Obama Fried Chicken opening in China

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Yesterday, a hot topic about OFC (Obama Fried Chicken) spread on the Chinese Weibo (micro-blog).  This is the name of a restaurant which was not yet open for business. President Obama’s cartoon portray is its logo.  Regarding to this little-known restaurant, KFC China already issued a statement saying it has no association with “OFC” and the other party has already violated the trademark rights of KFC.

In posts about OFC on the Internet, many netizens joked that “United States President Barack Obama OFC Beijing flagship restraint is opening soon”.  Some netizens pointed out that it is a Shanzhai version of KFC, using Obama’s picture as the logo is quite creative.

Yesterday afternoon, reporter went to this restaurant in person.  This restaurant is located near Beijing Aerospace City College campus, a very simple room, with blue steel plate roof top and about 40 – 50 square meters. The store door was locked, you can see the inside through the glass doors. There is only one table, on which stood some hamburger and fried chicken picture advertisements. Inside walls are painted pink. This store’s logo is basically similar to KFC, red and white, but with Colonel’s head replaced with President Obama.

A fruit stand owner next to OFC told the reporter that he knows the store owners very well, they are 4-5 students from Beijing City College, and they often borrowed stuff from him. The restaurant is expected to open on October 8. Now is China’s national holiday (National day 10/1), the students have all gone home.

Many students at the Beijing Aerospace City College know about OFC. Number of students have also confirmed that the shop is really owned by students from their school, even the pictures on the Internet were posted by them.

To OFC the current KFC China has issued a statement in English saying KFC has no relationship with “OFC”, and “OFC” has already violated Kentucky’s trademark, they will take legal measures.

KFC Beijing branch said they did not know about this and will report to the responsible person for investigation.

As to KFC’s statement, some netizens expressed support, but there were a lot of people saying they have over-reacted, the students starting their own business, and it is very creative, KFC is being too serious.

  1. How cares? Knockoffs of corporate fastfood outlets are not a phenomenon exclusively geoghrapic to China. The KFC brand has been manipulated all across the globe in violation of trademark rights thousands of times. In China the penalties are inconsequential. KFC should be more concerned with the 38 day farming method of the chickens they pass of as having nuritional values or the low wages paid to all of its employees. Instead they will spend millions to protect their image fighting an asian looking Obama on the Colonel’s shoulders. Corporate dominance goes hand in hand with the theft of human rights, the largest transnational corporations control most of the world’s wealth and exert power over the lives of most of the world’s citizens, their CEOs are unapproachable and live lives of nearly unimaginable wealth and luxury, they value growth and profit at any expense, and this has become destructive for life on Earth.

    1. asian looking Obama on the Colonel’s shoulders

      What the FucK is wrong with the Chinese in China, something they are eating?

      Nobody don’t hate a black guy shiting on your food China men, so you like Obama to fuck you whore wife on the side too.

      OFC stands for Obama Fucks Chinawhores.

  2. In the US, it’s a well-established stereotype that black people like to eat fried chicken. That’s why this story is making news in the US, not because it violates KFC’s trademark.

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    2. I heard about this stereotype. Wonder if it’s true that Black Americans like fried chicken.
      Another stereotype I heard is about American Jewish who like Chinese food.

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  3. Dumb cocksucking China men want to black ass foods.

    What the shit OFC has in their chicken? Obama shit may be?

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    And in the USA, Apple Steve Jobs dies, aged 56, too bad most Chinese can not afford his shit.

  4. nonamemon

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  5. its china, they are unprofessional and dont care about business ethics like intellectual property and copyright

  6. I’m quite curious, did they do this because they wanted to piggyback on the recent popularity of a foreign President? For me I feel this is no different from when a non-Chinese company uses Uncle Mao, or Fidel Castro for their advertisements.

    However, the point I am more disturbed at is why doesn’t the KFC established in China try to push for them to take the down the sign and re-do the design— this is clearly an intellectual property violation and quite possible creating a competition in their sphere. You would think as business practitioners that they would try to take on the competition directly rather than simple just investigating the issue. It just shows that certain business franchises have certain power in China. If this was in any part of the US/ Europe/ Canada they would be closed or forced to do a serious re-branding.

    And lastly how is this different from the Japanese that used Obama’s face in their making of food items? http://www.tofugu.com/2008/11/06/obama-city-japan-celebrates-for-some-reason/

    1. Japan’s Obama burger is nothing like KFC, it doesnt use the same font as KFC, it doesnt have the same red background as KFC, it doesnt have the colonel Sander’s signature tilted shoulders and bow tie. Japan’s Obama burger has black and white background and the letters or words specifically say OBAMA, not “OFC”.

      simply, the China version OFC is simply the entire logo and sign board of KFC, with the edited face replaced by Obama himseelf, and change the “K” to “O”, making it OFC, the rest are exactly the same as the real KFC. It does violate everything in the copyright and intellectual property owned by KFC.

  7. I’m guessing some of you motherfucker have never step foot in China before and would never will, but since those motherfucker never been there let me tell you this shit, there is a lot of Black people that live in China now like A LOT not like 20 years ago where there’s only a few Black people, so for someone to use Obama face as their logo is a marketing strategy but some of Ya’ll don’t know this shit. so please go check ya’ll self and stop being stupid.

    who ever said some shit about stereotype, BITCH PLEASE go check your hole

  8. I wonder that what will happen if the pic is the avatar of Jintao hu ? lmao~~ I think the boss must be arrested for a long time

  9. I’m an american and this is pretty funny hahahaha.
    I believe in the conspiracy theories, so this doesn’t offend me, it’s just funny.

  10. And yes, majority of Black people in A merica like fried chicken. There are even a lot of white people who like fried chicken. It’s no big deal. lol
    Fried chicken is popular at fast food restuarants, here. Fast food is mostly targeted at people who have low income and make poor diet choices. There are Millions of Black people in the United states on welfare who are under educated because they choose to be. There are others on welfare like whites but the majority are Black. Blacks like fried chicken because of the taste. Many of them do not car about their diet. This stereotype does not fit fore every Black person but for the majority, yes they like fried chicken.

  11. This isn’t the only knock-off of the KFC chain. A couple of years back, I found MFC, thats right McDonalds merged with KFC meal ideas. Funnily, I did try KFC in Sheng Zhen…. the chickens were no where near the real thing, not even a slight hint of the Colonel’s secret spice, infact I did wonder if it was real chicken meat that I ate.

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