Free 6 month FBVPN accounts giveaway


It’s time for a giveaway again!  If you are in China right now and need access to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and now even ChinaHush itself… then don’t miss out this opportunity to win a 6 month VPN subscription.  That’s right, our partner FBVPN is offering 30 accounts of 6 month subscriptions!  That’s half year of free VPN. If you already have access since you are able to access ChinaHush, then do it for a friend, tell them about it or enter to win one for them.

All you have to do is write a comment for this post below.  That’s it! Be creative in your comments, I will pick the winners in the next 2 weeks or so till 30 of them are selected.  Remember to use your real email address when commenting, it will be used to setup your account.

These days china started to block more and more VPN providers. FBVPN now has the business VPN solution which is going to be more and more popular for business in China to bypass the GFW. There has been more and more businesses started to use their business VPN solution with dedicated server and IP that have never been blocked.

Don’t want to wait and try your luck?  Just get FBVPN from here already, Personal account starts from $9.9 a month.  Here is something else for ChinaHush readers, use the coupon code fb06010701 to get additional 20% off on any purchases! (limited time only)


1. You want to use a service or application that requires a US IP address.
A nice side benefit of using FBVPN services is that you can enjoy the use of a US IP address wherever you may be. Essentially, you will enjoy the same Internet as someone in the US.

2. You live in, or are visiting, a country that engages in Internet censorship or monitoring of content.
Beyond blocked services, more and more countries are engaging in Internet censorship or monitoring Internet users. FBVPN services will ensure full, anonymous, and uncensored access to the Internet from wherever you are.

3. You have a company-issued VPN but don’t wish to use it for personal business.
When you use your employer’s VPN, typically all your online activity is tracked by default. Also, using your employer’s bandwidth and IP addresses for personal business is likely to be a violation of your company’s policies.

4. You don’t want your ISP or network owner to be able to monitor or control your online activities.
You call it your Internet connection but it really isn’t. You rent access to the Internet under, often rather ominous, terms and conditions from an ISP, or you gain access through some other means under terms you aren’t even privy to.
Often there is no evil intent, but there have been many cases, even in the United States, where individual privacy and access to the free Internet have been blatantly and willfully disregarded.
We believe it is every law-abiding individual’s right to secure their data and protect their privacy online. Businesses wouldn’t think of sending data without VPN encryption to protect their interests. What’s good enough for them is good enough for you.

5. You don’t want Google, Yahoo, and other search engines recording every search you perform.
Just like your ISP, search engines record every search you do and tie it to your IP address. These searches can be stored indefinitely. With FBVPN service, only our IP address will be captured, not yours.


Winners are selected with Winner in their comments, congratulations! You will be contacted by FBVPN by email shortly.  Don’t be sad if you didn’t win, stay tuned for the next opportunity 😉

  1. yeah! I use them when I’m in china, works great. I would give this gift to a college student I met in Xi’an. Smart guy, loves the lakers & eminem. When I told him I was from Detroit and live in LA I made a friend for life 😀


  2. How awesome! The proxy I’m using right now is probably a slower alternative for sending mail using China Post containing ones and zeros across the oceans. 🙂

  3. Please let me get this great thing since it’s hard to get a nice free VPN and I need to stay in touch with my parents and friends in Indonesia while I’m studying in China. That’s all I want. I’m begging. Thanks! :)))))


  4. VNPs are the shizzle. Haha, I’ve yet to found one that works great with youtube. It’s too bad, ’cause youtube is like my second home. Well.. okay when I put it like that. Maybe it’s good that I haven’t found one, I do more productive stuff when I don’t have youtube. Haha 😛 But… who doesn’t like to be… un-productive 😀


  5. Oh pretty please, my friends’ VPN in Guangzhou is so slow, they can barely ever access Facebook. They just started their own business and it would help them greatly to be connected more to Facebook.
    Their regular internet is slow too but that is entirely different story.


  6. Cool – I am doing Swedish journalism in China, and already got StrongVPN. Would for sure need one more to alter with when occasional blocks are being done by the govt!


