2-year-old girl run over by car twice, 18 people passed by and ignored

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The recent cases of elderly people fallen over in street unassisted, or people who step forward to help those elderly people were in turn accused of pushing the elderly to fall have made the Chinese public wonder why people become so apathy and why one needs to hesitate to offer help when in a critical situation. While the discussion is still going on, another stunning news of public apathy has made some people “lost their faith in human nature.” On 15th this month, a two-year-old girl in Foshan city was ran over by two cars. 18 people passed by but nobody stopped to help until a lady who collects trash on the street called for help.

Translation of the video (from 0:33- 2:40):

As the surveillance video shows, around 5:25 pm, Yueyue (悦悦), the 2 year old, appeared from the lower right corner while a white van came in the opposite direction. The van was driving slowly but suddenly speeded up and ran right into Yueyue. The van ran over her body, but the driver didn’t get off the car, instead he stepped on the gas and ran away. The rear wheel again ran over Yueyue’s body. A witness who saw the whole accident walked by Yueyue’s body indifferently. He didn’t even cast a glance at her. Following him, two more pedestrians walked by and saw yueyue lying on the ground struggling in pain, but all turned a blind eye. Then a pickup truck appeared. The driver didn’t notice Yueyue and ran over her body once again! In the following ten minutes, 10 more pedestrians walked by her body, but all of them just looked at her and nobody stopped to help, not even making a called to the police. Yueyue was still struggling in the beginning, and later became still. Around 5:31pm, and old lady who collects trash in the street appeared. She seemed to notice Yueyue as she came up to Yueyue and tried to lift her up. But Yueyue was as weak as noodle. The elderly lady then moved Yueyue to the side of the street where it was more safe and then called for help. Yueyue’s mother, who was in the vicinity, rushed to Yueyue and held her up. From Yueyue was ran over till her mother found her, 19 people passed by and only the elder trash collector was not as cold-blooded. If the first 3 people who saw Yueyue after she was ran over by the first car extended a helping hand, she could have avoided being run over by the second car.

Now Yueyue is still lying in the ICU in a coma. The second driver was arrested soon. But because of the first white van’s plate number can’t be read in the video, the police have called upon witness for help. After the video was shown and the news appeared in media, the first driver called Yueyue’s father saying that he would not turn in himself, but he would agree to give the parent some money.



The elderly trash collector Chen Yianmei who saved the 2-year girl Yueyue. When speaking of how the little girl was like when she noticed her, the old lady cried.

First accident driver:

If you hit a person, you would ran away too, I’m willing to compensate some money, but I will not turn myself in.

Later a young man who claimed to be the accident driver called the news reporter. However, some of his remarks have made the public even more furious with many accusing him of being a ruthless ‘animal’. Here’s the translation of part of the dialogue.

Reporter(R): Are you the one who ran over Yueyue?

Accident driver (A): I didn’t want that happen either. I’m just a driver.

R: Why did you call her father?

A: When the accident happened, I was on the phone.

R: Why didn’t you stop after running into something? Did you know you had hit somebody?

A: I knew I’ve run into a person. I was scared. If you hit somebody, you would ran away too.

R: Don’t you have any conscience? Why didn’t you save her?

A: I was too scared. I am just a driver.

R: How many years have you been driving? Don’t you know hit-and-run is a very severe crime?

A: I’ve been driving for 2 years. Who never makes a mistake? As you can see, that kid walked and looked around. If she walked more carefully, how would I run into her?

R: Was there any heavy goods on the truck?

A: Yes, that’s why I stepped on the gas.

R: Now how do you like to deal with this accident?

A: I want to offer them some money. But I don’t want to show up.

Later reporter called the accident driver again:

R: Do you want to turn yourself in now?

A: No. I’ve asked my friend to send my wife and kids over here from Guangxi. I’ll find a job in the construction site where no one knows me.

R: You want to hide yourself for the rest of your life?

A: I’m scared. I didn’t mean to (run over the girl.) Everybody makes mistake. I have a wife and a 14 year-old kid. Without me, they can’t survive.

