70 percent of Shanghai street blood donors are migrant workers


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According to the “Labor Daily” report, yesterday marks the 13th year of China’s “Blood Donation Law”. From totally depending on organization blood donation quota to voluntary blood donation on the street, residents of Shanghai have come a long way in these 13 years.

However, the recent report on street blood donors released by the health department caused endless disputes: 70% of the street blood donors are migrant workers, local white-collars and intellectuals rarely participated in these events. “Shanghainese people use blood, migrant workers give blood”, what dilemma is hiding behind it?


Blood donors do not tell their family

Traffic Police named Yuan Ye at the Fengxian South Bridge Road is a volunteer blood donation worker served at the Shanghai South Railway station and People’s Square. He recalls, among all the blood donors, ID card starting with “310” (Shanghai residents) are less than thirty percent.

In those 30% of the local donors, many university students came without telling their parents and they did not dare to bring the blood donation certificate home. Yuan Ye kept dozens of certificates for these students.

A recent internal statistics at the Southwest district blood management showed, among the 20,000 volunteers more than 90% are migrant workers, the rest 10% local residents are mainly college students, middle aged people and medical workers. There were very few white-collar workers and intellectuals. Among them, a considerable number of students have been opposed by their families, and 40% of the middle-aged people donated blood without telling their families.

Happy migrant worker “Brother Blood Donor”

Yang Yiqiao known by the netizens as “brother blood donor”, a man making a living by collecting trash who won the national voluntary blood donation Gold ward. So far, he has contributed 35,000 ml blood for the city of Shanghai. In Yuan Ye’s eyes, many enthusiastic migrant worker donors have something in common – honest, simple and with a good heart.

“They participated in social welfare activities and making friends in the process. They find a real sense of accomplishment and happiness.” Yuan Ye said.

Vice president of Blood Donation Association in Minhang District, Qi Song pointed out, many migrant workers have passion for general public welfare including blood donation. They hope to integrate into the city this way, to be accepted by the society and therefore gain more social security. “Many migrant workers’ families often come to Shanghai to see doctor, when they need blood because of a surgery they can get it free of charge, this is a great encouragement to them.” Migrant workers often tell Song Qi, in the process of helping others they feel stronger in life, this is a strong belief.

Reward for organization blood donation turns sour

The street voluntary blood donation system in China is a product of many big cities. The problem hidden behind is the current Shanghai blood donation system which plans to have half of the city’s blood donation sourcing from companies and organizations. In order to complete certain quota, some companies continued to increase blood donor’s compensation, some as high as thousands for each donation, compare to the street participants who only get a bottle of milk and a packet of crackers.  Because of the contrast in benefits, Shanghai residents made the “more rational” choice.

“Indeed there are many white-collar workers, after walked in to donation station and hearing there is no reward, immediately walked away.” Yuan Ye said.

Experts pointed out that such benefits paint a different picture for public welfare. Therefore, more and more volunteers recently called for the return of the public welfare to the public; corporate donation should remove awards and compensations as soon as possible; gradually replace blood donation quota system to completely voluntary blood donation system. In the city’s road to civilization, every business and individual should be involved.

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