Citizens of China rally to support the Occupy Wall Street Movement

The following news were once on majority of the Chinese mainstream news sites, most of them now have removed it. But it can still be found on various forums where Internet users have reposted it there.


Absolutely support the American people’s great ‘Occupy Wall Street revolution’’

Last week, the movement of Occupy Wall Street started in New York. Over 700 people were arrested. More and more people came to parade on Wall Street. It also aroused some heavy media coverage in China. Hundreds of residents of Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province rallied to support the movement of Occupy Wall Street in front of Labor People’s Cultural Center on October 6th.

Holding banners which wrote "Absolutely support the American people’s great ‘Occupy Wall Street revolution’", people gathered and passed around flyers about the event happening in New York. They wore red armbands and showed their support to this movement. The demonstrators were consisted of workers, cadres of state-owned enterprise and some retirees. A cadre from a state-owned enterprise said "USA is so bad that it bullies any countries as it wishes. Bullying others with its rod of liberal democracy, it interferes with the internal affairs of other countries and overthrows the regimes of other. Now it’s time for pay back of its evil. The true colors of USA are coming out." A young man who also took part in the rally analyzed the reason of the Occupy Wall Street movement that the capitalism had reached its end and the people in capitalist countries were woken up. Another middle-aged person from Shandong province gave his opinions that the socialism can save China, but also the world.











      1. Taking ideological sides in an ideological war that’s probably older than time itself isn’t putting ideological differences aside. It’s really quite the opposite.

      2. STFU you stupid commie! go back to the CCP you 50-center!

        Everyone knows that these wall-street protestors are a bunch of retards who hate America. They just want to bitch about something. If anything, they should be blaming China for their sheer idiocy. China is the cancer of the world – not Wall Street, not America, not Congress, not the military, not war, not racism, not the US government.

        CHINA IS TO BLAME because of their low currency and lack of freedom and democracy.

      3. You are an idiot. They are Chinese state employees. They mean to belittle the USA, thus reassuring their citizens that they live in the best place. They are fighting an ideological battle, not putting aside their ideological differences.

    1. I might add, it looks pretty organized, what with the coordinated armbands and printed banners. It smells like astroturf. I wonder who was really behind this.

    2. As if communism and laissez-faire were the only two political models in the whole world. There are political philosophies that lie ideologically between Marx and Nozick. Rawls or Dworkin might be some liberal political philosophies you want to catch up on. Continuing to pollute the world with your ignorance is an option as well.

  1. Yes, this demonstration can only hurt the Occupy Wall Street cause (whatever that is). These people are even more clueless about what they’re demonstrating for than the Wall Street protesters themselves.

      1. Astroturf get paid. How else do you get a bunch of clueless old people to protest a cause they haven’t the faintest understanding of? It’s more likely that the pay wasn’t enough to entice younger people.

        1. As somebody who lives in China, trust me – these people are organized by the state.

  2. Money as a medium of exchange is the greatest atrocity perpetrated against mankind, a tool for those that wish to control minions. Global slavery is alive and well and will continue to rule our lives until global awakening occurs to the true form of slavery that exists and we consider our lives.

    It is not restricted by borders, race or religion infact the very things we fight for are just orchestrated to achieve what those in power want to occure to insure that profit comes before people.

    Look inside you hearts, we are all made from the same atoms that construct the cosmos around us, we are equal wether you choose to understand that know or upon your awakening at death.

    There is a shift occuring in human consciousness, the majority of us want the same thing and it is and it is to love and enjoy what time we have here.

    Power to the people I say even if they are unsure of what thier hearts and minds are actually attracting them to.

    1. You can put down the peace pipe now. If money wasn’t the medium for exchange, something else would be, and you would still be complaining. At the end of the day, we are not equal. Some people are lazy; some are not. Some people are talented; some are not. Some people are healthy; some are not. Some people are wise; some are not. There is nothing to keep you from determining your own life in a free market, capitalist system, but in the top-down socialist tyranny that your ilk seems to invariably support, your life will be decided for you by a highly uninterested Party.

  3. Neo-leftists are fucking stupid. These are the same people who think things were better under Mao and we should all revert back to the time before Deng’s reforms.

    One day China will probably face the same 99%-1% wealth disparity as well. It’s simply the consequence of any capitalist market.

  4. So one guy said that the US was “Bullying others with its rod of liberal democracy.”

    The United States is NOT a Democracy anymore; it is an oligarchy. That is the whole point. Clearly this person doesn’t understand the movement at all.

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