School labels underachieving students with Green Scarf


(From HSW) Confucius once said that educators and teachers should provide education for all people without discrimination. However, a primary school in Xi’an goes the opposite to make underachieving students wear green scarf to distinguished themselves from their normal red scarf peers. (Elementary students in mainland China are required to wear red scarf as a symbol young pioneers for the Party.)

“You didn’t study well and wears green scarf, I am the real Red Scarf.” Two kids were fighting after school. Parent who came to pick up his child with a green scarf was embarrassed. Ms. Su felt strange when her daughter came home last Friday wearing a green scarf. Ms. Su’s daughter in Grade 1 studies hard but her scores still came off below average. Her daughter said that the green scarf was from the school, half of the class got it.



“Other students are wearing red scarf, I don’t like to wear green, but if I don’t I would be criticized by my teachers.” According to a Grade 1 student, mischievous and underachieving students are required to wear a green scarf in and out of the school, otherwise they would be called names in the class by the teachers. Many kids took the green scarf off and put it in their bags right after they walked out of the school gate.

“Kids though still very young, has their self-esteem. They know what the green scarf means even if nobody says anything. We are always told that red scarf is a corner of our red flag, a symbol of young pioneer, now what role does this green scarf play?” Ms. Su said the school is weird to put forth such requirement without any prior discussion with parents, and it would create psychological scars for kids.



But the school claims that the aim of the practice is to motivate underachieving students to work harder and upgrade themselves to red scarf. Teacher Mr. Feng explained: “We didn’t expect parents to disagree with the green scarf method. For students in Grade 1, there are two semesters for them to join the Young Pioneer. Normally students with good grades will have the priority to join, the rest will get their scarf next semester. But some parents said their kids were unhappy about not having a scarf like others, so we give them green scarf for the time being. The intention is to encourage them to work harder and strive for the red scarf next time.”

Xu Jianguo, chair man of Xi’an Education Association said that although the intention of the green scarf is to motivate kids, it also classifies kids into different levels which not only influence their appreciation of the true meaning of red scarf but also bad for their self-esteem.

Green scarf was also seen in schools in Shanghai, Beijing and Wuhan before, as a preparation method for students who haven’t join the Young Pioneer yet. But such practice has been suspended since red scarf has significant meaning.

  1. Not long ago my brother was sent back to 3rd grade because he got a low mark in an English test, but he has the highest grades in all other subjects.

    So what, you may ask?

    So what the fuck, he is from China, he knows no English and he just got off the boat 269 days before.

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    Now he is back in China making more money than the whites in the USA, he could have been a something in the Amerika.

    1. Not long ago your brother was in the 3rd grade, now he makes more money than whites in the USA. Seeing as how both probably live with their parents, your argument is kinda invalid.

      1. Not long ago the USA was rich and the world looked up to it but now it’s kinda invalid.

        How long was that? Long time.

        So my bro didn’t get to go to University or get a western edumacation but he is glad to be a drop out and go back to the motherland and make it big in real estates.

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        1. So how old is your big-time brother who, not long ago, was in the 3rd grade? 10? 11?
          Yeah, your story sounds legit.

    2. Lying faggot.

      Ever since the latinos started bitching it’s illegal for schools are to hold back immigrant children based on language proficiency. That’s what ESL is for. Otherwise all the Hispanic immigrants would be stuck in grade 1.

  2. It’s funny. The kids don’t seem to give a rats ass in the pictures. Kids will be kids.

  3. Why are Chinese people so effin dumb? When it’s a red arrow in the stock market it’s good, when it’s green it’s going down.

    When a kid does bad he’s get green, yet when he does good he gets red.

    Stupid savages have got it all backwards. Everywhere in the rest of the world it’s the exact opposite. Dumbasses.

  4. Face is a very important to Chinese people and these kids no doubt will learn that early on and very quickly as well. In light of this, this kind of public humiliation may actually be an effective motivator. Even here in Europe, we used to have ‘dunce caps’ and still employ the go-stand-alone thing and other forms of public embarassment in schools for bad behaviour.

  5. Merit system > Demerit system.

    Give good students visible achievement awards and put their grades on public ranking lists. Other kids will get jealous and try to compete, it’s like the achievement system in many online games. Shaming doesn’t motivate anyone, it just makes their parents pissed.

  6. Just when it was getting cool, it’s finished.

    NO more green scarf wearing, the commies took it away and made it illegal.

    Damn it.

  7. Can we forget the scarves and just tattoo on the faces of the good and bad teachers? That would be a really good motivator for the educating peers to give a damn for the students !

  8. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs could not stand college or university and removed themselves from higher education. How many are being crushed even earlier?

  9. Green scarf would have a very negative effect on these student!
    As a sociology student, any kind of labeling may lead to a self fulfilling prophecy, this wont improve the matter, but those that fail may do worse instead…and there are those who are late developers…this kind of label would limit their future potential….

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