School for how to snag a rich husband in China


From Dushi Women News:

“How much does it cost to snag a rich husband?”

“20,000 to 30,000 yuan.”

“How long does it take?”

“10 to 30 lessons.”

The Moral Education School for Girls (德育女学馆) is hot in Beijing. It teaches girls how to behave properly, how to put on makeup, how to communicate with rich man. Many girls who want to snag a rich man come to take the lessons and find them useful.

These lessons are expensive which cost at least 3125 dollars (20,000 yuan) for about 10 to 30 lessons. It is not about the skills of making a living, but the skills to be a charming lady. Ting Zhenyu from the marketing department of this school said, from the setup of this school last August, it has attracted 3000 female to come to enroll, and most of which are from the middle class. The ages of the students rage from 21 to 36, some of which are still in college .

The teachers are all top professionals in their fields. One of them is a host of Beijing Radio Station. He teaches females how to talk in soft and charming voice. “There are some skills to speak in good voice.” He said.

“Nowadays, many rich men can’t find a suitable wife, while many girls want to marry a rich man. Our school helps them to discover the beauty inside. When you are well prepared, there are more chances for you to snag a rich man.” Ting said.

There is a popular saying in China “Marriage is a career. A good marriage is the best career for a woman.” The traditional thought of good marriage means rich husband. Many girls still keep a beautiful Cinderella Dream. That’s why the lessons are so popular. This school is going to have branches in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, some big cities in China.

According to Ting, there have been several rich men coming to find wives in this school. Of course they need to pay some money for it. In recent months, the school has made 30 couples. The 32 year-old man Lu is one of them. “Women with excellent personal quality meets the expectation of mine.” He said.

    1. No they cannot. That kind of stuff would NEVER happen in the US. Our culture isn’t centered around superficial, materialistic crap.

      1. wow, have you been outside the US? American culture could not be more superficial, materialistic and full of bull. At least in Asia the girls put an effort into being feminine, thin and beautiful. American women are the laughing stock of the world and least desirable.

        1. And excuse me, but generalizations aren’t attractive.. for being “least desirable” Asian men love American women.. I know because of the attention I get from them.. My current boyfriend is Chinese. We just don’t see the need to look anorexic… HEALTHY > Thin

          You can be healthy and not be super thin. Also, beautiful is relative and feminine by that school’s definition is “subservient and chauvinistic” I’ll be masculine any day if that is what feminine means.

            1. Of course there are beautiful women in every culture, and beautiful Americans all over the place. There was a time when the rest of the world was in awe of American beauty; however, all good things must come to an end. To be perfectly honest Americans have just gotten fat. It is like they don’t care about their health or their appearance. Being “healthy” and being skinny are not mutually exclusive, and most guys prefer skinny girls. If you care about your health and your appearance then you can achieve both.

              Walk down any American street, the most put together people are always Asian or European females.

  1. Being objective and not criticizing any faction here, this sounds awfully like the idea of ‘finishing school’ in the West. I know for certain there are still such schools in the UK and Switzerland. In the olden days (which is only a few hundred years ago), the idea of being a ‘lady’ was essentially institutionalized by Western aristocrats with commoner girls aspiring to the ideal as well. China may have something similar as well. Regardless, I don’t personally see anything wrong with the idea of finishing school itself if you are voluntarily going into it. The motive may be questionable, but becoming more civilized and refined within itself doesn’t seem to be an absolute awful thing.

  2. IT isnt a bad thing if they applied in the work force it might actually plunge deeper into making something for themselves. The class is the opposite of women rights movement all over the world. When is the line drawn where women are not objectified as useless house wives that suck all the money and then take half the shit when everything is said and done. Women who put themselves in this position in life have to realize that their time will come to an end when another pretty bitch with a smile comes along and steels their thunder and a big chunk of their gold they are digging for. Women’s movement is a joke and this is a true testament that. I was watching true story about sugar babies and how they just want the money and not willing to give up the pussy. Most of the men that have the men are like ” I can woo any woman but im not in for emotions, I bought you that dress, paid for that car, handed you cold hard cash for 1 thing in exchange, I know what you are but you need to wake up and smell the coffee. This is a business relationship don’t pass up a great thing” These women were so repulsed that they up getting real jobs.

  3. “Nowadays, many rich men can’t find a suitable wife, while many girls want to marry a rich man. Our school helps them to discover the beauty inside.”

    Ahhh,, that’s just so fucking nice of him. I’m tearing up a little inside. And it’s only 20.000 yuan.

  4. Korean_guy, as a Korean girl, I find you despicable. I’m assuming that you’re uneducated (which explains your bad grammar) and uncultured. You’re truly an embarrassment to the Korean community with your ridiculous carrying ons.

    Now don’t go into some argument with me about how I must be some whore/gold digger (or some other ridiculous concoctions your puny brain produces to excuse your silly behaviour) for the sentiments I am now expressing. Get over your pathetic prejudices and stop pretending that you’re speaking for all Koreans because you are not.

    1. And Korean women love to suck my pink dick! Any gook who defends Chinamen should be shot. Everyone knows that China is pure evil and that they need to be brought down.

      Soon enough there will be a pan-Asian war, and America will not save your ass. No more superior American defense technology for you!

