What Chinese youth say about sex

| September 14th, 2011

From you and me:


Marie Stopes International China (MSIC), a not-for-profit family planning and sexual and reproductive healthcare organization, has started a project of using images and words to record the voices of Chinese youth, their view on sex.

Wang Feifei, student of tourism management.

"I have fear for sex. I don’t know how to face it."


Cheng Pengshuai, worker in a recycling center in Xi’an

"I support homosexuality, but only for gays. Women should find a guy and get married in the end of the day."


Liu Hailong 21 year-old, vocal in Back Lake band.

"What’s youth? Youth is the erection; What’s sex? Sex is the lubricant of youth."


Wu Yaping, Junior from Nanhua university, college of mechanical engineering.

"I hope to get the ticket first and get on the train. " (A metaphor, ‘ticket’ refers to marriage, and boarding the train is to get on the train. It means not to have sex before marriage)


Huang Hao, 20 year-old, Junior in Nanhua university, clinical medicine major.

"To have a stable partner is the real happiness in love; or else, it is just a sensual pleasure."


Qu Ru, student in Xijing college.

"There are many causes for venereal diseases and AIDs. We should treat the AIDs patients with no difference. Offer them more care and let them know the world is warm."

Senior student in public health service administration. His opinion on "College student’s premarital sex"–

"I don’t agree with premarital sex. It does only harm. It can cause unpredictable damage to a girl. And she may have to live in the shadow of that. She would not be happy."


Wang Zhaoliang, 22 year-old, Junior in agricultural university, majoring in food safety.

"Right hand has become a habit." (‘right hand’ alludes to masturbation)


Xie Jin, Northwest University of Politics His view on virgin complex.

"I have (virgin complex) and very strong. I refuse to have relationship with non-virgins."

A biological engineering major on her opinion of the homosexuality getting more common in the society—""(comrades) Gays are also our friends"

Wang Qinli, 19 year-old, Junior, English major.

"I want to experience a simple love in university. No Sex."


Le Ah, 21 year-old, Junior in agricultural university, food safety major.

"I really want to meet Master Cang (refer to a famous Japan AV idol, Sola Aoi)"


Li Yu Jiajia, 25 year-old, construction worker

"I want to have sex on the roof, in the elevator, on the grass, on the tree, on the plane and on Mars."


Sao Zhe, 21 year-old, Junior in agricultural university, food safety major.


Zhang Xin, junior majoring in electromechanical integration technology

"I don’t think sex is something dirty, because it’s a natural human instinct."


Zhang Na, student

"I think sex is not the only a way to express one’s affection and feeling also it can only be part of love. If you have true love, then sex is not important."


Yu Bin, 20 year-old. Guitarist in the band Monkey King

"A good man should never use Viagra."


anonymity 21 year-old, Junior in Agricultural university.

"Sex is the meaning of existence. Without sex, one’s life is incomplete."


Si Yi. Northwest University of Politics, majoring in economic law. Her view on men’s virgin complex:

"I don’t require you to be a virgin man, why should men require a girl to be virgin?"


CC, 23 year-old self-employed.

"Sex is like oxygen. When you have it, you don’t know it’s important. But you can’t live without it."


Yi Ming, Nurse, Changan University

“Strongly oppose, not good for your health, and possibly causing diseases!”

Wang Wei Jun, boutique shop owner

"I won’t look for a one-night-stand. And I strongly oppose the married people to get one night stand."

Yuan Le, 25 year-old, shop owner

"I mind very much that my boyfriend watch porn, because we are not married yet."


Deng Ceyi. Bank staff, one year working experience. Single.

"Mind your own ‘bird’ , let others’ ‘birds’ fly. "

(bird, niǎo, pronounced "nyow", a slang term for penis.)

Flower sister, Nanjing medical school student

“Choice, not by chance.  Choose what you like, pursue what you want.”


Li Jing, 25, Changsha

“Roof top, park… you still remember!?”

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  1. Curren$y says:

    I want to do it with fifteen Chinese girls at once!

  2. KoreanKiller says:

    dude, korean guy, at first it was aiite for you to talk shit, made me laughed a few.. but ur getting wayyy too annoying. Don’t you think it’s a loser status to do when you come in here and post onto EVERY SINGLE article? seriously u really need help.

  3. KoreanKiller says:

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  4. orly says:

    Some people remain attractive until you find out what’s in their heads.

  5. Huzhang says:

    Guess that guy doesn’t like lesbians…

  6. nonamemon says:

    Sex is NOT love.

    Sex for real men is screwing a slut.

  7. Stu says:

    “I mind very much that my boyfriend watch porn, because we are not married yet.”

    Wait… what?

  8. koreans suck says:

    Korean Guy is a loser.

  9. soon to be mom says:

    korean_guy just because you use the word korean, you can write all racist, hurtful comments and all blame will go to korean, people are not that stupid, you could be white, mexican, black, japanese or some southeast asian who hates chinese.

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