Robles collides with Liu Xiang in final 110m hurdles race angers Chinese audience


Last night’s final 110m hurdles race in the Athletics World Championships in South Korea was perhaps the most anticipated game for Chinese audience-the nation’s TV station CCTV even make a special short propaganda film for Liu. However, it now becomes the most controversial race. Cuban Dayron Robles won the race but was disqualified after making contact with Liu Xiang, causing Liu almost tripped over the last hurdle and ended up in second place.

Moments after finishing the final 110m hurdles race, Liu Xiang mentioned to the Chinese media that he was hit by Robles during the race, but he said that he blames nobody and ‘it’s just a game’. An hour later Robles was disqualified by the organizing committee, and Liu was ‘promoted’ to the second place.

On Liu’s microblog page, he posted an entry later the night, saying, “I’m a little disappointed. But I’m still pretty confident in myself. The only thing I would blame is I didn’t run fast enough, I still need to train more. Thank you for your care and support. Now I just want to go back home and enjoy my vacation!”

Now on the Internet, the name "luó bo sī" (萝卜丝, Radish, nickname of Dayron Robles, because the Chinese name has a similar pronunciation as Robles.) is everywhere. Heated discussion is going on online and especially on the the microblog website like, where the topic with the key words"luó bo sī" is rated as the hottest topic with more than 7497 entries posted on the topic in just one hour. Following are comments from the



luó bo sī Asked for this. What a pity for Liu. But his response shows that he has a generous heart. He is very mature now.



No wonder why he looked like he kept stumbling a bit in the race.



That’s a shame. Or else he would be the champion for sure.


该死的“萝卜丝”,我要把你的手砍掉!!clip_image001 clip_image002 clip_image003

Luó bo sī I want to chop off your hands!


clip_image004 无耻萝卜丝

Shame on Luó bo sī!!



It can be seen from in slow-motion caption that Luó bo sī obviously



I just watched a video clip on Robles apologizing to Liu. I decided to forgive him but I don’t want it happen again. Or I will cursed you, Luó bo sī!



It seems like there’ll be more and more people eating turnip strip( Luó bo sī), Radish price is going up for sure…


刘翔真的很棒 但请别这样说萝卜丝了 短短的13秒 要调整气息步伐 哪有时间算计别人 萝卜丝肌肉爆发力太强了 自己都没控制好 他也很懊悔哒 竞技体育的魅力就在此 别那么唧唧歪歪的了

Liu was doing great but please stop criticizing Luó bo sī. The whole race is just around 13 second, one needs to adjust his breathing and pace and all, how can he even have time left for trapping others. I think Luó bo sī just lost control of his own muscle. He regretted a lot too. Besides, that’s what makes the sports game a good game to watch. So just stop bitching.

There are also microbloggers who with their sense of humor, made fun of the controversy.




These are the last two hurdles…If I don’t make a move, i don’t know when we can meet again….So luó bo sī stretched his hand towards Liu, but was rejected by Liu. He gathered up his courage and tried to hold Liu’s hand again. But Liu still ignored it. At the end, luó bo sī won the race but not Liu’s heart. 13.14 second, the screen show luó bo sī’s score. Luó bo sīwatch Liu’s in the red shirt leave quietly, he think in his mind, "I’ll wait for you, all my life(1314 is a phonetic pun for all one’s life)



To hold Liu’s hand, luó bo sī gave up the medal. who said true love doesn’t exist?! "

    1. Im sure if he was American or Japanese, the chinese crowd would have left the stands and beat him.

      1. HAHAHA Like Chinamen could beat up Americans – much less a nigger! They’re puny and weak. They might have a chance against Japs but since Japs have adopted more “western” idealogies they will probably win.

        Either way, Fuck both these commie runners – the CHINK and the NIGGER.

        1. So because a Japanese individual has adopted more “Western” ideologies, he will be able to beat up a Chinese person? You are totally spot on! It has nothing to do with strength or training, just as long as you have Western ideologies. Gosh, I should have realised that. Herp derp.

          I should perhaps let you go on and do what you do best though – showing your totally illogical and poor reasoned views for the world to see. So do go on, we all want confirmation as to how ugly, dumb and childish the users on here are.

    1. You are in absolutely no position to judge other people when you are far from decent yourself.

      1. FUCK YOU Billy Bung Wang






  1. Looks like Liu would have won this race if not for the unintentional foul by Cuba guy. Liu is a graceful runner with perfect form and a consistent stride which is how you win in the hurdles.

    However, I was not impressed with Liu’s unsportsmanlike conduct at the end of the race jostling and elbowing the other competitor like a spoiled little emperor. The Cuban subsequently embraced Liu, which is how sportsmen end a competition with a handshake or like.

    Sorry Liu did not win this race, since sports are not just sports in China, as it would serve as a good example to the Chinese that they can actually win things against other countries without cheating and manipulating for an unfair advantage, or stealing technology.

    1. Totally agree!

      Being a professional sportsman comes with great responsibility. Kids and others out there look up to him. Poor sportsmanship…can only lead to so many things…

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