Meeting between Obama and Dalai Lama angers Chinese netizens


From Sina:

On July 16th in spite of objection from Chinese government, Barack Obama met with Dalai Lama at the White House for 45 minutes, praising him for embracing non-violence while reiterating that the United States did not support Tibet independence. Chinese government accused Obama of "interfering with China’s internal affairs. In a statement released on Sunday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said, "This action is a gross interference in China’s internal affairs, which hurts the feelings of the Chinese people and damages Sino-U.S. relations."

But Barack Obama’s meeting with Dalai has upset not only the government.

In an online survey "What’s your attitude toward Obama meeting Dalai Lama?" (link is no longer available), till 17th, July, 14838 people voted for "angry", which accounts for more than 77% of the total vote. They commented, "The United States is just trying to benefit from Dalai in the politics", "America has just showed a friendly gesture to China, this meeting will ruin all their previous efforts.", " It’s time to give them a lesson. Obama has forgotten how much U.S. Treasury debt China holds."

While many are annoyed by the meeting, another 4468 netizens do not support this meeting but voted " I don’t care", as they commented, "The best way to counter attack is don’t give a shit about this meeting.", "Even Dalai lives in the White house, it wouldn’t make a difference. Alas…can the U. S. think of something new to do next time?", "We can just ignore it, this cannot change the stable relationship between mainland China and Tibet."

In a post on the a netizen analyzed the political event, claiming that the fact that Obama wants to meet Dalai means he is in trouble again.

Followed is part of the comments made by Chinese netizens in various website:

搜狐网友2011-07-17 16:02:44155413226

"For whatever reasons, as a president of a country especially a great power like the USA, he should not break his words to any other country and its people. This is really a shameful thing for a president to do. Even Obama is not a president, and as a man, he should not promise things he doesn’t mean and is not able to do. To deal with a political rogue like Dalai make him look superficial. His behavior has turned people’s admiration to a first black American president to disdain. Obama, you don’t deserve to be called a man."

搜狐手机网友2011-07-17 16:28:33155413997

"The American imperialists want to upset the Chinese with this meeting. We should let them know they have to pay for what they do."

搜狐社区: 逍遥望牵远红2011-07-17 15:00:36

"American’s promise doesn’t mean more than a fart."

8000450197 [网易福建省网友]: 2011-07-17 09:55:40 发表

"Obama is insane…go lock him up in the room. "

网易广东省手机网友 ip:120.84.*.* 2011-07-17 09:48:32 发表

"Let’s send advanced weapons to Libya…"

0598917079 [网易广东省梅州市网友]:2011-07-17 10:45:27 发表

I strongly suggest we sell the U.S. Treasury, sell DF21 missile and J10 battle plane to Iran and North Korea and have military exercise in Cuba!

514165402 [网易广东省广州市网友]:2011-07-17 10:45:01 发表

"Obama is just a puppet, controlled by a big interest group. That’s the essence of western democracy."


"I remember Chairman Mao once said, the American imperialist is just a paper tiger."

搜狐社区: xanxklso2011-07-17 15:01:14

"This is an issue about human rights, not ‘independence for Tibet’ "

  1. What’s the point of paying attention to what these so-called netizens say? Their commentary is as worthless and inane as all the idiots arguing on YouTube. And when a large number of Chinese citizens don’t have free and unrestricted access to news and information (on both domestic and international affairs), I’d hardly regard their opinions as well-informed and well-rounded.

    Furthermore, the petulance of the Foreign Ministry is astounding, even though it is so completely predictable.

  2. I do not under stand some these comments. When did Obama ever promise to NEVER meet him Dalai Lama? How is Barack Obama breaking his promise??

    1. Well does he keep any of his promises?

      One may be two, don’t remember it was so many.

      And I know that once a black man takes over the white house the USA is finished, it’s the end of the road for the nasty slave nation of rejects.

    2. Obama is trying to save his own race by destroying USA from within. Bush destroy USA without knowing it. But obama do it conciously , he will once for all disable USA military industrial complex for ever. leaving USA unable to enslave the whole of African continent.

