Moral Deficiency and the Making of Chinese Indifference


The latest news where a 2-year-old girl got run over twice and ignored by 18 passers-by has triggered fierce condemnation from international society and again shed light on Chinese notorious state of mind of indifference. The following content is completely translated from a commentary section in  ifeng for the purpose of spreading hot topics and opinions on Chinese Internet,  and doesn’t represent the opinions and standpoint of the writer or the site.

Famous ancient Chinese doctor Xue Ji once said : first day your skin dies and numbs, the second your muscle dies and can’t feel anything even stabbed by needle. Nothing can stimulate a dead nervous system, nothing can touch indifferent mind. The disease of indifference is highly contagious, one to ten, ten to hundred and so on. But what is the cause of the infection, and why is it raging in nowadays China? The post translated from ifeng tries to approach the issue in the following 4 aspects.

Utilitarianism education takes away the instinct of watching out for peers

Not long ago an old man in Shenzhen Futian village fell and died on the street when he was taking a walk in his community, nobody dared to lend a helping hand for fear of the “Peng Yu Case” tragedy (Peng Yu got sued for pushing a granny down when he really was just helping her). In another case a woman from Hunan fell into water, struggled for a while but no one jump in her rescue, she drawn. There are so many more cases like this.  Our education doesn’t foster the ability to love our kind, nor does it teach, encourage the act of helping others, even worse it punishes those who help.

Fudan University’s Huangshan scandal last year couldn’t explain more on the problem of education: Dec 12th last year, 18 students from Fudan Univresity were rescued when trapped in prohibited areas in Huangshan Mountain, policeman Zhang Ninghai fell off the cliff when giving way to one of the students. None of the rescued showed any sorrow over the death of the police, nor did they attended the memorial service held in Fudan University a month later. Instead they focused on how to capitalize on the opportunity of crisis management to become president of the university’s mountaineering club, moreover students on the campus BBS were busy discussing how to use Fudan alumni connections to control or manipulate media.

It seems that in current educational environment, we don’t get to learn the ability to save peers at the first place, then we lose the ability to get saved, occasionally we do get saved but we forget to be grateful, even when we are grateful we would be required to thank the country, not the helper as a human. Such education is scary. No wonder there is no such characters as Victor Hugo’s Jean Valjean and Javert throughout Chinese literature history. The society affects literature, and literature affects students. Sooner or later, our education will turn everyone into wolf, sorry, that’s insulting, for wolf, cause wolf watch out for peers.

The transition to stranger society escalates the distrust between people

In traditional society, social relation mainly evolves on the base of consanguinity and territorial connections, it features acquaintance trust aka relation trust. As the country is transforming from traditional society to modern society, the power of urbanization along with industrialization has expanded people’s social circle and socializing frequency, thus people are dealing with more and more strangers, many of them may only see each other once and for all.

In traditional society, trust is mainly supported by relation plus individual qualities like integrity and reputation. However, in nowadays stranger society, relation can barely cover everything, and good individual qualities are no longer effective support. China is in the middle of rapid transition, the old trust mechanism is losing grip while the new one hasn’t been born, leaving a blank in social trust.

Moral practice loses to pros-and-cons

Those by-standers when removed the tag of indifference, are just ordinary civilians. They are not unfamiliar with the belief that nobody is alone and only by helping each other can collective thriving be possible. When they face such news, they would also curse and condemn the lack of the humanity. But once they are part of it, their roles naturally shift from judges to by-standers. Why?

Because of the risk in doing good deeds, you have to think before reaching out your hand – this is the public logic, blaming moral deficiency on the way of the world. People think that learning from the “Peng Yu case” where a good man got punished for saving people, who are still willing to take the risk?  Sounds about right, but actually it is a pseudo-proposition. True morality should go beyond materialized consideration. The potential cost of moral practice is no excuse for being indifference.

Absence of religion results in the lack of awe for life

There is an article saying that China is one of few scary countries in the world that doesn’t have religion. It is this lack of religion that leads to overflowing of selfishness. There is no spiritual restriction, no consistent mental support, no consistent sense of morality and truth so everyone is acting on their own will with their own rationalism. But in western world there is the belief in gods that helps save people’s spirit from being destroyed by technological development.

Our old folks always said that you will have bad karma if you do something bad. For thousands of years, this is one pure belief that keeps Chinese self-discipline. But under the guidance of utilitarian world view in recent decades, our society has fallen into an extreme selfish social  swirl where religion is absent, virtue is in anomie, trust is no where to find. This is one of the most severe social problems right under our nose.

  1. I disagree with your halfhearted conclusion (and lacking references) about lack of religion being the cause of this. There are many countries in Europe (especially northern Europe) where religion has little or no place in daily life, but the same problem is not experienced there. The same could also be said about Japan.

    1. Its sad that western resentment for religion these days is stronger than the natural urge to condemn the lack of morality evident in Chinese society these days.
      Its juvenile oversight if you think that religion has no place in daily life in northern europe, when most of the western moral standards derive directly from values in the Christian bible. I look out the window and see our elected ruling party called the Christian Democratic Union, creating a system that works better than others around us without sacrificing quality of life. I see the rest of europe’s domestic structure crumbling because of the deteriorating state of morality, divorce rates rising, youths rioting, lack of business ethics leading to the current economic mire that we are in. No, I don’t believe the religion is the answer to the crimes of humanity, but I do appreciate the role of religion throughout history as the main medium assisting in the sowing of morality into an increasingly immoral world. A place where serving ones own whims is regarded as of the utmost priority.

      From my travels in China the past 15 years, the selfishness of the city folks is apparent, esp towards one another. The lack of business ethics especially in the big metropolises is dire and makes for a poisonous environment, everything in the media glorifies the role of money and power, affecting macro policies from damming a river and displacing vast local communities to your average mother in the schoolyard teaching her son to look out for number one under any circumstance. It is a highly functional society built on the subjugation of the less fortunate.