R: One should be responsible for his own fault. You have kid too, don’t you know how Yueyue’s parent feel?

A: so what?

R: How is your feeling now?

A: sad..haha

R :At this point, you still laugh?

A: It’s a bitter smile. You have no idea how much pressure I’m under now. One word-‘scared’. I would hide until I couldn’t anymore. I know sometime it take more than a few decades to catch a murder. I’m over 30 year-old now. In 30 years, I might have died. This whole thing would have been forgotten. I know how to deal with the cops. I would shy away from the big cities, just stay in the suburbs and don’t make big money.

R: Seeing your kid, wouldn’t that remind you of the little girl you ran over?

A: Why should I? She isn’t even my kid.

R : How would you like to compensate the losses of Yueyue’s family?

A: I also have losses myself. I didn’t get my salary. I told my boss there was some emergency in my family and just quit the job.

On 17th, The first accident driver was arrested too.

Update 10/21

October 21, at 12:32 am, Yueyue had passed away in the hospital. she once lived in this world, let us remember her name. Wang Yue, rest in peace.

  1. Some day may he understand the gravity of “not my kid” when it happens to his kids (ZOMG!)
    “I didn’t get my salary” – is this psychology of poverty that’s to blame, or had he been an ahole longer than partaking in the rat race?


    1. Chinese being Chinese…cant blame just him, but his father mother grand fucking mother, father, the whole of the fucking china.

  3. I pray for the girl and her family . It made me cry . I really pray with my heart for the people who ignored to suffer the sufferering of that two year old. May god rot them in hell.

  4. The first driver should be given little sympathy by the courts. Not taking responsibility like an adult, actively evading the law and not really showing any true remorse (choosing to blame the victim instead) are all good reasons to throw the book at this guy.

  5. I’m pretty sure everyone is cursing the first driver so I’ll skip adding more fire power to the volcano. I’m guessing the second driver didn’t see the body so I hope he/she doesn’t get in trouble. Of course that is if they really didn’t see the body. I say find all the heartless pedestrian and give them all a radio or television interview about how great they feel about their actions! I hope the child will be okay but, sadly, even if she survives, she won’t be living a normal life anymore…. Best wish and luck to her.

  6. If that interview is real, that guy is a tremendous douchebag

    Only the trash collector has a conscience

  7. i would have punched that tooth pick of a bitches teeth in like’ hard. and said what now nigga, you! call letting your kid get hit by a car parenting. (shame on you for you ran over kid, shame on me for knocking your teeth in)

  8. This is a broken society! 18 people walked past that child as she was lying there suffering. These people are less than human and should also be arrested. They are completely lacking in empathy and sympathy, two traits that help distinguish us from the rest of the animal kingdom. If one person walks past then you can dismiss them as evil but for 18 people to ignore another human being, who is in desperate need of help, means there is a deeper cultural issue that needs to be dealt with.

    EVERYBODY involved, other than the little girl herself and the lady who eventually helped her, are to blame for this incident. For people to say that they didn’t want to help because they didn’t want to accept responsibility makes me sick to my stomach. Where is the humanity in China? We hear story after story like this and nothing seems to be done about it. For an outsider it seems fair to say that you are no better than wild animals and you have a long long way to go until you can make any serious contribution to the outside world. Time for some soul searching China! Let us know if you find one.

    1. Good comment. There is a good response on-line, but to really address this issue, there needs to be something bigger. People need to be made examples of, from the driver convinced that killing her is cheaper than leaving her injured, to the 19 heartless bastards who couldn’t even call 119 to the parents who let their 2-year old wander around where cars are. The government and every person in this society needs to make a huge deal out of this.

  9. Nobody can see in China because they don’t wear eye glasses, they are such good looking rats.

    Tell me nobody saw the accidents or witness the baby getting hit by the two vans?

    Time for the China chickenshit cops to pack some heat and shoot some bad-ass Chinaman.