      After all he is the son of africa truly, i salute u obama

        1. wow that is really insightful.

          I get it his dad is African. Although he only met his father twice he has African blood and that determines everything.

          That is really brilliant…thank for sharing the fact that you are a moron.

          1. Most likely you are not an Amerikan and you know shit about the black laws there.

            Who is the moron here?

            1. You ask who is the moron? You are the moron.

              The fact that you need my help in deciding if you are a moron is further proof that you are in fact a moron.

              1. once a black its always a black whether you blaa blaa blaa forever regardless.


                1. Yup and he is leader and commander in chief of the most powerful nation with the largest economy.

                  blah blah haha

    3. everything chinas got is weapons and violence, they scared of the dalai lama, why? well, because thers something about dalai lama that blows up the whole of china. why arent the chinky offficials meeting the dalai lama? the same reason, long live dalai lama, wish u can come to hong kong again

  3. The current Dalai Lama is a symbol of hypocrisy and his popularity is a product of Western propaganda and misinformation.

    Despite his claims for non-independence, it’s no secret that the US supported him as a tool to interfere with China.

    The current president visiting the Dalai Lama is a gesture that shows disrespect to China. It’s no surprise that netizens are pissed.

    1. I love that “it’s no secret that” that can be use with any statement, like “China is a wicked and cruel”, “China is just bunch of cheats and fakes run by ruthless, cruel, thuggish criminals”, and “China will collapse soon.” Since it’s no secret, therefore these must be true. And it is no secret that Hu is a crook.

      1. What if China wants to take you and your country down with it?

        Will you wish for a collapse of China soon?

        You know China can pull all the world down with it.

      2. The words ‘its no secret’ are a figure of speech Bill.

        Any more stupid questions?

    2. China has no credibility to say “meeting the Dalai Lama shows disrespect” when China meets with enemies of America all the time.

      And the “it hurts our feelings” cry is so immature. Suck it up, buttercup this isn’t Kindergarten. Be a man, not a baby.

      1. USA enemy is too many just ask osama. he is a good friend last time. are you said China should not talk to rest of the world except the west.

        Like being a good dogie korean style??. Redneck

    3. if Dalai Lama give misinformation then in his statements he always say China is big country and people of china are wonderful human… then as per your perception china is not like what he said and people are not nice … i think its not good to pull ur own country by trying to pulling other….listen more speech of Dalai Lama..

  4. As an American, I’ll say that a good portion of the western world is seriously brainwashed about who the Dalai Lama really is. The Lama, with the help of politicians and mostly American celebrities, has crafted an image of himself and Tibet that is simply false. He is neither of the extremes of which he is portrayed by China or the west.

    The Chinese are not to be exonerated. They view the Dalai Lama as “a devil” and “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”, the latter of which may be closer to the truth. But most are grossly uniformed about the history of Tibet and China’s role there historically. The facts of the atrocities they committed there are unknown or simply ignored. This is one issue where the Chinese people, ever more astute at detecting lies, let their nationalism get the best of them and unfortunately buy into the propaganda machine.

      1. An even more ignorant person will call someone ignorant and in the same breathe not explain it.

        Man: You are bad!
        Boy: Why?
        Man: Because I say!
        Boy: But why?
        Man: No why! I am a man! You are a boy! Listen to me!

  5. I think China has just offered us a chain on them we can pull any time we like. We should do this soon and often.

    1. yeah try it when china loss the money big time guest what. they still have shoe to wear cause they still manufacture it.

      I am afraid redneck have to walk beach boy style to office. yeah the american way.

      Just dont count on import from vietnam etc… after you greenbag turn to greentoilet paper

  6. maybe we should take a poll and see the opinions of the ethnic Tibetans… Of course, they would all be imprisoned for expressing their opinions. I think the only embarrassment for Obama is that he is not openly supporting Tibetan independence.

    1. The Darth Lama says that all the Tibetans are dead in Tibet, China had done genocides them all.

      So no Tibetans to give back to.