      Yes, lots of immoral things happen around the world, however, the cases like what happened to this 2 year old happens far too frequent in China, just ask yourself, would you like to retire in Shanghai or Guangdong if you have a child? or would you rather move out and have them grow up in a more moral city? One where ones worth is not based on the money they rake in. I ask you.

  2. Annie,

    Is this a translated article or one of your own personal pieces?

    You seem to be quite dissatisfied with your own motherland. When writing this article, do you not feel you are condemning yourself, your family and your friends?

    You should remember that you are CHINESE. You are not from Hong Kong (SAR) or even Cantonese (because such ethnicity doesn’t exist).

    If you really are interested in debate or expression of idea, then I recommend you read some works by Nietzsche before rushing to criticize China in general. Also enlighten yourself on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and other works of famous psychologists. You will find what you are looking for without having to condemn your own countrymen and women.

    1. Read carefully, dammit.

      “The following content is completely translated from a commentary section in ifeng for the purpose of spreading hot topics and opinions on Chinese Internet, and doesn’t represent the opinions and standpoint of the writer or the site.”

      BTW, I am Chinese. The CCP and wumao/fenqing like you make me sick.

    2. That’s stupid
      If you wanna say “Don’t criticize China because you’re Chinese” then come out and just say that

  3. Basing large and sweeping judgments about 1.3 billion people seems poor judgment in, and of, itself. In the U.S. about 10 years ago a couple of white americans threw a chain around the neck of a Black american. Tied the chain to the back of a car and drove till the man was dead. A few years before that a gay young man was crucified to death for being gay. These two actions tell us little about most Americans. The reaction in the U.S. by most Americans was one of horror and sadness. Their reactions tell us more about Americans than the actions. Similarly the overwhelming reaction of people who happen to be Chinese tells us more about them than the actions themselves. I have witnessed, in three years, many stranger-to-stranger acts of kindness. They aren’t photographed and blasted over the internet. Bad things happen to good people for many reasons: inattention, apathy, mistake, ignorance. Stating that religion either causes or prevents opens the door to examining the history of religion. the oldest organized religious entity, the Catholic Church, tolerates pedophiles. In many countries it has protected priests that raped children. The actions and the Church’s lack of reaction tells us much about “religion”.

  4. Let’s stick to the stuff ChinaHush is known for and not try another poorly written OpEd please.

  5. I have, this week just returned from a visit to China where our second Chinese daughter had her wedding party at the Buddhist temple in Xiamen. For over a decade I have traveled in many places in China. Over years I have commented on the fast growth of China…I believe still that China is growing too quickly and requires a very firm and steady hand. China has many freedoms we do not have in the west. In reality the modern Chinese has a great deal more latitude to act than we in the west. Politics notwithstanding there are many many opportunities for young Chinese in China than they would have in our society. That said, just like in our own society many people choose to complain and whine instead of going about their daily life with grace and decency. To complain about the ‘awfulness’ of your society is to deny the millions of decent, moral, worthy people around you their due. “If you wish to change the world you must change just one person…yourself. When you do this the world will change.”

  6. If you actually taken time to research the subject, you will notice these kind of stuff does not only happen in China it happen all over the world. A quit one minute research on Google will actually gave you a long list of result

    There are many reason that a person will act this way, just to name a few that is not on the list.
    – Following what other are doing
    – The bystander effect
    – The haste and urgency of their task at hand (

    You did not provide enough evidence to convince me of the 1st and the 4th reason are valid. The 2nd and the 3rd could be use in any society whether it is China, the United States, or Britain.

  7. Hey girl. Did you realize that there was a case of a young man helping an older man who was finally accused of pushing the older man down. It seems the younger man had to pay for the old man’s medical expenses. Now no one is willing to help.

    This has got nothing to do with being callous. People are just afraid to help in case they end up as the victim. Pls stop blackening the reputation and image of the Chinese people and nation. Sure in every society you get very indifferent people but do not generalize without knowing the root cause of such attitude. I was told that in Guangzhou, visitors are warned not to help anyone who has fallen to the ground in case the whole thing was a set-up to extort money from helpful visitors.

  8. “The potential cost of moral practice is no excuse for being indifference.” Sounds like something an aloof academic cooped up in an ivory tower can easily say all right. For the rest of us with bills to pay and mouths feed, caution towards these is absolutely essentially. Not many people can happily afford or want a lawsuit in the tens of thousands. Reality… survival… is different from ideals which we may like to act on but which society through its laws and norms does not facilitate. In this case, Chinese society seems to deter bystanders from providing aid given the lack of a good samaritan law, too many scammers (who readily use children and fake injuries) and publicity stunts out there which have betrayed the trust of good people. As the old adage goes… Shame on you if you fool me once. Shame on me if you fool me twice.

      1. Pray tell why? I’m originally from the UK and grew up in the US. Even with a good samaritan law as protection, there are people who fuck up good intentions. For example, in the city I used to live, there was someone who helped a seriously injured kid and the bitch of a mother had the nerve to try and sue him (“what permission do you have to touch my kid?!”). The case got thrown out but it was a long and costly hassle for the good citizen (bitch actually pressed for court). I can only imagine how much worse it is in China with less legal protection and more scammers out there not being caught. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still surprised that no one seemed to have called emergency services ASAP but them not offering direct aid is quite understandable.

        My own question is where were her parents or other guardian in all of this? You should never EVER let a two year old wander off alone. If the mother had been there and had be wise enough to say something along the lines of “This is not a scam. I’ll take responsibility for the medical bills and won’t sue anyone so please lend a hand!” then I’m sure there would have been a few responders willing to help drive them or offer other forms of aid. You may have read this article but these actions could have made a world of difference in the type of response:

        1. This was not a huge busy boulevard with risk to a would be rescuer. This was a narrow passage way ,that in my part of the world would be called less than even a street where pedestrians shared the same space with wheeled traffic.

