Operating room on fire, doctors and nurses escape except a patient under anesthesia

From Sina:


A hospital in Shanghai was caught on fire, doctors and nurses all left the building, safe and sound, but a patient undergoing an amputation surgery was left on the operation table and died of asphyxiation.

Spokesman of the hospital later confirmed the news. When the fire happened, doctors are performing an amputation operation. The patient, around 49 year-old, was sent hospital after a car accident. The operation began around 8 pm and was about to be finished when the fire happened. 6 doctors and nurses were in the operation room at the time. When they realized the next room was on fire, they left the operation room. The patient under general anesthesia was left in the operation room.

Later when the firefighters arrived, the doctor told them there was still a man in the operation room. Witness said, the fire was not really a big fire but the hospital was full of thick smoke. Unfortunately, soon after the firefighters went to rescue the patient, the patient was found dead on the operation table.

Most Chinese people found this hard to accept and condemned the doctors and nurses of being ruthless. But there are people who defend the doctors and nurses, saying it’s not their fault considering the situation. The patient was under general anesthesia and even if they carried him out he would not survive without all the necessary equipment.

According to Yangcheng Evening News, the director of the hospital gave the following explanations.  These 6 medical staffs found smoke coming from next door during the surgery, 2 of them left in the operating room while 4 went to fight the fire.  At first, they thought the fire was not so heavy. So they tried to put out the fire and to close the wound of the patient at the same time. But the fire got heavier. And the strong smoke stopped the 4 doctors from coming back to the operating room. Then these 2 also left when they waited and no one have come back. The director mentioned that the operating table is too heavy for only 2 people to move. It needs 3. Another reason is Zhu can’t be moved at that time. Firstly, the electronic locking system of the operating table couldn’t be unlocked because the power was off. Secondly, after limbs amputation, Zhu was still bleeding heavily with only several stitches. Removing the tourniquet risked his life. Thirdly, Zhu was still under general anesthesia, so he couldn’t breathe autonomously without the respirator. And the respirator would work within 30 minutes after the blackout. So the doctors left the patient there deliberately.

The hospital’s medical staffs involved have been suspended and under investigation.


Room in the red circle is the operation room

Following are some selected comments from Sina.com:

2011-08-26 19:56:53 新浪网友yimg

"Looks like the Chinese medical school should add one more class to their curriculum- medical ethics."

2011-08-26 19:39:30 新浪网友fjzzzp001

"This is no different from murder"

2011-08-26 18:57:09 新浪网友off_4108


"6 nurses. They could at least ask for more help when they got out instead of waiting for the firefighters to find the patient dead. That’s the scariest part. (Ironically)Let’s pay our respects to the quickest in action and the brave white angel nurses! "

2011-08-26 14:55:03 新浪网友292220691


I want to know, does this means when a hospital is on fire, a patient under general anesthesia has to wait and die? Doesn’t the hospital have any prevention system on that?

2011-08-26 12:41:02 新浪手机用户

When they design the operation room, do they consider emergency like that would happen?

2011-08-26 11:10:00 新浪网友社会闲杂



We all misunderstand the doctors. I used to think they are all for money, but the truth is ,they don’t just swindle money off us, they also do "murder".

2011-08-26 10:14:26 新浪手机用户

逃离时为什么不推车把病人一起推走呢?很自然,很习惯的想法,不需要等脑海里涌现什么英雄人物之后再去做。这些都是本能。更何况你们是医生,整天救死扶伤的救世主。嗨!良 心?!

"When they ran for life why didn’t they carry the operation table as well? This is very natural, you don’t need to think too much. It’s your instinct. And you are the so-called"life-saving"heroes? Where’s your conscience? "

2011-08-26 07:39:46 新浪手机用户

没办法 这些人都是打酱油的 唯恐天下不乱
地震埋了很多人在废墟下 请问你在一边 是不是可以保证都救的出来 还是有先后次序?非要有人陪那个病人一起死了 你们才会高举崇高道义旗帜?

"You (those who blame the doctors and the nurses) are just like to stir up troubles. Think about it, in an earthquake, so many people are buried down in the ruins, can you really make the promise that all the people can be rescued alive? Or the rescue should follow a certain order? You really want to see the doctors and nurses die together with the patient and you will admit they are good doctors and nurses?"


    Typical chinks. Save themselves before they save any one else, even if they’re complete handicapped and disabled.


    1. That’s true. Survival of the fittest and hopefully all Chinks lose.

      They are so selfish and immoral. If only they could learn to be compassionate like Whites. But sadly they’re incapable of thought.

      1. What? My life for your life?

        You die.

        My life is not worth much but it’s my life and your life is shit to me, so you die.

  2. I think I side with the hospital on this one, they could not reasonably move that guy out of there, he was either going to die on the OR table or die outside the hospital.

    1. Hey handburglar,

      Give this a thought:
      Those savages probably never even gave it a try, or attempt, or thought.

      How could you say they “could not reasonable move that guy out”?
      The moment they knew of the fire they probably all ran out without giving 3 fucks.

      Fuck you.

    2. How do you know? Do you work in a hospital? Do you work in the OR? No? There are many ways they could’ve moved that patient safely and effectively with out doing harm to any one person. Why don’t you research them? It’s easy to say what you would or would not do in this situation, that’s why you have an action plan. You have to have a hospital-wide safety plan. You inform EVERYONE in the OR that it is the hospital’s standard policy. Emergency exits are clearly marked, fire doors swing shut automatically when smoke is detected, the OR staff REMOVES THE PATIENT FIRST (even if they are on life support! Because everything has been made mobile and self- contained!), gases (nitrous, oxygen, and CO2) are shut off at the emergency valve outside each OR, staff calls a Code Red and alerts the internal alarm system (they, in turn, alert the fire department), OR doors are shut if the fire cannot be contained, then you tend to the patient when you are two wards away from the fire (usually the other side of the hospital). Wow, I thought Americans were racists, apparently not as much as you people. It goes to show you that you really don’t know squat.

  3. What happened to this website. Ever since Key went on vacation earlier this year, the commentary has gotten progressively worse as the articles get more poignant. Commentary on ChinaHush used to be god-tier. Need to start banning IP’s.

    1. You’re an idiot. The day CH starts selectively and biasedly deleting or blocking posts is the day it’ll become “progressively worse”.

      Ever been to a website where the vain moderator allows posts only he likes, or satisfies politically correct idiots like you?

      Believe me you wouldn’t want that feeling. And banning IP’s is juvenile like yourself.

      1. True. If Chinahush keeps censoring comments (like on Chinasmack), they’re not better than the CCP Chinks.

        1. Censoring commentary unrelated to the topic is nothing like sending people away to detention camps in Qinghai.

      2. Did you really need to write three sentences in response? No one can have an actual discussion in the comments section anymore without korean_guy sock puppets comparing dick sizes to each other. Irrelevant posts should be banned.

  4. This make China look bad. But similar things happen in America ever day, American doctor cut off man penis, which is worse than burn to death. Stupid American doctor cut off wrong leg of man. So what if entire surgical team run from hospital and leave patient to become human roast, at least he still have em his penis, and now he good eating.

  5. The saddest part of this site is all the people who hate China…

    Especially that korean_guy faggot.

    What’s up with him? He spends his whole life coming here to hate on the Chinese. Did he get turned down by a Chinese woman and now he spends his whole day hating on the Chinese?

    But let’s face it. How sad is it that he comes here each and every day, and he’s been doing it for years… each and every day of his life, he comes to this web site and shits all over the Chinese.

    What a fucking loser.

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