  7. Great!I’ve been using VPN myself these days,and it’s a little bit expensive for me.And I think my friends who just don’t bother to spend the money are worth the opportunity to access the web without the trouble the GFW brings.They will know there’s something good else where on the web.Whether I will be selected or not,thanks anyway.


  8. We’ve been looking for a new VPN since before Freedur died.

    Any idea what ChinaHush actually did to get blocked?


  9. I’m a senior student in the university, also a fan of this website. But oneday I found that I can not access to Chinahush anymore. It really depressed me. I want to know more real things happened in China. So I’m in badly need of this great things. Hope I’m luck enough to get it. Thank you!


  10. I’d like to try this one. Other VPN services just haven’t worked properly for me at all. I make films and would really like to upload them to youtube for people in the UK to see, but I haven’t found a VPN that allows me to do that…. yet.

  11. Id like one please , since there are some problems with my internet service , a vpn would be great during this time or when i need to access something if the net is blocking websites 🙁 !! please ~ i hope i win one >.< trying my luck 🙂 ! thank you for the offer


  12. What would I do with a VPN? Well, I would start by uploading video clips I have captured in my 2 year stay in China. I had been really into making documentaries about my life here, and subsequent ridiculousness. Posting them online using a proxy is futile..
    I’ll be in China for the next few years at least and find the internet problems to persist even on websites that are not blocked. My company uses gmail and often has a hard time accessing email. I’m on the go a lot as I often have to travel to cities outside of Shanghai. After meeting with them, I sit in the hotel room and think of how awesome it would be to peruse Youtube, Vimeo, FB and the likes. Of course, the Chinese comparisons (youku, tudou, 56) are great when you really just want to listen to Chinese adverts……………………………………….


  13. I’d love to win this. I’d set it up for my Chinese husband so he can see what the ‘real world’ is like! 😉


  14. Pick Me! Pick me! I’m in super need of virtually privatizing my network… and besides, it ain’t easy for a single dude to keep entertained in china, ya feel me.


  15. “This webpage is not available
    The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
    Here are some suggestions:
    Reload this web page later.
    Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): The connection was reset.”

    This haunts my dreams…..

  16. This is absolutely good news for me, as nearly all my proxies/vpns are blocked. I’d be over the moon if I was lucky enough to get one account.

  17. Best chance to thank chinahush for their great work, i read chinahush everyday, i recommend y’all to browse chinahush daily for latest news in china no other website can provide….+ its fun time, yeah i really enjoyed the,” audi and college girls” post. if u wanna lol..just read ” Making fun of a Rape Case online, Policewoman accused of being Unethical” btw, i’m sure i’m getting this free account….i’m only worried abt who should get this awesome birthday gift….


  18. That’s great, I won last time but never got the free VPN :-(!
    Never mind, will be back soon in china and please, allow me to enjoy CHINA HUSH!!!


  19. ahhhhhhh!!! i really want this!!! im going to china in the summer and the ONE thing that i just CANNOT stand is the censorship >:( It blocks all the good sites! so basically all i can do while im there is check my mail……….. -_- I mean, i dont even see why the government STILL have youtube blocked, i thought they only blocked it at the time because of the tibet riots and the olympics? but now that they r over shouldnt they un block it?!!? Anyway, please pick me! i could really do with a vpn while im there 🙂 Its so frustrating when im reading an interesting article on ChinaHush and then realise that i cant watch it on youtube :/


  20. Me me me, need a strong highway to information heaven…and I don’t mean Facebook. Gmail has been messed with too, and I am my gmail account – which is a dramatization – but nothing is safe anymore. Give me safety!

  21. Wow! Everytime my colleaugues and I travel to Shenzhen for business, we were unable to access FB and other sites from China. So you mean with the FBVPN, we can go from 0 to 200mph on the internet freeway without any obstacles? That’s fantabulous! I m going to China again beginning of July for a couple of months. It’ll be awesome to try out your generous FBVPN if selected. Then I can Facebook all my friends back in US about how wonderful FBVPN is and also announce to the world CHINAHUSH is the finest. The articles in Chinahush never fails to amuse, delight, wow and sometimes horrifies the “kaboodoo” out of me. Most of all, thanks a million for the entertaining news from the Middle Kingdom. And on top of that, how can anyone beat the bonus of a FREE FBVPN offer? I guess I have to throw in my hat for the FBVPN as well. As they say in China.. if you see the long line…. it must be good…. I m standing in line too… who’s next? LOL! Cheers!