          The legalistic argument of jeopardy to the good Samaritan is belied by the images. Many of those who passed by did not even bother to avoid stepping in her blood and brains.

          Oh and by the way, even the most non jaded person should be able to tell a scammer from a two year old girl spilling her brains on the street with mangled limbs from being hit by a heavy truck, c’mon if they had even bothered to consider it their civic duty to look…

          If one were concerned with the hazard of a lawsuit would not one also avoid trampling or slipping in the human viscera at an accident scene? Those who passed were people who obviously and obliviously saw no connection between the victim and themselves as if they were passing a dying dog.

          The idea that people would give assistance upon the oath of a total stranger that they will be held harmless is quite ridiculous, and an example of a legalistic argument trapped by its own flawed logic.

          According to this argument a scammer is not a scammer when they verbally pledge to hold you harmless for your actions….yeah right.

          In a civic society people are prepared to render aid to others. The key is preparation. Those who are not prepared stand aside so they do no harm,but they shield the victim and call attention to their trauma. The do not step over their pools of blood and shit and piss as if they do not exist.

          1. Don’t get me wrong, I believe those people should have at least called emergency services (preferably anonymously via payphone) and obviously avoided the accident scene. But once again, I can see why the are reluctant to render DIRECT AID, especially with the judge ruling that “it is reasonable to assume that those offering aid are the ones responsible for the accident” in the Pengyu case. That decision would make anyone potential rescuer shiver especially in countries using common (judge-made) law like mine. I’m still shocked that the ruling has not been swiftly shot down from the highest courts and the crazy judge sacked. Also don’t forget there have been scammers who’s entire modus operandi is to ‘fake’ car accidents. Yes… even with CHILDREN in on the scheme because people (suckers) are more likely to help.

            But I will have to disagree with you on the verbal pledge part. Even if it from the mouth of a scammer, waiving rights to sue in exchange for aid constitutes a valid promissory estoppel. The trick of course is to have effective evidence that such a contract existed. You’d want to use mobile phone to record it and have some witnesses around. That or more preferably, draft up a document with their signature, yours and that some other witnesses. Such a contract doesn’t have to be anything fancy – 1 or 2 sentences outlining the situation would do. If the scammer decides to sue you later on, their chances of success are dramatically lower. In fact, their lawyer would probably realize that immediately early in the discovery process. Can they still sue you? Yes. Does documenting them making a verbal or signed waiver deter them from sueing you because they know the chances of winning are low/impossible? Also yes. This is why auto insurance companies have you carry around those little cards that advise you in bold letters to NOT ADMIT FAULT in an accident even if it was clearly your fault. Even though you may be panicked, your mouth and actions can still get you into trouble or in the case of a scammer, destroy their efforts to rip you off. In my country, there have actually been cases of the scammer reneging but getting their butts mowed down by the court thanks to the precautions that the other person took.

            Now you may argue ‘who has the time to do all of this’? But that’s the whole point! It’s a pain in the ass to cover your ass legally in a situation like this and the person may be gone before you’re finished making the contract and signing it. So once again, it’s better to steer clear of the accident scene and just call emergency services (preferably anonymously). As no one did that in this case (some even walking through the guts), it DOESN’T morally exonerate any of them. They could have called-in, but DIRECT AID is a dumb idea once again. To be fair, I also recognize my personal bias towards this given an education in law and life experiences. My previous career involved prosecuting cheats and 2 members of my family have been scammed in the past. Therefore, I must ask for your understanding. All I can say is it’s different once you’ve seen the lengths to which some people will go to fuck over other good people and have also had those close to you conned as well…

            1. You proved my point. Your legal training does not allow you to see the big picture.

              As I mentioned before those who do not have the training should do no harm but also make sure others do not do harm.

              In this case as it was a narrow street and the traffic appears intermittent at best with pedestrians sharing the street any person could have have asked others to help block off the street to traffic until an ambulance or police arrived. It happens in the states all the time. People stay with the victim and talk to them, even hold their hand until help comes, and this is on busy freeways/expressways not side streets.

              As an example instead of giving direct aid a passerby could have at least helped protect the victim from getting hit by the second truck. This was so egregious. This was not a large busy boulevard full of cars and trams.

              This was not a case of people looking the other way for fear of lawsuits. The actions of the people who walked by did not see the victim as part of their world or problem on any level. To introduce fear of being scammed is the typical after the fact alibi that allows a dysfunctional civic culture to continue.

              The NY times even devoted space to this specific incident and explored why in earlier times Chinese seem to have what amounts to hostile contempt for the welfare of strangers.

  9. For a site with a comments section usually filled with a demographic of trolls, I’m surprised how many people have responded negatively to the author’s posts.

    Perhaps it is time for the author to reconsider why there is such disagreement with the article to the extent that even China haters can’t seem to support it. Only gook_guy popped up his kimchi simida head.

  10. “Our old folks always said that you will have bad karma if you do something bad. For thousands of years, this is one pure belief that keeps Chinese self-discipline. But under the guidance of utilitarian world view in recent decades, our society has fallen into an extreme selfish social swirl where religion is absent, virtue is in anomie, trust is no where to find. This is one of the most severe social problems right under our nose.”

    A society based on lies and murder under the leadership of the CCP destroys virtue on every level. People who are crushed and scared have no room for compassion for others.

    The last images I have seen similar to this were from WW II when it was the bodies of Chinese women and children slaughtered by Japanese bombers. There is no war now except the war for the hearts, minds, and souls of the Chinese people.

    Thanks for your comments Annie

    1. I was wondering if you were going to pop up Mark.

      I was going to mention your name in sheer anticipation but I didn’t want to risk prematurely provoking you to comment.

      In some ways I wouldn’t be surprised if you were gook_guys alternate handle. I’m right aren’t I simida?