      Now Tibet belongs to China and not to the UK or USA.

      1. Who said Tibet belongs to the US? Who actually teaches you things in school? Your ‘wonderful’ teachers lie and cheat their own students just for money. Think before you put fingers on your keyboard. You have been LIED to since a child.

        1. I really feel sorry for this incompetent and ignorant fool. Living the life of some false knowledge and fucked-up outlook in politics.

          And yes it’s true about the lies that their country have been instilling to their kids’ mind.. white washing the facts of history and twisting reality to make themselves feel normal and civilized (somehow) in contrast to the way they actually act and speak.

      2. i think you got a misinformation or you are dont have that much exposure…. Dalai Lama is man of peace and I attended many of his talks n speeches but never heard he says in ur way….. never make a fake he is international person n people will laugh at ur words…. read more and listen more… then you can judge…

    2. Actually the Chinese have killed all the Tibetans because they wanted to dilute their White genes. Tibetans were originally Aryan with Blue eyes and Blonde hair but the Chinese diluted their blood with their inferior mud genes.

      The tibetans are a mystical, noble, pious, righteous people who’ve done no wrong. They were similar in looks to nordics and had the moral superiority of Jews.

      The Chinese killed them because they want to destroy everything beautiful and good. What do you expect from a race that worships the devil?

      Blacks, Natives, and Chinese all want to destroy all the purity in the world with their devil worship.

  7. That O’bama does he know he is not really an Amerikan?

    But he sure acts very White Amerikan, what?

    He will make the US pay big time for this pain in the butt act.

  8. China hasn’t stolen the IP yet to build a machine that can measure how little I care what the brain washed morons in China thinks.

  9. I don’t really care if so called Obama meet with H.H. Dalai Lama. It is fortunate for Obama to have this meeting with H.H.Dalai Lama. He must have learned something from Great Leader like Dalai Lama.. What Change Obama has brought to US… all are empty words….
    I am not suprised to see people inside china saying bad towards Dalai Lama.. I am rather suprised to see (FUCKING) chinese who are living in free world saying bad things to Dalai Lama…. May be u guys should stop visiting ur fucking motherland and keep away dining CATS, DOGS, FROG, SPIDEER, u name it….. I guess eating these things will make u DUMP.. more DUMP and ya looking more STUPID..
    Mao’s great leap forward and cultrual Revoulution made ur grand grand father feeding on anything that is moving apart from CARS, SHIPS and Aeroplane…So sad… THANKS GOD…that such things have never happened in TIBET..

    1. China needs to be wiped out. We need to point all our missles and bombs at them and erase the cancer that is China and Chinese people (yellow monkeys).

      They are such an inferior race and I’m pretty sure they have no souls. They secretly practice voodoo and worship the devil.

      Those FUCKING yellow apes make me want to take an AK-47 and use their heads as shooting practice.

      They use Western technology and are completely ungrateful. They are so backwards and barbaric eating all those cats, dogs, puppies, rabits, spiders, and even BABIES. Yes, Chinese eat babies during voodoo rituals.

      That’s why China needs to be wiped off the face of this planet.

    2. may be they did met in the pass life, when obama was H H dalai surf/slave. and dalai must have recall how he gave his slave good old wipe before he lockup IT in the barn with the dongkey

  10. Dalai Lama is just a spiritual person, nonetheless he is no longer living in Tibet nor does he have any “actions” or activities in Tibet for so long, so why would the Chinese people be upset about it?

    If anything, the rest of the world should bomb China for meeting with Sudan leader Omar al-Bashir, who is an international suspect for countless cases of murder and genocide, and despite UN’s statement to apprehend him, China welcomes a terrorist. How do the Chinese community feel about ironic stupidity of things when you welcome a murderer into your home then be upset when your neighbor welcomes a religious man into his. Is China the devil, Satan? Speak up fools.

    1. Well Das Lama is seeing O’bama the murderer of millions in the world, so nice.

      What’s up your @&& to make you so sad and so angry at China?

