Afraid of being beaten by teacher, 10-year old boy commits suicide

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The family is mourning after the tragedy, Xiao Nan’s unfinished homework is on the table

Xiao Nan, the ten years old primary student committed suicide by drinking a whole bottle of dichlorvos (DDVP, organic phosphate used as insecticide) at home, leaving his family in great despair.

It happened early in the morning

Xiao Nan lived in Lan Tian County, Shan Xi Province with his brother Xiao Jun and his grandparents. His mother, Mrs. Fan had a job in far away Xinjiang Provence and happened to be with them this month because she had to come back to reap the wheat.

6:15 in the early morning, Mrs. Fan woke up his little son, “hurry up, it’s time to go to school, and wake up your brother”. Xiao Nan got up quickly and said: “I don’t want to go to school today, my homework is not finished yet and I’m afraid that the teacher will beat me!”

But Mrs. Fan did not take his words seriously, she walked away to clean the yards. Minutes later, Xiao Jun rushed to her with astonishing news – Xiao Nan drank dichlorvos. Fan ran into the house, only to find the pesticide bottle containing a quarter kilogram dichlorvos was empty on the ground and the house was full of smelly odor.

She made Xiao Nan disgorge in the yards, but what he disgorged was so smelly and he could not stand up any more. They hurried to send him to the local hospital, but the doctor said he cannot survive. Not willing to accept the news, they got Xiao Nan to the Lan Tian County hospital, but received the same reply.

6 out of 7 homework were not finished

There was a shabby notebook in Xiao Nan’s schoolbag, which he used to write down the homework. His latest homework contained 7 items, including writing 20 times from memory the wrong questions, dictating 20 times the wrong words and so on. But only the 7th homework has been done.

In this very notebook writes Xiao Nan’s everyday homework. Most of the time he had 7 items a day, but there was also over 10 a day. Only this time he had not marked “ok” on each item of the homework.

“He will mark after finishing the homework, but the night before it happened, he was playing with his brother and did not finish it on time,” said Mrs. Fan. Xiao Nan was naughty, and his grades were just so so, but he is kind of sensible.

Why should I earn money without him?

In order to make a better living, Xiao Nan’s parents went to Xinjiang to work when he was only 1 year old. And because of the long distance, parents could only come back at the Spring Festival and the time to reap wheat, which lasted no more than 1 month each time. There was even not a single photo of Xiao Nan in his home.

“I can never forget the way he struggled in my arms.” The sudden strike made Fan desperate and she kept asking herself the purpose of going out for work and taking little care about her son. “Why should I earn money anymore without my son?” She cried.

What made him give up his life?

Why did he have to drink pesticide? Fan thought it had to do with what Xiao Nan said before.

“The homework is too much, he cried out for not able to finish homework every night these days.” Fan said, she and other relatives have asked Xiao Nan’s classmates, many of whom complained about too much homework. They also said the teacher will beat whoever cannot finish homework in time and Xiao Nan was often one of them.

Xiao Nan’s family thought that his death was not directly related to school, but the heavy load of homework and teacher’s abuses indirectly led him to kill himself. “I regret very much for not taking care of my son, but the school has responsibility too,” said Fan.

Leftover children, lack of love

Song Xin from Shan Xi psychological education institute thought that the school is only the fuse of the incident. The most important thing is that the child did not feel love. She suggested to families which parents are working outside to come back to their children, especially mother should bring love back so that the children have a healthy mind.

Hearing about Xiao Nan’s story, Song felt heart breaking. She inquired about his family and said that the pressure from school is just a fuse; the key thing was he lacked in love and security. Leftover children like Xiao Nan often live with old people and lack communication. They cannot form a good learning and living habits, thus they are easy to get into trouble.

“The intimate relationship between parents and children is very important when the kids are young. This kind of children lack love but fill with anxiety and fear, which let them to give up their lives,” said Song. This kind of children cannot get on well with other people or are easy to get divorced when they grow up.

Except from family, the school should learn lessons. Teacher should have more communication with parents and let them know what their kids do at school to prevent the tragedy from happening. As to leftover children, school should keep an eye on them and give them more love.

The school said they will guide students from mind

When asked about whether homework is heavy or not, Xiao Nan’s classmates responded quickly: “Not very much now, only one or two.” They all had the same homework notebook as Xiao Nan’s before but was collected a couple of days ago by teachers.

According to them, Xiao Nan was beaten by the teacher before and he cried for that. “The teacher does not only beat him, anyone who cannot finish his homework will get the same punishment.”

The headmaster of the primary school Li Xiangru explained that teachers were required not to give more than half an hour of homework. As to the items on Xiao Nan’s notebook, he said that they should be done in class. He knew that Xiao Nan was unattended child until recently and had inquired his class adviser Zhao but who said she did not punish her students.

“Physical punishment is forbidden in this school and we did not received any complains from parents. We are so sad that the tragedy happened in our school, and I promise to hold class meetings to guide students from mind and to prevent this kind of things from happening again,” said Li.

  1. sad indeed!

    that is how it is in every other country apart from UK and US.
    In other country if you don’t do your homework, you’ll get nice tasty beats:)

    the kid just brought it upon himself.
    He knew he has homework but played yesterday, and now the day came he knew he didn’t do his homework.

    1. what how can a 10 year old child bring this upon himself??? The teacher and the parents are the only ones to blame here, shame!!!!

      1. You’re an idiot. The kid didn’t do his homework. He knew there were repercussions. The fact that he killed himself, was obviously his own doing.