      1. VOC:
        Are you really some government watchdog pretending to be a Chinese nationalist, or just being a sarcastic joker? It is better be the latter, cuz what you said has successfully made CCP and China look even worse. I am a TRUE Chinese and I LOVE my country. But I disagree with everything you have said.

  11. VOC.

    No one is trolling because this is so terrible, to make a joke of it would be in bad taste. As annoying as Korean Guy is, he’s not wrong in every instance. To all the people attacking his “ethnicity” including you VoC, you’re stooping to crass name calling and racism, not much better than what he’s doing here. Think about it. Are you really above him ending your sentences with “hamida”? Are you in fucking primary school internet tough guy?

    You are consistently nationalistic and refuse to accept that China has some major flaws. Including the fact that The party is a bunch of assholes who run the country mafia style. It’s so typical for Chinese to deny responsibility or own up to flaws. Is this a generalization? Damn right because it’s mostly true. It’s called face. Chinese people can’t stand being criticized even when they are at fault.

    You are the worst kind of Chinese. Semi educated but for some reason, lacking in rational thinking. You are worse than the noveau riche and worst than the uneducated masses. You let emotion, dictate your thinking. You think China is great no matter what, and instead of accepting this as one of another thousand (reported or not) examples of how terrible Chinese culture has become, your first instinct is deny that there is a problem. The first reponse of any blind nationalist is to say “no, it’s okay, other countries have this problem too”. Anyone with a fuctional brain would say: there is something amiss here, something wrong to let a 2 year old kid die on the street for no good reason. We should fix this problem.

    But it’s easier to say: there’s nothing wrong with China. China is modernizing so these things happen. And if there was a problem, America has problems too, like that Kitty Case from 1964, or a bunch of neo nazi’s killing a black guy. So it’ okay man! Totally cool.

    Dont’ attack the Author just because she has the balls to man up and face the truth.

    Time to face yourself in the mirror. China has never been able to do that. Why? All the compassionate logical folks get bullied by the dumb masses like yourself. Theres a reason why everyone who has the chance LEAVES china. It’s not that they don’t love their country, they just know with 1.3 billion dumbasses mostly like yourself, Change is impossible.

    P.S. I am Chinese, I am more wayyyy more educated than you that is a promise, I love China but I’m not ashamed to admit the truth.

    I mean, how arrogant of you to think you are the voice of china? Who the fuck are you? Some kid who was lucky enough to go to school overseas? Is this what you learned? How to be a complete jackass? You speak for no one but your ignorant self. Stop being such a shabi. People like you make me ashamed to be Chinese.


    1. Annie’s boyfriend comes to the rescue…. NOT!!! Nice try Pete but no cigar.

      I believe that you’re Chinese and a self-righteous one at that. Riding the high horse with all the wisdom of western foresight. LOL!

      Firstly, yes I am mocking Gook_guy. Why? Because its fun and it truly symbolic of the current voice of China, the current generation of contempt towards South Korea. Although you’re probably too white washed to realize this.

      I’m not arguing the merits of whether racial stereotyping is right or wrong, and indeed I understand that its not commonly accepted. Yet trying to disguise what is believed to be the truth especially is somewhat hypocritical and especially pathetic given the context of being in the comments “China Hush” or any other site where telling the truth is without consequence.

      Further, the reason why I add hamida, sumnida, imida and simida after each sentence is because its truly hilarious. It pisses gook_guy off and it’s an Chinese insider joke and has been for years. The entertainment value is priceless.

      Omitting to include the flaws of the Chinese system of socialism does not necessarily mean I agree with all it’s flaws. This simply isn’t the right forum to discuss it nor do I have enough knowledge to cast a balanced view on the policy in China. What I can do quite easily however, is to deflect the arguments put forth by most trolls. In fact, I hardly do even that these days. It’s just much easier to laugh at people’s attempt to sound smart despite their flawed reasoning.

      You are worse than the noveau riche and worst than the uneducated masses. You let emotion, dictate your thinking. You think China is great no matter what, and instead of accepting this as one of another thousand (reported or not) examples of how terrible Chinese culture has become, your first instinct is deny that there is a problem

      I’ve never said China is great, EVER. You wouldn’t be able to search anywhere on this site where I’ve done so. You are letting YOUR emotions dictate what you read in my posts. You certainly aren’t educated, let alone being more educated than me son.

      The truth is that the author hasn’t provided a balanced, even remotely intellectual article. It shows her bias, insecurity, and issues of self esteem. Any person who is seriously interested in understanding the fundamental problems of China would do well in reading the works of Machiaveli and Nietzche and especially Nihilism – which I highly recommend to the author [if you are reading this].

      As for you Pete, I can recommend some journal articles, and secondary material for you to read if you truly want to understand China’s economic reform. But you probably won’t be interested. I doubt you wanted to do anything but to exercise some form of righteous indignation. Did you have fun?

      1. Wow, did you just justify your making fun of Koreans? Just like I said, instead of owning up to your racism, your flaw, you push it off. Typical Chinese behavior.

        You like to talk about self esteem a lot. I think Chinese people have a self esteem problem. Away comparing themselves to the West (you called brainwashed by the west?). Building huge useless structures, throwing the huge jack off party aka the Olymics, to PROVE to the world, Chinese are great? Yet neglect what’s really important. Chinese can build shitty high speed death trains to impress the West, yet can’t build a school that doesn’t fall down and kill children.

        The point is, all your arguments, I don’t understand. You attack the author on a personal level, rather than address the facts. You say it’s because she has low esteem, why don’t you address the merits of her argument without resorting to personal attacks? People who don’t have anything to say usually resort to name calling But I guess that’ okay where you come from. Nationalist jackass ville.

        Educated more than me. I highly doubt it. You tell me you have a post graduate degree from an ivy and maybe you begin to wipe the dust off my shoes SON.

