Harmonizing basketball brawl between Georgetown and Bayi Rockets in China


When a Chinese basketball team got involved in an all-out brawl with the Georgetown University team in an exhibition on August 18, it revealed that no topic is off limits to the river crab. “River crab,” in Chinese pronounced “he xie,” is a pun on “harmonious society,” used by netizens to mock the word.

There was nothing “harmonious” about what happened between Georgetown and the Bayi Rockets on August 18 when they met for a game during Georgetown’s ostentatious good-will tour.

It was a physical game all the way through, but then it ended early with a few minutes remaining Bayi players started swinging and backups came onto the court wielding chairs. As the Georgetown team left the court after the fight was broke up, fans threw water bottles at them. It was an embarrassing moment that the authorities wouldn’t want too many Chinese citizens to be discussing.

The day after the fight, the authorities got around to covering Bayi’s tracks on Weibo and Youku and alerted major media networks to do the same. While there was much discussion of the fight on weibo–with most netizens expressing embarrassment–weibo search results appear to have been censored for some period the day after the fight for keywords such as “Georgetown”, “Bayi Rockets”, and “Bayi basketball.” The searches for those keywords all revealed no results, despite the event having been a hot topic in the previous 24-hours. Fight videos uploaded to Youku had mostly been deleted by the next day.

A tweet by a Guangzhou ping-pong programming director at a television station, by the username 奔呆小E, said that he received a fax telling him not to have his network report on the event:

Today at 5 o’clock, we received the provincial communications department’s fax that said we cannot report the news of the Bayi team and American college team’s fight. (It is said that America’s number two leader [Vice President] was at the scene*.) Fortunately, I myself was not planning on covering the news. After all, it is too one-sided negative news. Just seeing it on the internet is enough.

* Joe Biden had attended a previous game but was not in attendance at the game that included the fight.

One fellow Guangzhou TV man, Wu Weigang, an NBA commentator, suggested in response to the tweet: “This should be deleted.”

Another Weibo user named 勤勤幸福_明铭爱执信 said, “Originally, even sports news receives the river crab department’s attention?”

The comments in response to the noted weibo:

GZBN李俏艺 (Guangzhou TV host): What time select?

勤勤幸福_明铭爱执信:Oh, Oh, Oh ~~ This way ~~ I thought sports news would not [receive this river crab attention]

奔呆小E (the original poster):

@勤勤幸福_明铭爱执信 You forgot,basically all is like the Olympic torch running and so on.

吴炜刚 (Guangzhou NBA commentator): This should be deleted.

勤勤幸福_明铭爱执信: @奔呆小E Before there is also crab news?

奔呆小E: @勤勤幸福_明铭爱执信 There was, but I never thought it would exist in this situation. The heavens never expected the military team Bayi in a China vs. America friendly match to unexpectedly cause trouble.

勤勤幸福_明铭爱执信: Originally, even sports news receives the river crab department’s attention?!! Link to the discussion.

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  3. It is nothing surprising sometimes the players fight, but here the Chinese fans had shown no class what so ever. Shame on chinks.

    1. Chinks and Niggers both don’t have any class or decency. That’s why it’s GREAT when they fight.

      1. Asians, including Chinese are less prone to aggression / crime compared to other racial groups. Just look at the convict demographics in the US. Pretty much all Whites, Blacks and Hispanics, and virtually no Asians. Stop your bullshit and stop trying to spread misinformation.

        1. You should have told that to the Chinese players throwing chairs, and beating down college kids…oh and lets not forget the fans throwing bottles at Hoya players and American fans. Under American law throwing objects at a person is considered assault.

          1. I should have realised that the entire Chinese population is made up of this basketball team and the spectators.

            My point still stands about the convict demographics.

            1. Not sure what convict demographics in the U.S. has to do with Chinese thug behavior in Mainland China.

              Asians are not a monolithic group. The idea that Asians are not capable of agression is just another sterotype being perpetuated by the CPC to conceal China’s aggressive rise in Asia. Plays in nicely with Chinese exceptionalism, paranoia and victimhood.

              1. It simply goes to show how ‘Chinese people are criminals’ is a ridiculous myth.

                A stereotype being perpetuated by the CPC? Now you’re beginning to sound like those lunatic conspiracy theorists. Why do people with republican views visit websites intended for those who are interested in China?

                Chinese exceptionalism and paranoia? Okay.
                “The idea that Asians are not capable of agression is just another sterotype being perpetuated by the CPC to conceal China’s aggressive rise in Asia”.

                1. Not sure what you mean with regard to Republican values?
                  I gather you have not read about how PLA rants about China being encircled and their peaceful rise?

  4. This video proved one thing to me. You will never have a fair fight with a Chinaman. 6 or 7 on to one is the way they fight. Anytime I see a fight it is never one on one. I have been confronted a few times, lets get the laowai. But, when I take off my backpack they run like little girls. Maybe, they should get their girlsfriends to fight for them, it would probably be a better fight. “PUSSIES”

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  9. georgetown always had reputation to play too tough and intimidate. they probably tried it in china and chinese were like “not here, brother”. lol it’s a bad scene but only shows that parts of chinese culture is low life just like the thug life in america. america and china have a lot of low lifes and they fight everyone so easy. and they fight in gangs instead of one-on-one. cowards.

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