  10. Absolute scum of the earth. Makes me sick to read what he said, the fucking cheek! Ruined my day.

  11. what a fucking asshole, if i see his daughter i would run his daughter over….fucking scumbag

      1. (facepalm )#2 Exactly, what a fool, vengeance at the cost of another little innocent person.

  12. I really wish someone would ban all the Korea-named idiots above and there would be an actual discussion… wherever you are from, you guys are fucking idiots

  13. Accident??that was no accident by the 1st driver!!fking accident..will you look at the film!?you call that an accident!?unintentional!?fuk this guy..this kind of people dont deserve to live

  14. I once saw a little boy fall out of a van several vehicles in front of me in traffic. The mother just kept driving, and no one stopped until I parked in the middle of the road effectively blocking traffic, got out of my car and tended to the tot. THEN people stopped and thankfully listened when I called for 9-1-1. Maybe they were afraid to get involved, maybe the just didn’t care and wanted to get home after work. Whatever, that kid needed help and no one thought their time was worth the sacrifice. Too sad.

    1. Interesting you say that, may I ask when and where that was because when I was a little boy that actually happened to me and that sounds like something my mother would do. Kind of chilling for me to read your comment actually.

  15. Fuck that driver and fuck all the people who pretended that nothing happened at the scene of the crime.. hope satan drives a monster truck, runs over you and drag you all to hell while being stuck between the grooves of the wheel!

  16. this video ripped my heart out… i pray for the little girl and her family… may she recover well with the help of our Dear Lord…and to the driver, may you suffer for the rest of your life…and to the 18 people? i just hope this won’t happen to you guys…this is freaking horrible

    i know this is bad but china is been killing a lot of people under their law… i saw a news getting 3 filipinos into a death sentence because of drug trafficking… so CHINA, what about that case compare to this one? so this driver is your countrymen huh? will you do the same punishment?

    ohhh china…i hate chinaaaa…….you lack of morals and humanity…….what a country!!! sooo scareddd and angryyy!!!

    1. Soon all the old Chinese in China, you and your kind will be wiped out by the Afrikan AIDs and they will take over Amerika and Chinafrika.

      The world hates China and Chinese everything, whites are no good for China, Afrikan blacks everybody love, there ain’t nobody that don’t love a Big Black Chinaman, BBC.

  17. … could it be because …it was a GIRL ??? ….and I can’t believe the mother who walks by with her little girl and have absolutely no facial expression…I mean come on !!!! How, why ??? Are they all f*cking brainwashed ???

    1. To me, they are all guilty……and I suspect the old lady of just wanting to clear the way for traffic…..WTF trying to sit her down ??? Did she just wish she would be fine and that she could just go her way too, like the others…. !!!

      1. I agree. Look at the way they carried the little girl!! They shouldnt even be carrying her up in the first place!! Poor thing.

        1. So she should just leave her to die just like the others did…

          I bet you’d do the same wouldn’t you, asshole!!!!

      2. The woman was a trash collector not a paramedic.

        She was the only one that TRIED to help and now you blame her as well you dickhead scum.

  18. What has our world come to?… My prayers go out to the little girl.. May the souls of the heartless 18 rot in hell…. Where was the mother?.. Why was the little one even there??… Sickening … Poor little lamb… As for the drivers… String them up…

  19. R.I.P. Little girl may your soul be guarded by angels in heaven where satans like that driver who kill you don’t exist. I have a 2 year old son and I feel for her parent’s loss. It’s also a reminder to all parents to take good care of their children especially the little ones.. and to that man fuck you! your soul will eventually rot in hell..

  20. Chicken and egg. Do leaders who sell arms to any regime,and support genocide in places like Tibet and Sudan produce fucks like that driver or do fucks like that driver and his ilk produce the thugs in power?

  21. I think in the western countries, you get a glimpse of what the Chinese are really about. Have you ever been in a Chinese supermarket and seen how aggressive the Chinese are to get at what they want? Its like a pack of wild dogs, every man for him self and if he has to hit, push or steal from another to get it, he’ll do it with out batting an eyelash, in other words, SAVAGES. I’d imagine that it’s worse over in China. With their booming economy, everybody wants to get their share and they’re not going to let anything get in their way, not even a dying 2yr old girl lying in the street.