        I doubt you’re even in CHina t this point. You’re fucking full of shit my friend. Naive, stubborn and full of angry shit.


        Truly great person you are, laughing at others. Is this what you represent? Being on YOUR high horse, making fun of others? attacking them personally? Stick to the facts jackass. You say you’re educated. Your actions and behavior says otherwise.

        Go home to your mother.

        1. That’s funny Pete…

          The fact you can’t understand what I’ve written shows your lack of education.

          The role of the Western media in publicly vindicating China is deliberate and based on public policy. You are a perfect by-product of Western indoctrination.

          Stop with all this ‘education’ business, I completed my BCL from Oxford funded by a Rhodes scholarship. I don’t to hear you boast about your non-existent academic credentials.

          1. @VOC, i’m surprised an oxford educated would be so ignorant and narrow-minded. If you’re so well-educated, why don’t you use your skills and knowledge to help China and those in need? Why don’t you practice law in China and fight for those who are bullied? If you actually studied law to the extent you claim, you must be able to see clearly issues with China’s legal and judicial system…

          2. I see where all of this “Ivy League” education nonsense is coming from.
            Voice of China, your game is up. You did not receive a Rhodes Scholarship, in fact less than 100 people in a year ever have, and the recipient lists are public. No Chinese national has never been awarded with a Rhodes Scholarship.
            So I’m sorry if it hurts you to be called out (not really), but now everybody knows, and you can cry about it if you want. I recommend changing your name or to stop posting here, because you have no face.
            On a side note, Oxford is not Ivy League. Ivy League refers specifically to the elite private universities in the US.

            1. You’re hilarious Zvi, let me guess, Indian? Your intonation suggests as much.

              I’ve never suggest Oxford was Ivy League, where did I ever mention that? Oh that’s right, I didn’t. You thought it up.

              Further, you don’t understand how the Rhodes scholarship system works. You don’t know from which university I received my Llb. You don’t know when I was admitted and you won’t because I’m not stupid enough to give it in the comments section of Chinahush.

              Now go back to eating curry you Indian piece of shit.

              1. Indian? Good God mate, is your English ability so perfunctory that you can’t tell when someone is a native speaker?

                I understand full well how the Rhodes Scholarship works. In fact, it’s not that complicated. I wouldn’t be surprised if many people here know how it works, which is why I chose to call you out on it. And now that you’ve taken notice, I will gladly stuff it down you throat a second time.

                Among the many requirements, recipients are required to be citizens of a select group of nations, and the People’s Republic of China is not among those nations. Sorry mate, but you’re out of luck there. Your best chance would obviously be if you were from the US, which typically receives 32 allocations, but obviously the competition would eat you alive.

                Ivy League came up a few times in the comments, so that’s what I was referring to. It’s useful information for you too, because you clearly don’t know much about the various western higher education systems.

                Give up. You’ve been exposed. The more you say, the more you’re going to embarrass yourself.

                1. Hilarious,

                  I knew you would come back my curry munching friend.

                  Your understanding of the prerequisites is simply incorrect. I won’t even bother to expand on it unless you pay me for my time.

                  I’ll be hear your justification nooblet 😀 Go post the rules for everyone to see, do it and fulfill your role as a serf for the global community.

                  1. Voice of China, messing with you feels like bullying a monkey. It’s entertaining at first, but then you realize that you actually have spent months, if not years posting here almost every day, and despite this extensive involvement, you’ve never brought value to Chinasmack. You certainly inflate the post count, but you’ve done so at the cost of putting off higher quality participants. So in reflection, while no one is going to offer you the camaraderie or companionship you so desperately seek, you may at least earn our pity in place of scorn. Before you go on and waste the next year of your life doing the same thing that you’ve been doing for the past year, I would encourage you to think about your parents, and try not to disappoint them so much.
                    Post responsibly, keep the racist rhetoric to yourself, don’t give in to knee-jerk reactions, always have something constructive to say, and proof-read your posts. I realize that these are lofty goals that require self-worth in order to reach, but if you aspire to those things, you’ll realize that you don’t have to be a failure to get attention.
                    I’m not normally so charitable with my time, but I think everyone deserves a fair shake, even buttmonkeys like you.

                    1. 1. It’s ChinaHush and not ChinaSmack
                      2. Learn to use paragraphs
                      3. Shut up and never comment again

                      I’m sure you have better things to do with your time than to troll here. Nobody values your participation.

                      Goodbye and good riddance my curry munching friend.

                      P.S Feel free to ask me if you need an English lessons. I used to charge $35 an hour in my student days. Unfortunately, my time is worth much more now. We can negotiate a suitable rate.

  12. She was a small person but this was not a small thing.

    The only person who stopped to help her was a rag picker? Only the lowest beggar had the compassion to see an innocent suffering?

    Contempt for life, contempt for the individual, and contempt for women combines in one single act of indifference and brutality.

    I’m outraged. I’m fucking angry and upset.

    Pundits on local news media across the United States are showing this video right now, and explaining why the average Chinese person seems to lack compassion or any sense of moral responsibility. Why? because what happened to this little girl is beyond the comprehension of anyone I know in any community in the states period.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. The karma shit is no longer a good way to ensure moral conduct. Officials in my country drop piles of money at Buddhist temples. “If you did something bad, do some good deeds to negate it”… Sounds like shit, but they eat it.

  13. This is about something that happened in China, to a Chinese victim, at Chinese hands. What’s with the random Korea-bashing? Can’t you discuss anything without pointlessly attacking others? And if you’re going to paint all Koreans with one big brush, don’t resent it if the readers here do the same and assume all Chinese are immature idiots like you as well. Just stop it — the only thing you achieve by trying to drag others down is making you, and China, slide even lower in everyone’s eyes.

