Just another food scandal: landfill becomes cattle feedlot


After melamine-tainted milk, drainage oil, fake egg, colored Mantou, lean meat powder pork, shrimp washing powder etc etc, China recently introduces another food “innovation” in Changsha, Hunan Province – garbage beef. Cattle live on garbage in a landfill till they are old enough to be butchered and served on dinner table.  Netizens teased that these cattle are as strong as Chinese: immune to all kinds of food poisoning.


(From Netease) In a solid refuse landfill of Changsha City lives a hordes of cattle. They were left there to fend for themselves throughout the year until they have grown big enough and taken away by their owners.


The landfill located in the middle of mountains, but the strong foul smell of rotten rubbish travels miles away. Some excavator and bulldozer are working on the landfill but the cattle take no notice of them as they have more important task: searching for food. Rubbish like rotten grapefruit skin, smelly corn are their meals. There were 18 cattle scattering around the landfill when the photo was taken.


A worker on the landfill said: “These cattle stay here day and night, eat and poop. They sleep on the grass or in empty space, nobody comes to look after them.” The cattle will be butchered and sold to the market when they grow up. The worker said he has tasted the beef before, and commented “the taste seems different from normal beef, a little sour”. 2952645_980x1200_0

Expert says that beef from these cattle is undoubtedly harmful to our health, because rotten garbage contains lots of germs and molds that stay in the cattle and eventually flow to the end of food chain – human. Besides some heavy metal from electronic wastes such as Mercury can also accumulate in the beef and transfer to human body.


After the exposure, landfill official says they will clear all the cattle out.




  1. This is exact same type of idiocy that got cattle in the rest of the world foot and mouth disease, minus the fact that these Chinese savages haven’t fed their cattle their other dead cattle (which I sooo wouldn’t be surprised about) yet…which would surely increase pestilence.

  2. “Expert says that beef from these cattle is undoubtedly harmful to our health, because rotten garbage contains lots of germs and molds that stay in the cattle and eventually flow to the end of food chain – human.”

    Well, as far as I know – after the cattle is slaughtered, the meat must undergo inspection by specially trained specialists and also samples of meat are sent to laboratory for bacteriological expertise – exactly to make sure that there are no germs or other pathogens.

  3. China needs to implement capital punishment for anyone responsible for stupid shit like this.

    1. you’re going to lose a lot of judges and govt leaders if that happens. maybe a quarter to at least half of the population.

  4. GDP GENOCIDE————the Middle Finger Kingdom—-no one has a worry about China taking over the world because aside from the glittering cities the majority of the rest of the country is one huge polluted and contaminated toilet—–if you don’t believe me take a ride on a SLOW moving train from Beijing to the south of China and LOOK at the world outside those windows—–hardly a place you would want to grow a garden!

  5. this korean guy has been here as long as i can possibly remember…
    this bish needs to get laid…trollboy…see the sun lately?

  6. yet another tragedy from China….what the fuck?????the treatment the animals are subjected to is horrific,these poor cows, have you fuckers no respect,not everything is edible,wake up china!!!!!!
    All creatures deserve equal respect and protection and are not here for us to abuse for our own benefit and thrills.

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

    china you are a disgrace to mankind,shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. When the Chinese leaders eat these garbage beef and meats they will be so sorry they did nothing to stop it.

    But I will be happy.

  8. This is why you as a foreigner have to tell governement officials where you are going exactly , and believe me you will be followed/shadowed . I have nothing against chinese people but i hope the general way of thinking towards animal life will improve in the next years. Animal mistreatment is a worldwide phenomenon .

    1. You really just have to say what cities you’re going to, and no, you won’t be shadowed. If you’ve ever been to the UK, they’ll ask you to list every single place you’re going to.

      1. Not true . Been to Bournemouth by ferry. The ferry unloaded in Southampton and i drove off with my car . I have been to Bournemouth , Poole and later on Cardiff .I never had to tell where i was going and i have not been checked at all driving on their roads with a Dutch car. This was even surprising to me because dutch cars are known to smuggle drugs in (ofcourse the owner of car ) .So thats my experience and for China ; my family has been there mutiple times and were checked all the time . If you travel in China freely , its a commen thing that you get asked by governement official form the communist party . If you denie this then sorry but you dont have clue . Watch any documentary about travelling threw China like this and you will see what happens. They come to just to ask but its annoying . What is your destinatiion? How long you stay ? What is your name? Are you coming close to a army base? etc etc

  9. shameful…just shameful….i wonder if the owner eats this beef? poor animals…living their whole life thinking this is what they were meant for??? i hope the owners of these creatures dies a horrific and terrible long death…

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