3-year-old baby girl suffocated to death in school bus


From Chengdu Evening News:

On August 2nd, a 3-year-old baby girl was left in the school mini bus for 8 hours in Anqing, Anhui Province 2. She was eventually suffocated to death.

Chen Qinghong sent her 3-year-old daughter Yanyan to the kindergarten at 7:45 am as usual. But she got a call from the teacher at 5 o’clock pm, "your kid was sent to the hospital for rescue." The head of the kindergarten told her at the hospital "the teacher forgot to take Yanyan out of the school bus this morning. And the temperature was about 37 degrees. She is now very sick." But Yanyan was dead after rescue effort in the hospital.

After some research, the police found that when the school bus arrived at the kindergarten at 8 o’clock that day, the driver Yang and the teacher Wang let the students get off without counting the number. Xuan, the teacher who came to pick them up also forgot to check and locked the bus door. It was until 4:30 pm that the head found Yanyan uncurious in the bus.

This kindergarten is called Yucai Double Languages Kindergarten. It was set up since 2004 with over 100 students and at least 10 teachers. The students are from the neighborhood. It is closed now. The mini bus with dark tint was used for picking up children to the kindergarten. People outside couldn’t see anything inside. The words “kids of 2~6 years old in this city are welcome” written on in the side of the bus.

Yanyan would be 3 after a few days

Yanyan’s mother Chen Qinghong showed the journalist a picture of Yanyan. She was in a red dress with cute smile on her face. Chen said on August 21st that Yanyan would be 3 years old. They were going to take her to take some new pictures in order to celebrate her birthday. But the day will never come now.

"Yanyan only went to this kindergarten last month because they had just moved" Chen said sadly.

The driver Yang and teacher Wang are now held in criminal detention by the police. A special Accident Care-taking Arrangement Group is taking care of this issue.

Similar cases:

A 3 year-old boy was left in the kindergarten bus for 6 hours by the driver in May 29, 2007 in Feidong. The temperature was as high as 40 degrees that day. He was also dead after rescue effort.

A 5 year-old kid died in the school bus for similar reason on August 8, 2007 in Jinan.

A 1 year and 8 months boy was suffocated to death in the school bus on August 20, 2007 in Foshan. His teacher also forgot to take him out from the bus.

  1. I didn’t know there were school buses in China.. having gone to school there till gr.3 almost two decades ago, a lot has changed I see.

    Condolences to the family for such a tragic accident.

  2. how sad.

    damn man.
    It just shows how people don’t take the job very seriously.
    I mean when you do a job that requires you to perform daily routine, the day you want to become lazy and ignore the routine is the day something terrible would happen:/

    “Chinese government’s new name is now called Devils of China.
    made by me.. make sure you spread it!

    let them know who the real devil is.”

    1. What does the negligence of the teacher/driver have to do with the Chinese government?

      1. nothing, but making stuff up let them feel good about themselves, and by extending, their government. let them be.

  3. Tragic situation like that happens not only in China but also in other countries. Purely due to human carelessness.

    1. Not really….Why can Korean Guy tap som bong on every stupid thing a Chinese person does, and why are Chinese in the position of explaining away every dumb ass thing that happens in China or making false comparison to the U.S. ?

      The answer is that China does not have a pluralistic society. If the Chinese government controls everything then they need to take the heat when things go bad even on the micro level. When China has a real open, pluralistic society with competing institutions including, religion and social organizations the need to justify or explain away every dumb ass thing that happens will vanish. One Chinese people under one Chinese Communist Party equals looking stupid all the time.

  4. Chinks never surprise me! This just shows how barbaric and backwards those yellow monkeys are. That Chink Baby would have made a good slave or Chinese rebel for the US to fund.

    killing babies and suffocating is probably taught by the CCP. I HOPE THE CCP GETS AIDS FROM NIGGERS AND DIES!

    1. “Chinks never surprise me!”

      But I am surprised that the Chinese are beaten by a white woman in the west who left her baby to suffocate in a car at a shopping mall on a very hot day while she went to buy a nice dress.

      Chinese can never win.

  5. Chinks never surprise me! This just shows how barbaric and backwards those yellow monkeys are. That Chink Baby would have made a good slave or Chinese rebel for the US to fund.

    killing babies and suffocating is probably taught by the CCP. I HOPE THE CCP GETS AIDS FROM NIGGERS AND DIES!

    Down with the CCP! Down with China! Bomb the CHINKS!

        1. Why the anger pale devil? Meanwhile, whiteys are being bred out by the negros and dislocated from their native lands by multiculturalism. Your misplaced anger is curious….

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  6. “It was until 4:30 pm that the head found Yanyan uncurious in the bus.”

    I supposed you mean unconscious.

  7. She was 2 years old? Who the fuck sends their kids to kindergarten as 2 year olds? And in one of the other cases the kid was just 1. Sure there is negligence here, but the parents ought to take a good, hard look at themselves for sending 1 and 2 year olds away in buses. Although not the same, I can’t help thinking of those mofos walking their dogs in heavy traffic unleashed, then go into a frenzy of violence and/or mad compensation claims when their mut is run over.

  8. Yucai Double languages, or whatever language you wish to use, goes to show the lackadaisical attitude most Chinese have towards a lot of things in life sadly to include for there own interest. The ones responsible for those deaths should; Be chaperoned everywhere the perents go and beaten to death by large sticks of licorice no matter how long it takes :'(

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