You are not qualified to be my student if you can’t afford an iPad

From Eastday:


A teacher from Shanghai Maritime University became famous because of a piece of Weibo (micro-blog) he wrote “go buy an iPad during the summer break. If you don’t have money, just earn it by yourself. If you can’t get 4000 yuan in two months, it means you are not suitable to be majoring in finance, neither to be my student.” These controversial words spread widely through the internet. (He later deleted this post on his Weibo and even changed his name)

Liang Zhenyu is a Financial English teacher. He asked all of his students to bring an iPad to class next semester. And all his lectures, exams and information will be given out in iPad compatibility mode. “iPad represents the most modern thinking. I hope all of my students have it too. If you can’t afford it, go earn money. Poor or rich does not depend on the situation of your family, but your ability.” Liang also demanded all his students have his lessons in suit. The male students should wear formal suits and leather shoes while female students should wear serious make-up. The one who is in casual shirts and pants will affect the final scores of this course. “You are what you wear. If you want to study the finance, then dress like a finance man.” Liang explained.

Many people on Weibo opposed it and said he was kind of money worshiper. Some students even don’t have enough money to pay for the education fees next year, let alone the money for an IPad. Liang explained that it was just an advice, not a demand. “iPad is efficient and good for the students. For example, they can send their oral English for me via wireless network during the lessons. And you will cost only 15 dollars to download the calculation software with iPad, while you have to pay over 62 dollars to buy a calculator.” But he also showed regret to this Weibo. He deleted it soon under the pressure from the netizens.

  1. >iPad

    You can purchase a 7″ Android tablet from Aliexpress for under $100. A 10″ can be yours easily for under $150.

    1. you have fun with that piece of shit. Its just like buying the same orginal chines branded hardware. Its not an ipad and thats all you have to say about that.

  2. Another case of Apple fetishism to the extreme. Sure, it’s nice quality hardware but you can get a decent enough alternative for a fraction of the price of an iPad. In any case, these are not the values which are supposed to be imprinted on the future generation. This teacher should be ashamed.

  3. Yeah, erm, apple products? Doesn’t he mean Lenovo Thinkpad, the quintessential piece of business tech?

  4. The teacher is as bad as the one I had in school, our teacher wanted us to get money some how and go on a field trip to Japan and another one a few months later to Holland.

    Where do this morons come from?

    Are they all from Bev Hills, California?

  5. I don’t think he understands the concept of sunk cost. Once you buy a financial calculator, it becomes a sunk cost. You don’t save $47 by buying the software on iPad but spend an extra $15.

  6. iPad represents modern thinking? how about China starts acting like one? stupid cunts like that man represents a sick man, stop pirating and start developing a moral standard worthy to be called modern.

  7. I just went on his blog and sent him a private message that he can come to Goldman and wipe my shoes if he buys himself a Hugo suit. TROLOLOLOL

  8. Well, that’s China for ya. Education system’s a joke. Utter disregard for the poor. Thinking that throwing money at random things you don’t need is cool. Complete lack of common sense. I am constantly amazed that the world takes this country seriously.

  9. I follow the news in China with interest. I served in the US Army in Korea in 1967 and enjoyed teaching English to some very amazing Koreans. My wife and I recently returned from teaching English in China. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and met many fantastic people. I have learned to love the Koreans and the Chinese. I compliment all who are trying hard to use their English skills.

    However, by the comments being made, I wonder if you are using those hard-earned abilities to the best advantage. Both of your countries are amazing and have much you have given to the world in the past and so much to offer in the future. A certain amount of rivalry is fun… but vitriol is so demeaning. Both countries are far better than that.

    1. Mr. T

      The only rivalrous exchanges are you’ll see on here are korean guy versus everyone else. He takes great pleasure in upsetting everyone else, because that’s what trolls do. The most inflammatory and annoying the post, the better, because for him, it’s likely to get at least one person to respond in anger or surprise.

      He’s also really predictable. I’ve only been reading this site for a week now and I can guess his responses to various topics. And also his responses to various criticisms.

      I think it’s most likely that he’s not even Korean, rather, someone who really hates Korea and is trying to create a bad image for Koreans. The Korean people I’ve met by and large are reclusive, and homogenous, and certainly extremely patriotic, but not total morons. I guarantee you ask a thousand Koreans what they think of korean-guy’s posts and they’ll express shock and dismay, and then assure you that he doesn’t represent Korean people.

      If he doesn’t represent Korean people, the options are either that A. he’s the approximate equivalent of a westboro baptist church member or neo-aryan (idiots you just ignore) or B. he’s seriously trolling as a fake korean for the sake of stirring up controversy on a comment board full of people who obviously have interest in chinese culture and news (again, idiots you just ignore).

      Either way, waving our angry internet fists at him isn’t going to change anything, and since the website moderators seem to have more interest in preserving free speech than blocking hate speech, it’s just something we’ll have to live with. Don’t be put off by him calling you a sinophile or something-he has precious little other ammunition to use. It’s the internet, after all. Total denial of his existence is the best way to go.

  10. Wow! This is the first time I’m posting here. Been following this blog for a long time via Google Reader, and this is the first time I’ve actually visited. A great blog,but the comment section is full of trolls! Unbelievable!

  11. If this professor’s students aren’t smart enough to drop his class immediately, they are not qualified to attend a university.

  12. I won’t get an ipad because you have to install their bloatware itunes software that takes over your computer. There are plenty of digital formats that aren’t tied to a particular device that students could use.Thankfully I’m not in Prof Vendor Lock’s class.

  13. What’s wrong with what he said? Pampered kids who can’t even work for simple things aren’t things you want around today. He might have said it harshly, but the idea is independence and I think the public should stop nitpicking and see the big picture.

  14. I only don’t agree that he limited it to Apple and not Android tablets as well. It was a great first lesson in Finance – a subject that deals with locating the means and ways to acquire goods or services beyond one’s available liquidity. Great first lesson. Students should have followed Karl Marx’s suggestions and robbed someone in the upper class of society who oppresses the proletariat.

  15. I’m sort of on the teacher’s side. It is his class, and his teaching method. The students are allowed to pick the university they go to, and obviously he’s a teacher at a ritzy school or else he wouldn’t have made such a ridiculous request.
    He also makes a good point about getting them integrated into the “finance man/woman” way of dressing and stuff. And I guess if you are studying finance it should be a bit easier to find ways to save and earn money. You are studying finance after all.
    He never said it was mandatory for the iPad you guys. If all else fails, a less rich student can borrow from a friend with an iPad.

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