Law professor claims all Chinese girls studying in France are debauched

From IFeng:


Controversial video clip attracts attention

On 23rd August, microblogger "巴黎观察" (Paris Observe) posted an video in which, associated professor Zhang Haixia in Ministry of Justice claimed that "All the mainland girls who study in France come back as losers and become like "Super Pan Jinlian".

Pan Jinlian is a famous literary figure in Shi Nai’an’s Water Margins (Outlaws of Marsh) one of the 4 best known novels in ancient China.

She is perhaps the most controversial woman for her notorious marriage experience. She is a beautiful woman but married to a short ugly guy named Wu Dalang. She hit on Wu’s younger brother Wu Song and had an affair with Ximen Qing, a man of influence and also of debauchery. Together with Ximen Qing, Pan murdered her husband Wu Dalang. Though with some controversy (there are opinions that Pan is a sexually liberated woman who dare to fight against the existing rules), Pan Jinlian is usually considered a scarlet woman.

Translation of the speech in the video:

Now people are more open-minded. Something considered abnormal back then may be seen as normal now. I heard recently… acutally I’ve heard many stories that all the mainland Chinese girls that went to study in France, came back as complete losers and super "Pan Jianlian."…I know an old couple who have a daughter married to a man they didn’t like. They opposed strongly when their daughter and her husband went to marriage registry. Later their daughter went to France to study. She was much more open when she came back, and the first thing she did was to divorce her husband. Her parent said, ‘kid, we support your decision.’ Yet later they discovered that their daughter dated 4 guys at the same time, there were white guys and black guys, except yellow (Asians) guys. And their daughter claimed she had dated 10 boyfriends back in France. France is a romantic country, so when they (those study in France) come back, they all become much more debauched.


The entry was later forwarded by a law professor Yu Jianrong and attracted wide attention: till Yesterday, the entry has been forwarded 7,000 times, more than 3,000 microblog users have posted their opinions.

Zhang Haixie It’s a deliberate misinterpretation of my words

Zhang also realized the controversy his speech has caused and responses in his microblog page that Yu has made a deliberate misinterpretation of his words. It’s a malicious attack on his reputation. He also accused Yu of deceiving the public with false information. He said he would take legal action against Yu’s irresponsible behavior.

Yu Jianrong responded later on microblog that, "professor Zhang said I’m stupid and wanted to sue me. but I find it really hilarious. Do you (Zhang) think the video is fake?"

Netizen’s heated discussion on microblog:


Misinterpretation of other’s speech is not right, but professor Yu is a respectable professor. I hope they can clear the misunderstanding and solve the problem appropriately.


"The theme of the speech is not about what those girls studying in France are like. He mentioned that just to light up the student in the class. Besides, he didn’t say the name of any particular person, it’s his freedom of speech."


I’m shocked. As a professor, how can he makes such a remark. And he’s in the Ministry of Justice. I want to protest for all the Chinese girls studying in France."

Comments from

先行水 [网易广东省深圳市网友] 2011-08-24 09:40:46 发表


"He’s just saying the truth. "

小鹏贼开心 [网易浙江省网友]: 2011-08-24 10:01:43 发表


"Pan Jinlian is way better than those girls studying in France. At least she didn’t have sex with so many men. "

网易安徽省合肥市网友 2011-08-24 10:33:28 发表


"This is what a professor talks about in an open class?! "

网易北京市丰台区网友 2011-08-24 23:42:10 发表

真为自己 为姐妹们叫冤… 我是个留法女生,周围的女孩单身居多,几个有男友的,还都是大洋相隔,我就不明白了,怎么潘金莲? 为什么留美 留澳 留英 留加的众多女孩都没能进入您的眼睛,而单单是微不足道的法国… 法国的留学生本来就不多,而且还以女生居多,难不成您以为我们各个都找个老外么?