    1. Read the above post about saving face. There is your answer.

      “It’s so typical for Chinese to deny responsibility or own up to flaws. Is this a generalization? Damn right because it’s mostly true. It’s called face. Chinese people can’t stand being criticized even when they are at fault. “

    2. Be quiet simida, go defend your pitiful country in another site non-china related. Unless of course you are obsessed with the views of Chinese. Which I’m sure you are(and which a quick google search would confirm).

        1. LOl dude, this guy is unbelievable. NEVER OWNING UP, always blaming others or side stepping the issue. VOC your true “face” has been revealed.

          1. Look jackass. Korea has it’s share of problems just like any country. I’m sure Korean_guy would be the first to tell you about the chaebols, the wealth divide, the stress placed on students, the plastic surgery, etc etc etc and how whack it is.

            China has problems. He points it out. You don’t like what he’s saying because he’s a waiguoren criticizing China but it doesn’t make what he’s saying invalid. Nor by you NOT addressing his points, and instead attacking his ethnicity and then his country, really accomplish anything but show how pathetic, and truly SMALL you truly are.

            You may have gone to school in the west, but you did not learn anything. Everyone in America is taught that a man is only as good as his word. If you want to evolve from retarded country farmer and do something good for China, start there. Be a man, and own up to what you are and what China is. Blaming other people for your problems or denying that there is a problem will never get you anywhere.

  14. The first driver apparently had just broken up with his girlfriend and was on his cell phone when he hit Yueyue. The Shanghaiist reports the driver had placed a call to Yueyue’s father to tell him he would not surrender, but would give him some money, saying:
    You saw that girl on the CCTV footage, she didn’t see where she was going, you know. I was on the phone when it happened, I didn’t mean it. When I realized I had knocked her down, I thought I’d go down to see how she was. Then when I saw that she was already bleeding, I decided to just step on the gas pedal and escape seeing that nobody was around me.


    1. By the logic, YueYue’s father should run over the drivers mom, call the driver and say: It’s NOT MY FAULT! Here’s 20K RMB. You can buy 3 iphones with this. What’s the big deal???

  15. Pete, its so much easier, and I am very tempted to keep taking the shit out of you because you’re mad 😀

    But I’ll try and be serious for just one moment and give you some credit for the bs that you’ve written so far despite understanding the futility of doing so in a site full of anti-china trolls.

    Here’s what I’d do, I’ll be frank and say exactly what I’m thinking right now.

    1. From my assessment of what you’ve written so far, and based on the fact you are dead serious in your posts, I rate your analytical skills to be very poor.

    You seem to ‘imagine’ certain things being said and not recognize they have been intentionally left out. This shows that you clearly have never studied law and/or are stupid.

    The most someone with your ‘brains’ trying to argue logic and yet failing at the same time on Chinahush makes me believe that the highest level of education you’d have is a degree in the University of California where entry requirements are moderate. You’re clearly not intelligent.

    There is a great difference between reading whats on the paper and what you infer. What you infer is never relevant when you are refuting what the other proponent is saying. Even though you lack a legal background, I still can’t forgive you because you still sound like a jackass LOL.

    2. You should obviously understand that if the author wanted anything in this article to be taken seriously, she would need references. Anyone with any academic background whatsoever, even in a meager arts degree would understand that trying to address religion, morality, education and public policy would require a LOT of research and a LOT of references. It wouldn’t be possible in under 20,000 words including citations.


    So tell me Pete of Korea, do you EXPECT me to address the non-existent points the author has pointed out? Do you expect me to spend hours of time researching and refuting points that the author hasn’t even proved bearing in mind it will take hours of my time, all for the sake of credibility on a website which lacks any significance to my life?

    If the answer is yes, then this is where I think you’re either naive or stupid or both.

    I’d much rather spend my time laughing at the gooks on this website pretending they know how to write. If your parents took the job to give you a proper Chinese education, they’d teach you that it’s better to be silent than give a stupid response. You’re digging a bigger hole for yourself Pete and I find there no need to address the problems of China in the comments section HERE, where gooks like gook_guy are waiting to rub it in.

    Again Pete, if you want to know what books, journals and articles you can read to understand the state of the Chinese economy, let me know simida. I’ll direct you in the right way. But this is the last post I’ll give you some credit.

    The handle “Voice of China” was made to represent the current generation of educated Chinese. It’s to express the views that the CCP can’t publicly announce but yet are commonly held. It’s too bad if its to the disdain of gooks. They aren’t liked in China and it’s likely to stay that way. When gooks start bowing their head to us and show some humility, we’ll consider putting a stop to the mockery.

    1. @VOC if you think this website has no significance in your life, why do you spend your time defending your own opinions?

      I don’t know whether you have insecurities regarding your own intelligence or your background, but you keep bringing up how someone else’s education is inferior. A real gentlemen doesn’t need to tell everyone he went to an Ivy League, he shows his polish and pedigree through his words and actions, which you clearly lack.

      Also, a true Chinese would should not even be offended by or respond to anti-Chinese trolls. Everyone knows they are trolls and the fact that you make such a big deal out of them just goes to show your own insecurity. Do you not have enough Chinese pride to dismiss trolls?

      I do find it peculiar that you refute anything negative said about China; I’m Chinese and I love to hear what China’s critics have to say because our country always has room for improvement. The reason Qing Dynasty fell because Qianlong refused to open China to foreign trade and thus China cut itself off from the diffusion of knowledge and culture. If China continues to make this mistake, the period of turmoil from 1840 to 1949 will repeat in China. China is good at many things but not all things, so as Chinese we still have to learn and better our nation.

      1. I was thinking something similar lolski. VoC comes off as one of the many self-hating ABCs who couldn’t impress his parents enough by getting into an Ivy League school, so he goes around telling people that he did. (To qualify that statement: I can’t say for certain that he’s an ABC, because his English isn’t natural). It’s sad, but also it’s quite common in the US. Some people, especially the self-loathing and ego-maniacal minorities, constitute entire subcultures which have serious identity issues to work out. I hope that one day, these people can learn to accept themselves. The Irish had it far worse when they emigrated (and I might add that back in the day, Irish weren’t considered “white”). So to say it plainly, just get over yourself, VoC.