    Poor Yue Yue. R.I.P Sweetie

    1. I saw a girl almost killed by a crowd crushing her when someone behind a counter handed her a free balloon. Savages.

  22. SERIOUSLY WHERE ARE YOUR CONSCIENCE?!!! I’m utterly shocked and disgusted that china can do anything for money. or rather for themselves. Look at the tinted milk that killed so many babies!!! Really its making me dislike them more and more…

  23. It is not right what happened to the little girl, but i also wonder, where was the mother?? How come she didnt look for Yueyue until that old lady showed up to help her??? I will say from beginning it is the mother’s fault. No one should let their toddler wondering around alone, especially to the street!

    1. i also have to agreed with you, i got a 2 years old baby girl and not in a million years i let go her hand wherever we go… of course NO excuses for the people that passed by. I remember one day me and my husband passing by a elder man that was laying down on the grass of a playground near a foot path and we stop to waking up as he was just taking a nap and enjoying the sun, but i couldnt go on without making sure he was ok.

  24. I should say , from now on the chinese goverment should do something about this kind of accident. Like by example :

    1) Everyone that can help but refused to helping others who are in danger will be punished with a fine.
    2) Hidding others and ran away for hidding, will be see as a serious crime.
    3) Traffic rules should be strict in China to reduce accidents.
    4) Every year on the same time, at least one minute silence for everyone (adult) in china to think about this accident. Those will ignored this moment without a good reason, will be punised.
    5) Give a better education to the chinese in China. Learn the respect for humanity.

    1. You can’t legislate a good society. In fact, the more laws and rules people have to follow, the less they will feel moved to help someone in need, when it is entirely a matter of choice. And further, the efforts of those who are forced to help will be less genuine, involving minimal effort, and therefore, less helpful.
      IE.I have already been imposed upon to help, through taxes that I pay, and through rules that I follow, and now that I am not compelled by gun point or by fine to do a good deed, I elect not to.

      “A good society will certainly be one in which people in that position will be strongly inclined to [help], but that’s a very different [proposition] that if a society is bad we can make it good by using force” – Milton Friedman
      Reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q84y08nu74I

  25. compensation my ass, i want to slit these drivers throat, they did it intentionally, i want poke my fingers inside their eyes, chop their body parts bit by bit, no excuse

  26. It’s a good thing that the first driver ended up being found and sent to jail where he belongs. A real man would own up to his own mistake especially if it deals with a person’s life. Also, I can’t believe that he would talk it off how he would not be able to see yueyue when he looks at his own daughter. If I were his child, I would be so ashamed of my father. It is entirely his fault but mentally, most of china thinks that way ever since Chairman Mao passed away. If anyone knows the story on why most Chinese people are being cold. It’s because while Mao was still in charge, he would make it a law for citizens to do goods and ever since he died, people abused that freedom to do whatever they want. There was also the case called “Nanjing Judge” where its like a famous saying in China now. Where if a person is caught helping others when it’s none of their business, you will get in trouble for it so that’s why the mentality and morality in China is low at this point.

  27. One if your gonna be driving be RESPONSIBLE I cannot quit stressing people about that being on the phone is not a damn excuse there are plenty apps to help you prevent from having to use hands when using a phone, second the people that pass by should feel guilty for the rest of there life regardless of what happen with the elderly women in 2006 this is a CHILD who can’t speak for her self that’s why adults should speak up, I can’t believe people are so heartless & don’t have commen sense iam disappointed in todays people when they should speak up they don’t when they shouldn’t they do..

  28. the driver was so stupid it shows in the camera that the little girl is walking in the street at least he should stop and tell or shout to the kids to get off the road

  29. chinese are liars,
    there are so many reported news about
    some chinese beat their parents up.
    and they want to fool others they treat their parents well.

    even in America, you can find out chinese are not nice or at leats nicer to their parents.

    they told people they were advanced in history, lol
    chian entered metal age 1500 years later then Europe.