        1. Go read a newspaper now, see what’s in the news.

          See anything about Mao?

          Nope, all you see is Obamarama srewing the US and the world.

          Killing women and children in their beds at night.

          You are just another asshole that can’t fart a good fart.

          And stupid cunts are for big boys not for big talkers like obamarama and you.

          1. awww…at least we have a Black president man, powerful than the Devils of China.

            Devils of China are basically weak enochs who suck up to white man’s ass all the time just to please them.

            seriously gtfo!
            Obama does a better job than George Bush.

            1. In the US there is a book that says when the US has it’s first black pres that will be the end of the USA.

              Go look it up.

              O’bama better pres but none were good and they all screwed up the US as you can see in the western news, not on CCTV or China news.

      1. Haha!

        Who are the “millions” that Obama killed?

        Maybe if you didn’t say such stupid things (we don’t blame you, we should blame your teachers and government) things would be much better.

        You have been lied to since childhood. Pity, I feel sorry for you.

        1. In the US, yes.

          You like kids, don’t you?

          You talk about kids a lot in your kid like comments.

        2. And millions more will die as long as black crow O’bama is in power.

          Amerikan white guilt keeps him in the White man’s House.

  11. So China is “upset” again? And there will be punishment…? Like all the other times the US has met the Dalai Lama…lol

    Still waiting on that punishment that never comes. Bunch of slack jawed yokels.

    1. Like an old Chinese saying, you don’t see it coming until it’s too late to get the hell out of it.

      1. Lets not forget the old chinese saying and practice of we dont shave, wash, use deodorant, have any concept of trash receptacles. Cultivate long fingernails and generally behave like the farm animals we often sleep next to.

        Highly evolved race are the chinese. At one with nature in their mega pollution cities. I should know I live in this shithole. Fortunately the money is outstanding.

        1. Oh and what is your bad habit?

          Do you play with your toes in a public place or play with your balls in front of people like Micheal Jackson?

          In the USA men like to put their hands down their pants and play pocket pool.

          1. vic2u needs to be erased for being so ‘yellow’.

            Only a ‘yellow’ pervert would write such sexual things.

            1. Don’t like it when the shit hits the fan, hey?

              Look up and walk with your head up and see all the US men playing pocket pool, boy where have you been, in China.

          2. Im not sure if I should be insulted, mad or crack my ass laughing from this idiot’s comments.. lol
            Surely you can’t be serious.. it’s like listening to a 3rd grader.

            1. Isn’t it too bad and so sad when you don’t even know when you are insulted or what by a whitey or a westerner?

              Like to talk about kids?

              You like little kids?

              Did you make any kids yet?


        2. just half a billion usa cause world number one pollution , what a rednect

          1.3 billion still number 2 only

          Use 5 time more energy then china per capital. how foul to try to pin that to china , USA just like to flatter themselve .

          like obama. right boy

        1. Running out of 3rd world countries to destroy?

          How about little Cuba or may be Burma?

          May be the muslim group down my street, they look very much like your terrorists.

  12. “China Hush: Stories of China” should be changed to “China Hush: Political Stories of China”

    Seriously, this site has gone down the drain. News updates come about once every WEEK and the quasi total of stories are either corruption crime stories or political ones…. you should take a leaf out of Shanghaiist and offer some diversity or at least make your stories entertaining like China Geeks.

    In the meantime, good-bye China Hush.

  13. the chinese netizens can stfu!

    farking pricks taking advantage of the internet, living good life and how the governments treats them.
    Farking assholes do not know that other places in China suffer, the Chinese government are essentially the “Devils of China”.

    The asshole chinese netizens don’t even know the beef between chinese and tibets, all they know is that who ever is the enemy of their government is also their enemy.

    No video of Chinese killing and abusing Tibetians are shown in China, that is why the idiots don’t even know wtf is going on.

    And I am SO GLAD what those protesters did at China Olympics, as they showed a lot of people the tyranny China were committing against the Tibetans.

