Too pretty to play football, formal female football player goes on dating show

From Netease:


A beautiful formal Chinese football player — Zhou Yuwei received many public attentions when she showed up in one of the most famous Chinese dating showIf You Are the One”. “She was once in Henan province football team, but outlasted by the team members because of being too beautiful. Finally she quit the team.” introduced Lejia, the star host and the relationship expert of the show.


Zhou Yuwei, from Zhengzhou, Henan province, was once a football player. She is a little boyish also very gentle and lovable. As explained in the show, she is looking for a guy who is mature and reliable. 175cm tall, the host of the show, Mengfei called her “tall girl”. Zhou describes herself in Weibo (the current most popular social network like the twitter), “As a Scorpio, I’m a little sultry and lonely. Needing more time to make friends with strangers, but afraid of awkward silence, I sometimes can talk a lot with strangers. Sometimes indifferent, sometimes crazy, and a little rebellious but not that much as I believe we all have a kind heart. I do not make promises easily, but try to keep each one. It is hard for me to fall in love with someone, but I will be serious once I meet the one.”

The last male contestant on the show that day, Chenggang chose Zhou as his ”dream girl”. (Each male contestant chooses a girl being his “dream girl” in the beginning game) When he mentioned that he was a big football fan, host Mengfei and the relationship expert Lejia hinted him immediately that Zhou was a former football player. Cheng smiled and said he had no idea about that, but could see from her facial outline that she plays sports. Then Lejia asked “do you know the reason why she quit playing football?” Cheng guessed she got injured. Le said “No, “Zhou Yuwei is very healthy, she quit the team because she is so beautiful. She was named the most beautiful Chinese women’s football player. However, being so pretty, Zhou Yuwei was outcasted and excluded out of jealousy. Finally she chose to give up football.”. “This is true” Le added. Zhou was shy about this. She smiled with her hands covering her mouth.

It was a pity that Zhou turned the light off, (rejecting male contestant on the show) Because she found out the guy hoped his son or daughter to go into the sports career. “I can’t let my child take sports as a career. It’s very tiring.”

The TV show is now the most popular Chinese dating show, . During the show, a single male contestant faces 24 women who stand in a line each with a light in front of them. The male candidate will introduce himself with few clips of video and answer questions from the ladies on stage. During this introduction, the ladies press a button to turn off the light in front of them if they have no interest in the guy. After 3 rounds of interaction, if there’s still girls keep the light on for the candidate and he likes one of them, he succeed in the match.






    1. I knew a girl who was on the show (graduated from my college). She wrote about her experience afterwards…said it was surprisingly unscripted and the hosts just kind of let things…go if they seem to get all Jerry Springer-ish.

      Of course that doesn’t account for whether or not the participants display their true personalities while on the show. They all seem terribly petty to me, more than would be expected through a random chance sampling of the population.

      1. Interesting, I was sure that this dating show was scripted.

        On the other hand, with all the pettiness of its participants there will always be enough scandals around it to spice the things up (and more things to write about).

  1. How can you be too pretty to play soccer? And she fucking ugly anyway. It must be some shitbag producer or some loser nerd who thinks she’s pretty.

    Also, she doesn’t even look like she could kick a hacky sack.

    Chinese people are fucking dumb. They think ugly girls are actually good looking. What standards.

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  3. That girl isn’t pretty at all. Not even good looking.
    Besides why only ugly girls allowed to play soccer in China?
    I don’t get it.

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