        1. @VOC if you think this website has no significance in your life, why do you spend your time defending your own opinions?

          I don’t. The truth is that I come here to get a routine laugh at dumbasses such as yourself. I am sadistic and I make no reservations about that.

          I don’t know whether you have insecurities regarding your own intelligence or your background, but you keep bringing up how someone else’s education is inferior.

          Actually, I did the opposite. I mentioned a few words about my education and only because Peter kept annoyingly bragging about his own.

          A real gentlemen doesn’t need to tell everyone he went to an Ivy League, he shows his polish and pedigree through his words and actions, which you clearly lack.

          Gentleman? LOLOLOLOL Who the fuck said I’m a gentleman. I don’t give a fuck about how people view me as a person on this site.

          And where did I say I went to an Ivy league school?

          1. I only used ivy league to illustrate someone who go to a prestigious institution but doesn’t brag or look down on others..i’m surprised someone of your education pedigree didn’t quite understand the meaning…

            and if you don’t care what people think about you on this website, why do you constantly defend your views and attack other people’s character/intelligence/judgment? if you want to have a serious debate, have one as a mature individual. otherwise you should just shut up and stop pretending to be better than everyone.

            peace out man this is my last comment lolll

            1. I don’t care why you claimed I was from an “Ivy League” school. You made a mistake, Ivy league refers to a select group of universities. Don’t use a term you don’t understand.

              I am better than everyone else lolski. A serious debate would be overkill on this website.

  16. “Educated Chinese”


    Everyone in China and the World knows what the value of the Chinese Education is. I assume you went to law school?
    You represent an generation of CCP brainwashed monkeys who have absolutely no analytical skills whatsoever.

    Your basis for attacking me, is if I were smart, I wouldn’t post here. What about you? What does that make you replying to an idiot like me. You call me stupid yet are trying to have a logical argument with me. Don’t you see how ridiculous your logic is?

    If I’m not mistaken, the UC system includes Berkeley and UCLA. I hear those schools are pretty decent.

    I’m not Korean. What’s the with the Korean obsession anyhow? Did a Korean guy steal your girlfriend or something?

    I’m over arguing with you. Talking to you is like trying to explain physics to a pig farmer. An arrogant, arrogant pig farmer.

    1. Some trolls here might be assholes, but the way you behaive is not much better.

      you may think you represent China, but really, you’re just losing us Chinese people face by how arrogant, stupid and racist you are here.

      go home to your mom friend.

      1. Pete,

        I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to tell things as they are.

        1. I certainly wouldn’t be so boastful about a degree from UCLA, which at most is overrated and considered a mid-tier.

        2. I find the comments section fun. I laugh at gooks, and find it funny to intellectually sodomize idiots like yourself.

        I believe you are Korean because:

        1. No Chinese person in their right mind would defend a gook.
        2. Many gooks have tried in the past to pretend to be Chinese on this site
        3. Koreans have an obsession with Chinese people based on inferiority complex.
        4. Only a Korean would think University of California is ‘decent’.

        So you’re either Korean or a dumbass with too much time on his hands. I don’t know what’s worse.

    2. “Talking to you is like trying to explain physics to a pig farmer. An arrogant, arrogant pig farmer.”

      Except that sometimes the pig farmer might understand physics. After reading some of this ludicrous argument between the two of you, I’m gaining the impression that VoC is a 14 year old fengqing troll. I generally only post messages when I have time, which is almost never, so I would imagine that someone who posts non-stop inane rants is someone with a lot of time, no friends, and no job. Poor lil’ bugger.

      1. ZVI,

        third post in counting. U MAD SON? LOL

        I know you’ll post more. Not using Peter anymore as an account? Why not make another Korean name… Korean_sentry, Korean_guy, real_Korean or are you sick of getting caught out son?

  17. I just can’t believe that everyone seem to forget that these kind of thing happen everywhere. I guess when you can just ignore that fact and blame everything on the Chinese and their government, so you can comfortable about yourself that you are nothing like these bystander who does nothing to help the little girl.

    New York’s Central Park Parade

    In June 2000 following a parade (The Puerto Rican Day parade) alongside New York’s Central Park which more than a million locals and tourists had attended, a pack of alcohol-fueled men became sexually aggressive. They began to grope and strip nearly 60 women. At least two victims approached nearby police who did nothing to help them. Nobody dialed 911 or offered assistance.[1]
    [edit] Sergio Aguiar

    On June 16, 2008, on a country road outside Turlock, California, friends, family and strangers, including a volunteer fire chief, stood by as Sergio Aguiar methodically stomped his two-year-old son Axel Casian to death, explaining in a calm voice that he “had to get the demons out” of the boy. He stopped at one point to turn on the hazard lights on his truck. No one moved to take the child or attack Aguiar. Witnesses said they were all afraid to intervene because Aguiar “might have something in his pocket”, although some people looked for rocks or boards hoping to find something to subdue him. The fire chief’s fiancee called 911.[18] Police officer Jerry Ramar arrived by helicopter and told Aguiar to stop. Aguiar gave Ramar the finger and Ramar shot him in the head.[19][20] Police officers and psychologists later explained that the inaction of the crowd was justified in that “ordinary people aren’t going to tackle a psychotic,” that they were not “psychologically prepared” to intervene, and that being frozen in indecision and fear is a normal reaction.[18]
    [edit] Brooklyn Hospital Case

    In June 2008 a woman collapsed in a Brooklyn hospital waiting room, but was ignored by other people present in the room and two security guards. People tried to help her only after an hour had passed. The woman died.[21]
    [edit] Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax

    In April 2010 Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax was stabbed to death in New York City after coming to the aid of a woman who was being attacked by a robber. Yax was on the sidewalk for more than an hour before firefighters arrived. Almost twenty-five people walked by while he lay dying on a sidewalk in Queens, several stared at Yax, one of them took pictures, however none of them helped or called emergency services.[22][23]
    [edit] Simone Back

    On Christmas Day 2010, Brighton UK woman, Simone Back, posted a suicide note on the social networking site Facebook. Several of her 1,082 Facebook friends commented on her status, but none of them called for emergency services or went to check on her personally. Some of her friends lived within walking distance of Simone’s flat. Her body was discovered by police the next day.[24][25] The incident likely reflects a popular myth about suicide, that a person who talks about killing themselves is unlikely to do it.[26][27][28]

  18. Nonsense, having no religion is the best thing that’s happened to China. You can be moral without believing in stupid fairy tales.