    2. korean_guy is the ONLY reason I go to this website. His bullshit is funnier than anything I’ve ever seen on television.

  5. For the steep price of those classes, better find yourself a Sugar Daddy first, then get him to pay the 20,000 yuan so you can leave him to find a REAL rich guy to marry.

  6. Hey Korean_guy, if you really are Korean you should get off this forum and hit the gym. It’s obvious you have some serious anger you need to let out. Better not do it through words because looking at the way you write, you’ll end up boxing yourself into a corner just like KJL up North. Seriously, stop giving your own countrymen a bad name. You’re words are ugly, emotional and have a very thin veil of rational thinking. You come from a country that is now free, democratic and flourishing. If you are so concerned about helping the Chinese get their act together, the least you can do is be critical in an intelligent and thoughtful way. Are you really promoting progress for mankind or are you just being a silly little child with a tendency towards bad temperament?

  7. Now all China needs is a school that teaches wealthy men seeking TRUE LOVE how to avoid dreadful female gold diggers.

  8. Oooh Chinese / Korean love sqaubbles!!!!

    If you want to read the true horrific nature of Chinese people, dont miss:

    VERY enlightening, and very shocking to believe a whole nation of over a billion people are like that…

  9. In Malaysia, Chinese here are being hated by Malays because Chinese like to take advantage of Malay people. In Chinese culture, Money is god. Malay people don’t see it that way. Chinese women are mostly gold-digger and I know they are. Most of them want to get married to men that have a lot of money. Malay people don’t hate Chinese people without appropriate reason such as taking advantage of people’s money and using you to get money. They have no ethics in doing business. They have stupid lending money system called Ah Long which you have to pay interests for borrowing money and we Malays lend you money and Chinese that borrows the money never returned the Malay’s money. We gave so much to them like business opportunity such as logging in the forest, palm oil plantations, selling lands and many more to the extent of taking advantage of us. Singapore is use be Malay but they took away from us like Tibet. I hate Chinese people for their money culture but I respect them as a human being. I can understand why people in Tibet, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, India, Mongolia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia,Singapore, Philliphines and many other South East Asian coutries hate them but you have to remember you will suffer for the bad things you did in hell. All we Malay people can do is to be patient and sacrifice for your happiness in Malaysia. Makes me feel very sorry for Tibetans. We apologise for what we did to you in 13 May 1969 riot and 1998 Jakarta riot that only happen in one year. Mao Zedong never apologise for 10 years of ongoing killing of Chinese and before the Cultural revolution even started Mao already killed millions of Chinese which worst than what we did to you but we gave you economic happiness and we get exploited for it. 44 million Chinese lost every year. There is one child policy. Yet Chinese in Malaysia and Indonesia can have more than 10 Chinese children still can have their children with them. We don’t 44 million Chinese women lost in Malaysia and in Indonesia. We respect you for your heart and you respect us for money. This is why I dated Malay girls. An Ugly Malay girl worth more than Pretty Chinese gold-digger to me. However, you might be suprised how well I treated Chinese even though I hate them for their expoiltative sinocentrism money culture.

    1. “Malay people don’t hate Chinese people without appropriate reason such as taking advantage of people’s money and using you to get money.”

      Cannot help you for being what you are, the Brits did that to the Malays and now the Chinese are doing it the Chinese way, same thing but you don’t get it.

      “Chinese women are mostly gold-digger and I know they are. Most of them want to get married to men that have a lot of money.”

      Malay women are free for white old Brits to use and abuse, so Chinese women wants money for the same thing and getting paid for sex is smart.

      “I can understand why people in Tibet, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, India, Mongolia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia,Singapore, Philliphines and many other South East Asian coutries hate them”

      All these Asian and SA nations you are talking about were foreign owned, mostly by whites at one time or another and some are western own now.

      The Brits must have did your country a great many times, that’s why you cannot go back, like white women says once you go black you can’t go back.

    2. “A Tibetan activist has set himself alight at a protest in India’s capital, Delhi.”

      More Tibetans should do this, burn them all to hell and make China give them their freedom.

      Good luck.

      Free Tibet is like free oil.

  10. Yeah most but, not all chinese girls have no emotions above the waist. That lesson cost me about $30,000 in 1yrs. So yes, I’m talking from experience. It was still fun 🙂

    1. You’re looking in all the wrong places for women. I never, EVER have to pay for any of my girls. If a woman shows any signs of gold-digging, it’s time to cast her off. It’s better to just pretend you don’t have much money at all; I’ve saved millions by pretending to be poor. Just simply save your money until the time is right, and don’t let your emotions get to you.

      Take a lesson from “Coming to America,” a movie which actually had a profound effect on my search for the right woman. Look for a woman who loves you for who you are, not what you can be — or what you have. If she doesn’t love you for who you are, it will become BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS.

  11. HAHA Voiceofhomer sounds like a jealous Jewish American princess. Sorry Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t want any of you. Priscilla Chan is not lazy, nobody finishes med school to sit at home.

  12. Voiceofhomer sounds like a bitter jewish american princess. Sorry Zuckerberg didn’t keep kosher

  13. Due to communism, China is a nation that has destroyed its culture, moral, spiritual, and ethical values.

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