    1. Even if they knew what was going on, they wouldn’t care.

      Chinese are such a racist group of people, they don’t mind killing non-Han.

      China is Nazi, not Communist. Only Communist in name.

      1. Whitey all over should know, they killed all over the world and poor China only gets to kill those non-Han in China.

        Not fair at all.

    2. All Chinese are worthless yellow Assholes. You are correct. Those savage yellow Monkeys need to be taught a lesson. Every time I see one I just want to punch him in the face!

      I honestly don’t know why Europe and the US didn’t continue to colonize them – they would have made great slaves.

      The Chinese killed all the tibetans because tibetans were originally Aryan with blue eyes and blonde hair. Those Chinese were jealous so they decided to dilute their pure blood with their inferior Mud genes.

      I think more violence against the Chinese during the olympics should have happened. The west needs to show them who’s boss. I laughed my ass off when that handicapped Chinese girl got beaten!

      I feel no compassion for these yellow monkeys, no one else should either.

      1. Yeah mon, I know exactly where you coming from and I always know what you and the westerners are saying.

        Now if only them dumb China man get it soon.

  14. The Tibetan people are pure, innocent, victims of those savage yellow monkeys. Chinese people are devil worshippers and thats why they hate these god-loving, peaceful, mystic Tibetans.

    Tibetans have NEVER done anything wrong. These Chinese demons have done EVERYTHING wrong.

    I deeply respect the Dalai Lama and hope that his war against the Asians is won. Tibet is actually an Aryan country and the people were white with blonde hair and blue eyes before those Mud people (the Chinese) diluted their pure blood.

    The Dalai Lama is the most holy and pious being who ever lived – he’s right up there with Jesus and Abraham.

    Chinese, Blacks, and Natives do not fear god and that is why they will be punished one day.

  15. It is not right to make fun of chinese people when so many rely on them. The computer you are using right now in order to even comment on this site is probably made by a china man. To say chinese people are not slaves in today’s world is a total lie. There are so many under paid and low wage manufacturing chinese people that make computers and cell phones for all of us. America and Europe rely heavily on China’s products and that is why China is not attacked. With so much China can offer to the world, especially chinese women, why kill when we can infiltrate and dilute. I would not be surprise in a decade from now that we will see many half asian children around the world. The invasion of the chinese is upon us. Let us make the best of it. 🙂

  16. If the Dalai Lama was Muslim instead of Buddhist the Americans would probably take him to a secret prison and torture him like they do with most Islamic nationalists.

  17. As this happy meeting was taking place in the US, over in Afrika O’bama’s fatherland millions are dying and many blacks like O’bama’s father just starved to death.

    And O’bama was seen shooting golf that weekend or was it looking at white chicks.

  18. Chinese government’s new name is now called Devils of China.
    made by me.. make sure you spread it!

    let them know who the real devil is.

    1. Yeah like your weeneee can do what the CIA plus usa propaganda machine as CNN can’t and still not succeed .

  19. brother and sisters.. I think you are forgetting what happened in 1989….. Tibet and Dalai Lama are fighting for human rights and that’s for the peeople in China…. May be you can’t digest these words but when you once reach in a freedom country then you can measure your present situation…. I never heard Tibetans dislike Chinese People… they want to change the dirty policy in chinese government, which is not appointed by the poeple of china… its ruling by few people… so think and open eyes…

    1. But China don’t want a regime change like in the USA now.

      China don’t want to beg for money to buy food and they don’t want to prostitute themselves for a house and a new car like Tibetans and other Amerikans in the USA.

      1. yeah i can understand you.. external information mode like BBC, CNN are banned in china right so, you are very lack in information and the current scenario in this world… I am not blaming you, you are also in a hopeless situation… the frog in the small well always thinking that sky is very small and cant imagine more….. LACK in Exposure…..

        1. We need america the bring in democracy.

          Look we will lost the opportunity enjoy by Iraq, Afghan and Libyan.