"This is very unfair. I’m a one of those girls studying in France. Many of the Chinese girls I know are single. Some of them have boyfriends back in China. I don’t understand what’s so "Pan Jinlian" about it? Why don’t you mention the girls studying in America, Australia or Britain? There are not much Chinese students in France, and most of them are girls. Do you really think we all want to get a foreign boyfriend? "


kikibloss [网易海南省海口市网友]: 2011-08-24 21:33:24 发表


"I want to say that, one should always keep in mind what’s the appropriate thing to say from his mouth to avoid hurting other people’s feeling. Whether man or woman, it’s their freedom to date whoever they want. In a society like China, man can have sex with different women and that’s normal, while a woman have sex with different men it’s "Pan Jinlian"? The truth is, you are just a male chauvinist, a typical loser from the feudal society."

  1. I clicked on this thread looking for some sluts and all I got was some loser with small-dick syndrome talking about things he can’t possibly know about.

    Maybe he’s just angry that when Asian women go to the West, they are sexually liberated and FREE.

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    That’s why it’s our duty as White men to save Asian women from those Chinks.

    1. FYI: Feminism means that women have a right to be as SLUTTY as they want! All advanced societies have sexually liberated women. If only Eastern society can learn from Girls Gone Wild. Don’t worry, I’ll educate them 😉

      But abortion is another thing because it is barbaric and WRONG.

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      1. Hey man, I totally agree with your views – take it as a compliment. I just really liked the way you worded it.

        You should realize we’re on the same team!

        1. @Elijiah

          Also, I really like that website It gives me great pointers on how to score Chinese women.

          FYI, you don’t have to resort to RUDE names and bitchiness. Are you on the rag?

  2. I highly doubt that a loser such as yourself gets any attention from Asian girls, expat, since Asian girls actually value education, professional achievement, and class, not the attention of some creepy low class white man with an Asian fetish.

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  3. Mainland girls who want to study in France will go to France to study.

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    The problem is not with France but rather with Mainland girls, teach Mainland girls how to behave properly while in other countries and they will be respected.

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    2. Exactly, Meth. And you will notice that the professor did not have any qualms about France.

  4. “Zhang Haixia in Ministry of Justice” … open mouth, insert foot, close mouth. People say things which at the time make sense to them but when read later sound “super dopey”.

  5. It is all so true, China gals are like sluts when they go to the west to study or just to tour.

    Sad truth, see this thing going on very often.

  6. I have been with chinese women of different ages. I love the bodies but, the maturity level of most make me feel like a pedophile. They tell you that they love you (usually by the second date) and after that the game is up. Chinese girls abroad are easy prey for the locals as they have been treated like 5 year olds all their lives. Show a little respect, consideration and interest and they are yours. It is sad really….

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  7. Anyways, the only fault I can find with his statement is that he said “all,” instead of “some,” since he could not possibly have known every single Chinese woman who had studied in France.

  8. What’s amazing is that this puny little shit professor looks like a woman.

    That’s what I thought when I entered ChinaHush’s front page and saw the screenshot.

    1. I have come back to this page several times and I agree with you. This professor must be a girl or at very least wants to be. He looks very girlish, maybe he can’t get laid at all and is jealous.

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  10. This “professor”made this speech in the open class ,which just prove the narrow mind and weakness of the Chinese intellectual(male) who is mentally un-grown up.

    These kind of male professors are not a small number in china,which might be the loser in abroad before also.

    How ridiculous that he said “all”.and he is actually a LAW Professor! That’s why the systeme of law in china is not mature at all. That’s why there is not really egalite between man and women in china. This kind of coward is just afraid of women having awaness of sex,marriage and relationship?

    How ridiculous that our nation have so many this kind of professors.i feel shame.

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  11. This make China look bad. In America Chinese girls date white guys and black guy also. So it no big deal if China girl go to France and date four or five guys who is white and black, but no yellow.

  12. If she’s studying in Paris she’s probably fucking a ton of brown men. Whatever, screw whoever you want, just don’t bring home some dumb halfbreed

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    1. Dumb half breed?

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  14. This just shows the hypocrisy and racism that exists among a lot of Chinese, and Asian, men. I just saw the article about the government official who wanted to sleep with 2,000 women. And Chinese men want to tell Chinese women how to live their life???

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