17 million yuan invested, luxury cruise boat sinks at christening ceremony

From Phoenix News:


On October 10th, a microblog user posted a entry with photos, claiming that "A luxury boat named ‘JiuGang’ (酒钢号, named after Jiuquan Iron And Steel Group) sank when it was put in the water for the first time." The entry attracted a lot of attention. Later that day, Lanzhou Ministry of Transportation responded that the issue was already resolved. The boat was towed ashore and there were no causalities . They explained the accident was caused by mishandling from the builders. The boat will be put in water for trial again after one month. However, Jiuquan Iron And Steel Corporation (JISCO), which the boat was named after, claimed that they had no knowledge of the boat’s christening ceremony nor the sinking of the boat.

Later microbloger 巴蜀秀才 posted, "17 million yuan just to build a crap like this? It sank immediately after putting in water. This really ‘traps the father’ (坑爹,literally means ‘trap the father’ or ‘fool the father’. It’s a popular phraseology in China originated from a line in the popular Japanese manga Gag Manga Biyori. It’s generally used as an expression of saying something that’s quite different from what is expected or something that’s deceptive, tricky with some sort of humorous exaggerated tragic color.)" In just half day, the post was forwarded more than 3,400 times.

The "JiuGang" luxury boat is one of the major projects in the city this year. Jiuquan Iron And Steel Corporation invested a total of 17 million yuan. And the city’s Ministry of Transportation is responsible for the construction of the boat. The construction began early this May with an opening ceremony and on September 8 when the ship was about to be completed. After completion, it would be the biggest and most luxury boat in Lanzhou city. It measures 32.4 meters long and can reach a 22 km/hr top speed. The boat’s passenger capacity is 80 people.

Reporter contacted the Jiuquan Iron And Steel Corporation and a worker in the Information department replied that they have no knowledge of the boat’s christening ceremony. As to the donation of 17.68 million, he explained it was probably just a donation for the name of the boat (to be the name of the Corporation), thus the company is not responsible for the construction nor the use of the boat.

While some netizens make fun of the accidents, others has questioned why would a boat costs 17million yuan to build and is it really needed in a relatively poor area like Lanzhou?



Comments from ifeng.com :


That’s a Chinese "Titanic".


That’s right.The truth is, it’s a submarine.

First the train(refers to the several fast train accidents happened recently in China), now the ships and later with the planes, then all the ways of transportation will be covered.


Idiots! Even a paper ship a kindergarten kid made can float in the water for half day.

I live next to a ship plant. I know about the price to build ships. A 30-meter long ship costs 17 million yuan? Is it plated with gold?


My biggest regret is the government officials were not on board at the time. They deserve enjoying the fun of playing with water with no life vest on.

China is wide and broad, you can find all kinds of strange things.

    1. In many cases I saw ChinaSmack posting after ChinaHush.
      But it’s impossible to avoid – since these two blogs are using the same sources.

  1. This is a cheaper way to do R&D, in the west it cost a few million $$$$$$$$$$usd to find out how to float a large ship and pass the tests.

  2. Watching the video, it appears obvious that the problem was the way the boat was launched, not its seaworthiness. They tipped the stern into the water at a high angle.

  3. Stupid fucking chinks can’t even make a boat float lol! Fucking ugly savages!

    WPWW! 14/88! Hail Varg Vikernes!

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