Free 6 month Sailfish VPN accounts giveaway


Here we go again, we are giving away free VPN accounts again so you can enjoy accessing the internet freely, especially if you are in China… Sailfish VPN is offering 20 accounts of 6 month subscriptions.  That’s half year of free VPN. If you already have access since you are able to access ChinaHush, then do it for a friend, tell them about it or enter to win one for them.

As usual, all you have to do is write a comment for this post below.  And that’s it, be creative and entertaining in your comments,  I will pick the winners in the next 2 weeks or so till 20 of them are selected.  Remember to use your real email address when commenting, it will be used to setup your account.


No bandwidth limitations

Fast, optimized network

Works with nearly all ISPs

PPTP L2TP available

99.9% uptime

7 days/week tech support.
Any problem Just email to

Good luck!

Access to blocked Internet services: more and more countries are engaging in Internet censorship or user monitoring.

SailfishVPN’s VPN services will ensure full, anonymous, and uncensored access to the Internet from wherever you are. You can have a deeper look at internet censorship here: This link may not work in your country if it is blocked by your government.


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Winners are selected with Winner in their comments, congratulations! You will be contacted by Salifish VPN by email shortly.  Don’t be sad if you didn’t win, stay tuned for the next opportunity 😉

  1. Entered for another VPN. Did not work, even after much time with support.

    How am I to get my social media fix?! I need some bigger ladders to scale the wall. Maybe a sailfish.

  2. Stop blocking internet services, because it’ll never work. As you see, we can access this sites. Also, if you are using that “censor” thing, you also accept that you are doing something which you don’t want to let people know. At least, i have a word to cencorious: i don’t know the major of your mother, but i think you are acting like a son of her.


  3. My dog hardly miss me since I can’t access facebook.and twitter. I know what you are thinking: “write him an email, dumbass!” The proble is a damn freak geek. Mailing is so out of fashion…


  4. China Hush is blocked in China now (at least from my connection at home). Need to maintain my high social level with friends all over the world (Facebook is God ^^).

    Sailfish VPN should be the way. Sailfish is a fast swimming fish, hopefully the VPN live up to the fish name (fast connection).

    If so, then I will surely use it and promote it among my friends here in China (mostly foreigners like me).




  5. lol Sailfish sounds CUTE! I’m using another VPN service, which is becoming more and more frustrating. It hardly works and I doubt if anyone is even working at that company anymore since I’ve sent thousands of support tickets but so far, no reply :(. Honestly there’s no meaning to be online if I can’t get access to FB, Twitter and most of the world’s coolest blogs. Furthermore, Gmail DOESN’T work anymore!! Hope I can get a cute sailfish to try out and if it is truly as cute as its name, I will definitely pay to be premium. Happy weekend guys!


  6. Wow, Great!! Just in time.
    The VPN I’m using now is a little bit lousy, and it expired last night.
    Lucky me ~~~ Hope I could get one here, and have a fresh experience.

  7. Here I am, everyday trying to find my way around the GFW and with no success. I’ve tried to climb over it, dig under it and even pole vault. However, the powers that be keep laughing in my face.

    A VPN to gain internet freedom would put them in their place. Then I’ll be laughing in their face, at least for six months. Hahahahaha!


  8. Surfing in China with no VPN is really a sin
    So if you don’t know then where have you bin?
    Looks to me like Sailfish has got a really big fin,
    And oh how I wish i could be lucky and win,


  9. I still have some months of university VPN access left, but will soon need a commercial solution.

  10. My current VPN service blames my ISP for my painfully slow connection. Faster is better…indeed. Sign me up!

  11. Your words sounded like wind caressing the leaves of my trees,
    sending fireflies to chase the telegrams along the wires,
    no Virility, no Plant, no Negation stays with me
    those lonely nights where Light gets blocked by Shadow.


  12. Well I would really love a VPN right now, I’ve been looking at some services in the last couple of days. I need to get one as doing research for my masters is pretty painful without one. Also I’m addicted to Franchise basketball on FB and it’s just too hard to get on using free proxies.

