Girlfriend cuts off man’s penis for breaking up with her

| July 19th, 2011


How about this news in China echoing the recent Catherine Kieu case in the United State?

From Guangzhou Daily:

“I can’t bear other woman falling in love with you. Kill me, let’s go to hell.” Yin (alias) smiled and gave her boyfriend Liang Quan (alias) a bloody knife while Liang’s penis was bleeding heavily. This tragedy happened at 4 am, on July 12 in Dongguan, an industrial city in Guangdong Province. Yin was so angry that Liang wanted to break up with her for the third time. After Liang fell asleep, she cut his penis with a knife, it was almost completely detached from his body.

“It is too severe. He was almost dead.” The doctor said. Although the “reattachment surgery” was successful, the recovery of Liang’s sexual function was still doubtful. Yin is now arrested.

Two Breakups ended up with death threats

The 24 year-old Liang met 31 year-old Yin one and an half years ago in Shenzhen. They fell in love quickly. But Liang’s family couldn’t accept the relationship between an elder woman and a younger man. Last year, Yin had an accidental abortion. So the shotgun marriage went hopeless.

Yin was in a bad mood after the miscarriage. They began to fight a lot. “She is too sensitive. She couldn’t even stand me chatting with other girls on the internet.” Liang said. The first time Liang wanted to break up with Yin was in April. Yin threatened to suicide. Liang was scared. In July 11, after a fight, Liang mentioned the breakup again. Yin brandished a knife and said “let’s suicide together.”

The last breakup ended with the penis cut off

Liang brought up breakup again recently, and Yin peacefully accepted it. In the afternoon, Yin invited Liang to have the “last dinner” together. After dinner, they went back home. “Do you have anther girlfriend?” Yin asked. “Yes. so what?” Liang replied impatiently. Then they went to bed without a word.

At midnight, Liang was woken up by a severe pain. He could hardly believe what had happened, a deep cut in his penis which was bleeding heavily. Yin gave Liang the knife with her bloody hand and said “let’s go to hell together.” When Liang was sent to the hospital, he fainted because of lost of blood.

“The penis was almost cut off with only 30% flesh attaching. So whether he can recover is still doubtful.” Liang’s doctor said. “Actually, I didn’t have a new girlfriend. I said that just to make her to let go.” Liang lied in bed and said in a weak voice. Yin has been arrested by the police.

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  1. Xiongmao says:

    Gee, I wonder why he’d ever consider breaking up with someone like that. She sounds like a perfectly fine, mentally stable piece of tail.

  2. Meth says:

    Unfortunately there is nothing to cut off in women.

  3. Hello world, my name is penis.

  4. white dude says:

    lesson to learn
    never settle with a China woman

  5. xino says:

    reading this makes me feel like watching a good nice Chinese/South Korean drama thriller suspenseful movie:)

  6. Korean_slut says:

    Koreans are fithly cheating jackasses with 1 inch cocks

  7. anssik says:

    who says there is nothing to cut off from women? in ancient society there was an item known as breast ripper which was used to rip off her breasts.

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