  22. Now I am in Germany, however one month later I need go back to China,So I also want one of these FBVPN stuff to get an access to Youtube and Facebook, thus I can keep in touch with my friends in that.


  23. Thank you for doing this – it’s a very needed service! Half my webpages don’t load properly with no VPN these days… and I need my internet fix!


  24. It’s impossible to find so many fun videos for my students without a VPN. I may not win, but I really hope to find a good quality and cheap VPN. This might be the one!

  25. Thanks China Hush…..finally on can access your site without having much troubles.

    I can’t do with out China Hush….love ya


  26. The ice breaker for a foreigner who wants to talk to another foreigner in China.

    Foreinger A: Hello
    Foreinger B: Nice to meet you.
    Foreigner A: Where are you from?
    Foreinger B: USA…and you?
    Foreinger A: Germany….so which VPN do you use?


  27. Yea, really. Lets us all just be honest and stop begging like little school children.

    Chinese people really want a free VPN so they can read/write political blogs and they can turn it OFF when they want to download movies, games, software, mp3s

    Foreigners in America really want a VPN so they can download mp3s, movies, software, without the fear of getting sued or taken to court.
    Foreigners will turn it OFF if they want to write/read political blogs.

    Overall, we all want a free VPN for our own reasons and nobody needs it anymore than the next guy does or he would have already paid the 10.00/USD monthly fee.

  28. i’d like to apply for a VPN .Really appreciate the chance offered by you Chinahush.
    u know ,ppl in North Korean is hard

  29. Hi there,

    I am an activist working in the realms of access to information and freedom of speech.
    I’ve been using freegate, but at times it is unreliable. I would really benefit from having reliable unrestricted access to the world wide web.

    My day job is a kindergarten ESL teacher. So I also want to access youtube to download karaoke videos of kindergarten songs!

    Lots of love,


  30. Vpn services to make my browsing activities become more enjoyable and safer with no limits, I never had an account FBVPN before and I feel satisfied with their services
    I hope to use their service again because I wanted a longer able to browse the internet


  31. Having access to Facebook through a VPN makes it so that our family at home can see pictures and videos of our toddler. It makes it so that she gets to see pictures and videos of cousins and family members that she rarely gets to see. For the sake of family togetherness? Please???? ;)

    (Okay, that sounds super cheesy. But it’s all true.) Pick me!:)


  32. Not having a VPN in China makes working on the internet nearly impossible.
    I tried to make-do for a time, but so many outside sites were blocked, trying to do research or stay in touch with friends became impossible.

    And now, having a VPN is nearly a necessity.


  33. WIth FBVPN, I’ll be able to enjoy the very 给力ChinaHUSH!
    I’ll be so glad to receive one of the FBVPN giveaway ^______^
    祝我好运 !!!


  34. I deserve to win this wonderful prize because I am going to China for one year. Please award me the prize. Thank you very much.

  35. I have a friend who started to believe everything that is told on CCTV9 and everything he reads on China daily. Please, that dude needs help! And I will give give that VPN to him..if it is not too late already..

  36. I’m from the US, but will be attending Peking U. for 2 years starting this fall. I would love to use a reliable, trustworthy VPN while I’m there since I no longer have my university VPN to use. Thanks!


  37. I could really, really use a free VPN for a while. As I am a teacher in rural Yunnan making, well, what you might expect a rural teacher makes, this giveaway would really help me out! Being so far from my friends and family, it would be comforting beyond words to be able to have my Internet comfort food.


  38. I’m applying on behalf of my girlfriend from Beijing. She’s unemployed and currently has no income at all. She is squatting with friends and is waiting for me to return.

    She would sure be happy use this service to access facebook and other sites.

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