    1. Chinese being themselves, cant just blame on this fuckedhead, but his motha fucking family, and the whole of china itself. China as a nation is all bunch of fuckheads bitches.

  30. I hope that fucken idiot chinese asshole driver rotts in jail…. i agree with some of the comments. Chinesse people are cold blooded anytime u go to a chinesse supermarket or a restaurant here in the U.S they are just rude and they don’t smile and they dont have any manners….i’m guessing it is even much worse in china. Poor yue yue & i hope those other 18 witnesses suffer for the rest of their lives!!!!!

  31. i hope all of those people get run over by cars and are left to die.
    who cares if shes frikken not your kid
    now watch as you die from a guilty conscience

  32. Chinese One-Child-Policy is TOTALLY wrong!!! China should do NO-CHILD-policy. In a generation or two the world won’t have to deal with these creatures we call chinese anymore!

  33. I think it was the parents fault for not taking care and looking over their children most of the time

  34. how do stand there, see a 2 year old be run over by a car and not notice. the first guy came ran him over, stopped then continued then the second guy came and ran over the kids feet then the old lady came. i think she’s the only one with a heart. and what mother lets her kid walk in the middle of the street

  35. How can a two year old look where they are going??? That is a very young age where you don’t really know what is wrong.
    I feel sorry for your loss.

  36. I am glad they post this all over the internet. So the people of the world including the China people can see what kind of animals the China people they are..leaving the poor two years old girl in suffering and not helping her.

    1)both drivers should be arrested.
    2)both parents of this two years old should be arrested for child negligence.(how the hell you leave a baby wandering around by herself? so what you have to freaking work. You are not suppose to go to work with your baby.That’s child abuse. If you and your husband can’t afford a child then don’t have one!
    3)All those people passing by should be arrested and sent to community service to teach them to behave like a human being with compassion.
    4)The freaking china government should do something about their dumb law. How can they have previous cases where a good samaritan got sent to jail for helping an old lady? The china govern’t officials should be all fired.

  37. Omg I hate him I won’t say anything bad though I feel sorry for the girl if I saw her I would be scared but I would defanatly help her oh man I’ll put her in my prayer book live a great life how old is she now 7,8?

  38. Dear God! How can people actually walk by normally without noticing?! How can they be so….so..I’m at loss for words… They didn’t even flinch at the poor girl’s condition…forget about flinching, they didn’t even stop by!! This is the first time I’m watching something like this and it made me cry so much. Sometimes, we might watch stuff like this in movies, but real life? :’/
    I hate both those bloody drivers! Hope they burn in hell!
    “R: Seeing your kid, wouldn’t that remind you of the little girl you ran over?

    A: Why should I? She isn’t even my kid.”
    Why should I?! Are you even human?!! I can’t believe monsters like these even exist in this world!
    Not just the drivers, even the passers-by didn’t do anything! What’s happening to this world?!
    No compassion. No Humanity. Absolutely nothing! >_<

    "Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.
    -Dalai Lama"
    Sorry, just had to add in that quote. What with the China vs Dalai Lama thing going on….-__-

  39. OH MY GOD. What is wrong with the 2 drivers … and all the ppl there ?!? … They ALL saw her … WHY ? WHY ? Why didn’t they help her ?!?

  40. There is one person that is not being held accountable and should be, for if they had been present and doing what they are supposed to be doing, none of this would have happened. That person? Her mother! From what I can see in the sequence of events, it seems as though, oh, maybe a half-hour or so transpired before YueYue’s lovely mother arrived on the scene. Wtf was she doing letting a two year old wonder about alone and how far away from the child must she have been since she heard nothing of a commotion in reaction to the event (from the crowd). As for the interview of the driver, I can’t describe the rage I was feeling and the intense desire I had to apply his humanitarian views on one of his children. Really, why can’t we be ‘an eye for an eye’ punishment system? Incarcerate the individual and apply the crime they committed to them. Example: rape—the guy gets raped, gagged, beaten, etc., the same way he did his victim. murder–same thing: scenario is the same, murder is the same, result is the same. And never let them know when it would happen. They can live in prison knowing that at some point, sooner or later, justice would be meted out to them in the same manner they delivered it to their victim, exactly the same,
    with all the perverse torture and sickness. What fun!

