Hermès sweater design ridiculed by Chinese netizens


Most Chinese young people are familiar with the sweater like this one in the above picture. Back in the days when most people couldn’t afford expensive clothes from the shopping malls or boutiques, mother is the most trustworthy tailor in every family. For that reason, fashion not the major concern of most mothers and a sweater knit by mother looks just like the one in the picture.. However, the sweater in above picture is not just another sweater knit by a Chinese mother, but a new sweater from a prestigious fashion designer Hermès and it’s sold at 34,000 RMB. A mircroblogger user posted an entry with this picture has caused a stir in the mircroblog world…

The original post:


This is the new sweater Hermès is going to launch and it’s outrageously expensive. But my mom already knit a sweater with the same design for me when I went to the college. Now my mom is retired from the fashion world but her legend still lives on in the fashion world!


Microblogger comments:


@小米粥JIE @热情geshen :跟妈说一声,帮我整一个

Tell mom, make me one …



My mom can knit a better sweater with just one hand.



There’re hundreds of these sweaters in my house.



WTF, let my grandma knit me a limited edition sweater.



Irene__C: I just realized I already owned a Hermès when I was in primary school.



Most Chinese mothers know how to knit a sweater like that. Hermès, do you need I call my mother to sell you the sweater she knit?



If you tell others it’s a Hermès then you are ‘in’, and if you tell people it’s made by your mom then it’s considered ‘out’…



The most dated is the most fashionable…..



This sweater is on sale already, 34,000 yuan for one. I’ve worn something like that when I went to middle school. I never knew it could be so expensive. Thanks to my mom, I once owned two of this sweater. Now I think the difference between Hermès and my mom is: Hermès is 20 year behind my mom.

@一蚊丁 :


It’s good that Hermès launches this sweater. That reminds us that only mother’s love is a real luxury.



Even my mum can knit this sweater. Hermès designers are running out of inspiration.

Inspired by the sweater, many microbloggers



This looks like a plate of curry spilt all over a Hermès bag.



#看图说话# 据说是售价4000多的意大利潮包。。比那针织毛衣拉轰呢!!!分明就是咱们的热水袋嘛!同意的举手!

"This ‘fashionable’ Italy bag is sold more than 4,000 yuan, it’s even more ‘fashionable’ than that sweater….It’s actually just look like our hot-water bag. Put up your hand if you agree!!"




"I just realized China is the most fashionable coutnry: we had the Italy hot-water bag, mum’s Hermès sweater many years ago. I love your my homeland, you are leading at the front of fashion. "


Chinese hot-water bag

    1. would be ironic if someone flips the sweater over and finds “made in china” tags inside

    2. Europeans make the best and most creative products. I would gladly pay $5,000 for a sweater made by Hermes than an ugly, poisonous, fake, defective Chinese sweater for $5.

      Asian people are incapable of producing anything good. They lack the intelligence, creativity, and innovation of Europeans.

  1. 爱马仕这件毛衣出得真好,提醒我们母爱才是真正的奢侈品。

    It’s good that Hermès launches this sweater. That reminds us that only mother’s love is a real luxury.

  2. No-ones mentioned the quality of the wool, only the design. To be very sure about it, there will be a chasm of difference between the quality of the wool (it looks like fine cashmere to me) in the Hermes sweater, and the scratchy, probably part synthetic crap China makes clothes from. You get what you pay for, and if Chinese netizens think that the two are the same, just because they look similar, they’re deluding themselves. Same same with fake Hermes bags. The real one is top quality leather. The fakes are plastic. Which is about the same as China’s sense of fashion quality. Proliterean low class cheap as long as it looks like something the Emperor might wear. In France, no one would be seen dead in a fake Hermes. In China, all you can afford is plastic.

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