Underground Dog Slaughterhouse Exposed in Kunming


(From Sohu) Killing and eating dogs has long been spat upon by dog lovers, especially when it comes to underground dog slaughterhouses where dogs are slaughtered cruelly everyday. Recently a small underground dog slaughterhouse was exposed after a month long look out by a journalist in Kunming City. Though the place was empty when the police arrived, what left behind on the spot still mirrored shocking slaughters.


(A terrified puppy followed its “owner” with tails between its legs )

The slaughterhouse was walled up in 3 sides. Everytime workers were preparing for the killing, boiling water and the thick smoke from burning dog hair will creep out pet doggies in the neighbor community. They were scared to come near the house, some would whined mournfully.


(A man would come shut the door immediately after dog meat was taken out.)

According to residents nearby, the slaughterhouse has existed for a long time starting with poultry like chicken and duck then focusing on dog slaughter later. The door will be shut tight and only open for vehicles in and out of the slaughterhouse. People work there are very vigilant, even their 3 or 4 years old kid will come close the door. The other day, Ms Han who lives there witnessed an escaping cripple dog being swiped on the head with a stick till it collapsed on the ground. A woman holding a knife came up and was about to kill the dog when she saw Ms Han. She waved her knife, yelling “walk away, nothing to see here”. Ms Han ran away, frightened.


(Drivers were washing their trucks after selling the dogs.)

At the first day of the reporter’s look out, there was a truck unloading dogs. There were yellow and blacks kept inside cages, all looked nervous or intimidated with their tails between legs. Worker opened the cages and used an iron clamp to drag a yellow one out regardless of its furious barks. Other dogs whined and squeezed to the back of the cages as much as possible. Their barks were so loud that they could be heard on top of the community building.

Img2977180_n (Finishing the deal, man collected money and left.)

According to one of the workers, there was never inventory problem for dog meat because they butchered according to orders. The meat would be packed in bags and supplied to small restaurants, night stalls and individuals who came pick up the meat themselves. During the one month long look out, there were cars and electric bikes coming to pick up the dog meat everyday. Some paid for the meat on the spot, some just took the meat and left.


(Blood stains were all over the slaughter room)

Reporter called for local law enforcers to shut down the slaughterhouse. But they moved just the night before, only leaving contacts and new address on the wall.

    1. Gou rou pian- Dog meat dish
      Shuai gou rou- boiled dog meat
      cao Gou rou tuan – skewed dog meat
      Gou pai- dog steak
      Jin gou rou si- Wok fried dog with green peppers
      Gou xiang rou si- Dog with carrot and sauce
      Tang cu li gou- Sweet and sour dog

      Think of your favorite dish and replace the original meat with dog.

        1. I agree with XXX, maybe B-real would taste good barbecued along with idiot alcrip???


  1. At the risk of infuriating people out there I pose several questions.

    Is this practice any more unhumane than killing any living animal?

    If so why are dogs considered to be offlimits in comparision to farmed/hunted animals?

    Do people consider dog meat to be taboo as a culinary dish?

    I do not condone or condemn the practice or the eating of dog meat.

    In Australia we kill kangaroos and emus, packaging, exporting and selling the meat from our own supermarkets to consumers, these animals are both on our Commonwealth Coat of Arms, which is the formal symbol of the Commonwealth of Australia.

    1. Probably because dogs were bred to be companions to humans, whereas cows and chickens were bred to be food. Dogs are made to be friendly with humans and play with them, instead they have to live their short lives in lonely, dirty cages, petrified, just waiting to be brutally torn apart by these Chinese monsters.

      1. So true. These savages are one step away from their voodoo spewing, cannibal brethren in Africa. Chinks never cease to disgust me. They are godless people that threaten the White man’s civilization.

        1. A little revelation for you: Some people living in Ukraine, Russia etc are just as cruel and barbaric as the Chinese, and guess what……………………….they WHITE!!! I have seen some horrendous cases of cruelty in America………and last but not least – I come from Africa…..and I am WHITE! The color of your skin has nothing to do with your inability to have compassion and empathy for another human/animal. It has to do with you own sick heartless – soulless existence!

