Be careful of the peepers when you dress in short skirt

From Tianya:

MM(Girls) should be aware of peepers. If you want to prevent peeping, you should know how it is worked. The following content is from the Internet, which do not represent my views and and Sister Xibai’s views. It is only to pass on information. I wish sisters be aware of it at anytime and keep yourself away from peeping perverts.


Let us assume the distance between the knees and the upper edge of the skirt is 4 cm, and the distance between the outside edge of the skirt and the private part is 12 cm. Then from one side, the target peeping area will form a right angled triangle ABC.

If the peeper’s eyes are in the extension line of BC, for example E, then he will see B. If we draw an extension line across E through BC and vertical to AC, then it’s easily to find that ABC and CDE are similar triangles.


In triangle ABC, the length of AB is 1/3 of the length of AC, so in triangle CDE, the length of DE should also be 1/3 of the length of DC. And because DC is the distance between the peeper’s eyes and skirt, so DE will be 53.3cm if we assume DC equals 1.6 m

But the distance between a 170 cm tall peeper’s eyes and the upper edge of the skirt will be 70 cm. In another words, he has to lower his head by 17 cm and move his ass 45 cm forward to achieve his goal.


Wherever you go, you will find beautiful ladies going up and down on the stairs. Looking at the white legs, perverts probably want to follow her closely and fantasize of seeing something beautiful. Many perverts will surely dream about that, but this has to be some rules and techniques. What inside the short skirts is approximately the same as the picture shows below.


Normally, the peeper wants to see the area of hemispheroid with 10 cm radius. But the skirt is tangent to the hemispheroid and has a length of 15 cm from the center of the hemispheroid, which aptly shield the peeper’s vision.

From the picture above, the triangle OPQ and triangle ORQ is congruent. If we draw an extension line of QR and make another triangle TSQ, then we can calculate that its height is 8.3 cm and the height is 0.415 times of the bottom.

So if the peeper wants to see the private part inside the skirt, he should at least make the angle of elevation more than angle TQS, which will make the height 0.415 times the bottom.

Then we should discuss the issue of triangle AEQ. Assume the height of the eyes of the peeper (170 cm tall) is 160 cm, and the height of the edge of the skirt is 80 cm. Since the height of the eyes and the height of the skirt have a difference of 80 cm, so the difference (section of line) between the edge of the skirt and the peeper’s eyes is 80 cm less than the difference (section of line CD) of the stairs.


So Right angle triangle AEQ’s height and bottom can be shown by the two formulas below:

Height: AE = 20* number of stairs – 80

Bottom: QA= 25*( number of stairs – 1)

The height and the bottom should satisfy this formula: AE ≥ OA * 0.415

Here is a list of different stairs:

│number of stairs│ 1 │ 2 │ 3 │4 │ 5 │ 6 >│ 7 │ 8 │

│AE │ -60 │ -40│ -20 │0│ 20 │ 40 │ > 60 │ 80 │

│QA │ 0 │ 25 │ 50 │75│ 100 │ 125 │ > 150 │ 175 │

│ratio │ * │ -1.6 │ -0.4│0│ 0.2 │ 0.32│ > 0.4 │0.457│

If AE is below zero, it means that the skirt is under the eyes. So when the difference of the stairs is less than 4, the peeper cannot see the private part. But when it comes to 5 or 6, the private part can almost be seen. When the difference is 8, the barrier is removed.

Of course, the wider the difference, the wider the vision, But do remember, what you see is less and less.

Comments of the post:

娼毒将传:why should you pick up such an old story?

渝州棒棒:I don’t understand, what can be seen by these freaks. Women are not wearing underwear? what is the attraction of underwear?

天涯调情师:we should not blame men to peep, we should prepare ourselves.

我是西北狼1号: hahaha, your children’s math is so good, you should be a gun man.

渝州棒棒:If you really want to prevent peeping, you should wear this kind of skirt. But it seems a little non-stream and strange.20110629-peeing-06

你们上我掩护:You can see everything in porn films, they even shave the pubic hair.

  1. Hilarious. Ladies, just make sure your head does not explode while you are busy calculating exactly how much anyone can see. And don’t stumble. It is not ladylike.

    (and we know you want us to see it, why else would you wear such a short skirt. Just admit it already).

  2. I wonder which country are those guys who frequently give comment on ChinaHush posts from.

  3. Chinese female at the age of 9-4- should have sex with Korean_Guy more often to raise the standard of our Chinese race. He seems smart! Although Chinese has high IQ but we Chinese are very immoral, he can boost our EQ.

  4. Chinese female at the age of 9-40 should have sex with Korean_Guy more often to raise the standard of our Chinese race. He seems smart! Although Chinese has high IQ but we Chinese are very immoral, he can boost our EQ.

    Maybe with higher EQ, we can stop poisoning our babies with melamine contaminated milk, eating fetuses, and killing all the baby girl.

  5. I can’t believe somebody actually spent hours doing the calculations and drawings for this post.. Get a life.

  6. I can’t believe no one noticed the fact for the first image where the perv can’t really see anything the women is portrayed as Asian, and in the next image where the perv is purposely reclining to stare she is portrayed as a Western—lol.

  7. So I guess there is really no moderation on this site? The same trolls shit everywhere again and again. Get some mods, China Hush?

  8. This site is motherf*cking hilarious..

    But you guys have some serious issues, when will this racial crap stop!!

    If i could get away with checking out Asian chicks asses, like a man, ill be all over it. 🙂

  9. I truly got a session of amusement in the diagrams and the flame war…
    I am reminded of the instructions on how to construct a one man blast shelter in case of nuclear war… What’s the use of one man surviving?

  10. It makes me wonder why women put on clothes like these and then complain abaout men looking at them isnt that why they put them on in the first place? and don’t give me the bullshit line that they dressed only to make themselves feel good.
    If you don’t like men looking at you or up you skirt wear trousers or shorts or longer skirts or longer dresses the list goes on but I think you get the point.

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