China real estate tycoon criticized for joking about loss of Steve Jobs

From Yahoo:


The passing of Steve Jobs has been shocking to the Chinese public and posts of mourning for the late great American visionary overwhelm the internet, especially on Pan Shiyi (潘石屹), Chairman of SOHO China, the largest real estate developer in Beijing also posted an entry on his own Weibo page about the death of Steve Jobs, but jokingly:


The Apple board should make a decision: mass-producing iPhones and iPads that sell under 1,000 RMB (around 156 USD) , let more people use Apple products. That’s the best way to commemorate Jobs.

Soon this post sparked a controversy on the Internet when one netizen replied to Pan’s entry :


"One day Chairman Pan will pass away, please ask your company to release houses that sell at 1,000 yuan per m². 1.3 billions of people will commemorate your  too."

Netizen commments:


"At this point, chairman Pan should show some spirit of contribution."


"Chairman Pan should be a man of his word. Chinese people believe in you, you can do it!"


"Chairman Pan, take good care. As the Confucius said, ‘’do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire.’”


"You should not make a joke at the deceased."


"Even chairman Pan is still alive, people will honor his memory, because he’s a real estate agent."


"Harm set , harm get."


我觉得网友不该过于攻击潘石屹,他说的话并没啥过分的,网友很容 易“群殴”一个人,这也是语言暴力啊。

"I think the netizens should not attack Pan Shiyi. There’s nothing wrong in what he said. Netizens so easily attack people online. That’s a kind of language violence."


苹果董事会都不会同意 ,中国人的钱太好赚了.

"The Apple board will not agree. Chinese people’s money is too easy to get."

Pan’s response: I’m also fan of Jobs

Pan has deleted the related Weibo entry right after seeing what it has caused. He later explained "I do understand people love and grieve over the loss of Steve Jobs. And I also understand people are not satisfied with the current expensive housing price. I wrote down the entry based on the idea that one’s value is measured by how much he has contributed to the society and how many people can receive his service. I’m also a fan of Apple products, and Jobs. I feel the same grief as everyone does on his death. We have lost a great innovative leader. "

However, his explanation doesn’t soothe the anger. Netizen "一推推一" confronted him, "I would like to ask Chairman Pan, between you and Jobs, who has done more to society? And whose service the public has received more from? As far as I know, iPhone is quite common now, but I just wonder when will your houses finally become a common thing to have?"

  1. I think that most people are mislooking the fact that above all else, Steve Jobs has always been a corporate tycoon.

    If you think about what he has achieved, he hasn’t constructively contributed to society at all other than provide an entertainment devices readily available to the developed world.

    In contrast, Bill Gates has made a hundred times more for the world than Steve Jobs. He has made software which has enhanced society, accelerated economic growth and which is a backbone for IT development.

    Steve is no better than the guy that made Nintendo or Sega. Talk about people being sheep. Good riddance jobs is dead. I can’t wait to see Apple deteriorate.

    1. YA Bill Gates got Rich Copyin Steve Jobs. Hows that foreign Passport? Hater. Kill yourself. If Steve Job was Chnese you would be swingin from his sack. You like Bill gates cuz well He copies shit.

      1. I also like Bill Clinton because he was charismatic and white and Michael Jackson for his amazing music and dance.

        How is this anything to do with my bias as a Chinese person? Or are you just looking for something to say LOL!

    2. Yeah Jobs did a job on the dumb Chinese in China, didn’t he?

      Now why cannot the Chinese come up with these kinds of knock offs as their own?

      All they have to do is put a few things together and sell it as new.

      How about a new cellphone with TV remote and car starter?

  2. So what?
    Just an hour ago I read a funny post on Onion titled “Last American Who Knew What The Fuck he Was Doing Dies”… (it was about Steve Jobs, of course)
    Sense of humor is a good thing even in grieve circumstances.

  3. Jobs repackaged existing technology, restricted its uses and functions, slapped an apple on it and sold it at outrageous prices to sheep. Cult of personality.

    1. What?

      Jobs invented the computer and music storage box.

      And he invented the cellphone with a camera built into it, right?

      What about the touch screen, was he not the first to innovate these technologies?

      If NOT, than Jobs is just like another Chinese fake knock off producer but the high end kind.

      So Pan is right to say what he said.

      Make it cheaper, Apple.

      Let some low class people afford your knock offs too.

      1. @nonamemon you need to get some extra history class.

        Jobs dont invented the computer.

        And iPhone wasnt the first phone with camera.

        Touch screen too has long available before iDevices.

        Don’t compare Jobs to those chinese, you can see for yourself what Jobs had achieve.

        Personally I’m happy with current price Apple sells their iDevices, quality is the priority.

  4. Where my dog korean guy at? It ain’t the same without my funny monkey.

    Hollow back bitch!

  5. Pan is right, all the Apple products are over priced and NOT many people can afford them.

    And Jobs has done a job on us all.

    This thing about Jobs as a great Amerikan “innovative leader” is all Amerikan bullshit for Chinese monkeys to worship.

    Only a little over 20mn iPhones and iPads are sold world wide, and China morons buys the most of them, that shows how dumb Chinese are to the US Hi tech propaganda war.

    If it weren’t for China, Apple and Jobs would have been just a small time knock off kingpin.

    1. You are a fucking goose nonamemon.

      108 million iphones had been sold alone upto March 2011, that is not including ipods you idiot.

      So not only are you defunct at history you spew shit from your mouth and keyboard in an attempt to show you have a brain. EPIC FAIL!

  6. “”In Wuhan, the birthplace of the 1911 uprising, police were directed to reinforce their patrols between Aug. 27 and Oct. 10. Apart from the several thousand officers conducting patrols each day, 100 paramilitary police and 200 special police armed with submachine guns have been assigned to street duty. A quarter of a million surveillance cameras watch every corner 24 hours a day — all in the name of “creating a peaceful environment for the centennial.” “”

    1. Well this is only possible with the help and innovations of the great iMan Jobs.

      China is pleased and the Chinese people are happy.

  7. Apple is aiming at the premium market not the mass market. Apple wants end to end control from hardware, software to design. If you want to buy something cheap and nasty. Go for Nokia…

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