“You buses piss me off”, Mercedes man smashes bus for not yielding


According to Xinmin Evening news, China has become the No. 1 country of new car consumption since 2009 with a compound annual growth rate of 25.6%. Last year alone, 18 million more new cars make it to the street, making noises, polluting the air and most apparently prevailing traffic jams. As a result, road rage seems nothing uncommon in China’s big cities.

(From nddaily) At the end of October, an angry Mercedes-Benz driver smashed the door of a public bus with steering wheel lock for not giving way, and yelled “you buses piss me off the most”.


It was 3:30 pm in a side road of No.107 National Highway in Shenzhen when a bus was following slowly behind two other buses on the right side lane. A Mercedes-Benz wanted to take a right turn into a small road but was blocked by the bus line ahead. The driver then hooted the hornet nonstop, trying to get the bus driver’s attention but to no avail. The bus was moving slowly forward, then the Mercedes driver just came up to the bus with steering wheel lock and smashed the front door of the bus. Passengers screamed and moved quickly to the back.

The Bus driver Mr Zeng was cut by flying glasses on the hand. He pulled over and got off the bus to reason with the smasher, who protested “why don’t big vehicles make way to me, you bus drivers piss me off the most”.  The man then went back in his Mercedes, started the engine while Mr Zeng stood in front of his car to stop him. The two were taken to the police later.

Reporter followed up the incident and found out that Mercedes man is 28 years old from Jiangxi Province, running a factory in Shenzhen. Witness said: “he said the rage has been bottling up inside him for a whole year, he is blocked by buses or other vehicles every time he wants to take that right turning. This time he finally takes it out.”

At first, the Mercedes man rejected to the police’s offer of mediation and insisted on his “you bus drivers piss me off the most” defense. But in the end offered to compensate 1500 yuan when faced with charge of malicious damage of public property.

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  3. I’ve never driven in China, but I’ve been a passenger in the front seat of a sedan hundreds of times, and have witnessed how bus drivers drive. They stop on the side to pick up/drop off passengers, and then without warning, or looking to see if the road is clear, the driver will swirl (usually to the left) into the incoming traffic. The bus drivers are not afraid because their vehicles are much larger than the rest. So almost all of the bus drivers I’ve seen drive recklessly, and it’s not surprising that someone got angry.

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