    All the other points can be synthesized into one: Materialism.

    Having a huge population makes daily competition for anything seem like a constant rat race. Add the economic boom on top of a developing country and you have a society of selfish people who only care about themselves and how they can strike it rich and make life good for themselves. It’s normal actually. Once the mainland hits a per capita GDP plateau like Hong Kong they’ll fall back and turn into politically correct moralfags like any developed country. Look forward to it (or don’t).


  20. Sorry to say, the analysis in this article is superficial at best, and out right wrong in several regards. Seems to me there is a lot of naivete and genuine lack of understanding for both Chinese and Western cultural and history.

    The claim that “Absence of religion results in the lack of awe for life” is patently untruth by looking from either perspective:

    For one, the presence of religion does not ensure ethical behavior – Patria potestas refers to the power of the Roman father to decide the fate of his child. However, if a mother killed her child she would be punished by death. Legal sanctions against infanticide were introduced in the fourth century as Christianity infused secular laws. However, as a result of hard times and a high illegitimacy rate, infanticide was the most common crime in Western Europe from the Middle Ages to the end of the eighteenth century.

    Secondly, if the author had even a cursory reading of Chinese literature, he/she would have found numerous examples of writings and poetry that dealt with the ‘awe for life’ – not just for human but life/nature in general. In fact, one would be hard pressed to find an historical Chinese author that has not in his/her body of work implicitly or explicitly expressed that awe.

    Lastly, I just want to take the opportunity to call out the shameless racism that is flaunted here in many of the comments. None seem to have any bases, or even attempt to have solid reasoning to justify the vomit that they so freely spew.

    @Bjork is it? Here is something to turn your ignorant biases upside down: As recently as “1950s the chief rabbi of Israel, Ben Zion Uziel, said that if an infant who was not yet thirty days old was killed, the killer could not be executed because the infant’s life was still in doubt. In Japan, a child was not considered to be a human being until it released its first cry.” Thus, infanticide is condoned even if not sanctioned. In fact, in Judaism, from which most if not all European religions are based on, infanticide is demanded by God through the historical practice of burning sacrifices of the first born sons. Pidyon haben is a religious ritual whereby a Jewish firstborn son is redeemed by use of silver coins, i.e. bought back from the hands of God.

    I’ll provide another example to refute the automatic assumption that religion promotes ethical behavior. During the conquest of the New World (the Americas) “montería infernal” became a favorite pastime of many conquistadors (often very religious) where conquistadors will set their dogs to killed and feast on human prey (the natives) by disemboweling them. Butcher shops throughout the Caribbean region during the years of conquest stocked native America bodies to be sold as dog food.

  21. the site is called china hush….for a reason.China wake up, stop thinking abt production,revenue,money and of course of your selves…simply a disgrace to man kind.
    SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  22. A teenage girl brought the battered toddler to a hospital in Delhi and left her there. Doctors found she had serious injuries – human bite marks all over her body, broken arms and a partially smashed head. They said they had not seen abuse of this level on such a small child.

    The story of the teenage girl, if reports are to be believed, is equally shocking. She has apparently told investigators that her parents beat her when she was a child and when she arrived in the city, a number of men raped her and she was forced into the sex trade.

    India’s record on protecting its children is shoddy. Thousands go missing every year and it doesn’t appear to be a major concern for the authorities. A report by Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA) found that 11 children go missing in India ever hour. The 2010 National Crime Records Bureau says 10,670 cases of kidnapping and abduction of children were reported during the year, up 19% over 2009. The majority of these children belong to poor, marginalised families living in slums and resettlement colonies.

    He says it all,….In fact, so called elite & educated Indians (with heavy weight degrees) including the ones living abroad are the worst than a typical illiterate slum dwellers. Many poor Indians kill/abort girls for fear of dowry while the “elite” Indians do that manly for their barbaric, feudal interpretation of tradition & religion. Unfortunately these naive rich & “educated” people are role models for many.

  23. I dont know which one of the people are more disgusting, the drivers who crushed the life out of a mothers, precious, innocent baby girl, or the lowliness and carelessness of the dirty mongrals who walked on by, some without even looking at the poor baby lying there in pain, to those people, you are the dregs of society, and the shit on my shoe, and in my mind and many others, you are just as responsible for her slow and painful death, I bet your mothers and children must be so so proud of the disgusting person you have become. If I were a vigilante, YOU would also be the people I would want to hold responsible for her death, and if you and your child were hit by a car, much less teo cars, I WOULD stop and help your child, and spit on you while I take them to get help, and laugh while you get run over, again and again and again

  24. Tibetans do suffer more in China, they are poorest of the poor and live in terrible conditions with no soul under Red China rule, a way lot worst than Indians, aboriginals, first nations peoples or natives in a part of their original of lands under western rule. I am sure.

    Yes, some say Red China is so bad that even up to 60% of the Chinese want to leave and live in the west, over 800 million would kill to live in Canada, the USA, the UK and may be Oz.

    Look at all the Tibetan expats outside Tibet, they are living it up and living the American dream just like the dalia lama is doing.

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