  41. This story is disgusting. I couldn’t even watch the whole video. I have a question, why did the mother let a 2 yr old out of her sight near a street?? She should be charged for child endangerment! I know mistakes happen, but watch your kids!! This may have been avoided if she was holding her daughters hand like a good mother! As for the drivers, I am not a violent person but I do believe in the death penalty for people like this. We don’t need evil people in this world. As for all the people who passed by, they are just as disgusting!

    This story makes me very grateful to live in the united states. While I’m not patriotic persay, the united states seems to have more decency and compassion than a lot of other countries! I highly, highly doubt something like this would Ever happen here! However, there are crimes against children that happen everywhere (including the US) and that makes me angry. There are horrible, evil sorry excuses for Human beings lurking everywhere that inflict pain on children. I don’t tolerate this at all. There’s no excuse to cause harm to children.

    I have a 4 month old daughter and I am Very protective of her. One, because I am a mother and I feel I want to protect her and Two, because I need to protect her from horrible people like these drivers that lack a heart.

  42. well, that’s asian drivers for you westerners.

    i’m a chinese person living in Australia and i’m not surprised by this, it’s the way they’re taught by Deng Xiaoping a old chinese premier. He told the people that they should make money regardless of how in his famous quote “black cat or white cat, the one that can catch a mouse is a good cat” literally meaning people who can make money is good no matter how much of an prick they’re. it’s just the nature of these people now, make money because it’s the thing that’ll make you good. I feel glad i dont think like them, which is probably why im kind of lazy and not so all ambitious and all over money like the others.

  43. Seeing this video and the first drivers response has absolutly shattered my faith in humanity. How could any decent citizen even consider leaving such a young child injured in the road like that? Regardless of who’s fault it may be. Proportioning blame should be the very last thing on any morally conscious brain, the safety and well-being of a child should ALWAYS come first.
    After reading the translation of what the first driver said I was furious. That monster deserves a very VERY long time in prison because he IS a murderer. His actions and his selfish and ignorant attitude have caused the death of a young girl. He is responsible so now he should lose his liberty and count himself lucky that it wasn’t his own daughter lying in the road.
    I mean, how dare he even think that money could repair what he done and the choice he made but to then try and BLAME the child for what happened is unforgivable. This murderer only cared about himself and looked at another human being in the same way someone might look at an injured dog.
    I hope this man suffers for the rest of his natural life for his part in this appalling evil and cowardly act. Shame on him.

  44. may god come down to earth and send all of that city to the deep no ending hell.please god come and send all that city to hell

  45. that is so sad about the 2 year old girl:( that got ran over i was reading the article and i started yo cry…:( cuz that is just so sad… may god please bless the people that have been getting hurt. and have articles about them and god please put your hand over them and heal them god please… their familys will greatly appricate it:) love ya god just please heal them and the people that hurt or killed them help the police find them and put them behind bars thats where they need to go:(

  46. Luke 10:25-37
    New International Version (NIV)
    The Parable of the Good Samaritan

    25 On one occasion an expert in the law stood up to test Jesus. “Teacher,” he asked, “what must I do to inherit eternal life?”
    26 “What is written in the Law?” he replied. “How do you read it?”

    27 He answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’[a]; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b]”

    28 “You have answered correctly,” Jesus replied. “Do this and you will live.”