  2. I went to Kunming once. Scary place. Massively huge for a guy like me. Corruption and vanity so rampant.

    LoL at my Canadian ass. I don’t think I’ve lived in a city with any more that 2 mil people.

  3. This is another low point in china’s long history. Its not so much the eating of dogs and cats (which i am appalled at). But the cruel and barbaric way these poor defenseless animals are butchered.
    China has a long history but its past 100 or so years are a blight on it. It has no morals or empathy to its citizens, animals or environment. It places economic growth ahead of all else and will trample anyone or anything that gets in its way.
    As seen with the recent running down of a child and the indifference of others to this child’s suffering. Its cruel killing of cats and dogs for fur.
    I am sickened by this kind of cruelty and hope karma comes back to destroy this cruel immoral hell hole.

  4. Not sure what is more disgusting butchering dogs or looking at the caked on bloody filth of the interior of the crime scene.

    1. I agree with you. I wonder if the barbarians who eat dog meat have any idea where their meat comes from……..or maybe they to retarded to care. Hopefully they contract some incurable disease / unknown virus as a result of this filth…………….now that would be poetic justice!

  5. I’m afraid most teens are desensitized to the last pic, after being raised as gorehounds on Saw, etc.

  6. Anyone who has a common sense and knows how to drive, would never eat a dog!

    1. Dog is man’s best friend, but man is not dog’s best friend. It is humans who have stuffed the planet and continue to rape, destroy, pillage and kill everything. As for you, aclrip, YOU ARE THE DUMB ONE: no wonder I prefer animals to most humans (or sub-humans like you). Hopefully, you might suffer a slow, painful, terrifying death, thats okay with me too, after all, you are just a dumb ass.
      As far as I am concerned, animals are more intelligent and loyal that the majority of humans.

      This is a disgrace. I am also disgusted at my own country, Australia, for the suffering caused to millions of animals for greedy $ called live export.

      ALL ANIMAL ABUSERS ARE SCUMBAGS WHO NEED TO BE PUT ON A BIG BONFIRE TOGETHER AND ROT IN HELL, that goes for you too, you idiot, aclrip. Are you a budding serial killer by any chance???

  7. what the hell is wrong with some people…eating and torturing dogs and it`s like you are making fun of it…you should be retardet
    poor dogs…..can`t you understand how much are they suffering ??
    wish these nonsense people the worst ever….and that they can die in a painful way,,,and try to think of the poor dogs tortured and murdered so than you might understand
    STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY OR GO TO HELL.you are disgusting

  8. This is just unreal…i cant believe this is ACTUALLY HAPPENING!! What the f**K is wrong with these chinese monsters??? This is NOT OK…to torture and skin these dogs ALIVE? Are you serious??? This is just sick…all you monsters WILL BURN IN HELL…God said to Adam “take care of my creatures’ best believe he is WATCHING…You are all horrible despicable monsters..what you are doing to these loving, beautiful dogs is just horrendous…STOP THIS ABUSE…do the right thing…be their voice and stand up against this…KARMA IS A BITCH

  9. What you are doing to these dogs will come back at you ten fold and to your kids…you will all be cursed and forever burn in hell…china, korea, thailand….stop the madness…this wrong and you all KNOW IT…change this…this is unreal to be happening!! Where is your compassion??? Dogs are not food!!! Step up and stop this horror!! We will boycott anything from china, korea, etc until they come to their senses that this is WRONG!!! How do you get up in the morning and do this??? How would you like it if it was kids instead of dogs??? Drag them in…skin them alive, torture them..burn t hem..hang them??? You make me sick.

  10. Cruelty charge laid in B.C. sled dog slaughter.

    A charge of animal cruelty has been laid against the part-owner of a Whistler sled dog company after 100 dogs were slaughtered in 2010.

    Dog collars that were recovered from a mass grave near Whistler, B.C., hang on a line. A hundred sled dogs were allegedly killed by the company.

    Wow, westerners trying to out do the bad Chinese in China.

    Soon China will be number 2 again.

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