  13. After living in London for 3 years, I recently planned to go back to China. This means most of my internet activity will be shut down without a VPN access. I would like to get one if possible:).


  14. Sailfish VPN sounds like “selfish very personal network”. It’s cool, even match his name.

  15. Pleaseeeee..I figured being polite might be the best way 🙂 Plus I have been using skydur for last year so you have to feel sorry for me…

  16. Please free me, I’m dying without stupid youtube cat videos in China!

    My old university ssh account works for accessing sites like chinahush and facebook, but not youtube. Hmm… :S



  17. school block much of the site,though we have ipv6,the road is hard still.I need to go further to hear the truth,and make a judgment inside my heart.
    别管蒙昧者们叫嚷: “下面永远是——地狱!”


  18. A haiku to outline my plight

    Need a Vee Pee Enn
    No cash in my bank account *
    Ultra Surf is crap!

    (Bank account being back home – have a VISA debit – but getting money into $AU and out of China is a royal hassle!)


  19. I’ve been in China for 5 years now, and no simple solution for free as in freedom internet access seems to last very long here. Being able to access the net with a Sailfish VPN would be great, I hope I can be selected, it will make reading China hush a lot more convenient!


  20. Hi ChinaHush!

    I really need one to look at your great site, every day i read it 🙂 Only my VPN now is very very bad and i will determine it 🙂 so pleeeeease help me here 🙂

    Love you site!


  21. Fourth year as an Italian language teacher in China. And the internet connection and access problem has been more and more frustrating. I’m quite surprised this site was blocked I used to read it through Google reader… and now… well, you know, not possible anymore.

    As for the VPN, as pathetic it will sound you won’t only do me a favour, but my stuedents here will also enjoy some more video or songs I could get from the web (esp. youtube). So with a small help you could slightly improve their school life!


  22. I’ve never used a VPN but now that I have a baby I would really like to be able to access Facebook and a few other sites.

  23. my wife is pregnant with our second baby. Since we can not travel and family are all around the globe we seriously want to keep everyone on the loop. I use Google Circles and Facebook, but today hotspot shield got “great-fire-walled”. I am looking forward to show everyone here my new baby’s picture so the world can see that no matter how many restrictions, life keeps going on. gracias!

  24. Oooh oooh Let me try!

    Hmm. Actually I never pick the kids who shout that. Let’s try…

    *Sits sullenly in the back row and refuses to make eye contact with anyone. Furtively pulls out her cell phone and tries to facebook but remembers she has no VPN for that and puts her head on the desk and goes to sleep.*


  25. As a pro hobo who has been living in China on and off for over five years, and really likes his youtube and chinahush and facebook, I would seriously love a vpn.

    I could also use it for my little receptive students at my middle school, and show them the funny and wacky world of youtube…it would also help me keep in touch with family back home.

    Yours hopefully a prohobo who wants to migrate from the world of sleeping bags and clumsy LAN connections…


  26. I need a better vpn. My current one isn’t working so well. It disconnects all the time. Maybe this would be a better choice.

  27. I run a sex ed and AIDS prevention project in Tianjin as part of a non-profit org. A VPN would be loads of fun, and a big help for our education project.

  28. I’m not here for sad stories to try to make the world into a better place. Who am I kidding? I just want my gold ol’ porn back! Thanks for the VPN giveaways and congratulations to those who get it in advance!


  29. Got mine and it works great – even can facebook on my phone say what what? Awesomesauce. Thank you guys so much!

  30. What silly platitudes are needed to inspire awe enough to get a VPN?

    In China:
    The dragons are red
    The sky is definitely not blue
    but between me and you
    I like their Chou doufu.

  31. Well, they’re wrong,there are a few steps to reducing (removing) back pain that can bBack pain and pregnancy is a everyday complaint among women with child. So common in fact that many women believe it as a normal part of pregnancy and do nothing to deal with the pain.e done.

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