Government employee kept 6 sex slaves in self-built dungeon, 2 killed


34-year-old former fire fighter Li Hao (李浩) was a contract employee of Luoyang Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. He would have been remembered as hard working and easy-going by his colleagues if not for the uncovering of his secret dungeon where he kept 6 sex slaves and murdered 2 of them with the help of other victims who, shortly after being rescued were arrested for assisting Li Hao murdered and buried the bodies.


During the past 2 years, Li Hao has abducted 6 prostitutes from nightclubs and KTV and put them into the dungeon he dug under a normal resident cellar.


It consists of 4 parts, including the normal cellar he bought, a 60 cm diameter opening connected with a tunnel that was just wide enough for one person to crawl through into the 2 damp and stinky rooms where the women are kept. However the rooms are surprisingly equipped with computers (with no Internet connection) for their entertainment.

Investigation revealed that Li Hao abducted, locked up and raped these women and with daily disciplines he turned the women obedient and even jealous of each other. They often fight over who get to sleep with “big brother”. Besides being sex slaves to Li Hao, who they called “big brother” or “husband”, obedient girls would be taken out for “jobs” when Li Hao fell short of money.

On Sept 3rd, one of the women Xiao Qing caught a chance during her outside job to call the police who rescued 3 other women in the dungeon and dug out 2 bodies. “When we got down there, those girls thought it was ‘big brother’ coming back, and cheerily welcome ‘big brother you are finally back’. Then they saw us in police uniform and burst out crying.” Said the police.

According to Xiao Qing, two women had a jealous fight about a year ago and Li Hao helped one of them killed the other and buried the body in the very room the women live. To make an stronger example, Li Hao also killed an disobedient woman and buried at the corner of the room.

“These girls were kept for a long time span, varied from 3 months to as long as 2 years.” Said a police officer Zhen Shengli, “Li Hao imposed extreme control on them, besides multiple iron gates, he only provided food every second day in case they have enough energy to escape.”

Officer Zheng Shengli explained: “The reason why he could hide the crime for so long is that he only operates in mid-nights deep down underground and kept the whole thing from his wife by lying that he found a part time job and had to stay out for half of the months.”QQ截图未命名

Neighbor resident pointed out the dungeon, with multiple iron gates and one sealed window.


The folk said the dungeon room was the same size as his storage room.

(Source from southcn and ifeng)

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    6. Dude, you are aware that this sort of thing has occurred many times in Western and European countries? Often it just doesn’t get reported though. Humans in general, no matter where they are from, have the personal choice to be good or bad. Something as trivial as a difference in economic system doesn’t do that. Propaganda, maybe, but reading your post seems to show that propaganda in America is worse in many cases.

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    8. Please read “To Plead Our Own Cause.”

      America is pretty effed up, too. Sex slavery runs rampant in CA, SD, FL and more. Minnesota had a couple cases of brothels last year. CA is constantly running into issues with their massage parlors and nail salons being covers for brothels.

      Democracy might give us a voice, but it doesn’t stop many of these problems. In some cases, it covers them up.

      Most stories of sex slavery are never covered in regular newsstands in the States. You’d never know if you weren’t looking in the right place for them.

      And you’re right, the Middle East has caused a stir with their throwing away of live baby girls. Yet we allow abortions to continue (which have been outlawed in the Middle East because so many women want to get rid of their babies if they discover it’s going to be female), which is basically the same thing anyhow.

      All we ask is that you please do a little research before commenting.

      And please see a counselor. I’m sorry your peers and parents have done such awful things to your thought process.

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          What’s wrong with loving your children? I don’t care what you think: it takes a special kind of psycho to murder an unborn child — let alone multiple children — especially for reasons of convenience.

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  7. I’m Korean and all fucked up because;

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    I have seen lots of spousal abuse throughout my time in Korea. I can tell you that it’s not taboo in Korean culture. For example, everyday I watch Korean TV shows that address marital conflict. When a husband is beating up his wife, they usually portray the wife as having deserved it..

    In Korea, men are superior in the family. Women status are very low. Once it was legal for a man to beat his wife. I “inherit” the personality from the elders and am happy to slap any woman in the face in front of strangers. Being Korean domestic violence is a part of my culture, a woman is my personal possession to use and abuse.

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    It should be noted that before I can marry I must get mummies permission as she is the only woman that truly loves me and I can ever truly love. The person I marry is not necessarily someone I love, so long as they meet the family’s criteria.

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    12 – Go to Korea during New Years. 3 main reasons, first is FREE MONEY, second is free alcohol and third is FREE MONEY.

    13 – Size doesn’t matter, its how you use it. Just keep telling him that.

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  8. Awful what this man did.

    Stories like this do not show China to be sadistic, it shows that China’s actually making headways in the news department. Freakshows only get highlighted in developed societies, because there’s an infrastructure to highlight them. Do you guys think this doesn’t happen in inner-Mongolia, Africa or Belize?

    There are assholes everywhere.

  9. The more I read this blog, the more I love this country. I’m just wondering what’s the next abominable piece of news China is going to deliver. Better than a horror movie!

  10. Expatrick, you are a tool and should be locked in the dungeon because you are the most ignorant person I’ve met this year. To say the appalling things you’ve said just proves how low you are. You’re probably brought up this way though. It’s not your fault. It’s your parents…

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