7-year-old girl dances in hotpot restaurant to support family


(From voc) There are many cases in China where small child in poor family has to work at too young an age to help support family. Chinahush did a report before about a 10 years old boy, aka fruit boy, shouldering his family by selling fruits. Here we’ve got a similar story only the protagonist is even younger – 7 years old dancer.

In the daytime, Huang Doudou (黄豆豆) is a just a normal 7-year-old Urumqi girl, happily attending school with red scarf. But when night falls, she is a solo dancer for a local hotpot restaurant, performing 4 nights a week just to make 800 yuan a month to support her family and pay for her dancing tuition.


Doudou is studying in the 2nd Grade in Urumqi No. 8 Primary School. Her mother with crippled left leg tries hard to make ends meet by baby-sitting and running stall while her father can only do some light part times due to his stomach disease. Doudou therefore steps on a young stage to perform for customers in a hotpot restaurant, just to earn 800 yuan a month to pay for her dancing class and help the family out. 



Doudou’s family live in a small apartment of about 12 sqm. Soon after she comes home from school, her mother will help her put on makeup and prepare for the performance.


Doudou has to do 3 dances a night, 4 nights a week in front of people having hotpot. Between programs, she and her mother will rest on flower pots waiting for the next round.


Free snacks after show is always high light of the night for Doudou.


When the clock strikes 10 pm, it is about time Doudou gets off work. She will put her school uniform and schoolbag back on and go home for dinner and homework. She can rarely go to bed before 11 pm.

Doudou has always had a wish, that is go to a movie in the cinema. She said: “my mum had won a movie ticket in text messaging, but by the time we go there the ticket was already expired.”

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