE and not wanting to marry for love or contribute to the relationship in an HONEST way.

    As I said , it makes more sense to work together for material wealth.

    Bad attitudes and behavior on the part of the greedy , heartless woman are counterproductive to woman in question. This is the epitome of STUPIDITY !!!

    1. I definitely agree. I think that the problem lies in the lack of redistribution of wealth in countries like China. The people, in this case mostly women, believe that wealth should be found in the hands of a few individuals. In the West, we at least ended up understanding that the real wealth belongs to society as a whole rather than to some powerful person. It’s a matter of mentality build by how a country is run.

  32. This is why Chinese/Asian Women Love us White Guys, because we are Tall, Good Looking, Muscular, Have a Big Package, and Money. Asian Men need to Step it up. ; D HAHAHAHA!

    1. No but we love your money. Most white guys bald and age very early and no one wants that to pass on in the genetics department.
      Muscular and tall? Try beer guts. 🙂
      Not all of you have money either.

      I thought you were describing a black guy; tall, muscular, big package.

      Get over yourselves. Ugh

  33. if you seek unconditional woman love , you should expect it from she whom giving you a birth , they’re so many incest hidden/undiscovered couple in this planet..

  34. Look…if you believe in “non logical” standards then that’s on a few…that is you.
    I’m rich…and would never date much less marry some woman with her hands out. Thats just plain stupid to get involved with a woman…where she is only focused on MONEY period. Thats freaking insulting as a man.
    Then what if not for money. They seem to pretend that money is like extremely easy for any man to obtain.
    It took like a long life time for me to obtain all that I have…i be d##@*** aaaam if I will allow an “IGNORANT”
    woman to just take it all away from me. You guys that choose to play that “money” game are actually encouraging stupidity…

  35. Out of all the people who commented on here it was Cindy that showed me how stupid and evil the modern women can be. UGH the Cindys of the world is what makes men RUN from marriage. She would have you work till you die and act as if thats what a man is for AND she would give nothing in return. Like those stupid Chinese girls in the above article (stupid and ugly!) Cindy believes a man is really just a dog on two feet who needs to obey his wife and expect nothing in return.

    I loathe the Cindys of the world. I agree with Julia— Cindy needs to kill herself and so do those selfish girls in the article. But you know what? Even if they dont the world has a way of breeding out these types of stupid women.

    Cindy and the others will die alone with many many many cats.

    alot of cats!

  36. In my mind this type of thinking is garbage. I met someone like this and they asked me what I did even before I said hello there and what is your name….It’s a shame but this mindset is not only exhibited by asian women…Too many women I have met are like this. It makes a guys want to being single even more. I own a small business and yes it’s hard, and yes I don’t make alot of money yet, but if someone loves someone because I make or have alot of money..that is someone I will never want around me…Women like that are missing something in their life and they think money is the answer.. money =/= happiness and it is has been proven time and time again.

  37. Those worman are hot! Not really. They are, what we call here in America, Fugly. Same for those dudes. Best head over to ktv.

  38. What good is it to have an asian girl that during sex lays there with eyes that look like two piss holes in the snow and maybe if slightly aroused if youre lucky her cheeks get slightly red.

  39. Chinese women… in my experience, having married one, got three Western male friends who are married to Ch women, and had experience of some Chinese families, I’d say: they have no notion of ‘love’ at all. It’s all POWER, by whatever means – seduction or screaming fits – and getting MONEY MONEY. Worst relationship of my life, being her whipping post. These women (in the relationships I know) are hard, sometimes cruel, vicious, raging, destructive and calculating. If she’s nice it’s because a BIG demand is coming up, one can see it a mile away. My advice: when a Chinese woman comes onto you, BEWARE, BROTHER, BEWARE!

  40. Note this is a culture from mainland chinese, not all asian cultures are extreme to this extent of reducing relationships to a cold a=b business transaction. Such laughable shallow small minded thinking, if it’s the case, they wonder why such relationships are lifeless and fail. Life and success is defined by money? None of these women have a clue what is truly valuable about life. They’ve been brainwashed and force fed their limitations from the small box of a reality that their society has deemed of what should or should not be. Robot: i will look pretty-it is my role…Robot: man role is to makes money-my role is to spend his money…life is about shopping-making babies-looking pretty and providing sex because that is all i have been programmed to do.Robot: equating money =power and success..small minded Sheep.

    I seen people / families in other parts of the world living on very little, it not the lack of money but it’s that about life, “they get it”… it’s so simple and they are far happier than a lot of people like these in the world because they understand what life is about and they’re resourceful and have that internal drive to adapt out of their comfort zone enough to know how to live well. I feel sorry for a culture that perpetuates shortsightedness materialism like this, unfortunately it’s all they know and would care to know. To quote and article on the nature of greed that nails this so well.

    “The culture of consumption is embedded in the daily life to the extent that more people started to define their self-esteem according to the items they possess. Feeling valuable through the objects we purchase and finding a meaning to our lives in products prove much simpler than honing our human capacities to the fullest and enhancing our character with the light of knowledge.”

  41. Well with so many women today that are so very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, and very money hungry, really speaks for itself.

  42. Simple response, Japan is giant sex industry. Woman want money, so they gain favors through boinking the rich lard bags. Might as well call it a modern form of slavery, its one thing to argue about a nations sex trade exploits. Yet another when the entire nation runs on it but doesn’t find it immoral or even something found in the dictionary. Japan also has low birth rate and high elderly population rate, otakus and vegans that love robo sex. Hell you can even get married to innanmate objects but who are we to judge, just simply stating it the way it is that’s all. I generally find any society backwards whose moral principles revolve around how rich a guy or gal is but that’s just me. Just seems absurd to date or marry anyone based soley on their flow of income.

  43. What’s wrong with women nowadays? Within the span of a few years they’ve become mentally retarded.

    Marriage is a contract for you to do the fucking household chores, do the fucking cooking and care for the kids. Men are basically trusting you wholeheartedly and giving you ownership of the house, alimony/maintenance money and child support money as full payment BEFORE you’ve even start the job of being a homemaker. Ask this of your employer and he will a 100% tell you to go fuck yourself blind.

    Why any man gets married today is beyond me, you are basically paying someone for a job they TELL YOU they are not going to do. I’d much rather have my offspring through surrogacy, at least they are legally mine.

    As a woman, if you have a decent paying job, why the fuck should a man marry you? Pay for your own house, fuck your alimony, pay for your own fucking child support. You are basically making yourself UNmarriageable. Equality right?

    Seriously though, can someone teach these bitches basic supply and demand instead of gender studies, yoga or whatever the fuck else they do. For fuck’s sake.

    1. This is why many young men aren’t marrying. It’s become an epidemic in certain nations. Don’t worry these ‘women’ will die out soon (and most likely be eaten by their cats soon after). But lots of younger generation girls see thru this golddigging, feminist, slutwalk garbage to the utter horror of the old dried up 3rd wave hags.

  44. Women that marry for Money are such low life losers to begin with since they will make a very Horrible wife too which they will cause Most divorces too.

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