    2. Bring him in and see how nice the chinese crown will treat him or better still bring him home into tibet street see if his rival sect the pancha lama would teat him. ” In pieces surely”

  20. Chinese people throw their little temper tantrums whenever the US president meets with the Dalai Lama but how many time has Hu Jintao met with Kim Jong Il? The US answers to no one. China should have figured that out by now.

    1. Can you make a distintion between the two. tibet in part of china and North Korea is not part of america it is a sovereig nation just as cuba is. Hawaii is part of USA so china should support hawail independence.

      Are you a redneck

  21. White trash O’bama has screwed Amerika back 20 years this week.

    And the idiot Amerikans love him for it.

    If O’bama was Chinese dear leader doing this, korean_guy and expatrick would join a terrorist group.

    1. oo now obama is just a boogey man for the pas white trash american that cos these huge financial trash,

      And America can say “No more Colour president” cause only white can save america right/


  22. Given knowledge so far:

    China closes off its people’s connections to the world. Reduced exposure to world news.

    Dalai Lama is a symbol of peace and his history does not matter since most have accepted him as such a symbol. The idea of him is what matters.

    Obama represents the US, he is unable to provide what is necessary to Americans, but at the same time does not show any means of harm internationally.

    Result: Chinese believe the conversation between two men is a sign of disrespect.

    Please explain; There is indeed hatred between Tibet and China, but considering the current symbol of peace, isn’t this uncalled for? Why is every Chinese a devil?

    Childish and racial comments are illogical, or stupid, to be blunt. Surely, someone educated can answer these simple question. I come unbiased and simply looking for a simple answer.

      1. I did not mention the CIA, however I will not deny their resources. Still, one only attacks when at risk. One defends and builds up strength when there seems to be no visible threat. If the US meets for peace, that is not an unlikely goal, more so, it would be wise to be at peace with as many as possible, otherwise you make yourself a threat to all and cause your own downfall. Perhaps if you explain your stance, I could acknowledge your point of view.

        1. yeah redneck USA just go to war everywhere , A bull every small nation in the world is actively being bull by usa. iraq WMD, Afghan Osama (american product in case you forget). pakistan, all of south america, georgia, you name it dirty yankee is there first.

          “otherwise you make yourself a threat to all and cause your own downfall”

          To whom the all is about American hegemony is that stand for rest of the world. No one love USA they just kept quiet because american is a bully. the reason china and russian is not quiet because both are big nation and got the money and military power to confrant bully on his own backyard and the coword don’t sit still , train insurgent every way it can.

          Luckily osama and the arab gave a run for the dollor US spent training this terrorist, wonderful thing happen to USA and this is on the top list.

          I am hereby thank USA and behalf of osama and his dead colleage. Any good arab is dean arab. osama will haunt USA for millenia to come, he is now a hero (a moslem Saint) for moslem all over the word 1 billion of them and they are poor and not educated due to american support of their dictator and kings. And they really want to thank USA with suicide bomber / Pilot.

          But then again the bull will bring a type of democracy call “The American Democracy” where Bombs and CIA is the star. bobm a nation into rubble turn it into a clean sheet of paper so that democracy will flourish, just as what the pol pot did in cambodia, pol pot did not impose this on the rest of the world USA did and still doing it daily since world war 2 ended ,

          What a peaceful nation you are USA, Big load of shit flattering yourself Redneck

          1. As of right now that is not the case. It was still quite recent that the Americans met with the Chinese. If US was such a threat, we would already see Chinese and Americans fighting. Fortunately for the rest of the world, this is not happening.

            I believe Obama is much more intelligent than to start a war and waste resources. The idea of spreading democracy may or may not be on his agenda, but that does not justify a war, not unless a country causes harm.

            I believe you are blinded by anger, your view of the US is not one that considers what may be productive for them. You only view the US as a complete antagonist in a story. Such a view only hinders your progress in understanding the objectives of a country. For example; no one is stupid enough to attack a country just for the sake of spreading democracy. Even the dumbest, Bush, attacked somewhat out of retaliation and self-defense.