        Essentially, shut the fuck up you dumb politically correct liberal.

        1. What made you think a 10 years old would have greater social understanding than you are showing.

            1. To say a 10 year old, love starved child killed himself because he brought it onto himself shows that you are either a psychopath or deeply hurt and maladjusted yourself.

    2. Oh no no, dear brainwashed Xino, physical punishment in schools or at home is not normal in OTHER countries either.. I would not be surprised if you are tought by government that only UK and US treats children “too softly”..But you know what, it’s not too softly, it’s just normal in most of the non communist countries

      1. brainwashed?

        yo I was disciplined man! at school and at home!

        discipline isn’t torture!
        It is self discipline, it teaches you to behave and to do right and wrong.

        If you mom does not slap you in the face for swearing, you will always swear! If she slapped you and you had a red cheek, you will never swear because you don’t want that slap again.
        That is the nature of discipline.

        Sending a child to detention means nothing because the child WILL still keep doing it. It’s like sending a child to jail, obviously people who get out of jail still have the criminal habit.
        Discipline is a way of breaking the habbit.

        If you keep stealing and we keep sending you to jail, when will you stop?
        obviously when I cain your hand that gives you cramp for 1 month, you will fear not to steal again if you don’t want that same punishment.

        That is how discipline works, it isn’t torture.

  2. What is up with these YELLOW MONKEYS abusing their kids? The more I read ChinaHush, the more I’m convinced these SAVAGES need to be bombed. They are a plague on the world and hopefully Eugenics will take its course. So sad that Asians can’t succeed unless they are beaten by their parents. It just shows you that as a Race, they are incapable of innovation. No wonder the Chinese cannot create a great and FREE civilization! They are just like Africans – both races will utterly FAIL without Western support.

    I’m so disgusted by Chinamen.

    1. Gook simida?

      Are you talking about South Korea imida?

      Hahahahahahaaha – go home sumnida, you reek of kimchi hamida.

    2. If your opinion of the Chinese consists solely of what’s reported on this site, then you’re just functionally retarded. I hope the eugenics program starts with you.

    3. Oh give it up. This is the same type of person who’d think a warm day in the winter proves global warming is fake. Can’t be helped. I seriously hope he’s being sarcastic, but that comment is so bad it’s not funny even if it is sarcastic.

    4. Patriot, sorry Expatrick. Please remember that Eugenics was not just applied to Africans, and Chinese, but also to Whites living in Applacian areas, and elsewhere. Be careful what you say, and be aware that what is planned for this world, is not just for certain ethnic groups. Experiments have been performed on unsuspecting groups of people of all social classes and races.

  3. So disgusting! Do these Chinamen have no shame? I bet ALL the Chinese people feel afraid of being beaten and killed by the CCP.

    I want to feel sorry for them, but then I’m reminded that they have no souls.

    I think China’s only hope is to either be bombed or colonized by the west and made into slaves – that’s pretty much all their good for.

    No matter how much we try, they will never adopt the decent, moral, and civilized values of the West.

  4. Ai. “Face” again. If the teacher really was beating him, the kid would have a) told someone or b) run away/play hooky from school; that said, the one thing left for certain is that this kid didn’t do his homework — I guess we can extrapolate that he won’t get good grades, won’t pass the gaokao, won’t make it into university, and will forever bring shame to his family and three generations of ancestors.

    Kid, if you don’t make it on this karmic circle, why will it be easier on the next? Sigh. Westerners will never understand, Chinese will forever remain silent on this, and the rest of y’all just keep trollin’.

  5. Poor kid, the teacher should be jailed for physical abuse. What sort of teacher drives a young person to do such harm to themselves. Monsters.

  6. I hate being Chinese. Why are we so immoral, backward, and uncivilized. Shame shame shame!!!

    1. listen man

      the best thing for all you Chinese people to do is to protest like Libya and Algeria!
      If you protest like them, you will successfully overthrow your trash manipulative controlling governments!

      1. I agree! Chinese should have a bloody revolution. They need to get rid of the evil gooky CCP. The commines are so manipulative and imperialistic. I think anarchy, poverty, and starvation are better than not having freedom and democracy.

        I think Colonialism from the West would truly help the Chinese. The West has the best intentions and it is obvious that the only successful and great civilizations come from the White western world.

        Asians and Blacks are incapable of thriving and ruling themselves. They should have let the West manage them foverever.

  7. This is typical chinese child upbringing especially in the rural areas. And yes, in China and elsewhere teachers can actually beat on the students but that practice is less tolerated these days.

  8. That’s the problem with “traditional” chinese family. The child is often pressured to do excellently in school no matter what. Love or affection is rarely given or shown. Teachers still beat their students if they did not do well or did not complete their homework. Welcome to China where a person’s life amounts to worth less than dirt.

  9. this is what happens when the incorrect parenting and counseling is going on at home and at school. Sometimes we have to give up some basic things to raise our kids right. I left a 100,000/yr job and moved to south Carolina to be able to spend more quality time with my 4 kids. My kids never saw us while I was working 60-80 hour weeks and so was the wife. this started a chain of events in our kids life from being introduced to drugs and alcohol, to later being in a good school and my wife at home with the kids which were getting good grades, doing community work, arotc and looking forward to collegue. sometimes we need to weight the outcome of living without some things and being a parent or working too far and too hard and letting the kids not being raised right. Pay attention to your kids, love them, cherish them and hopefully they will become good parents themselves. nothing but love for everyone! peace

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