20 wedding bikes to pick up the bride, happiness is most important

From Chengdu Commercial Daily:


From Changqing Road to Yinsha North Street in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, it is only a 30-minute bike ride without traffic jam.. But for the 29-year-old Huang and 26-year-old Zhao, it’s the most special rout of their lives. Huang rode the bikes with 18 of his friends to pick up his bride Miss Zhao on August 11.

It was rainy at 5 am on August 11. The staff in Yongjiu Chengdu City Public Bike Company, from which Huang rented the bikes, got up early to prepare the bikes. When Huang asked to rent 20 bikes for a wedding half a month ago, they were shocked. “Nobody did this before. And the public bikes are for public welfare, so we rent him for free” the manager of the company said.

When these 20 bikes reached the flower shop, it was still raining. But Huang and Zhao decided to ride even in the rain. “It’s once in a life time. Nothing can stop us” Huang said. It was also the first time for the shop to decorate this kind of wedding bikes. “It was quite unique” the boss said. She put two bundles of flowers at the head of the bridegroom’s and bride’s bikes and the heart-shape balloons at other bikes. They looked very pretty and romantic. Surprisingly after decorating the bikes, it had stopped raining. Huang and his friends hummed the love songs and rode the special bikes to pick up his bride, “How lucky I am. God helps me too. Now the air is cleaner for the ride!”

These 20 wedding bikes were eye-catching. Many citizens on the road supported them very much. “It’s meaningful and special” “It’s economical and environmental. You can freely go anywhere in the city. ”. Some young men even wanted to copy this way in their own wedding.

As to the bride, Zhao was also so happy about this. She and Huang all have cars, but she just wanted the simple and special way to celebrate their wedding. “It’s ok not to have luxurious cars if we are happy about the bikes” she said. She wore the short style of wedding dress and middle-heeled shoes specially for riding the bikes.

  1. what is so “China Hush” about this? This is not so uncommon that no one has never heard or seen this anywhere in the world. This is no means a secret story that China needs to reveal to the world.

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  2. “I’d rather cry on the back of a Cervelo than laugh on a Flying Pigeon.”


  3. Mr. Huang and Ms. Zhao give me hope for the Chinese. Obviously incredible people. Wish I could be friends with them.

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