  23. So much bad karma for O’bama lately and just after his meeting with the China basher dollar lama.

  24. China invaded Tibet and force his holiness, the Dali Lama to flee. If China has problem with who his holiness meets, China should have left Tibet alone.

    China does not deserve respect on this issue. His holiness, the Dali Lama has earned the respect of most of the world for his non violent opposition to Chinese imperialism and aggression. His holiness has set an example for the world to follow.


    1. Actually, the Dalai Lama fled after a failed uprising against China using the funding of the CIA.

      He is a joke, an outcast, a senile hypocrite who sells out for money and has been shown to have connections with the nazis. Hope he dies soon so the next Lama (chosen by china ;)) can bring grace back to Buddhism.

      1. No invasion, no uprising, no need for CIA.

        The only reason Tibetans are not fighting an insurgent war against China, is out of respect for his Holiness, Dali Lama. When the current Dali Lama dies, China can expect the next generation of Tibetans, secular ones, to use new tactics. Key word here is IED’s.

    2. I think dalai Lama appointment by the ccp is a good thing. CCP should allow him home.

      taking a lesson from the american, he should be settle into tibetan reservation for the rest of his life.

      He will soon be dead and his follower will extinct or turn into han just as the american red indian would have been . and its only need 100 years to wipe the red indian from the face of North America.

      Even now north american indian dying from alcohol and despair. now that is how civilized genocide are done, The chinese way of cultural superiority trough attraction is simple too slow taking 500 years or more to achived what colonial american did in 100 years. even american bear number are more than the indian

      1. This is not 1850, and Tibetans are not one of hundreds of tribes in the United States. China invaded a sovereign nation not a group of divided tribes.

        FYI, many American Indian tribes already have autonomy. Many issue their own passports and have their own government. Tribes have the freedom to teach their native language at their own schools, and have their own laws. Relations are governed by treaty. Why does China refuse to give Tibet at least the type of Autonomy recognized American Indian tribes enjoy?

        As your comments indicate it is no secret that the Chinese are practicing genocide in Tibet.

        1. There is total genocide in the US, all but a few true Indians left in the reserves.

          Tibet should get reserves for their own casinos and have rights to duty free fire water.

          1. That would be fine because if the Tibetans had the same rights as many recognized Indians tribes it would be a recognition of autonomy under international law.

            Recognized Indian tribes have treaties with the U.S. government. A treaty is between sovereign states or nations. A treaty is recognition that the tribe is a nation and not part of the U.S. In fact in the 1920’s all American Indians were offered American citizenship and almost none of them took it.

            You Chinese claim your treatment of Tibetans is better than that of the American Indian. Who has more rights and respect now? How many American Indians are burning themselves in protest?

          2. My wife is part of the Cheyenne Nations. They are growing in numbers not decreasing – showing proof – NO GENOCIDE. they are a sovereign Nation with laws – I need my passport to go on their Nation and be present there, they have different Laws from the US. Its really nice to visit. Nope sorry no Genocide going on here. they have their own language and food and freedoms(NOT subject to US). Chinese are lied to about US Indian Nations. Its not surprising they think Tibet is theirs – though it is a sovereign Nation they invaded – just as surely as if the US invaded Mexico and destroyed them – not happening

            1. Thanks for your input and helping to shoot down one of the arguments Chinese propagandists use to justify their invasion and treatment of Tibet.

              As an American with relatives who lived on Indian reservations I made it my business to know something about Indian affairs, and studied international law because it was related to my major in school.

              The Chinese are using the “Hollywood” version of American history to justify a slow genocide in Tibet. As the Chinese middle class rises I sincerely hope they begin to put justice and values before profit, and fake national prestige.

              Many American Indian tribes are doing well today because the U.S. govt regardless of how brutal it was with them in the past dealt with them in a legalistic framework of sovereign treaties which were often not enforced or broken but never the less benefit Indian tribes today.

              As I mentioned earlier why will China not give Tibetans the same rights and recognition as American Indians?

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