    29 But he wanted to justify himself, so he asked Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?”

    30 In reply Jesus said: “A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, when he was attacked by robbers. They stripped him of his clothes, beat him and went away, leaving him half dead. 31 A priest happened to be going down the same road, and when he saw the man, he passed by on the other side. 32 So too, a Levite, when he came to the place and saw him, passed by on the other side. 33 But a Samaritan, as he traveled, came where the man was; and when he saw him, he took pity on him. 34 He went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine. Then he put the man on his own donkey, brought him to an inn and took care of him. 35 The next day he took out two denarii[c] and gave them to the innkeeper. ‘Look after him,’ he said, ‘and when I return, I will reimburse you for any extra expense you may have.’

    36 “Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?”

    37 The expert in the law replied, “The one who had mercy on him.”

    Jesus told him, “Go and do likewise.”

  47. The Chinese society must be rotten to the core to be so cruel and selfish, I am so glad I won’t be around when this disgusting nation with it’s inhabitants who can’t even be called human are a major power in this world. They are lower than the lowliest dirty animal.

    1. Disgusted,

      This is why this world is so rotten because of racist low life like you. God probably won’t even take you when you leave this world. Sadly America is filled with racist low life like “disgusted” that is why it is so corrupted. This world needs to get rid of all racist low lives in order to improve.

      US Police Shoot An Unarmed Black Teen Dead

      Hundreds of these low lives racists killing civilians every year in the USA.

  48. Im so sorry for your lose of your daughter. I hope that you and yor family will heal from your lost of wang yue. If I lost one of my kids I would not know what to do but I do pray for the family. The thing the moat is both people have been arrested and sent to jail for what they have done and not stoping. Wang yue will be your heart for ever

  49. may God be with you seeing that video made me very angry. How could he not see her? The pain that baby went through. I just screamed!

  50. hes gonna be so mad and so will everyone else and life is too short to be brained washed by this bullshit fuck you

  51. Wow. That is the most horrible thing a human being can do to a little innocent babygirl. If I would of been there I would of helped you yueyue, it breaks my heart to know heartless people just passed you by when you were agonizing in pain. To the drivers I wish you the worst for killing a child and not owning up to your faults -douchbag.


  53. I get upset every time I see or hear of this incident. Apparently, there is a particular Samaritan law in China that put sole responsibility and financial responsibility on anyone who tries to help someone in distress. That’s why so many people walked by. I still does not make it right. My hats off and deepest respect to that trash lady. I want to cry when I watch this.

  54. it was a little girl.

    in China.

    ya know, those inferior things that they usually abort 2 1/2 years before this one was run over.

    1. The saddest part is, some of these “inferior things” are allowed to grow up, only to open their mouths and directly define inferior. Some do it publicly, while others cower behind a keyboard being a most effective argument for abortion.

  55. Oh my god . ohhhhh my god i’ve never seen anything like this ,it made me cry the minute the little girl appeared , is this for real?? ,how can people be so coldblooded and crul ,you can see that she is still moving even after the second car goes over he body ,…. oh god i wish i didn’t see it …. i can’t stop crying ..

  56. This is the most tragic event that could ever happen to a child. A help could have been extended to that poor girl from the first person who saw her lying agonizing in pain in the first place. I will never ever go to China again. Ever! Apathetic citizens of China!!! Chinese people said that when you got involved in an accident, they’d rather kill the victim rather than keeping them alive because they would incur more expenses (hospital bills etc.) than a person who is already dead. I will never ever patronize chinese products again. They made a lot of violations already: piracy, creating products harmful to humans (beauty products, medicines, milk formulas containing melamine, magic sugar that causes cancer) and a lot more. They just want to earn money. They don’t create value to help mankind. These are my thoughts.

  57. I think the by-stander effect is obviously prevalent here but I can’t help but think it’s much deeper than that. I skype with a few people who used to live in China and they were the ones who showed me this story. They say that the people in China have bigger communities so they have less affection and affiliation with others and a lack of altruism. In China it is against social norms to impede on somebody else’s life affairs. I wouldn’t think that this would apply to fatal situations, but apparently it does. It is also arguable that they fear that helping the child would put blame on them. If they were to be blamed and be known as a “baby murderer” it would be devastating. Honor of an individual’s name is very important in this culture.

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